Sunday 17 May 2015



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Piggybacking political trips and official business: a fave political twofer

Conservatives, NDP attack Liberals for not committing to any election debates
        Critics say Fraser Institute letter highlights �enormous lack of clarity� in charity-audit rules
Alberta�s election was more about change, less about the NDP, say voters
        Federal election 2015: Conservative move on election debates raises questions

Harper channels Suzuki
        Gun registry tug-o-war continues
Canada failing at tracking terrorist financing
        You didn�t get the message if you think you have a future
Ontario falling short on fixing home-care mess
        How a change of heart led to a backlash from the �Church of Nasty�
Muslims respond to sex-ed

Keeping faith: The changing face of religion in Canada
        New climate change targets don�t address oilsands
Kathleen Wynne calling for more than Ottawa�s �nebulous notion� of emissions targets
        Parti Quebecois leader turns his attention to running the Parti Quebecois
Memo outlines possible response to Supreme Court on M�tis and non-status Indians
        Another omnibus budget bill and a test of Parliament�s will
PS unions turn to legal action over bargaining rights
        Refugee board members� rulings varied widely in 2014, data suggests
Immigration policy will be part of election conversation, opposition says
        Three routes to winning new Canadian and ethnic votes
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Pierre Karl P�ladeau supporters, opponents react to PQ leadership win - The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Ontario Liberals want to defang their watchdogs - Editorial, Toronto Sun
BC Liberals dispatch the political-appointee-who-can�t-be-named - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
        Ontario to rethink disability welfare reviews - Laurie Monsebraaten, Toronto Star
Gun registry tug-o-war continues - Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun
        Canada failing at tracking terrorist financing - David Akin, Winnipeg Sun
Kathleen Wynne calling for more than Ottawa�s �nebulous notion� of emissions targets - Evan Solomon, CBC News
        UFCW members vote 97 per cent in favour of strike action at Loblaws in Ontario- The Canadian Press,
Prince Edward Island, the one place in Canada where foreign property buyers must check in- Gary Marr, Financial Post
        Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership a Good Deal?- Mark Hendrickson, Forbes

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Is Harper Afraid of TV Debate? Someone Might Ask Him a Question!
        hat to Do About Rogue State Israel? Boycott it
Korean Steel Giant Pitching BC Mine Caught in Criminal Probe
        ow Do Watchers Find Whales in the Salish Sea?
Are the Tories in Trouble in the Arctic?
        otley Vows to Work 'Collaboratively' with Energy Industry
Journalist Kevin Donovan Dishes on Breaking the Ghomeshi Scandal
        or Toronto Can Factory Workers, a Tellingly Long Strike
Alberta Health Board Fires Doctor Who Raised Cancer Alarms
        mar Khadr, a Scapegoat and All-Purpose Enemy

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Neuf morts dans une fusillade entre motards aux TexasPlus
        Un motocycliste perd la vie dans un accident sur l'A-440Plus
L'EI prend Ramadi en Irak, mais recule en SyriePlus
        Jacqueline Melan�on est toujours introuvablePlus
Laval: collision entre trois voitures Plus
        Homophobie: la diff�rence d�range encore selon CoderrePlus
Accident sur l'autoroute 15: un homme entre la vie et la mort Plus
        Saint-Raymond: intoxication mortelle Plus
Vol qualifi� � Saint-Augustin-de-DesmauresPlus
        Burundi: Nkurunziza r�appara�t en publicPlus
Agression � l'arme blanche � Saint-Augustin-de-DesmauresPlus
        Seattle: manifestation contre Shell � kayak Plus
Les services allemands ont aid� � traquer Ben Laden Plus
        Attentat suicide pr�s de l'a�roport de Kaboul: 3 mortsPlus
32 jihadistes de l'EI tu�s dans l'op�ration am�ricainePlus
        Y�men: l'ONU appelle � prolonger la tr�ve humanitaire Plus
Une femme vole un taxi au lieu de payer la coursePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Roll the Dice - Fred Barnes, Wall Street Journal
        Clintons Said to Have Earned $30 Million in the Past 16 Months - Maggie Haberman, New York Times
Reid Sells Out Durbin, Democratic Party Soul - Terry Michael, Reason
        Bush Must Resolve His Brotherly Dilemma - Michael Cohen, Boston Globe
Stephanopoulos & the Dem Media Problem - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
        Next Greek bailout will be all about protecting Italy from contagion- Eric Reguly, The Globe & Mail
Famed FAO Schwarz toy store in New York to close- The Associated Press, Toronto Star
        US special forces kill ISIL�s Abu Sayyaf in Syria raid- Al Jazeera
US urges China to reduce tensions in South China Sea- The Times of India
        Mohammed Morsi, Egypt�s ex-leader, sentenced to death- BBC News

Pope calls Palestinian President Abbas �angel of peace�- France 24
        The Nepalese and foreigners united in grief over the earthquake- Carole Cadwalladr, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Netanyahu says not too late to stop Iran nuclear deal
        Two Russian servicemen arrested in east Ukraine: Ukrainian military
Israel's leaders honor Ethiopian Jews, decry racism
        Ukraine says two Russian soldiers captured in east
Israel's new justice minister seeks change to Supreme Court power
        UK Labour leadership frontrunner calls for EU referendum in 2016
3 Ukrainian servicemen killed, 17 wounded in past 24 hours in east: military
        Despite tension, Xi says US-China relations are stable
Malaysian FM to meet Indonesian, Thai counterparts on migrants
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PICK OF THE DAY <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* Statement by the Russian Congress of Canada on the act of neo-Nazi vandalism in Montreal on May 12, 2015
* In Kyiv on May 16, thousands protest soaring costs of utilities
* Ukrainian government approves privatization of more than 300 state-owned enterprises
* The Minsk-2, ceasefire bandwagon of Washington and Kyiv
* Poroshenko approves law 'banning' communist symbols, equating WW2 Nazi collaboration with Ukrainian independence
* Kyiv's travel blockade against Donetsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine

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Who's vetting the foreign companies, critics ask.

No one  - unless the sale price is over $1 billion

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