Wednesday 27 May 2015



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Former AG employees scored untendered contracts for auditing work

Omar Khadr tells his Guantanamo story in new documentary
        CPP expansion: Stephen Harper accused of lacking credibility
MPs� Staff To Be Banned From Working On Campaigns On Taxpayers� Dime
        Mulcair, Trudeau spar over NDP�s alleged improper use of parliamentary resources

Tories rejected idea of Pension Plan expansion five years ago
        Tom Mulcair denies sanctions pending in NDP satellite office dispute
Stephen Harper urged to show leadership on residential schools


Rejected ideas new again for Conservatives
For Stephen Harper, danger comes in threes
        Campaign ad war has begun � with public paying much of the cost
Justin Trudeau under attack from anti-union group
        Coffee shops and character attacks: The ad war takes shape
Five things to watch for in the Trans-Pacific Partnership
        Meet Alberta Premier Notley�s cabinet of anti-oilsands extremists

Ontario�s Sex-ed Battle Enters a Dangerous Phase
        Weep for our media, times are bad
Senate needs to pass Reform Act � now

What are we willing to pay for the society we want?
        Election debates worth fighting over for federal parties
Rachel Notley�s approach to NDP caucus: Keep the beard, but use common sense
        Peladeau accuses Liberals of harassment with remark about cable company he owns
First Nations $300M federal housing fund builds just 99 homes
        Ex-Tory candidate Zajdel pleads guilty in Montreal to fraud-related charges
Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen M�xima get royal treatment in Ottawa
        Bank of Canada holds key rate at 0.75% despite questions about U.S. weakness
NDP MPs ordered to repay office spending to be denied expense claims
        Three major parties have equivalent scores on Index, on preferred PM Harper leads

Nine senators to have spending referred to RCMP
        Federal government sick leave plan cost may never be public
Cellphone customers have bargaining power thanks to CRTC contract rule
        First big meeting: Alberta Premier Notley�s cabinet gets together in Calgary
�Stop using the word �transparency�: Canadian Crown corp in hot water
        Bill to allow secret evidence in trials for pulled passports
Couillard invites Pope Francis to Montreal for city�s 375th birthday in 2017
        Thousands of students to return to school after teacher strikes ruled illegal
CPP expansion: Has Stephen Harper flip-flopped on the idea?
        Speculation increasing that 2015 election writ will be dropped in August

Adbusters launches �mind bomb� campaign to get Harper out of office � starting with ad during NHL playoffs
        Harper government defends First Nations housing fund, despite poor results
Royal Military College facing new cadet assault allegation
        Independent panel key to reforming military procurement, Kenney tells industry
Election 2015: Not a breakout year for women candidates
        Is the Senate creating a double-standard with expense scandal arbitrator?
Ottawa aims to keep lid on details of Saudi arms deal
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Rachel Notley says fiscal challenges bigger than expected - CBC News
        Tories previously rejected voluntary CPP expansion party now proposes - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
Deborah Drever, no more sorry: It�s time to rep Calgary-Bow - Rick Bell, Edmonton Sun
        Alberta�s rookie MLAs to play pretend in mock session of legislature - Graham Thompson, National Post
Tom Mulcair denies sanctions pending in NDP satellite office dispute - Kady O'Malley, CBC News
        Defence officials worry supply ships will be further delayed - David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen
The Reform Act and democracy math - Aaron Wherry, Macleans
        First Nations $300M federal housing fund builds just 99 homes - Dean Beeby, CBC News
Ottawa aims to keep lid on details of Saudi arms deal - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
        Conservative pension promise sets up showdown with Ontario - John Ibbitson, The Globe & Mail

Wynne�s in the dark on Hydro One - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        After two days on the job, the first AB rookie minister faces the fire - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
�She�s not just leaving the door open for Harper-style ads, Wynne has kicked it off the hinges� - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        The Harper Government Is Still Refusing to Give Our Transparency Watchdog Any Money - Justin Ling, Vice
Is the Senate creating a double-standard with expense scandal arbitrator? - Chris Hall, CBC News
        Manitoba NDP turmoil sees some key staff members head for Alberta - Steve Lambert, The Globe & Mail
For Stephen Harper, danger comes in threes - Tim Harper, Toronto Star
        UN to ask Canada to significantly increase foreign aid spending - Kim Mackrael, The Globe & Mail
Premier Clark promises flood-damaged Cache Creek will get help, funding - Jim Harrison, Vancouver Province
        Ontario high school teachers� strike in three districts ruled illegal - Selena Ross, The Globe & Mail

Pierre Karl P�ladeau�s assets: No concrete answers from ethics commissioner - Philip Authier, Montreal Gazette
        Alberta MLA says sorry for controversial photo, plans to stay on the job - Chris Purdy, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Ontario bans flavoured tobacco, forces calorie count on fast-food menus - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        �There were huge increases in costs � it really wasn�t well thought out,� study slams forced Ontario city mergers- Doug Schmidt, National Post
Richmond city council votes against bylaw that would require English on signs - Cheryl Chan, Vancouver Province
        Toronto-Dominion Bank acquires Nordstrom�s US$2.2-billion credit card portfolio- Barbara Shecter, Financial Post
Sleep Country Canada ponders IPO- Doug Alexander & Scott Deveau, Toronto Star
        10 per cent of those surveyed plan to max out new TFSA annual limit: CIBC poll- The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press

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La rectrice de l'UQTR d�missionnePlus
        Les lib�raux attaquent Vid�otron: PKP se dit �harcel�Plus
Un OVNI cr�e une onde de choc en AsiePlus
        Un hypnologue coupable d'agressions sexuellesPlus
Il tra�ne un policier sur pr�s de 50 m�tres au volant Plus
        Pacte de suicide: l'une des jeunes femmes est lib�r�ePlus
Il voulait kidnapper, droguer et violer des enfantsPlus
        Couillard pr�occup� par le dilemme P�ladeauPlus
Deux coaccus�s d'Applebaum plaident coupablesPlus
        Un test de freinage qui ne se passe pas comme pr�vuPlus

Partenariat Qu�bec-Italie contre la mafiaPlus
        La v�rificatrice g�n�rale �corche Hydro-Qu�becPlus
Demandeurs d'asile: Bruxelles plaide pour la solidarit�Plus
        Mark Lafleur arr�t� une fois de plusPlus
Philippe Couillard invite le pape au Qu�bec Plus
        Mari�e de force � 11 ans et viol�e par la suitePlus
Londres officialise le r�f�rendum sur l'appartenance � l'UEPlus
        Frappes a�riennes isra�liennes sur la bande de GazaPlus
Vague de chaleur en Inde: le bilan monte � 1100 mortsPlus
        Il enl�ve son turban pour sauver un gar�onPlus

Zehaf-Bibeau nomme des personnes clefs dans sa vid�oPlus
        Mariage gai en Irlande: une �d�faite pour l'humanit�Plus
Accord � Cleveland sur un code de conduite de la policePlus
        Mission en Europe: Couillard a rendez-vous avec le papePlus
Trois enfants �s'envolent� dans une maison gonflablePlus
        Ils ont failli se faire frapper par un Eurofighter TyphoonPlus
�lections dans Chauveau: PKP s'attaque � DeltellPlus
        D�penses douteuses: le S�nat nomme un arbitre sp�cialPlus
Terrorisme: perquisitions � Montr�alPlus
        Merkel est toujours la femme la plus puissante du mondePlus
D�penses questionnables chez le v�rificateur g�n�ralPlus

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
What Liberals Still Don�t Get About Fox News - Jack Shafer, Politico
        Clinton Company Shows Complexity of Family Finances - Stephen Braun, Real Clear Politics
Bill�s Welfare Legacy a Dilemma For Hillary - M. Henneberger, Bloomberg
        Dems Try to Fix HC Problem They Made Worse - Byron York, Washington Examiner
Fixing an Unfair Presidential Debate System - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
        Making the case for a summer correction- Michael A. Gayed, MarketWatch
India heatwave toll passes 1,000- BBC News
        Burundi�s Nkurunziza �invites patriotic citizens� to fund controversial re-election bid- France 24
Cages, watchtower and 37 graves: inside an abandoned migrant camp in Malaysia- Beh Lih Yi, The Guardian
        Iraq�s army launches offensive to retake Anbar- Al Jazeera
China to extend offshore military reach to counter �provocations�- Reuters, The Times of India

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Leader of al Qaeda in Syria warns Alawite minority: TV
        Germany's Angela Merkel again tops Forbes most powerful women list
EU migration plans under fire from UN chief, member states
        Kerry to meet Iranian minister in Geneva for nuclear talks -State Dept
Russia calls FIFA probe an "illegal" application of US laws
        UN demands action for crimes against journalists
Saudi execution surge 'very disturbing': UN rapporteur
        Video exposes division among Iran officials in nuclear talks
Greece says has begun drawing up agreement with creditors
        France opposes Iran nuclear deal without military site checks

German minister to visit Ukraine amid fears over truce
        Japan nuclear plant obtains final permit needed to restart
The Sino-Indian relationship is bound to remain contentious
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Concerns over retroactive law akin to nitpicking, says Tory minister
Tony Clement defends complaint-erasing amendment to budget bill that the federal information commissioner called �perilous precedent�

Interesting how reactions differ. To its  perpetrator a deed  termed a 'perilous  precedent' is called 'akin to nit-picking'.

This instance of justifiable action rather than perilous precedent for future actions is at least being publicly debated.

Few Canadians are aware that "Bill C-51 violates Universal Declaration of Human Rights, OSCE finds"

For whatever reasons, that this is so has not been mentioned by being raised in Parliament nor does Googling find it
mentioned in media.

Is the finding of the OSCE rightfully being ignored as just so much nitpicking by Canadian politicians and Media?

You may believe so - I do not and have worked with others to act, as you may already know.

Will what follows be ignored? Reckon time will tell if another precedent is accepted.


Subject: Press Release: Senate and Governor General must refuse to sign Bill C-51

A legal analysis by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has moved the Harper Government's anti-terrorism Bill C-51 onto the world stage.

The view of Canadians that Bill  C-51 is extreme, threatens privacy rights, individual freedoms and freedom of expression under the Charter is supported internationally. The media outlet Thinkpol reports that the OSCE has concluded:

"The Harper government�s controversial anti-terrorism bill violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Canada has ratified, according to legal analysis by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the world�s largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization."

Though passed in the House of Commons, both the Senate and the Governor General have the power to save Canadians from this dictatorial legislation through performing their proper legislative roles as drawn to their attention more than two months ago by the P.C. Party through "An Open Letter Sent to Both the Governor General and the  Speaker of the Senate"

Two months ago the PC Party called upon the Speaker of the Senate and the Governor General of Canada to act to protect Canadians against abuse of power by the Harper government threatening Canadian values and freedoms under the pretence of national security. Progressive Canadians believe the Governor General and Senate must refuse to pass Bill C-51 into law to protect Canadian values and Canada's international reputation.


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