Sunday 19 April 2015



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Duffy dependence: More than 70 Conservative MPs leaned on suspended senator

Let�s save the C-word talk until after the ballots are cast: Rae
        Canada�s turn as Arctic Council head to end at Iqaluit meeting; Kerry takes over
Ex-defence minister urges gov�t to release UFO info
        Rob Ford endorses Christine Elliott in Ontario PC leadership race

How the oil shock turned federal budget wish lists into watery wine
        Queen salutes Canadians in WWI commemoration
Access denied: The Globe barred from investigating friendly fire death
        Justin Trudeau � The good, the bad and the ugly
Duffy trial puts focus on Senate
        Supreme Court judges� gun ruling shows they fooled themselves with pretend offender
CBC failed us in Ghomeshi scandal
        Ghomeshi scared the CBC
Kathleen Wynne keeps a promise
        For Notley, this is not her father�s NDP
Alberta Premier Jim Prentice remains resolute over lack of corporate tax hike, saying he�s keeping true to what Albertans want

Coronation now a horse race: Alberta election enters final two weeks
        Most Russian air force activity in Arctic in decades, NORAD tells Kenney
Lawrence Cannon denies he will run for the Conservatives in federal election
        NDP to introduce motion to reopen Kitsilano Coast Guard in Vancouver
Budget 2015: What you should and shouldn�t expect
        �That mark our place': Statues in Ottawa, Guelph to honour John McCrae
Prentice plays defence during all-candidates� debate
        Protests against Bill C-51 ramp up across Canada
Alberta NDP leader to unveil fiscal platform Sunday
        Lack of Liberal candidates could help Alberta NDP in some ridings

Report on Ghomeshi scandal reinforces need for safe workplaces, say experts
        Durham, Sudbury could be first teacher-strike targets
Kenney says Canadian troops won�t be training Nazi sympathizers in Ukraine
        Carbon tax hike not in the works, Christy Clark says
Hydro One privatization was �not natural� for Ontario Liberals, Clark says
        Correctional Service Canada offers virtual tour of federal prisons
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Justin Trudeau � The good, the bad and the ugly - Bob Hepburn, Toronto Star
Harper plays politics with Cuba - Tony Burman, Toronto Star
Canadians rally nationwide against Bill C-51 - Ottawa Sun
Kathleen Wynne keeps a promise � she�s worse than McGuinty - Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun
Federal budget to address security, anti terrorism programs - The Canadian Press, Macleans
Brad Wall says prayer will remain a part of Saskatchewan legislature sittings - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
NDP to introduce motion to reopen Kitsilano Coast Guard in Vancouver - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Liquor boards all about �control� - Anthony Furey, Toronto Sun
Three pension funds oppose Barrick Gold�s executive compensation- Lisa Wright, Toronto Star
Shoppers should brace for higher food prices, driven by beef and pork- Eric Atkins, The Globe & Mail
Why do people keep paying obscene amounts of money to watch the Leafs lose?- Claire Brownell, Financial Post
Streaming wars: How disruptors are shaking up the TV business- James Bradshaw, The Globe & Mail

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Canadian Progressive World<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Panama Canal�s 7-Decade Expansion Ends In 2016- David Morris, Fortune
        Afghan leader blames ISIL for deadly Jalalabad bombings- Al Jazeera
Pope Francis calls on global community to help Italy in wake of migrant deaths- Dominic Smith, The Times Of India
        Russia to invest $2 billion to build pipeline in Pakistan- The Times Of India
Australian teenagers held over alleged Melbourne terror plot- BBC News
        Israel to release Palestinians� tax revenues, officials say- Oren Liebermann and Jason Hanna, CNN
Dems� Hunt for White Working-Class Male Voter - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
        How Hillary Clinton Is Trying to Win Over Her Liberal Critics - Sam Frizell, Time
Clinton, on the Road to a Place Called Populism - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
        What O�Malley Believes He Can Do that Clinton Can�t - Ron Fournier, National Journal
Mike Huckabee Hints He�ll Launch 2016 Presidential Bid on May 5 - Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

EU plans emergency summit on migrant crisis: spokesman
        Finnish PM Alexander Stubb concedes election defeat
Poland summons US envoy over FBI head's Holocaust comments
        Arab army chiefs to meet on joint military force
Israeli port city closes 5 factories over cancer fears
        Iran leader urges military to increase 'preparedness'
Israel PM to request extra time for forming govt
        Jordan hosts international competition of anti-terror squads
Khamenei says Iran nuclear weapons are a 'myth'
        Iran Guard rejects inspection of military sites

Blast outside UN refugee agency HQ in Gaza
        Northern Cypriots vote for new president to oversee peace talks
Afghan president starts Iran visit
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PICK OF THE DAY <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* Infographic of one year of war in eastern Ukraine
* Canada's defense minister squirms over who, exactly, Canadian soldiers are training in Ukraine
* Declassified U.S. documents show Russian oligarchs supported NATO expansion during the 1990s
* How Ukraine commemorates the Holocaust
* Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) blocks over 10,000 websites

* Murdered Ukrainian journalist, ex-MP were in ‘enemies of state’ database
* Political successors of Banderite killers slap Poland in the face
* Italian daily La Repubblica breaks Western media silence over assassinations in Kyiv
* International Federation of Journalists appalled by gunning down of journalist in Kiev
* European journalists call for more protection after Ukraine murder

* Extraordinary double standard: West silent over murders of Kiev's opponents
* Stephen F. Cohen on the U.S./Russia/Ukraine history the media won't tell you

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ICH. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

�We will only be training units of the Ukrainian National Guard and army recognized by the government of Ukraine.

Our Defense Minister's expressed view is hereby challenged.
Articles supporting Kenny, opposing what follows are welcomed.
Be assured should such be received they shall be posted here.

 �This assistance is part of our ongoing efforts to help sustain Ukraine�s defense and internal security operations,� she said.
�In particular, the training will help the Ukraine government develop its National Guard to conduct internal defense operations.�


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