Monday 11 May 2015



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Conservatives say Liberals miscalculated cost of Trudeau tax plan by $1-billion

Mulcair to promise support for safe abortions in poor countries if NDP elected
        Justin Trudeau defends proposed tax hike on wealthy in Bay Street speech
Jack Layton hovers over Mulcair, candidate on NDP flyers
        TFSAs: Who really benefits from new contribution limits?

Report card on war with ISIL says Harper government ignoring key concerns
        Elizabeth May says sleep deprivation behind failed attempt to be �edgy� on Khadr
Elizabeth May could be invited to speak at next year�s Press Gallery dinner, despite controversial remarks
        No excuse for Elizabeth May�s meltdown at the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner
Welcome Back, Elizabeth May
        Duffy�s troubles and PMO�s coverup
Conservative caucus may not have been as �morgue�-like as maladroit MacKay suggested
        How almost everything is Senate business in Duffy�s world
Patrick Brown, Brian Jean are no longer faceless
        Patrick Brown needs to build a bigger tent to unseat Wynne Liberals
Photo-op foulups typical of troubled mission

Senate Internal Economy Committee, not special arbitrator, final authority on flagged Senators� expenses
        Economic Optimism Keeps Canada Consumer Confidence at 2015 High
Nurses running political ads this election season, for first time ever
        Ric McIver new interim leader of Alberta Progressive Conservative party
Strategists warn not to make direct link between NDP�s historic Alberta win, future federal seats
        Tories winning fundraising battle in more ridings
Proposed measures to protect unpaid interns fall woefully short: NDP
        PMO thickens fog of secrecy surrounding residency requirement for senators
Quebec�s Couillard talks unity in passionate historic address to Ontario MPPs
        Alberta NDP leader Notley may be sworn in as premier before her caucus

The Young and the Speechless: NDP rookies thrust into government life after stunning election win
        Retired U.S. soldier criticizes Canada�s release of Omar Khadr on bail
Ontario sex ed: How founded are fears of �indoctrination�?
        Duffy Trial on Scheduled Break
Trudeau Would Consider Changes to Canada Corporate Tax Rate
        U.S. approves Shell�s plan to drill for oil in Arctic
Kevin Vickers calls day after Parliament Hill shooting �loneliest moment of my life�
        Ottawa cites hate crime laws when asked about its �zero tolerance� for Israel boycotters
Blue and gold business cards for U.K. staff broke rules, Ottawa admits
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Ontario Elementary teachers return to bargaining talks � briefly � as job action begins - Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star
        Weirder things have happened than Premier Patrick Brown - Kelly McParland, National Post
Central Canada rising: Quebec premier touts alliance with Ontario to push back the west - Ashley Csanady, National Post
        Quebec�s Couillard talks unity in passionate historic address to Ontario MPPs - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Complex rules stymie efforts to boost home-care workers� wages in Ontario - Kelly Grant, The Globe & Mail
        �Omar Khadr, you�ve got more class than the whole f�� cabinet.� Green leader regrets f-bomb - Tristin Hopper, National Post
A week before the vote, Rachel Notley knew she�d win Alberta - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Elizabeth May, Green party leader, makes awkward press gallery dinner speech - CBC News
Tories push gun control changes through Parliament - Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Canadians must wait to see where Trudeau will find $2B for child-care plan - Michelle Zilio, CTV News

How Patrick Brown took charge of the Ontario Tories and why Liberals shouldn�t dismiss him � yet - Ashley Csanady, National Post
        Patrick Brown in conversation: the new Tory leader discusses his �pragmatic� conservative vision - Ashley Csanady, National Post
Senate looking into continued suspension for embattled members: Speaker - Michelle Zilio, CTV News
        Pierre C�r�s withdrawal leaves three in PQ leadership race - The Canadian Press, Macleans
State visit highlights close ties with Philippines - Chuck Chiang, Vancouver Sun
        PMO thickens fog of secrecy surrounding residency requirement for senators - Joan Bryden, Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Many challenges for PC Leader Patrick Brown: Professor - Jenny Yuen, Toronto Sun
        Five things we learned from Patrick Brown�s PC victory - Jane Taber, The Globe & Mail
Alberta equipment auctioneers reap bitter reward in oil price plunge- Geoffrey Morgan, Financial Post
        How a new breed of vending machine is poised to take on retail- Olivia Carville, Toronto Star
Canadians can innovate, but we�re not equipped to win- Jim Balsillie, The Globe & MailHow Hillary Is Winning - Frank Bruni, New York Times

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Harper Government Threatens BDS Supporters with Hate Crime Charges
        Canadian Mining Companies Banned in Three Salvadorian Municipalities
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Un policier coupable d'avoir vol� le iPhone d'un manifestantPlus
        Shafia intimiderait les d�tenus: le Service correctionnel niePlus
George Zimmerman atteint par balle lors d'une altercationPlus
        Qu�bec envisagerait la privatisation de soci�t�s d'�tatPlus
Tu� par un requin sous les yeux de sa femme en Nouvelle-Cal�doniePlus
        Jean-Marie Le Pen va cr�er sa �formation�Plus
Vaillancourt: 23 accusations contre deux complices Plus
        On bout de col�re � Saint-R�miPlus
Liens d'Irwin Cotler avec la mafia: les d�put�s f�d�raux r�ticents � commenter Plus
        Cameron tent� d'avancer � 2016 son r�f�rendumPlus

Craintes terroristes: Ghalmi remis en libert�Plus
        Surdose mortelle pour un militaire de Valcartier?Plus
Mort de Ben Laden: Washington rejette les affirmations d'un journalistePlus
        �Je garde espoir. C'est difficile� - la m�re de Chantal DemersPlus
Mohamed Fahmy poursuit Al-Jazeera pour 100 M $Plus
        Visite historique de Fran�ois Hollande � CubaPlus
Terminal de croisi�res � Qu�bec: pas d'engagement d'OttawaPlus
        Couillard plaide pour la sp�cificit� du Qu�becPlus
Perdue en for�t, elle survit gr�ce � son lait maternelPlus
        Il s'�vanouit au volant et fr�le la mortPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Why the Democratic path to a House majority may run through a courtroom - Reid Wilson, Washington Post
        In South Carolina, a GOP Scramble - Bill Barrow & Mitch Weiss, Real Clear Politics
Ben Carson outlines flat-tax proposal - Eliza Collins, Politico
        Obama rebukes �politician� Warren as trade feud escalates - Fox News
Eurozone set for highest growth since recession�s end but Greece back as a potential risk- Pan Pylas, The Associated Press
        Houthis cautiously welcome plan for Yemen ceasefire- Al Jazeera
Several dead as Macedonia police battle armed group- France 24
        Pope Francis inspires Cuba�s Raul Castro towards Church- BBC News
Snowfall, landslides hit rescue work in Nepal- The Times of India
        EU draws up plans for military attacks on Libya targets to stop migrant boats- Ian Traynor, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

King�s absence from summit shows unease over Iran push
        Hezbollah takes key hilltop in Syria
Cameron unveils new U.K.cabinet after election victory
        Lebanon demands halt to Israeli violations
AUB scientists see great potential in algae production
        The depth of Israeli alienation deepens
The election process for a U.N. secretary-general must be changed
        Germany subsidizes sale of four warships to Israel
EU seeks U.N. help on migrant crisis
        U.S. says Putin, Kerry to discuss Ukraine, Syria, Iran
Despite majority, Cameron faces Conservative rebellion

        U.S. admits must do better on police practices
Refugees arrive in Malaysia, Indonesia after Thai crackdown

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Putin at Victory Day: U.S. Is Trying to Create a �Unipolar World� (Video)
        Five More Years of Tory Government: What Fresh Hell Is This?
European War Games: Responses to Russian Military Drills Read more �
        Center for Biological Diversity: Obama Administration Gives Shell Green Light to Drill in Arctic
Obama's Petulant WWII Snub of Russia
        Victory Day Celebrations in Moscow Mark a Turning Point in Russian History

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NATO Says Russia, Ukraine Rebels Able To Launch Short-Notice Attack
        Nato is expelling dozens of suspected Russian spies over Kremlin fears
NATO Double Standards: Initiate Hotline With Moscow, Send Out Russian Diplomats the Same Time
        NATO set to gather in Antalya with Russia and jihadist threat top on the agenda
Ben Carson: Strengthen NATO To Stop Russia�s Expansionim
        NATO Welcomes Contact Between Member States, Russia - Stoltenberg
NATO Naval Drills in Baltic Sea Involve 20 Warships
        Clashes in Macedonia Raise Concerns Among NATO, EU Members
Russia, Ukraine rebels can attack with little warning: NATO
        Russia violated Ukraine ceasefire: NATO

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Ottawa cites hate crime laws when asked about its 'zero tolerance' for Israel boycotters

Will there be impartial judgement on the validity of reasons for boycotting?
If not, why not?


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