Thursday 28 May 2015



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PM calls Liberal plan for mandatory CPP expansion �a $1,000 pay cut�

Polls show NDP in three-way tie but pollsters warn voters not yet engaged
Brian Mulroney says economy, security record gives Harper election �advantage�
�Tampon tax� will be removed on July 1
Gunman Zehaf Bibeau urges others to similar attacks in missing video segment

House financial officer won�t say how sanctions will bite NDP MPs
        Emails relating to B.C.�s Highway of Tears allegedly deleted
Canada must improve native education, health care now: Paul Martin
        A hiring panel might quibble at Stephen Harper�s first application for the top job
All three major parties talk change in Ottawa
        From helicopters to fighter jets, problems facing Canada�s defence procurement are systemic
The test of true political leadership is to risk change
        Scrutiny of expense accounts should be extended to MPs
Whether voluntary or mandatory, there is no need to expand the CPP
        How to create a 21st-century leaders� debate

Harper on defence spending: �Canada a major contributor�
        Hating Stephen Harper like reverse Beatlemania
Oilsands not the dirtiest

Review anti-terror bill in five years, Senate committee recommends
        Parti Quebecois Leader Pierre Karl Peladeau to tie the knot in August
Public Works Minister Finley touts pre-election military purchases
        Takata airbag recall affects 1.2 million vehicles in Canada
Harper government proposes small changes to expat voting bill
        Conservative CPP plan won�t help savers or stop the pension crisis
Peladeau accused of hurting Quebec City�s NHL chances with his sovereignty talk
        NORAD jets train in Arctic as Russian flights increase
Andre Marin given 4 month extension on his post as Ontario�s ombudsman
        Head of Crown agency calls Middle East �strategic region� for arms sales

Foreign military personnel eligible for half-price booze at LCBO
        Conservative MP wants free votes on �matters of conscience�
Political memoirs can be a secret weapon. But does anybody read them?
        Union leader unsure of plan to put RCMP in charge of Parliament Hill security
Alberta�s NDP government gambles on raising minimum wage to $15 per hour
        Contract Workers Told To Stay Home During Harper�s Visit To Factory
Defence officials worry supply ships will be further delayed
        Bill Blair�s saving face
Montreal mayor wants three or four regular-season games in the city in 2016
        Billion-Dollar Betting Law NFL Opposes Is Set to Die in Canada

NDP satellite office bills could come up at House committee
        Upcoming right-to-die legislation prompts MPs to consider their voting rights
Poilievre filmed by Conservative staffers, but use of public servants not ruled out
        Tories Scramble After Joe Oliver�s Call For Looser Labour Laws At G7
EI maternity leave unpopular among self-employed, 5 years on
        NDP wants probe of Patrick Brown�s activities during PC leadership race
Scheer: Report into death of Zehaf-Bibeau to be made public
        As parties feud over Canada Pension Plan, one constant: we�re not saving enough
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
�Tampon tax� will end July 1 - CBC News
        Ontario Ombudsman tweets his case to keep his job as the competition piles up - Ashley Csanady, National Post
Why the Orange Wave is still rolling across Quebec - Yves Boisvert, The Globe & Mail
        Ontario Tories ask police to investigate allegations Hydro One misled government - Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Conservative MPP wants Ontario to regulate Uber and other ride-sharing services - Ashley Csanady, National Post
        Harper government proposes amendments to expat voting rules - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Royalty review likely to commence within six months, says AB NDP energy minister - James Wood, Calgary Herald
        CPP reform? Here we go, again. - Jennifer Robson, Macleans
Ontario teacher walkout adds up to student lockout with full pay - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
        Stephen Harper urged to show leadership on residential schools - Mark Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen

Mulcair slams Conservatives� �death-bed conversion� on CPP expansion - Michelle Zilio, CTV News
        Cancel final exams: Ontario Education minister - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
Harper government defends First Nations housing fund, despite poor results - Dean Beeby, CBC News
        Independent panel key to reforming military procurement: Kenney - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, CTV News
House board wants satellite offices case heard quickly - Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen
        Ontario bill outlawing conversion therapy for LGBT youth �has become a political football� among Liberals, NDP - Ashley Csanady, National Post
Peladeau accuses Liberals of harassment with remark about cable company he owns - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Toronto police say Pan Ams won�t be G20 all over again - Patty Winsa, Toronto Star
Mark Saunders working to overcome �carding� criticism - Marcus Gee, The Globe & Mail
        Kinder Morgan�s pipeline expansion would be �disastrous,� mayor Robertson says - Laura Kane, Vancouver Province

After many months and millions spent on transit vote, Vancouver politicians will be back to Square One - Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun
        Bank of Canada signals rate hike will come later rather than sooner as it eyes oil impact- Gordon Isfeld, Financial Post

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Saguenay: myst�rieuse d�couverte dans une bananePlus
        Ottawa: les parlementaires se prononcent sur le vote librePlus
Une �ducatrice accus�e de leurre d'enfantPlus
        1,5 million de v�hicules rappel�s au CanadaPlus
Californie: seconde pollution p�troli�re en deux semainesPlus
        L'apiculteur nazi est d�c�d�Plus
Homme poignard� � mort: une femme arr�t�e � Montr�alPlus
        Retour en catimini de la �prime Bolduc�Plus
La chaleur extr�me en Inde fait 1700 mortsPlus
        Rage au volant � Terrebonne: il �vite la prisonPlus

Climat: Obama appelle � l'action, les ouragans en toile de fondPlus
        Irak: 470 corps exhum�s des fosses communes de Tikrit Plus
Les p�nitenciers abusent de l'isolement des d�tenusPlus
        P�ladeau nuit au retour des Nordiques, selon LegaultPlus
Un exhibitionniste est arr�t� � GatineauPlus
        Djokhar Tsarnaev: la peine de mort impos�e le 24 juinPlus
Le retour des Expos � Montr�al serait �normal�Plus
        George Pataki se lance dans la course � la Maison-BlanchePlus
Jocelyne Cazin avait �t� approch�e par les lib�rauxPlus
        Il se jette � l'eau pour impressionner ses amisPlus

Plus d'un millier de souris saisies dans une maisonPlus
        Un motocycliste trahi par son bolidePlus
Malaisie: 139 corps dans les tombes retrouv�esPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Bernie Sanders Launches Bid, Challenges Clinton at First Rally - Patrick Healy, New York Times
        The Decline of Rand Paul - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Have Democrats Pulled Too Far Left? - Peter Wehner, New York Times
        Field Set to Expand as Santorum, Pataki, Perry & Graham Gear Up - Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics
Hillary Clinton�s Quiet Self-Sabotage - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
        Sponsors Adidas, Coke weigh FIFA ties after indictments- Aaron Ricadela, Bloomberg, Toronto Star
Amid lower oil prices, Exxon shareholders listen to CEO, vote on climate and fracking measures- David Koenig, The Associated Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Microsoft Has Hijacked Android In A Hostile Takeover- Tony Bradley, Forbes
Rogers, Shaw open Shomi to all, boosting competition with Netflix- Christine Dobby, The Globe & Mail
        Tony Blair resigns as Middle East peace envoy- Ian Black & Peter Beaumont, The Guardian

Arab coalition strikes Houthi targets in Yemen- Al Jazeera
        German city evacuates 20,000 people to defuse WWII bomb- The Times of India
Fifa officials corrupted football � US prosecutors- BBC News
        Rwanda lawmakers debates allowing Kagame third term bid- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Estonian peacekeepers join U.N. mission in south
        Reindeer and northern lights in Arctic Circle
Greek PM faces tough choices in shrinking window for aid deal
        U.S. reaches deals with four more banks under Swiss program
France�s initiative on Palestine irks the U.S.
        Iran�s Kurdish problem in perspective
The Conservative narrative is not the last word on Britain�s economy
        Putin makes peacetime troop death toll a �state secret�
Cyprus leaders to open two more crossings
        Christian schools in Israel say budget cuts hurt community
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Obey: The Routine Of Obedience
        Authority & Expectations
"I Am An American Indian Patriot"
        A Pantomime World
The Power of Nightmares
        �How we can solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem�,
Miko Peled Debunks Jewish Myths
        "Political Fraud"
Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy
        Surviving Progress

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Toronto Star's View: Canada Post's secrecy undermines trust
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Re:  Mulcair�s postal vow would cost $250 million a year to keep snail mail alive, Kelly McParland | May 26, 2015

According to Kelly McParland, home delivery costs $283 per address whereas delivery to a centralized �superbox� costs only $108.  Presumably these figures were conveniently provided by Canada Post. But what about the cost to municipalities for administration, street lighting, sidewalks, and damage to cables, sprinkler systems, and trees? And what about the cost to Canadians in loss of privacy, inconvenience and potential accidents? 

Terminating home delivery is not common sense. Other countries continue to provide this important service. Common sense dictates not imposing superboxes in built-up urban areas where they have no place. 

Larry Kazdan,
Vancouver, B.C.

Court case finds flaws in Canada Post�s plan to end home delivery for urban addresses, TU THANH HA, May. 25 2015

Poor street lighting. Sidewalk and safety issues. Concerns for trees and people�s privacy. Damaged cables and sprinkler systems.

These are some of the issues that have emerged as Canada Post prepares to set up thousands of new community mailboxes in Hamilton, the city alleges in its court dispute against the mail service.

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