Wednesday 6 May 2015



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PMO urged changes to Duffy audit, RCMP officers say
        Tory caucus �like a morgue� after NDP�s Alberta win: MacKay

With support from Liberals, Conservatives pass controversial anti-terror bill
        The Liberal child-care benefit, as a single algebraic equation
The difficult math of the Alberta provincial election results
        Senators who fail their audit will be named, Speaker pledges

Federal NDP tries to generate excitement after win by Alberta cousins
        Pollsters say Alberta vote redeems their industry
Premier-designate Rachel Notley tells energy industry it�ll be �A-OK�
        Alberta result reinforces Liberals, NDP federally at Conservative expense
Alberta wanted a political housecleaning � and you don�t have to be a socialist for that
        �My name is Rachel Notley�
Graham Steele: Lessons for Rachel Notley and Alberta�s NDP
        Rachel Notley rides stunning orange wave in Alberta
Why the Orange Revolution is not about Rachel Notley
        Notley�s NDP rises from the wreckage of epic PC disasters

For Rachel Notley the hard part starts now
        The PC dynasty died today. No messiah, no miracle.
Angry Albertans beat an orange path to the polls

Forget the Liberal mythology, Canada�s middle class is not struggling
        Liberal election platform shifts the chips for the rich, takes a pass on the middle class
Justin Trudeau wisely takes fight to Tories� home turf of tax cuts and child care
        Justin Trudeau�s tax plan difficult to attack, even for Conservatives
A Martian�s view of Justin Trudeau�s middle-class tax cuts
        Justin Trudeau hits right note with fairer tax plan
The Senate�s mistakes and how we�re fixing them
        PC leadership race lost its way on sex-ed wedge
Conflict resolution course changed Premier Kathleen Wynne�s life
        Supreme Court ruling hobbles pursuit of child predators, police say

New Senate Speaker Leo Housakos wants to increase transparency and accountability
        Testimony set to resume in Duffy trial after procedural detour
Lawyer thinks suspension is �politically motivated�
        Canada planning new Israel embassy despite mission property cutbacks
Six Parliament Hill buildings getting a facelift
        Omar Khadr poses �low-moderate� risk to commit future crimes: psychological report
NDP win in Alberta �frightening� for energy sector, business watcher says
        Harper mention met with boos at Notley campaign HQ in Edmonton
Alberta election sees highest voter turnout in 22 years
        Electorate anger combined with strong NDP campaign brought end to Alberta PC dynasty

Jim Prentice resigns after orange wave sweeps Alberta
        Rachel Notley takes helm of Alberta with cast of newbies, concerns from business
Alberta Election Result Latest Blow to Oil Industry
        Alberta election 2015: Oilpatch reacts to NDP win in Alberta
Harper congratulates Rachel Notley on NDP�s Alberta election triumph
        Alberta election: NDP wins majority, ending 44 years of PC rule
�Change has finally come:� NDP�s Notley promises Albertans new ideas
        �Notley Crue� Completes Four-Decade Rise to Alberta Power
�Alberta has voted for change:� NDP faithful stunned, thrilled by majority win
        Alberta Election: 5 election night surprises

Greg Clark makes history, wins Alberta Party�s first seat in legislature
        NDP win in Alberta could offer momentum for party in other parts of country
Federal Conservatives acknowledge lessons from NDP victory in Alberta
        Energy stocks hit as oilpatch takes stock of NDP election victory in Alberta
Mike Duffy trial: Ezra Levant says speeches were for �non-partisan� issues
        Liberals� new high-income bracket may encourage tax avoidance, economists warn
Liberals highest on index, post budget positive movement for Conservatives continues
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Teacher unions know Ontario government�s weaknesses - Randall Denley, Ottawa Citizen
        Why we might have seen the last of the Alberta PCs - Duane Bratt, The Globe & Mail
Will Hollywood learn to love Rachel Notley�s oilsands? - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Orange is the new blue: Voter anger, strong NDP campaign all but erase Alberta Tories - Jen Gerson and Tristin Hopper, National Post
How Notley can avoid becoming a one-term wonder - Tom Flanagan, The Globe & Mail
        Not the �generational change� Jim Prentice had in mind - Graham Thomson, Edmonton Journal
Duffy bought puppy in New Brunswick, not during Peterborough trip for which he billed Senate, says lawyer - TIm Naumetz, The Hill Times
        Feds �missing in action� on sexual assault, harassment in Armed Forces, say critics - Bea Vongdouangchanh, The Hill Times
Ontario Liberal government at fault for school turmoil - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
        Rachel Notley, Alberta�s new premier is a giant killer with deep NDP roots - National Post

Canada�s Prison Watchdog Is Being Fired After Raising the Alarm on Race Problems, Solitary Confinement, and Violence in Jails - Justin Ling, Vice
        Liberals� new high-income bracket may encourage tax avoidance, economists warn - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
Alberta Election: NDP surge to majority as Tory dynasty decimated - Calgary Herald
        Alberta election: NDP wins majority, ending 44 years of PC rule - Josh Dehaas, CTV News
Trudeau bemoans prospects of young Canadians - John Geddes, Macleans
        Tory MPs toss out the rule book when it comes to provincial campaigns - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Federal parties start to play their economic cards - Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen
        Prime Minister�s Office admits to security breach in posting videos of soldiers in Iraq - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
Montreal police under fire for roughing up May Day protester - Ottawa Sun
        Bank of Canada overhauls rules to shield financial system from future crises- Greg Quinn, Bloomberg News, Financial Post

Trade deficit increased to record $3 billion in March, Statistics Canada says- Craig Wong, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        �World�s hardest-working currency�: Canadian dollar spikes again- Michael Babad, The Globe & Mail

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
We�ll keep up the fight against C-51... until we win!
        Students: Looking for a Summer Job in Human Rights? |
Ezra Levant Testifies At Duffy Trial
        Harper�s Unforeseen Doom: the Notley Victory in Historical Context �
Gender pay gap in Canada more than twice global average, study shows
        CONFIRMED: Loans & Mortgages are created out of thin air by the Banks
And, STOP Calling Me a Non-Profit!
        Bob Dylan The Times They Are A Changin' 1964
Dehcho leaders vote to ban fracking in traditional territory
        New report condemns Harper government's "assault" on Canada's freshwater

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La loi antiterroriste adopt� � la Chambre des communesPlus
        Importante fuite de gaz dans le Vieux-Montr�alPlus
Un logement de Montr�al laiss� dans un �tat lamentablePlus
        Couillard promet la taxe scolaire �plus �quitable�Plus
Agression sauvage: 18 ans de prison pour Jonathan DutilPlus
        Denis Coderre favorable aux cam�ras sur les policiersPlus
Porno juv�nile: un homme aurait fait plus de 2000 victimesPlus
        �lections partielles le 8 juin dans Chauveau et Jean-TalonPlus
Double meurtre � Gatineau: un 3e suspect arr�t�Plus
        Juge Girouard: des codes pour se procurer de la droguePlus

Attentat � la pudeur: le pass� rattrape un p�dophilePlus
        Investiture conservatrice: D'Amours se retire, Deltell confirm�Plus
S�questr�e, elle est secourue gr�ce � sa commande de pizzaPlus
        Enqu�te sur les pratiques de la police � BaltimorePlus
Environnement: l'Alberta, source d'espoirs au Qu�becPlus
        Victoire du NPD en Alberta: onde de choc � OttawaPlus
A320: le co-pilote avait test� sa manoeuvrePlus
        Nouvelle journ�e de recherches sur le RichelieuPlus
Un enfant de cinq ans meurt �cras� par le v�hicule de sa m�rePlus
        Quatre condamnations � mort pour le lynchage d'une femmePlus

Fraude fiscale: vaste op�ration de Revenu Qu�becPlus
        Frappe contre un r�seau de production de droguePlus
Indon�sie: trafic d'oiseaux rares dans des bouteilles d'eauPlus
        Un attentat anti-musulman d�jou� en AllemagnePlus
Accident � Valleyfield: le conducteur du VUS perd la viePlus
        Nouvelle-Z�lande: il arrachait les dents de ses conqu�tes Plus
Alberta: le NPD forme le nouveau gouvernementPlus
        Vid�os de militaires retir�es: le bureau du PM admet une �erreur�Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Bill Clinton digs in as money questions bedevil Hillary�s presidential run - James Oliphant, Reuters
        Is Obama Really a �Bookworm�? - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
Huckabee Joins Race With Tacit Contrast to Clintons - Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics
        Wisconsin, Politics and Faith Bind Scott Walker and Paul Ryan - Jonathan Martin & Patrick Healy, New York Times
Ryan Keeps Getting Facts About Poverty Wrong - Dylan Matthews, Vox
        Google now getting more searches on phones than PCs- The Associated Press, Toronto Star
12 Stocks a Young Buffett Would Buy Today- Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch
        French parliament approves new surveillance rules- BBC News
Italy passes electoral overhaul to end chronic instability- France 24
        Iran bans �homosexual� and �devil worshipping� hairstyles- Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian
Report: Saudi Arabia�s border with Yemen attacked- Al Jazeera
        Dozens feared dead in migrant tragedy- The Associated Press, The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

US leading effort to assign blame for Syria chlorine attacks
        Bosnian police launch raids against Islamic extremism
5 Ukrainian troops killed as cease-fire teeters on brink
        After two attempts, U.N. starts zero-expectation talks on Syria
Help is on the way: Assad tells besieged troops in Shughur
        Cuba's Castro starts Russian visit
Greece makes IMF payment, another looms
        Iran to release seized Maersk vessel after it pays fine
Netanyahu races to form narrow coalition government
        Pakistan army accuses India of backing terrorism in rare rebuke

US due to stop managing Afghan airspace by end of June
        Senate sets test vote on Iran sanctions bill
US aims to make Iran nuclear deal immune to Russian, Chinese veto
        Obama expected to push for Gulf missile defense at U.S. summit
Obama, Biden tell Kurdish leader US stands by unified Iraq
        Gulf oil exporters should cut spending, diversify: IMF
EU regulators put pressure on banks to revamp business models
        EU raises eurozone growth outlook
Despite claims of precision, U.S. drone strikes are killing civilians
        Rule of lawlessness makes Arabs rise up

Iran mulls another $1B credit line for Syrian regime
        The future of food in the Mediterranean
Rouhani denounces Western boasting over arms deals
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The U.K. Is On The Verge Of Electing A Climate Change Champion As Prime Minister
        UN calls for suspension of TTIP talks over fears of human rights abuses
Breaking News: Over-Unity Reactionless Generator Invented In India
        "Fairness" For The Middle Class
Leftist Party�s Win in Alberta May Affect Future of Oil Sands
        The Story of Your Enslavement
China's emissions drop, global Cleantech boom are grounds for optimism on climate change -The...
        Climate drives 'new era' in Arctic Ocean - BBC News - Ross Kemp Extreme World. Ukraine

        NATO Attempt At 'Interim' Government in Syria Echoes Libya Model

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C-51 has just passed its final vote in the House of Commons.

Completely ignoring overwhelming public opposition to the bill,
Some hope that today marks the end of this debate.

Your views:
-1- Should it?; -2- Will it?


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