Thursday 16 April 2015


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Duffy contract covered cost of prime minister�s makeup at G8/G10 event
        Federal government to invoke terrorism clause to keep Harper family secrets private

Federal budget will fund up to $1B annually on transit projects in biggest cities, sources say
        New poll shows Canadians support making anthem gender neutral
Cabinet secrecy blocks rationale behind Harper government�s advertising slogan
        CBC says conclusions from Ghomeshi report �troubling and disappointing�
Wynne can�t guarantee hydro rates won�t rise due to Hydro One sell-off
        Whistleblower groups cry foul over appointment to tribunal

New video sheds light on sunken HMS Erebus wreck from Franklin expedition
        Poilievre urges eligible families to apply for expanded child care benefit
Mike Duffy trial: senator expensed $10K for consulting sessions that included fitness training
        Modi likely to leave some votes behind for Harper
Was Mike Duffy ethically challenged before his Senate job?
        Why the hysteria about balanced-budget legislation?
Federal budget a triumph of tax madness
        Canadian legislators will have to pay attention to Supreme Court�s prayer ruling
Supreme Court decision absurd
        �Judicial activism� isn�t killing Harper�s crime agenda � Harper is
Leaders� rapport may not be enough to jump-start Canada-India trade

Federal government�s new map of Canada shows more Arctic sea ice
        Saguenay right-to-pray ruling: What it means for religious freedom in politics
Liberals will sell 60% of Hydro One to fund transit infrastructure
        Report looking at booze retail, possible asset sales in Ontario released today
B.C. shortchanged in federal transfer payments for immigrants
        Wildrose looking for new candidate in Calgary who will protect human rights:Jean
P.E.I. Progressive Conservative candidate resigns
        Nenshi wants to know what the political parties will do for Calgary
Canadian auto parts giant Magna sells interiors business to Antolin
        Trudeau gives props to Nova Scotia protesters

Indian PM Narendra Modi gets raucous welcome from thousands in Toronto
        New poll sees Alberta PCs drop below NDP
CANADALAND Strong-Armed me into Writing this
        Conservative MP�s friendship with Narendra Modi in the spotlight
Navy destroyers HMCS Iroquois and HMCS Algonquin retire in May
        Wildrose pie ad brings unwanted attention during Alberta election campaign
Gender equality could be undermined by cultural practices of some immigrants, former PM says
        �Draft Bill Blair� campaign aims to convince outgoing Toronto police chief to run for federal Liberals
Quebec mayor says he�s surprised by Supreme Court�s prayer ruling
        Prayers at New Brunswick legislature in question following Supreme Court ruling

Stephen Harper�s makeup bill paid with Senate funds, trial hears
        Duffy Diaries: Conservative caucus secrets spring a leak
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canadian gender equality under threat from �society of immigration�: Former PM Kim Campbell - National Post
        Veterans Affairs staff cut despite warnings from managers since 2009 - Gloria Galloway, The Globe & Mail
HMCS mistake further cements Jason Kenney�s reputation in DND for Twitter mess-ups - David Pugliese, National Post
        Cheques and balances, the inherent problem with an election budget - Chris Hall, CBC News
True crimes, faulty statistics and Aboriginal women - Colby Cash, Macleans
        Liberals will sell 60% of Hydro One to fund transit infrastructure - Robert Benzie, Richard J. Brennan and Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
Federal budget a triumph of tax madness - Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe & Mail

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canada's Military Training In Ukraine 'Deplorable': Russia
        Avro Arrow redesign pitched as alternative to F-35 stealth fighter jets
Volunteer in Mike Duffy�s office says she got money from an outside firm
        National campaign aims to unite Canada against austerity | Ricochet
Carbon tax or cap-and-trade?
        Canadian Muslims Can Expect More Discrimination Under Bill C-51
Trudeau A 'Part-Time Supporter' Of Women's Right To Choose: NDP
        Vietnam War draft dodgers left mark in Canada
CBC fires more than 200 staff on same day it dumps Jian Ghomeshi report on media
        Canada Sending Troops to Ukraine Is Exactly the Wrong Thing to Do

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PICK OF THE DAY <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Busted: Ten Myths about the Canada Post Cuts
        Suck It Up, Progressives: We Need a Coalition Now
Tax Evasion Convictions Plummet, But Are There Fewer Tax Cheats?
        Labour Wages $15-an-Hour Campaign across Canada
Was Tamara Pierson Duped Into Buying Mortgage Insurance?
        Will Harper's Strikes against Medicare Matter This Election?
Did Insurance Giant Defraud Thousands of Mortgage Holders?
        Suck It Up, Progressives: We Need a Coalition Now
High-Cost BC Health Record Project Loses Lead Contractor
        Tyee's Andrew MacLeod Discusses New 'A Better Place on Earth' Book

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Greek finance minister says cannot sign existing loan deal
        'Volcano of Fire' spews ash on Mexican city
U.S. military option in Iran 'intact' despite Russian missiles: U.S. General
        Russia cannot divide Europe over Ukraine, says German minister
EU countries press for labeling of Israeli settlement goods
        Russia to build own space station by 2023: Putin
Russia hopes UN Syria talks will lead to united fight against ISIS
        Putin admits Russia forcibly imposed Soviet model on E.Europe
Pro-Russian journalist gunned down in Ukraine's capital
        New round of Iran nuclear talks April 22-23 in Vienna: EU

Russia's Putin says S-300 sale prompted by Iran's flexibility in talks
        Russia says US forced it to act on Ukraine
Putin says Russian economy remains strong
        Two Canadian teens in court over 'terrorism' threat: report
Iran hinges nuclear deal on removal of all sanctions
        For Hillary Clinton, much empty space to fill
Calgary imams fight back against ISIS recruitment
        Obama-Congress standoff far from over
Israel pleased with Congress-Obama compromise
        Ebola in semen six months after man�s recovery

Sanctions drop when Russia honors truce: G-7
        U.K. parties promise range from nukes to bees
Cubans hail removal from U.S. terrorism list
        Divorce induces heart attacks, women are worst affected
Autism linked to mothers� diabetes during pregnancy
        Libya seeks Russian support over arms ban
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED  POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* Toronto Symphony Orchestra stumbles into mess of war
* Columnist: When it comes to Ukraine, hawkish Stephen Harper can't be stopped
* Kyiv's war in eastern Ukraine having trouble finding soldiers
* U.S. paratroopers arrive in Ukraine as fighting intensifies in Donbass
* Will Ukraine's new anti-communist law usher in a free-speech dark age?

* War and poverty bring doubt to heartland of Ukraine's pro-Europe revolt
* Donbass and Russia talk peace, Kyiv attacks, Germany does nothing
* Canada to send military troops to Ukraine as trainers
* Ukrainian tanks start massive shelling of militia positions - DPR Defense Ministry
* Ukraine: The truth

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Canadian Wheat Board sale to foreign owned firm unacceptable

Marketing Western Wheat is being completely removed to private firms from
the farmer directed Canadian Wheat Board in which all profits go to growers.

Arguments about selling the CWB to US/Saudi interests are yours to debate.


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