Tuesday 12 May 2015



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Up for debate: parties blowing up the old system of leader election face-offs

Who�s got better benefits? Conservatives, Liberals exchange pre-election barbs
        Liberals slam Tories for turning down TV consortium election debates
Nicholson keen to hear Kerry on his meeting with Putin in Russia
        Friendly-fire death in Iraq �tragic case of mistaken identity�

Tory women led caucus to support an end to tampon tax but NDP want it gone now
        Ontario auditor warns of flood of taxpayer-funded partisan ads
Chris Lloyd, Papineau Conservative candidate, resigns
        Tory Trudeau trap hardly a guaranteed winner
Liberals� behaviour after their tax plan blunder proves they�re OK with muzzling dissent
        If integrity is the issue, the Tories are finished
Elizabeth May�s speech on Omar Khadr was profane but right
        The fix is in � Senate will quietly allow popular Reform Act to die
Winning votes of parents at the heart of Harper�s re-election playbook
        Is Patrick Brown as socially conservative as he appears

Can a boycott movement qualify as a hate crime?
        Housing in Canada: A Broader Conversation
Realtors devising creative strategies to win bidding wars

Liberals to encourage pension funds to invest in infrastructure
        Bill casts veil of secrecy over long gun registry�s destruction
Raising kids getting more affordable, government analysis suggests
        Senator Cowan says �most Liberal senators� to vote against Bill C-51 despite Trudeau�s stand
Tories deny plan to use hate crime laws against Israel boycotters
        Political parties open to new federal leaders� debate format
Rehtaeh law at centre of hate speech debate
Ministers� staffers compromising security in regional offices
Quebec-Ontario climate change alliance could expand to Alberta
        Jury out on what NDP win means for business

Why is Elizabeth May apologizing?
        Why do we have more firefighters fighting fewer fires?
Harper government won�t take part in traditional debates
        Two sexual assault charges dropped against Jian Ghomeshi
Full parole for man convicted in Mayerthorpe RCMP shooting deaths
        Elizabeth May�s Press Gallery Dinner speech will haunt her, experts say
Tories set to ram new veterans benefits through Parliament with budget bill
Tony Clement says $900M sick leave savings in budget are �sacrosanct�
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Justin Trudeau defends proposed tax hike on wealthy in Bay Street speech - CBC News
        Brown�s pragmatism will be put to the test - Editorial, Ottawa Citizen
Brown highlights Quebec�s affordable hydro rates - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
        Brown�s first impressions of Queen�s Park - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
Ottawa cites hate crime laws when asked about its �zero tolerance� for Israel boycotters - Neil Macdonald, CBC News
        Sick moms denied EI to get their day in court - Laurie Monsebraaten, Toronto Star
Alberta�s Wildrose opposition won�t be a party of �fear-mongers� - Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun
        Jack Layton hovers over Mulcair, candidate on NDP flyers - Josh Dehaas, CTV News
Here are 5 things on Patrick Brown�s to-do list- David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
        Report card on war with ISIL says Harper government ignoring key concerns - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press

Quebec weighs asset sales in long-term program review - Allison Lampert, The Globe & Mail
        Canada�s spot on the economic fringes means we could be in for violent market swings- Joe Chidley , Financial Post
Lowe�s Canada to buy 13 Target locations, distribution centre- The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Toronto using part of $190M surplus to pay itself back - Don Peat, Toronto Sun

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RCMP Apologizes For Comparing Idle No More To 'Bacteria' www.huffingtonpost.ca

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Portneuf: le corps retrouv� est celui de Chantal DemersPlus
        Cor�e du Nord: ex�cution du ministre de la D�fensePlus
Manifestante atteinte au visage: le chef de police parlePlus
        Premiers signes de d�tente Russie/�.-U.Plus
Spectaculaire vol de sirop d'�rable: le concierge coupablePlus
        Elvis Gratton: les lib�raux se disent insult�s par PKPPlus
Une non-voyante attaqu�e et vol�e en pleine rue � Montr�alPlus
        Le N�pal touch� par un nouveau s�isme Plus
PKP consult� par Qu�becor: Martine Ouellet �tonn�ePlus
        N�gligence en CHSLD: Barrette promet des sanctionsPlus

Vers une tr�ve humanitaire au Y�menPlus
        De la poudre rouge envoy�e � Denis CoderrePlus
Crise de l'eau � St-R�mi: un contrat octroy� � une firmePlus
        Un faux policier atteint du VIH viole une jeune fillePlus
Cause de Cynthia Gaulin: la Couronne va en appelPlus
        Un ex-agent pakistanais aurait aid� les �-U � tuer Ben LadenPlus
Blaney veut simplifier le renvoi des criminelsPlus
        Vin de contrebande: 13 arrestations pour une fraude de 14 M $Plus
Connecticut: un tueur en s�rie fait au moins sept victimesPlus
        Incendie criminel et dessin haineux � Parc-ExtensionPlus


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Why Huckabee, Carson & Fiorina Will Matter - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg
        Bush Defends Christianity. Good for Him. - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
How Clintons Worked the Angles in Haiti - Mary O'Grady, Wall Street Journal
        How Elizabeth Warren Is Helping Hillary Clinton - Ezra Klein, Vox
Republicans� Festival of Flip-Flopping - Juan Williams, The Hill
        Greece Seemingly Has No Plan A or Plan B- Hugo Dixon, Reuters
Chinese billionaire gives 6,400 salespeople trip to C�te d�Azur- The Associated Press, Toronto Star
        Google acknowledges 11 minor accidents with self-driving cars; critics seek more transparency- Justin Pritchard, The Associated Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Brazil takes dramatic steps to protect the Amazon � �nationalising� the rain forest- Donna Bowater, The Independent
        David Miliband criticises brother�s election approach- BBC News

EU asks UN for help with migrant crisis- Al Jazeera
        Along with Saudi king, most Gulf rulers to skip US summit- The Associated Press, The Times of India
Deadly typhoon lashes northern Philippines- France 24

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U.S.' Kerry urges all sides to prevent breaches of Ukraine's ceasefire
Russia warns against steps harmful for relations with U.S.
Kremlin says no breakthrough at Putin-Kerry meeting
Iran says its navy will protect aid ship heading to Yemen
Russia wants cooperation with US without coercion: foreign ministry
Raul Castro: US and Cuba ambassadors to be named soon
Britain could hold EU vote earlier than end of 2017
EU seeks UN approval to destroy migrant smugglers' boats
Three Ukrainian soldiers killed in east: military
Pakistani defector was key in Bin Laden operation: officials
Saudi FM says US-Gulf summit to focus on 'aggressive' Iran
Israeli general says Hamas needed for Gaza stability
Rights group: Human rights under Palestinian rule worsened
Philippines, Japan hold navy drills amid disputes with China
Thailand calls May 29 regional summit on migrant crisis
Turkey, Greece welcome relaunch of Cyprus unity talks
Western allies warn on control of Libya's national resources
Britain refuses to participate in EU migrant resettlement plan
Britain's Osborne spells out mandate on EU referendum
Israeli, German presidents condemn rising anti-Semitism
Scores of Russian soldiers killed in east Ukraine: opposition report
Kuwait seeks arbitration in oil row with Saudi: report
Experts work on Iran nuke deal ahead of June deadline
Turkey says training, arming of Syrian rebels delayed
Kerry, China leaders to meet in Beijing, May 16-17
India's Modi heads to China as rivals seek common ground
Greece avoids default with IMF payment but warns of imminent crisis
French president to make rare visit to Haiti
The depth of Israeli alienation deepens
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Is birdsong the first language?
        Why did beautiful things evolve?
What happens after we die?
        A hidden city, unearthed

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US Desperate to Steer Greece Away From Russian-Turkish Pipeline Project  Read on �
        Ukraine conflict from social networks� Read on �
The Dangers of Aluminum and the Neurotoxicity of Vaccines Read on �
        Ukraine Doubles Its Gas Imports from Russia Whiile European Supplies Shrink Read on �
Canada�s 57 Billion Dollar Surplus: The Government�s Massive Grab of Workers� Money Read on �

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To be ``conservative`` used to mean:
to keep, preserve, retain, conserve, hold, save  cherish, treasure,

Harper government won�t take part in traditional debates
Another budget, another contemptuous Tory omnibus bill


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