Thursday 23 April 2015



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CRA�s letter �Conservative party advertising,� Edmonton mom says
        Mandatory minimum sentences fight costs big bucks, records show
Ontario won�t �slash and burn� its way back to balance

        Crown dissects Duffy�s editorial contracts with friend Gerald Donohue
Battle over DND budget as Liberals claim spending on track to historical low
        Federal government disapproves of Vancouver plan to regulate medical pot shops

Some winners and losers in the 2015 Ontario budget
        Harper says Canada unlikely to match United States on emission reduction targets
Federal election 2015: Can polls 6 months out tell us who will win?
        Swing voters may want more than what Harper�s budget is offering
Could Jim Prentice actually lose?
        Ontario beer sales plan demands sober second thought
Fog of secrecy about to lift on Liberal platform now that Tories have delivered their budget
        Somehow, living in Ottawa became expensive the day Duffy became a senator
NDP and Liberals could use Joe Oliver�s good-news budget to their advantage
        Four things you should know about the pending Charter challenge against medicare

Canada�s truthiest election campaign begins
        Harper shines, Wynne sinks
Shell game: How Harper and Oliver murdered the math

Budgets a strange brew of politics and fiscal policy
        Team Tory shows signs of trouble
I am rubber, you are glue
        More Featured Ink

Duffy trial day 13: Former Senate finance director testifying about Duffy contracts
        Documents describe concerns about location and design of victims of communism memorial
Government mum on proposed changes to Order of Canada selection
        Liberals will invest $49.8B in GTHA transit over next decade
Wynne says transit, infrastructure plans will be cornerstone of Ontario budget
        Austerity push: Ontario Liberals look to cut deficit by $2-billion

Donohue�s first contract for Duffy almost $14,000 for unrelated work, court hears
        Divers at HMS Erebus fight ocean currents to journey back in time
Alberta election debate a chance for Jim Prentice to put wheels back on shaky campaign
        Alberta political leaders spend day preparing for televised debate
Orange crush and spam don�t mix, protest Alberta political tweeters
        Vancouver to become first Canadian city to regulate marijuana shops
TFSAs, middle class focus of heated question period as Harper defends Oliver
        TFSA changes a problem for �Stephen Harper�s granddaughter to solve,� Joe Oliver says
Income-splitting announcement made against advice of top public servant
        Duffy charged taxpayers more than $12,000 for personal trips to funerals, documents allege

Pierre Poilievre says Ottawa police funds to fight jihadists, mayor says no
        Federal MPs must request themselves the amendment of daily prayer in House
Leaders eye fall election in wake of federal budget
        Justin Trudeau Suggests He Would Raise Taxes For The Wealthy, Corporations
Harper shrugs off minister�s comment about grandchildren
        Could Budget 2015 score an Order of Canada for Don Cherry?
More News

        Employment Insurance numbers paint ugliest picture for oil-shocked Alberta since recession

PM Harper�s jersey choice raises eyebrows among Winnipeg hockey fans
        Al Graham, former Liberal senator in Nova Scotia, dies at 85
With federal budget out, expect torrent of pre-election novelty cheques
        Mayors look for permanent transit funding commitments from Ottawa
Brazeau waives preliminary hearing, to be tried by judge alone on Senate charges
        Budgets a strange brew of politics and fiscal policy
Team Tory shows signs of trouble
        I am rubber, you are glue
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canadians like the parts but not the sum of Oliver�s budget: poll - Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen
        NDP and Liberals could use Joe Oliver�s good-news budget to their advantage - Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star
�Grandkids� take spotlight as budget sets stage for fall election battle - Mark Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen
        Critics say Prentice budget reversal raises questions about Alberta campaign - Dean Bennett, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Ontario budget will see tough decisions in health care - Theresa Boyle, Toronto Star
        Lower general tax rates - Editorial, Edmonton Sun
TFSAs, middle class focus of heated question period as Harper defends Oliver - Laura Payton, CBC News
        Gov�t ready to talk, says Clement, despite $900M booked for PS sick leave savings - Kathryn May, Ottawa Citizen
B.C. will get infrastructure cash regardless of plebiscite outcome in Metro Vancouver: federal minister - The Canadian Press, Vancouver Sun
        AB Team Tory shows signs of trouble - Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal

Alberta Wildrose Leader Brian Jean enters critical stretch of campaign - Gary Mason, The Globe & Mail
        Vancouver to become first Canadian city to regulate marijuana shops - Jeff Lee, Vancouver Sun
Watson, Poilievre cast $10M for Ottawa policing in different lights - Maha Ansari, Ottawa Citizen
        Metro expresses interest in Target stores- Anet Josline Pinto, The Globe & Mail
Ontario craft brewers skeptical about new deal with the Beer Store- Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press

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Centenaire du g�nocide arm�nien: le souvenir, le meilleur alli�Plus
        Conf�rence de Paris: le Canada promet des objectifs ambitieuxPlus
Trafic de drogues: l'Indon�sie va ex�cuter 10 condamn�sPlus
        Migrants en M�diterran�e: l'UE va tripler le budgetPlus
Granby: des constats aux usagers Facebook injurieux?Plus
        Jean Charest �appuie� le gouvernement CouillardPlus
Affaire Petraeus: deux ans de prison pour l'ancien patron de la CIAPlus
        Employ�s de l'�tat: 40 000 d�parts � la retraite d'ici 2017Plus
Il fait un reportage sur les feux de prairie et empire la situationPlus
        V�ronyque Tremblay se pr�senterait pour le PLQ dans ChaveauPlus

Autobus en feu sur l'�changeur TurcotPlus
        �ruption d'un volcan endormi depuis un demi-si�clePlus
Loretta Lynch, premi�re Noire ministre de la Justice aux �tats-UnisPlus
        Jennifer Pawluck coupable de harc�lement Plus
Patrick Brazeau choisit d'aller directement � son proc�sPlus
        P�dophilie: V�zina arr�t� � la garderie de sa conjointePlus
Une entreprise fran�aise veut mettre les morts en parfumPlus
        Des d�penses de Mike Duffy n'�taient pas v�rifi�esPlus
Deux otages occidentaux d'Al-Qa�da tu�s par erreur Plus
        D�lit de fuite avec des enfants � bord: Dave Beaulieu arr�t�Plus

Mort d'homme lors d'une op�ration polici�re � St-AnicetPlus
        Acquitt� pour avoir roul� sur un clientPlus
Un hamburger sans bacon, un coup de feu et de la prisonPlus
        Collusion � Montr�al: recours collectif rejet� Plus
Pas de course pour pr�server la virginit� des fillesPlus
        Fun�railles pour les migrants morts en M�diterran�ePlus
Une religieuse de 86 ans tu�e et probablement viol�ePlus
        La famille de Michael Brown va poursuivre la ville de FergusonPlus
�Cinq attentats� d�jou�s en France depuis 2013Plus
        Outaouais: un agriculteur se noie au bout de son terrainPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Time Running Out for Climate Change - John Kerry, USA Today
        Rubio Is GOP�s Great Communicator - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
The Clintons Still Aren�t Corrupt - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
        Koch: We Like Five Republican Candidates in the Primaries - Fredreka Schouten, USA Today
With Hillary, It�s the Cronyism, Stupid - Tim Carney, Washington Examiner
        Guy Trading at Home Caused the �Flash Crash�- Matt Levine, Bloomberg Views
How Facebook is tweaking your news feed- Jessica Guynn USA Today, Toronto Star
        Fresh Saudi-led air strikes reported in Yemen- Al Jazeera
Dozens of dinosaur eggs discovered by construction workers in Chinese city- Naomi Ng, CNN
        �Sharia compliant� sex shop to open in Mecca selling halal sex products- Lizzie Dearden,The Independent, The Times Of India

Mediterranean migrants crisis: Europe �must do more�- BBC News
        French police foil �imminent� terror attack in Paris- Kim Willsher, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Three members of UN mission kidnapped in eastern DR Congo: UN source
        EU to triple funding for migrant search and rescue mission: Merkel
White House says independent review of hostage deaths under way
        Kerry told Russia in phone call to pull forces from Ukraine: official
Iranian ships moving away from Yemen: U.S. official
        Pentagon denies 'ridiculous' claim U.S. troops in eastern Ukraine
Russian defense ministry says US troops in east Ukraine: Interfax
        Merkel to press Greece's Tsipras for progress on reforms
UN calls for urgent EU steps to save migrants and admit refugees
        Chechen leader allows his men to open fire on federal troops
UN sees uphill malaria fight despite 'phenomenal' success

Beijing defends Hong Kong vote plan after fierce overseas criticism
        Iran, world powers seek to finalize nuclear deal
Chile volcano erupts for first time in decades, then again
        New Pentagon strategy warns of cyberwar capabilities
China warns N. Korea nuclear arsenal expanding: report
        Islamic center tied to Australian terror suspect shuts down
Greek cash to last into June, no EU deal imminent
        EU charges Gazprom, alleging price gouging
Obama strives to engage both Iran and Saudi Arabia
        Russia is in decline, and this threatens international order

Iran sanctions relief timing may be deal breaker
        Production of secret to Chanel No. 5 under threat
Mind training as effective as medicine for depression
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Ethical - Unethical - Aethical 
(moral - immoral - amoral)
Canada Revenue Agency�s letter �Conservative party advertising,� Edmonton mom says - CBC News

A result of Stelco's terms of takeover not being enforced

U.S. Steel faces challenge over claim on Canadian assets Source
U.S. Steel (USS) is asking the Ontario Superior Court to approve its claims against U.S. Steel
Canada Inc. (USSC), which could underpin a bid to purchase all or some of the assets of USSC,

  • Court reserves judgment on release of U.S. Steel�s secret deal          

  • Hamilton, workers want secret details of U.S. Steel settlement unveiled 

  • U.S. Steel Canada workers to appeal pension case                                

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