Tuesday 7 April 2015


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Crown contradicts Harper: Duffy �probably ineligible� to be senator for P.E.I.

Canadian taxpayers lose $3.5-billion on 2009 bailout of auto firms
        Mike Duffy�s expenses questioned by Senate from the start
Canadian majority opposes Syrian airstrikes: poll
        Typos in Prime Minister�s Office press pass induce mockery on Twitter

Mike Duffy talked for a living. Today he spoke six words.
        Prime minister says he won�t be asked to testify at Mike Duffy trial
Health clubs pushing Oliver to act on fitness tax credit for adults
        Duffy trial could be Harper�s Waterloo � but not if Canadians stop caring
Don�t expect fireworks at the Mike Duffy trial
        It�s not just Duffy � the Harper era is on trial
Mike Duffy trial finally gives all involved a chance to expose the glorious truth
        Will the Duffy trial deliver smoking guns � or just more smoke?
Senate on trial with Mike Duffy
        Are the Conservatives good �economic managers�? What does that even mean?
Why are the Liberals and NDP questioning the war on terror?
        Ottawa should exercise caution on assisted suicide
Support for Alberta PCs falters as election nears

What to expect when you�re expecting an Alberta election call
        Overseas tax evasion: Fairness only comes from facts
No regrets: A view from the Hill
        How provinces can lead the way on global warming
B.C.�s forestry industry a vital, neglected economic force
        Mike Duffy pleads not guilty as Senate expenses trial gets underway
Media members outnumber public as long-awaited Duffy trial kicks off in Ottawa
        Mike Duffy trial, expected to last through much of spring, gets underway today
A rough guide to the charges against Mike Duffy
        Mike Duffy Senate expenses trial could border on �circus�

Tom Mulcair, unofficial prosecution
        Liberals looking closely at �inclusive prosperity� in contrast to federal Tories
Wildrose leader Brian Jean will use contracts to prevent member floor-crossings
        Alberta Tory Leader Jim Prentice all business in his approach to government
Four new leaders: a look at some of the twists and turns in Alberta politics
        Quebec politician Gerard Deltell to seek nomination for federal Tories
P.E.I. election focuses on health care, government accountability on Day One
        Indian PM pays visits to Canada, eager to complete trade deals
More than a fixer-upper: Public Works prepares for massive Centre Block reno
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Stephen Harper rejects stimulus to help economy, vows balanced budget - The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Mike Duffy abused position as senator, Crown alleges in first day of trial - Daniel Leblanc, The Globe & Mail
Forget federal leadership, blue-chip panel urges provinces to price carbon now- Winnipeg Free Press
        Most Canadians support either abolished or reformed Senate: poll - Joseph Brean, Ottawa Citizen
Oliver hints budget will double limit for tax-free savings accounts - Bill Curry , The Globe & Mail
        Harper heads to summit amid chilly relations with U.S. and Mexico - Mark Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen
Canada finally commits its share of funds for Thirty Meter Telescope - CBC News
        General Motors shares: Conservative government sells remaining stake in automaker -  CBC News
Roll out the pork barrel - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        Ontario PCs issue cap-and-trade warning - Antonella Artuso, Ottawa Sun

Some Ontario stroke patients left to pay own physiotherapy bills - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Ex-Quebec premier Parizeau criticizes Parti Quebecois - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Senators must prove worth - Anthony Furey, Edmonton Sun
        Mike Duffy�s trial won�t just be about him but a circle of powerful Conservatives tied to case -
Oil slump dampens companies� expectations for sales, investment, hiring: BoC- Andy Blatchford
        WestJet�s load factor drops to 81.3 per cent- Ross Marowits, Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Montreal�s David�s Tea brewing up U.S. IPO with US$75-million expansion plan- Hollie Shaw, Financial Post

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Toronto: agress�e et s�questr�e pendant cinq joursPlus
        Un faux concours Facebook de photos nuesPlus
Mafia: la police recherche un homme disparu depuis 3 ansPlus
        Gilles Vaillancourt conteste l'accusation de gangst�rismePlus
Vendu en justice: Fran�ois Legault perd son bateauPlus
        Hot dog � la fourchette: David Cameron moqu� sur le webPlus
Montr�al: un pr�sum� p�dophile arr�t�Plus
        Y�men: catastrophe humanitaire � AdenPlus
D�penses ill�gales: Mike Duffy plaide non coupablePlus
        Un chauffeur qui ne voulait vraiment pas s'arr�ter (vid�o)Plus

Quand King dit oui � Burger, Burger King paye le mariagePlus
        Agression sexuelle: un proc�s sur fond de religion musulmanePlus
Un adolescent disparu sur la rivi�re des OutaouaisPlus
        Couillard annonce des temps difficilesPlus
L'homme accus� d'agression arm�e est �mondeurPlus
        Perquisition de mati�res radioactivesPlus
Des �tudiants masqu�s prennent l'UQAM d'assautPlus
        La qualit� des services va diminuer, pr�vient HamadPlus
L'amphith��tre de Qu�bec s'appellera le Centre Vid�otronPlus
        G�rard Deltell quitte la CAQ pour les conservateursPlus

�Je suis candidat � la pr�sidentielle� - Rand PaulPlus
        Attentats de Boston: le jury commence � d�lib�rerPlus
Traversier Sewol: peine de mort r�clam�e contre le capitainePlus
        Massacre au Kenya: la police d�tient 6 suspectsPlus
Deux v�hicules br�lent dans l'ouest de Montr�alPlus
        Syrie: l'ONU r�clame un acc�s au camp de YarmoukPlus
Un enfant autiste survit quatre jours dans la for�tPlus


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What Should Republicans Do About Iran Agreement? - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
        Clinton/Schumer Dems Won�t Take On Wall Street - Julian Zelizer, CNN
What Harry Reid Got Right - Juan Williams, The Hill
        Walker, Feeling Kinship With Ronald Reagan, Claims His Legacy - Patrick Healy, New York Times
Iran and the Obama Doctrine - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
        Is Clinton Any Good at Running for President? - Jason Zengerle, New York Magazine
Greece�s pledge to meet IMF payment due date boosts euro- Bloomberg News, The Globe & Mail
        How to Watch All the TV You Want Without Paying a Cable Bill- Jacob Davidson, Time
Poroshenko endorses referendum on federalisation of Ukraine- Alec Luhn, The Guardian
        French forces rescue Dutch hostage in Mali held since 2011- The Times of India

UN demands access to Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus- BBC News
        Mass graves in Tikrit might contain 1,700 bodies- Ralph Ellis, CNN
Fierce clashes in Yemen�s Aden as Red Cross aid delayed- Al Jazeera

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Russian paratroopers land near North Pole during drills
        Syria offers Palestinians its firepower in Yarmouk battle
Jordan circulates UN resolution aimed at ending Yemen fight
        FIFA chief hopes to persuade Palestine FA to drop Israel complaint
The Arab world is Iran's new 'Great Satan': Future bloc
        Tsipras heads to Moscow, Europeans keeping wary eye on visit
US to recommend taking Cuba off state-sponsored terrorism list in days: CNN
        Russian deputy who opposed Crimea seizure stripped of immunity
Iran's Revolutionary Guard chief backs nuclear talks: report
        EU quizzes Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal on bank aid

Greek minister: Stunning evidence for German war reparations
        Iranian hard-liners stage protest against nuclear deal
Iran approved to join China-backed infrastructure bank
        Kenyans hold march for national security after massacre
Fate of Boston bomber entrusted to US jury
        Obama: Recognition of Israel not part of Iran nuke deal
Iran sanctions phaseout still to be negotiated: U.S.
        Framework for Iran nuclear deal may sideline hard-liners
What war with Iran would really mean
        Obama�s steps to ease embargo too little: Cuba

World War I graffiti sheds light on soldiers� experiences
        Uncertainty the only certainty a month before U.K. election
Once over $12T, world�s reserves are now shrinking
        China commercial lenders expand investment banking operations
Europe banks expected to outperform: survey
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"Sen. Duffy was probably ineligible to sit as a senator,

Hmm, why was "Ol' Duff" appointed.
Sober second thought making ability,
or his ability to send e-mails to voters


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