Friday 1 May 2015



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Federal health minister decries �risky experiment� of electing NDP in Alberta

The EKOS poll: Harper budget not moving the needle on public opinion
        Mulscare: NDP�s Notley says Thomas Mulcair has no influence in Alberta campaign
NDP support in Alberta continues to surge: poll
        The Senate report that could save Mike Duffy�s hide � if his lawyer can use it

Trudeau courtship of labour at odds with Liberal criticism of NDP union office
        Patrick Brazeau lawyer draws hope from Mike Duffy trial
Most Albertans think minority government would be best election outcome: poll
        Alberta�s politics have inevitably become more diverse
The Alberta Election | At Issue
        Seeing red (and blue) over political advertising
Why Harper might call an early election � and why he might not
        The Tories want to have their cake and imprison it, too
The Duffy trial isn�t about �common sense� � it�s about the law
        Is the PC dynasty lurching toward death in Alberta?

Prentice pitches platitudes in bid to protect dynasty
        Alberta election a stunning turnabout for Prentice
As polls stack up, the eternal PCs might be heading for their reward

Jobless insurance needs a new manager
        Bring back knighthoods
Christine Elliott on why she should be Ontario PC leader
        Patrick Brown on why he should be Ontario PC leader
Dear NDP: We didn�t co-sign on for this
        �Duck Dynasty� clan flying high after anti-gay scandal
Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair praises Alberta counterpart�s �superb vision�
        Ex-Que lieutenant-governor Thibault shouldn�t have to pay back $430,000: lawyer
Judge rejects media�s bid to unseal papers that could reveal private details about the Harper family
        B.C. man wrongly imprisoned for 27 years can sue, Supreme Court says

B.C. politician apologizes after comparing maternity fashion to �sausage casing�
        Alberta election poll: Economy, jobs top election issue, says ROI
Ukraine minister wants Canada to send peacekeepers in conflict with Russia
        New Cda-U.S. standards set for rail safety
LNG venture offers $1-billion for aboriginal consent
        Conservatives rally for communism memorial on Journey to Freedom Day
Harper to meet WW2 vets at VE Day 70th anniversary celebrations in Holland
        Lise Thibault, ex-Quebec lieutenant-governor, in court for sentencing arguments
NDP, Libs claim boost in donors and cash, Tories expected to be tops
        The costs of ad blitzes by the Conservative government:

Alberta party leaders use last few days of election campaign to win over voters
        Alberta election: NDP pushing to win former Liberal stronghold Gold Bar
Party leaders spar in final debate of the P.E.I. election
        China�s anti-corruption crackdown far more than just a political purge, say experts
Pollster predicts election win for Notley . . . and crew
        Opposition mounts against �wasteful� Conservative government ads
Ontario�s Tories a �toxic brand� that needs rebuilding: Christine Elliot
        Patrick Brown says he brings fresh approach to Ontario Progressive Conservative race
Weber steps aside in Scarborough Southwest for star recruit Blair
        Conservatives increase fundraising advantage in first quarter of election year
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ontario Liberal government �truly sorry� for bungled welfare system rollout - Donovan Vincent, Toronto Star
        Pierre Karl P�ladeau may be the easy frontrunner for PQ leadership, but he�s a strange fit for the party - Graeme Hamilton, National Post
Conservatives dominate fundraising drive in first quarter of election year - The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Debates are valuable, and we should have more of them - Peter Loewen, Ottawa Citizen
Harassment in Canada�s military tolerated by leadership, former justice finds - Terry Milewski, CBC News
        Prentice pitches platitudes in bid to protect dynasty - Tim Harper, Toronto Star
Christine Elliott leadership victory adds up to PC defeat, warns Patrick Brown - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Christine Elliott on why she should be Ontario PC leader - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
Government just not being run right: Why after 43 years Alberta may finally be tired of the PCs - Jen Gerson, National Post
        Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi: �I suspect the PCs will win,� but maybe a minority - Bill Graveland, The Canadian Press , Winnipeg Free Press

Opposition mounts against �wasteful� Conservative government ads - Les Whittington, Toronto Star
        Harper government curious about Chr�tien-Putin meeting - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, CBC News
Not everything at the Pan Am Games is on budget and on time - Richard J. Brennan, Toronto Star
        You call this an auto strategy? - Jim Stanford, The Globe & Mail
Patrick Brown on why he should be Ontario PC leader - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
        B.C. appeal court rules in favour of province in dispute with teachers - Tracy Sherlock, Vancouver Sun
�I�ll be making a comeback.� Patrick Brazeau has a plan to clear his name and return to the Senate - Stephen Maher, National Post
        Couillard holds firms against union demands - The Canadian Press, Montreal Gazette
Conservatives rally for communism memorial on Journey to Freedom Day - Andrew Seymour, Ottawa Citizen
        Daughter of former Alberta premier Ralph Klein supports NDP, releases video - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press

New picks for TTC board include no women - Tess Kalinowski, Toronto Star
        All regions in Montreal area to work together on economic development - Jason Magder, Montreal Gazette
Watson�s inflexibility clouds marijuana vapour lounge issue - Joanne Chianello, Ottawa Citizen
        Hydro One debate not for Toronto council: Tory - Don Peat, Toronto Sun
Canada�s economy stalls in February- David Parkinson, The Globe & Mail

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Landmark Fracking Case Gets a Supreme Court Hearing
        Is a Liberal and NDP Coalition Inevitable?
Court Sides with BC Gov't in Battle over Teacher Bargaining Rights
        Did Duffy Break Rules by Contacting Enbridge?
Manitoba MP Connects Inequality and Violence Against Women
        Primed for Change: Alberta Voters Flock to NDP
Where Will Don Draper Land?
        Letter from Nepal: 'The Problem Here Isn't Earthquakes'
BC NDP Candidate Entry Fee Betrays Grassroots, Critics Say
        Four Things We May Never Know About the Vancouver Fuel Spill
What's Next for Canada if Tories Lose Election?

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Canadian Progressive World<<<<<<<
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Baltimore: la mort de Freddie Gray est un �homicide�Plus
        Nigeria: nouvelle lib�ration de 234 femmes et enfantsPlus
M�sentente sur la peine de Lise ThibaultPlus
        Les marins accus�s de viol collectif transf�r�s en AlbertaPlus
Femen: changements � l'Assembl�e nationalePlus
        Culture: Alexandre Cloutier pr�sente ses propositions Plus
Le proc�s du s�nateur Brazeau n'aura lieu qu'en 2016Plus
        UQAM: l'�tudiant d�tenu finalement lib�r�Plus
Bruit excessif: l'amende � la femme de 91 ans est annul�ePlus
        Violentes manifs contre l'Exposition universelle de MilanPlus

Un voleur maladroit oublie de mettre son masque Plus
        Financement: les conservateurs dominent tous les partisPlus
Les prochains wagons-citernes seront plus robustes Plus
        Journ�e de manifestations au Qu�becPlus
Le ministre de l'�conomie en mission � New YorkPlus
        Un �tat peut �tre condamn� � des dommages-int�r�tsPlus
Il finit sa soir�e d'anniversaire au fond d'un foss�Plus
        Arr�t�s pour des complots d'importation de coca�nePlus
Viols en Centrafrique: l'ONU nie avoir cherch� � �touffer l'affairePlus
        La victoire de David contre Goliath Plus

N�pal: un millier de ressortissants recherch�s Plus
        Cameron confond dans un lapsus l'avenir de sa carri�rePlus
Des Femen perturbent un discours de Marine Le Pen Plus
        L'ambassadeur am�ricain r�pond avec humour au maire d'AnkaraPlus
Ouvrages radicaux: Blais veut s'entretenir avec ConcordiaPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Stop Calling Sanders a Socialist - Thor Benson, The New Republic
        Could Baltimore & Ferguson Cost Dems the WH? - Robert Merry, The National Interest
Hillary Clinton: Congenital Rule Breaker - Ron Fournier, National Journal
        Canadian Partnership Shielded Identities of Donors to Clinton Foundation - Jo Becker, New York Times
Jeb Bush: All Money & No Mojo - A.B. Stoddard, The Hill
        Twitter at the Crossroads- David Auerbach, Slate
Tesla Motors Inc�s Musk set to unveil batteries that can be used to power homes and businesses- Mark Chediak and Dana Hull, Bloomberg News, Financial Post
        Two pulled from rubble five days after Nepal quake- Al Jazeera
Kim Jong Un�s visit to Moscow is off, Russian official says- Matthew Chance and Ed Payne, CNN
        France and Qatar seal $7 billion Rafale fighter jet deal- Reuters, The Times of India

Airbus to sue in US, German spying row- BBC News
        40 years since Saigon�s fall, napalm attack haunts woman in iconic image- Soo Youn, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Obama: Truth about what happened in Baltimore must come out
        U.S. Navy might accompany other nations' ships in Strait of Hormuz
Ukraine seeks more than $16 bln from Gazprom in pricing dispute
        German president says Berlin should be open to Greek war reparations
Prosecutor charges 6 Baltimore officers in man's death
        Afghan delegation to meet with Taliban in Qatar: official
Berlin deleted '12,000 NSA spying requests': report
        Kremlin says too early to speak of Ukraine peacekeeping mission
Japan ruling party gears up to revise pacifist constitution
        UK Conservatives tied with Labour ahead of May 7 election: poll

Asian workers rally against government labor reforms
        Palestinians demand end to work restrictions
Ruble sees best month since 1993 as rally spurs rate cut
        Saudi Arabia burns through foreign reserves
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Ukraine minister wants Canada peacekeepers

I agree with  LYSIANE . Do You?

"Electoral considerations are normal in politics.
But it should be limited to domestic issues.
By interfering in the Ukrainian conflict, Mr. Harper is playing a dangerous game. "

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