Saturday 25 April 2015



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CROP poll: Liberals lose momentum in Quebec, NDP still on top.
        Stephen Harper mourns the devastation from Nepal earthquake
Witnesses describe chaos in quake-hit Nepal; at least 388 Canadians registered
        Byelection to replace Del Mastro unlikely: Poilievre

Trio of polls show NDP gains after leaders� debate
        Mike Duffy�s �unsolicited contacts� drew Enbridge warning to PMO
NDP seeks probe of Duffy�s dealings with Enbridge
        For Harpers, protecting kids bigger than politics
Now a serious contender, Notley will face tough scrutiny
        Prentice PCs pit themselves against NDP wave to woo Wildrose voters

Ontario budget gives Justin Trudeau cover
        Why Stephen Harper�s Conservatives won�t give Omar Khadr a break
Hillary Clinton and McGuinty share a legacy of missing emails � and of utter shamelessness
        We are cruel. We always have been. The Internet did not make us so

Union condemns Crown agency for lending Volkswagen $526 million
        Prime Minister Stephen Harper talks child protection, terrorism in speech
The EKOS poll: Harper Conservatives still own the pre-campaign podium
        Shrouded in mystery, Sgt. Andrew Doiron�s death resonates in Moncton
Feds put up $5.7 million to market seal products
        Prentice under fire for math quip as Albertans say Notley won the debate
Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says Alberta not willing to elect NDP government
        New poll shows NDP pulling ahead in Alberta election race
Manitoba NDP government pushing back its balanced budget another year
        Metro Vancouver mayors give federal officials an earful over English Bay oil spill

Health officials back Vancouver�s plan to license pot shops
        Vancouver pot shops should be shut down, says Rona Ambrose
Vital intelligence gathering or meddling? Police across Canada under growing pressure to stop carding people
        Alberta premier tips hat to NDP Leader Rachel Notley�s debating skills
Federal budget 2015: Tom Mulcair, Scott Brison on what they�d do
        Canadian military monument program needs U.S. approval: document
Brown�s hustle attracts eclectic donor group in Ontario PC leadership race
        The West wants invested: Changes to Order to Canada aimed at regional imbalance
Liberals ahead, Tories narrow gap as P.E.I. election looms: poll
        How union legislation could penalize hockey players
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Mike Duffy must feel at home in a courtroom with all the manure that goes on there - Christie Blatchford, National Post
        Duffy�s lawyer clashes with former Senate finance chief over co-operation with Crown - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times
Ontario elementary teachers in strike position May 10 - Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star
        Supreme Court facing another vacancy with Rothstein retirement - Ian MacLeod, Ottawa Citizen
Jim Prentice says Alberta is �not an NDP province� - Bill Graveland, The Canadian Press , CTV News
        U.S. to focus on climate change, oceans as new chair of Arctic Council - CBC News
Smouldering B.C. pot debate puts City of Vancouver, federal minister at impasse - Laura Kane, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Brown�s hustle attracts eclectic donor group in Ontario PC leadership race - Jane Taber, The Globe & Mail
The West wants invested: Changes to Order to Canada aimed at regional imbalance - Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen
        RRIF withdrawal changes � it�s about time- Gordon Pape, Toronto Star
Canada Revenue Agency clarifies timeline of new TFSA limit- Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Huffington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Budget Tricks Us With Tax Cut Treats
        Lester Pearson Would Have Scoffed at the Federal Budget
Bill C-51 Would Jeopardize the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
        Federal Budget Finally Turns Development Talk Into Action
Mark Saunders Has a Duty to End Toronto's Racist Carding Policy
        Quebec Must Address its Growing Climate of Islamophobia
John Tory's Support of Police Carding Is an Insult to the Black Community
        Ontario and B.C. Treat Liquor Like We're in Prohibition-Era Canada
Kathleen Wynne Should Pull the Plug on Hydro Privatization
        Canadian Muslims Can Expect More Discrimination Under Bill C-51

Bill C-51 Poses a Serious Threat to Free Expression in Canada
        Will Canada Ever Have its Own Hillary Clinton?
Why It's Really Stephen Harper On Trial, Not Mike Duffy
        NDP Missteps Have Distracted Us From Trudeau's Shortcomings
Political Accountability Starts With Transparency
        As a Retired Public Servant, I'm Speaking Out About Government Cutbacks

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Pr�s de 1200 morts dans un puissant s�isme au N�palPlus
        Basse-Ville de Qu�bec: incendie entre deux immeublesPlus
Violences � Baltimore apr�s la mort d'un Noir arr�t�Plus
        Plus de 2 tonnes de coca�ne saisies au large de l'�cossePlus
Un corps retrouv� sur le bord de la rivi�re RichelieuPlus
        N�pal: Ottawa pourrait envoyer une �quipe d'interventionPlus
Le ministre de la Justice de l'Alberta d�missionnePlus
        �vacuations � Kashechewan: un sc�nario trop connuPlus
Virginie: sa cour arri�re infest�e de milliers d'abeillesPlus
        Terrible attente pour les N�palais de Montr�alPlus

Le droit de vote des femmes a 75 ans au Qu�becPlus
        G�nocide arm�nien: Erdogan s'en prend � l'EuropePlus
Ne jamais insulter un singe...sinon!Plus
        Boat-people: le Vietnam critique OttawaPlus
Soudan du Sud: l'UE appelle � un compromis rapidePlus
        Syrie: Al-Qa�da contr�lent la quasi totalit� des villesPlus
Pakistan: une militante des droits de l'Homme assassin�ePlus
        D�versement de p�trole � Vancouver: le navire en cause autoris� � repartirPlus
Indon�sie: des diplomates � la �prison de la mort�Plus
        TNP: les pays membres se retrouvent � New YorkPlus
Incendie � l'ancienne R�cr�ath�que: 2 hommes arr�t�sPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Zombies of 2016 - Paul Krugman, New York Times
        Clinton Woes Have O�Malley and Democrats Eyeing Their Options - Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, Fox News
Clinton Scandal Manual - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
        Kasich: I�m the Most Experienced - Caitlin Huey-Burns & Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics
Will the Clinton-Cash Scandal Doom Hillary? - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
        Libya�s people smugglers: inside the trade that sells refugees hopes of a better life- Patrick Kingsley, The Guardian
Armenia marks centenary of mass killings by Ottoman Turks- BBC News
        World leaders mark World War I Gallipoli centenary- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
Outrage after S African minister denied entry to Israel- Al Jazeera
        How Stocks Destroyed the Middle Class- Rex Nutting, MarketWatch
Diet Pepsi drops aspartame in U.S. in bid to halt customers from dropping diet soda-
        It looks like North America will win the global oil war � but it will be a long and bloody battle-

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Palestinian shot dead after stabbing Israeli officer in Hebron: police
        Former British soldier charged over 1974 Northern Ireland killing
Brother says accused Tunisian was forced to captain migrant boat at gunpoint
        Europe's police crack massive horse meat trafficking ring
Russian bikers begin run despite Polish entry ban
        Turkey's Erdogan slams nations recognizing Armenian genocide
UK's Lib Dems rule out Scottish deal, potentially shunning Labour
        Queen leads Commonwealth Gallipoli tributes
Israeli soldiers shoot dead Palestinian teen at checkpoint
        Thousands march in S. Korea anti-government protest

France opens probe into forced labor allegations in Qatar
        Deadly 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal triggers avalanches in Mount Everest region: CNN
Medvedev sees Russia enduring despite sanctions pressure
        Europe urges Greece to speed up on debt deal reforms
In the West, foreign policies are awash with empty phrases
        New ideas to end the Palestine stalemate
West Bank student vote offers taste of real democracy
        U.N. aid chief urges Syria sanctions
Labour leader accuses PM of weakening U.K. in world
        Putin calls on Hollande to mend ties severed over Ukraine conflict
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Federal government gives away Canadian Wheat Board
"The federal government has refused to release an audit of Canadian Wheat Board assets."
No transparency, so, hold them accountable, eh?


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