Monday 18 May 2015



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Alberta NDP�s rookie MLAs prepare for a whole new world

Navy techs scour eBay for parts to keep 1970s vintage supply ships running
        Federal Conservatives, Liberals in virtual tie as NDP trend upward: Nanos survey
Trudeau has been doing dry runs of leaders� TV debates for months
        Taxpayer-supported ad on-message with Conservative themes

Single-sports betting in Canada still a long shot as Senate stymies bill
        Royal Family support by Canadians waning, poll indicates
Canada, Mexico win final round in battle against U.S. meat-label rules
        The election campaign is on, why pretend otherwise?
How Stephen Harper is using paranoia to win in 2015
        Taxing the rich will not pay off for Trudeau
Where Will the Anti-Harper Vote Go?
        Christine Elliott shows grace in defeat
Kurdish fighters not held to high standard
        Wynne�s pension boondoggle?

New climate change targets don�t address oilsands
        Kathleen Wynne calling for more than Ottawa�s �nebulous notion� of emissions targets
Patrick Brown: the new PC leader, past and present
        Efforts to promote women in business lead to first all-women trade mission
Montreal mayor to meet with MLB head in quest to bring baseball back to the city
        Family of former B.C. politician angry at Christy Clark for announcing his death
Supporters, opponents react to Pierre Karl Peladeau�s victory in PQ leadership race
        Canada�s internet performance on trial with public�s help
Alberta teachers �hopeful� for more education funding under NDP
        Keeping faith: The changing face of religion in Canada

Former Alberta NDP leader Ray Martin predicts tough road ahead for new government
        Conservatives, NDP attack Liberals for not committing to any election debates
Federal election 2015: Conservative move on election debates raises questions
        Critics say Fraser Institute letter highlights �enormous lack of clarity� in charity-audit rules
No pipeline approval from First Nations without environmental safeguards: Grand Chief
        Canadian Heritage stalls rare airplane swap with U.S. museum
House set to adjourn June 23, may not return until January 2016
        Alberta election upends lobbying industry, will lead to �buying season�: consultants
Federal scientists push for protection from political interference
        In the oil sands, a painful shift to a new normal

Cities watch closely as Canada Post, Hamilton square off over community mailboxes
        Ontario allowing employers to fire workers without cause
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Survey says: Albertans voted for change, anger and dislike of Prentice � less so for NDP, hope and Notley - Jason Markusoff, Ottawa Citizen
        Former Alberta NDP leader Ray Martin predicts tough road ahead for new government - Claire Theobald, Edmonton Sun
Patrick Brown: the new PC leader, past and present - Robert Fisher, CBC News
        Stop with the tax-funded PR - Editorial, Toronto Sun
Federal scientists push for protection from political interference - Ivan Semeniuk, The Globe & Mail
        Ontario has a genuine friend in Couillard - Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe & Mail
Law Society suspension adds to Brampton ex-MPP�s troubles - Jacques Gallant, Toronto Star
        Life after the den: Arlene Dickinson heads home to Calgary with a dragon�s legacy- Peter Kuitenbrouwer, Financial Post
McDonald�s at 75: Four ways the restaurant�s trying to keep from going stale- Evan Annett, The Globe & Mail
        Canada loses when the carbon bubble bursts: Jeff Rubin- Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew, Toronto Star

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Jeb�s Alarming Caution - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
        Scott Walker�s Iowa Dilemma - Hohmann, Glueck & Stokols, Politico
You�re Remembering Reagan Wrong - H.W. Brands, Time
        A Train Crashes � & Democrats Jump the Tracks - Carl M. Cannon, Orange County Register
Stephanopoulos Has To Go - Kevin Williamson, National Review
        Don�t Be So Sure Economy Will Return to Normal- Tyler Cowen, New York Times
US agencies say decade-old Gulf oil leak could persist 100 years or more if unchecked- Eric Tucker And Michael Kunzelman, The Associated Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Burundi president appears in capital, cites al-Shabaab threat- Reuters, The Times of India
Clashes erupt as Israel marks �Jerusalem Day�- France 24
        ISIL overruns last Iraqi holdout in Ramadi- Al Jazeera
Macedonia protests: Anti-Gruevski rally in Skopje- BBC News
        He shoots, he scores: Vladimir Putin celebrity cult achieves new goals- Shaun Walker, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Obama restricts police military gear, says it can alienate
        U.S. calls death sentence for former Egyptian president 'unjust'
Israel PM names point man for talks with Palestinians
        Libya rejects EU military action against migrant ships
Ukraine vows to show off 'captured Russian soldiers'
        EU approves military plan to target traffickers
Danish veterans accuse govt of failing their Afghan interpreters
        Iranian warships begin escorting Yemen-bound cargo vessel: media reports
'Terrorists' may use migrant cover to get to Europe: NATO
        Shiite militias prepare to deploy en masse to Iraq's Anbar: militia spokesman

U.S., China discussing further sanctions on North Korea: kerry
        Iraqi militia leader says �Kurds aren�t Iraqis�
Will death make Tsarnaev a martyr? Experts say it depends
        Ireland prepares historic referendum on gay marriage
Prosecuting torture is a U.S. obligation
        Bungled U.S. policy
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TerraViva-United Nations  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Boatloads of Migrants Could Soon Be 'Floating Graveyard' on Southeast Asian Waters
        U.S. Hosts Arms Bazaar at White House Arab Summit
Opinion: Clean Energy Access, a Major Sustainable Development Goal
        Indonesia Still a Long Way from Closing the Wealth Gap
Poor Land Use Worsens Climate Change in St. Vincent
        The U.N. at 70: Energy Powers Lives, Literally
The Asia-Pacific Region Is 'Growing', but Millions Are Living in Poverty
        NGOs Urge Post-2015 Declaration Include Water, Sanitation as Basic Human Rights
Pregnancy and Childbirth Still Kill Too Many Women in Latin America
        Opinion: Let's Talk Menstruation. Period.

Texans Propose to Adopt Threatened African Rhinos
        Saving a Generation, Within a Generation
OPinion: Don't Leave Indigenous Peoples Behind in SDGs
        Campaign to End Sexual Violence Targets Civilian Peacekeepers First
Reviving Dignity: The Remarkable Perseverance of Myanmar's Displaced
        The Definition of 'Rape' Cannot Change with a Marriage Certificate
U.S. Failings Exposed in U.N. Human Rights Review
        A Nightmare Comes to a Close in Liberia as MDs Declare It 'Ebola-Free'

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Cities watch closely as Canada Post, Hamilton square off over community mailboxes

There was no mail delivery to-day - its a Holiday but soon every day will be the same, no mail.

Well, not unless in sickness and health and in good weather and bad you go to the mailbox.

The American made community mailboxes being put in by our $194 million profit P.O.


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