Saturday 9 May 2015



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Patrick Brown wins Ontario PC leadership 
        Patrick Brown must reach out beyond PC Party faithful to challenge Liberals

Rachel Notley, Alberta premier-designate, says new government �reflects diversity�
        Justin Trudeau hints at national child-care plan tied to income
Stephen Harper�s website posts new video showing soldiers� faces
        �Effectively they are censoring that part of the past:� Michel Drapeau

Alberta election could break climate change logjam in Canada
        Curtain falls on Act 1 of the Mike Duffy trial
A telling 24 hours in Stephen Harper�s world
        Alberta NDP won a false majority because of our outmoded electoral system
From Edmonton to Edinburgh, the ground has shifted
        Alberta election�s message to Ottawa: incumbents, be careful
Trudeau tax plan a weak strategy
        Gracious, respectful Omar Khadr confounds Harper government stereotype
Tough questions for Khadr
        Even friendly advice has a price when Senate is paying, Duffy trial hears
David Cameron must find his nerve against the Scottish nationalists

Lt.-Gen. Romeo Dallaire supports Omar Khadr
        Alberta Party leader Greg Clark issues FOIP requests in attempt to prevent feared document destruction spree ahead of PC departure
How a sagging economy is hurting NL PC political fortunes
        VE-Day 2015: Canadian veterans honoured by parade in Apeldoorn
Homophobia in sports still pervasive in Canada, new study shows
        Government supports motion to remove �tampon tax�
Bill C-51: How Trudeau�s support of the anti-terror bill could help the NDP
        PMO should not have tampered with Duffy audit, ex-House clerk says
Mike Duffy trial shifts onto damaging political ground
        Rocco Galati challenges role of Bank of Canada in latest case

Military did not review PMO videos of soldiers in Iraq before they were posted
        Harper sounds unrepentant note in wake of Omar Khadr�s release on bail
Houseguest Omar Khadr �a remarkable young man,� Patricia Edney says
        New stats show one in five Canadians are maxing out their TFSAs, from all walks of life
Canada loses 19,700 jobs in April, unemployment rate stays at 6.8%
        How the rich would benefit from the Liberals� middle class tax cut
Omar Khadr�s odds of winning U.S. appeal look good, legal expert says
        Liberal MP�s mistake brings down national dementia strategy bill
Other Senators bill third parties for contracts too, �Not a Duffy practice,� former journalist tells court
        NDP leader Tom Mulcair lays out vision for a federal NDP government in Montreal rally

Russia seeks extradition of alleged Nazi war criminal living in Quebec
        Bill C-59: PSAC readies $5M campaign against sick leave reforms
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Tory MPs share tales of Duffy�s star power as trial set to break - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Ontario government created ETFO monster - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
Trudeau plays a card in Harper�s game - Andrew MacDougall, Ottawa Citizen
        Stephen Harper vows foreign workers will not become �permanent underclass� - Bruce Campion-Smith, Toronto Star
Ontario elementary teachers release details on job action - Adrian Morrow, The Globe & Mail
        This is not a revolution, Mr. Trudeau - Paul Wells, Macleans
Wynne steadfast as Ottawa teachers gear up for work-to-rule action - Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizen
        Canada loses almost 20,000 jobs, the biggest drop in eight months- Gordon Isfeld, Financial Post
Bombardier needs to slim down and focus- David Olive, Toronto Star
        In deep: The high risks of Canada�s growing addiction to debt- Tavia Grant, The Globe & Mail

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Canada's 57 Billion Dollar Surplus: The Government�s Massive Grab of Workers� Money
        Election timing puts Canada gov't in bind on Pacific trade talks
Supporters publicly abandoning Liberal Party over Trudeau�s support for Bill C-51 | ThinkPol

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
No Wealth, No Justice in $1 Billion LNG Offer to First Nation Band
        For Notley, Eight Steps to Reform the Broken Petrostate
A Trip to Tahltan Territory, Where BC Bought Out Coal Licences
        Mud, Sweat and Tears: The Gruelling Life of a Tree Planter
Barrett and Notley Toppled Dynasties, but Will It End the Same?
        Ottawa Delays Data on Foreign Workers
Sorry Liberals, 'Oversight' Won't Fix Menace of a Terror Bill

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Happ� par un train et accus� de meurtre pr�m�dit�Plus
        Plus de 500 000 $ de sirop d'�rable saisi en EstriePlus
Rage au volant � Terrebonne: un suspect arr�t�Plus
        Fillette de 10 ans enceinte: le violeur pr�sum� arr�t�Plus
Burundi: les autorit�s ordonnent l'arr�t de la contestationPlus
        La Russie veut l'extradition d'un nazi r�fugi� au Qu�becPlus
Inde: des rebelles mao�stes enl�vent 250 villageoisPlus
        R�my Nolet: les recherches se poursuivront dimanchePlus
Rallye de fin de campagne pour Pierre Karl P�ladeauPlus
        Un avion militaire A400M s'�crase en EspagnePlus

Les n�o-d�mocrates du Qu�bec se r�unissent � Montr�alPlus
        Royaume-Uni: Cameron face � ses grands travauxPlus
La Cor�e du Nord lance un missile sous-marinPlus
        Y�men: raids contre l'a�roport de Sanaa, tr�ve en vuePlus
�gypte: 3 ans de prison pour MoubarakPlus
        Victoire de 1945: Poutine remercie les OccidentauxPlus
Le �d�capiteur� du Manitoba dans un foyer de groupe?Plus
        Montr�al: un homme gravement bless� dans une agressionPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Huckabee�s Message Is as Formidable as Jeb Bush�s Money - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
        Hillary Clinton�s Candidacy Could Sink - John Sununu, Boston Globe
How the Clintons Get Away With It - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
        Clinton Doesn�t Need Americans to Trust Her - Ron Brownstein, National Journal
Republicans� Health-Care Reckoning - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal
        Detroit�s Biggest Industry Kills Its Economy- Dan Calabrese, Detroit News
McDonald�s key sales metric slips in April; figure declined 2.3 per cent in the US- The Associated Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Arab coalition warns Yemenis to leave Saada province- Al Jazeera
Weapons inspectors find undeclared sarin and VX traces in Syria: Diplomats- Reuters, The Times of India
        �Victory in Europe Day� marked under shadow of new threats- France 24
UK election results: David Cameron pledges a �greater Britain�- BBC News
        And then there was one: Miliband, Clegg and Farage quit as party leaders- Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Syrian troops battle to free trapped forces: activists
        EU joins criticism of east Jerusalem settlement plan
US calls for North Korean restraint after missile test report
        Ukraine rebels release two US aid workers
Putin leads huge commemorative WWII march through Moscow
        US and Russian servicemen march together in Belarus on V-Day
Syrian official lashes out over US training of rebels
        Turkey's PM denies plan to intervene in Syria
China says US report on its military 'distorts facts'
        More than 100 Saudi-led airstrikes hit Yemen: Houthis

Putin takes swipe at US in Victory Day speech
        Iran urges more active British diplomacy after Cameron win
Putin brushes off Western snub at huge WWII victory parade
        British election upset puts big beasts to the slaughter
Saudis splurging in Asia to win customers for decades
        Peugeot eyes re-entry to Iran�s auto market
Iran sees oil rising to $80 by end-2016 on slower U.S. drilling
        Russia and China deepen economic ties
Businesses welcome Cameron win despite EU fears
        Billionaire no more: War erodes Ukraine president�s fortune

Equality and solidarity were aspects of the post-1945 consensus
        Ethno-nationalism rules in our region
Bibi is big in America, but less so in Israel
        Iran legislation seen as win-win for Republicans, Obama
Legislative plans under Netanyahu�s coalition government
        Europe, U.S. keep watchful eye on Israel�s legislative plans
Cameron�s win may weaken movement for Britain�s EU exit
        SNP Scotland victory may spell independence
Pollsters another victim of stunning U.K. vote
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World War II

Lest we forget . . . as have NATO leaders

I remember V-E Day. We all went out around the flag on the school lawn.

We sang "Oh God our help"
never during the seventy years since can I sing it. Emotions overcome me.

Read this please, .

I hope you agree Russians served we of Western European Civilization well.

They ought not to have been treated as lepers by those representing us.


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