Tuesday 19 May 2015



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Jean Chretien invited Putin to send emissary to meeting next month

Allegations of RCMP wrongdoing on gun registry data destruction handed to police
        Senate invokes immunity to block Duffy�s bid for documents
The Interview: Brian Mulroney on politics and philanthropy
        Laureen Harper scheduled to appear at second fundraiser for Tory MP Armstrong

Canada will retaliate against American meat labelling laws by autumn
        Steve Campana, Canadian biologist, �disgusted� with government muzzling
Former Ontario environment watchdog Gord Miller to run for Green Party
        It�s probably time for the Liberals to let Trudeau be Trudeau
Thomas Mulcair emerging as the real agent of change
        Justin Trudeau pinning his hopes on a class war is a losing strategy
Only person who has power to stop Poilievre blowing tax money on �vanity videos� is PM
        Mulcair or Trudeau: One must offer real change
Harper�s debate move opens new avenues for media coverage
        Overseas Tax Evasion: Fairness can only come from The FACTs

The other drug problem in Canada�s cities
        The provinces are lousy at controlling spending
Make Canada�s woeful defence spending record an election issue

Be nice � it might get you elected
        Why Kathleen Wynne�s Hydro One sell-off is a sellout
NDP treads cautiously with Alberta oil patch
        B.C.�s clean-energy policies earn praise
Albertans want expansion of oil industry, poll shows
        Liberal wins Prince Edward Island seat through a coin toss after recount tie
Push is on to free scientists from political influence
        Feds approve 100 new RCMP officers for B.C. city gripped by gang war
Giving up documents in Duffy trial would imperil Parliament, Senate claims
        Gerry Ritz, Ed Fast to respond today to WTO meat labelling victory

Agency restarts review of controversial LNG energy project
        Canadian gun owners hoard bullets in face of feared shortage of ammunition from U.S.
Boundary between politics, public service is �no man�s land': Expert
        Federal election 2015: How media coverage of debates could change
Harper dodging more question periods than ever, data show
        University-educated Canadians show sharp swing toward NDP: poll
What Albertans think about their new government and energy issues.
        Poloz Says Canada Economy on Track for Full Capacity in 2016
Half a century of terrifying Canada: Before jihadists, other extremists carried out hundreds of attacks
        Navy techs scour eBay for parts to keep 1970s vintage supply ships running

Potential Alberta cabinet contenders in NDP�s orange wave
        Alberta NDP facing pressure to halt logging project
Wynne�s Ontario Transit Spending No Boogeyman for Bonds
        Wynne responds to Hydro One criticism: There will be oversight, she says
Renewed Real Estate Concern Crimps Canadian Consumer Confidence
        Why Paul Davis had to clean up after 2 ministers last week
The new axis of evil � Canada: One third of American 8th graders think we live in a dictatorship
        Employee tracking apps raise worker privacy questions
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Social conservatives � gross, right? - John Robson, National Post
        There are two big problems with the Alberta NDP tax plan - Kevin Milligan, Macleans
Boundary between politics, public service is �no man�s land�: Expert - Kathryn May, Ottawa Citizen
        NDP pushes ethics committee to review gun registry destruction - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Why Kathleen Wynne�s Hydro One sell-off is a sellout - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
        The one word some say is missing from Ontario�s sex-ed curriculum - Selena Ross, The Globe & Mail
Harper dodging more question periods than ever, data show - Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen
        B.C.�s clean-energy policies earn praise - Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun
Harper�s emission cuts are pie-in-the-sky - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        Taxpayer-supported ad on-message with Conservative themes - Sophia Harris, CBC News
Dispute between Hamilton, Canada Post threatens community mailbox plans - Diana Mehta, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Canadian snowbirds migrating back in increasing numbers � with cash from U.S. home sales- Gary Marr, Financial Post

Want Your Kids to Do Better? Ban These- Ivana Kottasova, CNN
        Pork prices still high at the grocery store despite decline of viral outbreak- Eric Reguly, The Globe & Mail
Canada, Mexico win final round in battle against U.S. meat-label rules- Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Environmental agency restarts review of Pacific NorthWest terminal plans- Brent Jang, The Globe & Mail
$102M eHealth Ontario legal battle with CGI going to arbitration - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star

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Des �tudiantes forc�es � faire des examens g�nitaux en classePlus
        Un d�but� provincial choisi par un tirage de pile ou facePlus
Un travailleur conna�t une fin tragique � Thetford MinesPlus
        Tentative d'enl�vement: le suspect arr�t� est lib�r�Plus
Accident de travail � Sorel-Tracy: un homme perd la viePlus
        Pointe-Calumet: 410 plants de cannabis d�couvertsPlus
Alertes d'orages violents au Qu�becPlus
        Vente du Groupe Archambault: PKP reste vaguePlus
Vol historique � Londres: neuf suspects arr�t�sPlus
        Chute: Montr�al devra d�dommager une citoyennePlus

Accus� d'avoir fait subir le �waterboarding� � un enfantPlus
        Texas: une fusillade pour une histoire de piedPlus
Un r�sident de Repentigny accus� de leurre d'enfantPlus
        �Le PQ vit dans un monde imaginaire�, dit CouillardPlus
Germanwings: les 150 victimes identifi�esPlus
        Cacouna: macabre d�couverte pr�s de l'A-20Plus
Un clou de 8 cm enfonc� dans son �ilPlus
        Fillette de 5 ans poignard�e en OntarioPlus
Prison � vie pour avoir empoisonn� une vingtaine de patientsPlus
        Une balle dans la t�te pour avoir particip� � un concours musicalPlus

Col�re de Kim Jong-Un dans un �levage de tortuesPlus
        Bagdad mobilise ses forces pour reprendre RamadiPlus
Un homme meurt dans un accident en Mont�r�giePlus
        L'Arabie saoudite recrute huit bourreauxPlus
Asie: sc�nes de carnage � bord d'un bateau de migrants Plus


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Fixing Republican Debates in One Crazy Step - Ben Domenech, The Federalist
        Clinton Adviser Is Hiding the Truth of Her E-mails - Paul Sperry, New York Post
Elizabeth Warren Details Obama�s Broken Trade Promises - Zach Carter, Huffington Post
        Bush and Clinton Stumble Badly - Steve Huntley, Real Clear Politics
�You Didn�t Build That� �O� Was Speaking Of Clintons - John Tamny, New York Times
        UN chief concerned at death sentence for Egypt�s Morsi- The Times of India
Ukraine to prosecute captured �Russian soldiers�- BBC News
        Shia groups deployed to retake Iraq�s Ramadi from ISIL- Al Jazeera
Saudi Arabia advertises for eight new executioners as beheading rate soars- Reuters, The Guardian
        Macedonia�s embattled leader rallies supporters in show of force- France 24

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Obama urges Congress to move quickly on U.S. trade facilitation bill
        Battle erupts in eastern Ukraine, four Ukrainian soldiers killed: regional chief
Israel jails Palestinian over incitement on Facebook
        Clinton calls for release of State Dept emails as soon as possible
Merkel backs coalition partner after spy scandal rifts
        Syria's Assad praises Iran's support as 'key pillar'
Russian parliament passes bill on 'undesirable' foreign NGOs
        Hollande rejects EU migrant quotas but backs better 'distribution'
Europe dampens Greek hopes of swift deal as clock ticks
        Kiev shows off captured 'Russian soldiers' to media

HRW denounces Israel expulsion of Bedouins, Palestinians
        Top NATO, Russian officials to meet in Brussels
Kremlin: U.S. official�s visit sign ties improving
        Once Muslims are a majority, what will happen?
Push to write new war powers for Obama stalls
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