Friday 24 April 2015



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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Exasperated Mike Duffy trial judge asks for evidence

The EKOS poll: Harper Conservatives still own the pre-campaign podium
        Chr�tien, Putin to meet in Moscow next week
Phantom F-bomb: NDP says Mulcair never swore at Speaker
        Leo Housakos to be acting Senate Speaker after Pierre Claude Nolin�s death

New poll shows NDP pulling ahead in Alberta election race
        Elizabeth May amends government bill for 1st time
Liberal ad thanks taxpayers for paying for Conservative government ads
        It�s fear and loathing time in Alberta
Ontario budget gives Justin Trudeau cover
        Conservatives get a shot of confidence, while Liberals lose theirs
Canadian politicians unwilling to escape the same old
        Election Issue Monitor says Oliver�s Budget is a Balancing Act
Joe Oliver�s �Granddaughter� Line | At Issue
        Let�s use Duffy to kill the Senate once and for all

Rebuilding Canada�s international capacity: Diplomatic reform in the age of globalization
        Little difference between Ontario and federal budgets, until it comes to deficit
Harper�s anti-union bill rises from the dead

Speaker Nolin�s death leaves Senate without a leader in midst of crisis
        CFIA inspector: Cutbacks in Alberta are real, and �morale is in the toilet�
Former New Brunswick premier David Alward appointed consul general
        Mike Duffy trial: 8 allegedly fraudulent trips that cost almost $38,000
Prime Minister Stephen Harper sued by B.C. lawyer for not filling senate seats
        Trudeau Borrows Obama Playbook for Canada Election Run at Harper
Baloney Meter: Did the Conservatives really pay down $37B in debt?
        Ottawa says budget adjustments will accommodate surge in EI claims
Mike Duffy trial day 14: Former Senate finance chief to focus on travel claims
        Arctic Council tensions threaten environment as Canada exits chair

Harper government back in the middle of historic Turk-Armenian dispute
        Carbon pricing just a tax grab, Stephen Harper says
NEB chair vows to make more pipeline-proposal information public
        Mass strip search of U.S. students by Canadian guards broke policy, documents show
TFSA rule changes: Will more mean less?
        Former Manitoba Tory youth president sits behind PM, then moved away
Senate officials rejected Duffy makeup claim
        Senate rejects $300 claim for makeup expense but approved $1,200 travel expense for �Senate business� with no proof, Duffy trial hears
Ministers arrive in Iqaluit for Arctic Council meeting
        Prison watchdog concerned over long-term segregation

Alberta political leaders back on campaign trail after lively TV debate
        Feds to appeal after Omar Khadr wins bail while he fights war-crimes conviction
Alberta premier tips hat to NDP Leader Rachel Notley�s debating skills
        Vancouver pot shops should be shut down, says Rona Ambrose
Justice Marshall Rothstein to retire from Supreme Court of Canada in August
        Alberta election debate �math� remark could subtract voters for PC�s Jim Prentice
Pierre Claude Nolin remembered as a �gentleman� in Senate
        Harper scores with Jets
Tax free and loving it in 2080
        Swing voters may want more than what Harper�s budget is offering

Stephen Harper�s rebirth as a sunny optimist may be attempt to counter austerity fatigue
        Why is Wynne�s government causing itself unnecessary political grief?
Ontario beer sales plan demands sober second thought
The perils of an early election call
NDP leader Rachel Notley outclasses the field in leaders� debate
        Jim Prentice and the political perils of apologies
Mike Duffy�s makeup expense claim had no foundation
NDP decides to blame the PM
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Let�s use Duffy to get rid of the Senate once and for all - Scott Reid, Ottawa Citizen
        Ontario residents couldn�t afford tax hikes, Kathleen Wynne says - Rob Ferguson & Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Alberta debate leaves Tories shaken, NDP stirred - Don Braid, National Post
        Five reasons why the Ontario budget is credible - Don Drummond, The Globe & Mail
Ontario budget gives Justin Trudeau cover - Chantal H�bert, Toronto Star
        Whither the Quebec Liberals? - Martin Patriquin, Macleans
Budget completes the Harper comeback - Andrew MacDougall, Ottawa Citizen
        Arctic Council meeting to focus on climate change, tension with Russia - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Prentice under attack from left and right during TV debate - Justin Giovannetti, The Globe & Mail
        Budget questions blowin� in the wind - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun

Harper says climate targets coming in May, attacks opposition over taxes, TFSAs - Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen
        How a maple syrup rebellion is rising in Quebec- Peter Kuitenbrouwer, Financial Post
Tory budget is decent � and election ready - Michael Taube, Toronto Sun
        Ontario budget touts transit spending, takes hard line on health - Adrian Morrow, The Globe & Mail
Duffy fought to get $300 makeup bill paid, top Senate official testifies - David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
        Mandatory minimum sentences fight cost big bucks, records show - Laura Payton, CBC News
Ontario on the (long) road to a balanced budget - Aaron Hutchins, Macleans
        John Tory �delighted� with provincial budget�s mention of SmartTrack plan - Don Peat, Toronto Sun
Suspend Edmonton council opening prayer, lawyers say - Gordon Kent, Edmonton Journal
        �No regrets� as Bill Blair ends term as chief of police - Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun

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Il aurait tent� d'�touffer son p�re avec une couverturePlus
        D�c�s du s�nateur Pierre Claude NolinPlus
L'Arm�nie comm�more le g�nocide de 1915Plus
        L'Agence m�tropolitaine de transport serait aboliePlus
Pas de place pour la confrontation en ArctiquePlus
        Ottawa fera appel de la lib�ration d'Omar KhadrPlus
Terrorisme: autre fin de semaine en prison pour le jeune couplePlus
        P�dophile � la garderie: �Je suis troubl�, dit CouillardPlus
Un mariage c�l�br� par le maire Coderre?Plus
        Fin de l'alerte � la bombe � la Statue de la Libert�Plus

L'avocat de Mike Duffy demande de prolonger le proc�s Plus
        Agressions sexuelles sur des handicap�es: 10 ans de prisonPlus
Ouellet se pr�sente en candidate des travailleursPlus
        Val�rie Tremblay coupable de d�lit de fuite mortel Plus
Collision en Mont�r�gie: un jeune homme perd la viePlus
        Ils abattent un arbre sans prendre de pr�cautionsPlus
Elle cr�e de v�ritables �uvres d'art en barbe � papaPlus
        Droits linguistiques: gain de parents francophones � VancouverPlus
Un chien retrouv� dans un sac � orduresPlus
        Semeur de chaosPlus

Traces d'ADN d'une femme dans un broyeur � viandePlus
        Le Vatican aurait �t� la cible d'un complot terroristePlus
Nord-du-Qu�bec: un homme abattu dans un poste de policePlus
        Kenya: accusations criminelles pour les pi�tons indisciplin�sPlus
Le volcan chilien Calbuco fume encorePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Dems All In on Clinton. It Looks Like a Terrible Bet - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
        Rubio Grabs Narrow Lead Over Republican Rivals in Latest Polls - Real Clear Politics
For Republicans, It�s the Billionaires� Primary - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
        Clinton Has a Baggage Problem - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
�Clinton Cash� and the Weakened Dems - John Podhoretz, Commentary
        Cloud computing fuels Microsoft�s profits- Dina Bass, Bloomberg, Toronto Star
Ford to lay off 700 workers in Michigan plant due to slow sales of small cars- Dee-Ann Durbin, The Associated Press, Toronto Star
        What If Walmart�s Minimum Wage Were $70,000?- Lydia DePillis, Washington Post
Adam Gadahn, American mouthpiece for al Qaeda, killed- Greg Botelho and Ralph Ellis, CNN
        Mediterranean migrant deaths spur EU leaders to act- Al Jazeera
Alexis Tsipras seeks interim deal for Greece in talks with Angela Merkel- Larry Elliott and Helena Smith, The Guardian
        Rocket from Gaza fired at Israel on its independence day: Army- Reuters, The Times Of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Poland denies entry to pro-Putin bikers planning WWII victory ride
        Turkey says 'rejects and condemns' Putin calling 1915 Armenian massacre 'genocide'
Harley recalls nearly 46,000 motorcycles
        Tokyo finds high levels of radiation in children's park
Afghan president orders inquiry into unreleased UN police report
        Greece carries out first privatization under radical left government
Iran ships 'turn back' from Yemen as fighting rages
        Satisfying China�s demand for urban 4x4s
Good-bye keys: �Smart locks� let you in without them
        Israeli tanks strike Gaza after rocket fired

Fears of third eruption after Chile volcano roars to life
        Strong earthquake rattles New Zealand: seismologists
US says learned from N.Korea, Iran nuclear deal 'different'
        Oceans worth $24T, but sea change needed to save them: WWF
Western companies wait out Russia�s economic slump
        In Libya�s anarchy, migrant smuggling a booming trade
1948 Palestinians mourn, Jews laud statehood
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Cold War  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*Where's our money?" Thousands of coal miners blockade Ukrainian govt
* Russia and Argentina sign energy deals worth billions
* One thousand people rally at U.S. embassy in Kyiv against war in Ukraine
* At least ten opposition figures have died in Ukraine just this year
* Putin acts to spur Russian farming to replace banned produce
* Walled off: In non-rebel eastern Ukraine, frustrations with Kiev mount
* Canada's risky game in Ukraine

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