Wednesday 8 April 2015


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Alberta election: Wildrose, PCs and NDP in statistical tie, suggests new survey

Duffy�s diaries shed light on life of a Conservative party insider
        Mike Duffy edited Senate residency declaration to remove word �primary�
Justin Trudeau won�t commit to leaders� debate on women�s issues
        Canadian CF-18 jets bomb targets in Syria for the first time: Kenney

Harper�s takes hard line on drugs as other summit leaders consider softer laws
        Is Mike Duffy eligible to represent PEI in the Senate?
Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi blasts Prentice over early election call
        Stephen Harper should never have appointed Mike Duffy a P.E.I. senator
Supply management must go if Canada is to be a player in massive Trans-Pacific trade deal
        Mike Duffy trial begins | At Issue
Mike Duffy drags PMO, Senate leadership into Courtroom 33
        Contempt of Parliament is now the Default State of Canadian Democracy

At the Mike Duffy trial, Stephen Harper will be the tie that binds
        Duffy trial could be Harper�s Waterloo � but not if Canadians stop caring
On the Duffy defence: Senate rules are weak, and he�s not the only one taking advantage
        Thank you, Nancy Ruth, for hastening Senate�s demise
Federal Leadership Needed to Deal with Climate Change

Blockbuster US$70-billion Shell-BG deal could weigh on B.C. LNG plans
        Liberals highest on Nanos Index, NDP and Mulcair show positive movement over four weeks
Michael Wilson, former finance minister, ambassador, to lead mental health body
        Dean Del Mastro and the mystery of Mike Duffy�s dog
Ottawa in no rush to convert GM share selloff proceeds into Canadian dollars
        Canadian taxpayers lose $3.5-billion on 2009 bailout of auto firms
Federal report warns �marriages of convenience� a threat to immigration system
        P.E.I. Grits pitch paramedic program, Tories promise less perks for politicians
Alberta election 2015: The real race is for 2nd place
        Politicians revving up as campaign begins for May 5 Alberta provincial election

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice pulls no punches going into ballot battle against �extreme right� and �extreme left�
        Mike Duffy trial: Senate law clerk expected to shed light on expense rules
Prime minister says he won�t be asked to testify at Mike Duffy trial
        Thieves steal $8.5 million worth of gold from Canadian-owned mine in Mexico
That $75-million in ads you paid for
        Liberals seek probe of NDP MPs� allegedly improper use of riding offices
A comparison between Mike Duffy�s Senate expense claims and his diary entries
        Mike Duffy�s diary reveals intrigue and the mundane
Duffy trial told about factors governing Senate residence
        Old money chasing new votes: Harper�s infrastructure shuffle

A deficit-free budget, right on deadline
        Oliver says Conservatives will keep promise to introduce balanced budget law
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Will Alberta vote be a �turning point�? - Lorne Gunter, Calgary Sun
        New AB leaders set out to navigate campaign trail - Graham Thomson, Edmonton Journa
Finance Minister Joe Oliver to announce balanced budget legislation on Wednesday - Douglas Quan, National Post
        $1.2 billion contract awarded to extend Highway 407 in Durham - Richard J. Brennan, Toronto Star
AB Liberals admit they face a tough road - Bill Kaufmann, Calgary Sun
        NDP Hilariously Delivers Camembert To Reporters At Mike Duffy Trial - Ryan Maloney, Huffington Post
Jim Prentice and Alberta Tories should remember Grit election disaster - Ricky Leong, Calgary Sun
        Will Ontario Libs leave us crying in our beer? - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
Stephen Harper lowers eligibility for federal student loans - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        At the Mike Duffy trial, Stephen Harper will be the tie that binds - Campbell Clark, The Globe & Mail

Search on for new Toronto Police chief - Chris Doucette, Toronto Sun
        Montreal unveils construction plan - Linda Gyulai, Montreal Gazette
Ottawa Mayor disappointed with grocer�s Good Friday snub - Jon Willing, Ottawa Sun
        Tory defends Ford�s HHOF appointment - Don Peat, Toronto Sun
Bell agrees to opt-in policy for tracking customer Internet, TV and phone usage- Winnipeg Free Press
        Toronto home prices surge 10% as sales activity heats up- Tamsin McMahon, The Globe & Mail
Sale of GM shares �bad news,� says union- Dana Flavelle, Toronto Star
        Hudson�s Bay�s Saks luxury play pays off again: Net profit four times higher than a year ago- Financial Post
The 4 Headwinds That Are Bashing Stocks- Howard Gold, MarketWatch

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Coming Events: All Out to Defeat Bill C-51!
        Funding slashed for all safety programs at Transport Canada
CTV News Channel: 'Unprecedented damage' to ocean
        Andrew Coyne: To recap, the prime minister is not responsible for almost anything
That $75-million in ads you paid for
        Possible strike looming for Ontario school boards
The Inconvenient Truth about Harper's Canada
        Has British Columbia Shown the Way?
VIDEO: Why are senators allowed to raise money for the Conservatives? | Press Progress
        Canada giving Ukraine satellite data despite its own 'critical shortage'

Canada Escalates War With Syria
        Tories' TFSA Plan Slammed As A $15-Billion Threat To Financial Stability
Democracy Watch again calls for Nigel Wright, and PMO and Conservative Party officials who aided...

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Le Canada effectue de premi�res frappes en SyriePlus
        Le maire co�te une fortune aux citoyens de L'AssomptionPlus
Une naturopathe acquitt�e d'avoir tu� un clientPlus
        Agression � Henri-Bourassa: un homme gravement bless�Plus
Proc�s Duffy: un ancien conseiller du S�nat t�moignePlus
        Bousculades � l'UQAM: 22 personnes arr�t�esPlus
Justin Mailloux coupable d'agressions sexuelles sur 9 mineursPlus
        Attentats de Boston: Tsarnaev reconnu coupablePlus
Londres: des cambrioleurs auraient rafl� un butin de 372 M $Plus
        La cause d'Omar Khadr entendue en Cour supr�mePlus

Le policier inculp� pour le meurtre d'un Noir renvoy� Plus
        Manifestante bless�e: Qu�bec mise en demeurePlus
Tuerie � Miami: Wabafiyebazu devant un grand juryPlus
        D�c�s du cardinal Turcotte: �Adieu mon fr�re�Plus
Ferguson: la repr�sentation des Noirs a tripl� au conseil municipalPlus
        Un soldat de l'OTAN tu� en AfghanistanPlus
Drogu�, un homme court nu dans les ruesPlus
        L'EI lib�re plus de 200 Yazidis en Irak Plus
Les �tudiants savent-ils pourquoi ils manifestent?Plus
        Des rapports sexuels avec plus de 12 000 femmesPlus

Marine Le Pen bloque la candidature de son p�rePlus
        Le cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte est d�c�d�Plus
Les policiers de Montr�al enqu�tent sur le 9e homicidePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
President Obama: Walker Needs to �Bone Up� on Foreign Policy - David Nakamura, Washington Post
        Presidential Announcements - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Liberal Billionaire Seeks to Shame Republicans on Climate Change - Timothy Cama, The Hill
        Paul Is the Change Candidate. Can He Win? - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
Bill Clinton Says He Would Be �Backstage Adviser� in 2016 Run - Ben Kamisar, The Hill
        Kenyan families mourn their best and brightest after Garissa attack- Murithi Mutiga, The Guardian
Yemen conflict: Aden a �ghost city� as death toll rises- BBC News
        US �expediting arms supplies� to Saudi-led coalition- Al Jazeera
Greece seeks Nazi-era damages from Germany, Berlin refuses- The Times of India
        Russian nuclear sub on fire, state news agency reports- CNN

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Kerry to attend G7 meeting in Germany next week: US
        Obama and Castro to break Cold War ice in person
Israeli leader warns of Iran's short nuclear breakout time
        Dzhokhar Tsarnaev convicted in Boston Marathon bombing
Poland extends $100 mln loan to Ukraine: Poroshenko
        Four-way ministerial talks on Ukraine to be held in Berlin Monday
UN warns of 'slaughter of innocents' in Syrian refugee camp
        UN court upholds Srebrenica commander's genocide conviction
Human Rights Watch sues US over surveillance
        ICC prosecutor says she can't investigate ISIS atrocities

Kenya freezes key money transfers to Somalia over suspected terrorist links
        Two soldiers, one rebel killed in east Ukraine fighting
Iran sends navy vessels near Yemen amid airstrikes
        Firefight breaks out between Afghan and NATO forces: police
US deepens involvement in Yemen as aid agencies struggle to gain access
        Greek PM in Moscow for Putin meet that rattles EU
A third of Republicans support Iran nuclear deal
        Iran's foreign minister due in Pakistan to discuss Yemen
CIA chief says criticism of Iran deal 'disingenuous'
        Rival camps laud Iran nuclear deal

Iran officials in China to discuss oil supplies
        Iran approved to join China-backed bank
Sanctions-hit Russia looks to Africa for arms sales
        Russian veto serves strife
The American perception of threats has changed
        Reasons why the Iran accord may not have the desired impact
U.S. snubs Israel�s call for recognition by Iran
        Germany snubs Greece�s war reparations call as �dumb�
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Sixty-Six Years of NATO.This is �Not a Peace Program, it is a War Program,�
        The End of Meaningless Jobs is a Win For Us All
Mind Control Victims Patents Whistleblowers
        Overpopulation, overconsumption in pictures

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Prime minister says he won�t be asked to testify at Mike Duffy trial

"I had no knowledge of these things"
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