Friday 17 April 2015


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Decision delayed on whether to unseal evidence in case that could reveal Harper family secrets
        The EKOS poll: Harper connecting with voters on values, interests

Checking the cheques: Duffy trial wraps second week on where the money went
        Law society under fire for dismissing complaints against Ezra Levant
Former Tory MP urges Harper to legalize pot
        Questions raised about whether Canadian troops will inadavertenly train Nazi sympathizers in Ukraine

Four British sailors face sexual assault charges in Canada
        Canada-India uranium deal will spur proliferation, experts warn
Canada�s greenhouse gas emissions continue slow climb upwards: Report
        Several co-operative scenarios still possible with Liberals, NDP
In this election, will voters choose emotion or reason?
        Who�s Really on Trial: Duffy or the Senate? | At Issue
Hillary Clinton�s YouTube launch may hold lesson for Canada
        Trudeau�s coalition confusion
Justin Trudeau could lose the election and still come out ahead
        Trial hears story of Mike Duffy and his fitness trainer, told with a straight face

Death of the Canadian Wheat Board
        Canada�s top energy regulator unfazed by controversy

Bill C-51 opposition tweeted by Margaret Atwood, Sarah Harmer
        Petition against anti-terrorism bill collects nearly 200,000 names
Federal budget to bolster security, anti-terrorism programs, sources say
        Duffy paid journalist to combat �trolls� online, trial told
Federal government to invoke terrorism clause to keep Harper family secrets private
        Mike Duffy trial: Crown shines light on payments made by senator�s friend
Liberals can�t be trusted to do Hydro One sale right
        Alberta PCs may switch to full attack mode
WIldrose leader Brian Jean talks of floor-crossings and betrayal, while Premier Jim Prentice stumps in enemy territory
Another day in Court for Canada�s notorious polygamist

Judges� �insurrection� against victim surcharge may be �ending with a whimper�
        Justin Trudeau leads election rally for P.E.I. Liberals
Trudeau gives local Liberal campaign a boost
        Trudeau plays it politically safe during Halifax visit
Wynne�s public-asset reform a sign of the times in Ontario
        Loss of Corolla doesn�t have to be lethal blow for Canadian auto production
Apple Pay Plans to Launch in Canada This Fall
        Fire breaks out at deep-water shipping terminal in B.C.; smoke billows over town
PM Harper�s name raised at Mike Duffy trial
        Snowbirds feel loonie�s pinch in California
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Suddenly buses rule, and politics is all about transit - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Federal budget to benefit seniors, including relaxation of RRIF rules - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
Federal NDP seeking emergency debate on CWB sale - Mia Rabson, Winnipeg Free Press
        Why the Hydro One �privatization� is a sham - Terrence Corcoran, Financial Post
Federal budget to be balanced early, watchdog says - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
        Alberta election polls painting a bleak picture for Prentice�s Tories - Justin Giovannetti, The Globe & Mail
Did Jean Chr�tien balance budget with tax hikes? - Janyce McGregor, CBC News
        Federal budget will fund up to $1B annually on transit projects in biggest cities, sources say - John Ivison, National Post
RCAF wants to spend more than $500 million on simulators to train its crews - David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen
        Wynne�s public-asset reform a sign of the times in Ontario - Adrian Morrow, The Globe & Mail

Modi, Harper visit Sikh temple in Vancouver - Tamsyn Burgmann, The Canadian Press , CTV News
        Ontario listens to the consumer after 70 years of nanny-state beer laws - Kelly McParland, National Post
AB Libs promise low income tax cuts - Dave Dormer, Calgary Sun
        Cda pledges $130M for education abroad, including help for Syrian refugee - Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Wynne spends like a drunken sailor - Editorial, Ottawa Sun
        Two-front war presents PCs with whole new challenge - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
Federal government to invoke terrorism clause to keep Harper family secrets private - Stephen Maher, National Post
        New poll shows Canadians support making anthem gender neutral - Bea Vongdouangchanh, The Hill Times
Ottawa�s �Strong Proud Free� slogan can�t be explained because it�s a secret - Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press, CBC News
        If you have kids under 18, you�re eligible for government funding - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

Saguenay mayor Jean Tremblay surprised by Supreme Court prayer ban - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Premier moves Tory�s SmartTrack a little further down the line - Tess Kalinowski , Toronto Star
Move over Stephen Poloz, here�s the real reason mortgage rates are so low in Canada- Ari Altstedter, Bloomberg News, Financial Post
        CN, beset by derailments, to upgrade Western Canada network- Allison Martell, The Globe & Mail

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Condamn�es � remettre 672 millions $ � la Banque de ChinePlus
        Cardinal Turcotte: adieux � un homme d'�glise �accessible�Plus
Australie: deux hommes soup�onn�s de terrorisme arr�t�s Plus
        Une bague de la Coupe Stanley d'un ancien joueur vol�ePlus
Proc�s Duffy: paiement re�u d'une compagnie d'un ami du s�nateurPlus
        Manifestation contre l'aust�rit�: une cinquantaine de participantsPlus
Ballet royal de Winnipeg: enseignant cong�di� pour photos inappropri�esPlus
        Il d�membre sa petite amie et jette ses restes dans la junglePlus
Des m�decins syriens demandent l'aide de la RussiePlus
        Projet de loi 28: les syndicats manifestent contre le b�illonPlus

Des z�bres en cavale dans les rues de BruxellesPlus
        76 morts en 24 heures dans les combats au Y�men Plus
Une femme � la t�te du syndicat des cols bleus de Montr�alPlus
        Quatre marins britanniques accus�s de viol � HalifaxPlus
Des centaines de poissons morts sur l'�le des S�ursPlus
        Qu�bec solidaire veut mettre fin � �l'injustice fiscale�Plus
Le port de Squamish ravag� par un incendiePlus
        Elle emprunte le pont Laviolette en sens inversePlus
Cinq morts dans un drame familial � PhoenixPlus
        Un cycliste gri�vement bless� � Montr�alPlus

Boston: les parents de la plus jeune victime contre la peine de mortPlus
        Il lutte avec un sapin pour le d�terrerPlus
La violence x�nophobe en Afrique du Sud inqui�tePlus
        Poissons morts et odeur f�tide � RioPlus
La puissance des livres Plus
        Une sonnerie de Frozen interrompt des s�nateursPlus
Allemagne: hommage aux victimes de l'A320Plus
        Arriv�e en Ukraine de 300 soldats am�ricains Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Clinton Lifts Populist Spirits - Brent Budowksy, The Hill
        For Better/Worse, Hillary Runs for Obama 3rd Term - Harry Enten, Five Thirty Eight
Kasich Good for GOP, Good for America - Nolan Finley, Detroit News
        Clinton Reaches for Reset Button in Iowa - Dan Balz, Washington Post
Sustainability Gone Wild on Campus - George Will, Washington Post
        Why the Global Economic Recovery Could Stall Out- Eric Pianin, The Fiscal Times
Greece pushed a step closer to Grexit after IMF snub- Phillip Inman, The Guardian
        Putin defends Iran missile decision during call-in show- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
Millions of dollars in World War II silver recovered from deep ocean- Steve Almasy, CNN
        Migrants killed in �religious clash� on Mediterranean boat- BBC News
Yemen�s new PM urges Houthis to stop push for Aden- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Israeli military networks breached by hackers: researchers
        Obama says surprised Russia held off so long on arms deal with Iran
Obama says new trade deal with Asia will help U.S. workers
        Hollande to meet Putin in Armenia on April 24: president's office
Palestinians clash with Israel army on Prisoners Day
        UN: death toll in Ukraine fighting now above 6,100
Opposition leaders in TV clash three weeks before UK vote
        Israel coalition talks run against the clock
China offering Pakistan 'huge' financing: official
        The brain�s aging and a new report urges ways to stay sharp

Snoring, apnea linked to earlier memory decline in elderly
        US troops in Ukraine to train forces fighting pro-Russia rebels
Defiant Putin sees Russia�s return to growth in two years
        Why Europe backs Obama over an Iran deal
In fighting terrorism, Britain is abandoning its liberal values
        Child migrants pose a test for Europe
U.K. voters swayed by living standards
        Clinton risks being seen as just like Obama
Putin defends Iran missile-defense decision
        Iran Nuclear talks to resume April 22-23
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We are becoming strangers in our own land

To "Hewers of wood and drawers of water" Bible, Josh. 9:21 can now be added 
"Growers of grain" as expressions referring to performers of low end tasks.

Canadian Western wheat growers grew wheat as they still and will continue to do
Previously those they chose directed sales - all profits on sales made were theirs.

Unless altered plans now are, there will be no farmer directed marketing firms.
Farmers will have no choice but to sell to firms buying low to maximize profits.



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