Sunday 24 May 2015



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Rachel Notley sworn in as Alberta premier ending 44 years of Tory rule

NDP hit airwaves to boost leader Thomas Mulcair
        Japan-Canada trade talks stalled with no meetings in sight
Conservatives hopeful new Alberta premier will consider major pipeline projects
        Federal Election 2015: NDP, Liberals Release New Campaign Ads

A look at Alberta Premier Rachel Notley�s first cabinet
        Teachings about residential schools �simply wrong,� says Murray Sinclair
Parties playing game of chicken with federal election debates
        Tom Mulcair may be the next prime minister, so it�s time to start looking at his promises
Harper now has to battle rivals on two fronts
        A message for Mr. Harper � Conservative voters are feeling let down
Harper quietly confident about Quebec gains
        Conservatives are out to manipulate debate rules
Queen�s Park should get out of the TV business
        Deborah Drever pushes Rachel Notley and the NDP too far

Notley crew encountering turbulence
        Notley must avoid Rae�s mistakes
Cold worse than heat

The ruler and the hero: Do the federal leaders follow common types?
        Bloc leader Beaulieu confirms candidacy in eastern Montreal riding among sovereignist cohorts
Most young Canadian ISIS recruits targeted online: Jason Kenney
        Liberals launch byelection campaign for Baird�s old seat
�My tears on the night I shot an armed terrorist�
        Canada Post free to make its own decisions, MP Denis Lebel says
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RCMP to release �as much detail as possible� on response to Hill shooter - Robert Bostelaar, Ottawa Citizen
        Harper quietly confident about Quebec gains - David Akin, Ottawa Sun
NDP leader Andrea Horwath slams Liberal plan to sell portion of Hydro One in London - CTV News London
        Wynne�s �infrastructure� means tax hikes - Editorial, Toronto Sun
�Conscious objectivity�: That�s how the chief justice defines the top court�s role. Harper might beg to differ - Joseph Brean, National Post
        Vancouver mayor calls on provincial government to bring in �speculation tax� on real estate - Sam Cooper, Vancouver Province
On the gun registry, the Tories think they can break the laws of physics - Tabatha Southey, The Globe & Mail
        Conservatives blind to growing desire for regime change - Chantal H�bert, Toronto Star
Government�s $20-million fund to help sex workers leave the industry is already �over-subscribed� � just as predicted - The Canadian Press, Ottawa Citizen
        Will the PQ�s �P�ladeau moment� last three years? - James Mennie, Ottawa Citizen
Pee-powered urinal ads aim to capture a new stream of revenue- Daniel Otis, Toronto Star

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Accident mortel en BeaucePlus
        Toronto: un gar�on de 12 ans est atteint d'une ballePlus
Palmyre: l'EI a ex�cut� 217 personnes en 9 joursPlus
        Des fun�railles ouvertes au public pour R�my NoletPlus
Une ado trouv�e semi-consciente et � moiti� nuePlus
        La mise en vente de la biblioth�que Saint-Sulpice suspenduePlus
D�couverte de fosses communes en MalaisiePlus
        L'EI consolide son emprise sur la fronti�re avec l'IrakPlus
Vandalisme dans Saint-Henri: 45 000 $ en dommagesPlus
        Pluies torrentielles en Chine: au moins 35 mortsPlus

PKP tend la main au Bloc qu�b�coisPlus
        Manifestation nocturne � Montr�al: 3 arrestationsPlus
Un mari aigri jette les cendres de sa femme dans une toilettePlus
        Incendie � la prison de Sainte-Anne-des-PlainesPlus


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Candidates Likely to Be Left Out of Debates - Harry Enten, Five Thirty Eight
        WH Needs to Acknowledge Some New Realities - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Clinton Received Now-Classified Material on Her Private Email - Martin Matishak and Ben Kamisar, The Hill
        Obamacare Makes Me Optimistic About U.S. Politics - Ezra Klein, Vox
Why Hillary�s Press Strategy Could Backfire - Matt Continetti, Free Beacon
        ISIS claims it could buy its first nuclear weapon from Pakistan within 12 months- Heather Saul, The Times of India
Burundian opposition figure shot dead, witnesses say- France 24
        Huge Republic of Ireland vote for gay marriage- BBC News
Mexican officials: 43 killed in major offensive against drug cartel- Jo Tuckman, The Guardian
        Yemeni president to snub UN-sponsored talks in Geneva- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Polish president concedes defeat in presidential election
        Iraqi lawmaker slams US criticism of Iraqi military
Libyan government warplanes attack ship near port : air force commander
        Burundi opposition leader murdered, activists vow intensified protests
ISIS is recruiting, but not operational in Afghanistan: NATO General
        Iran's Rouhani wants to 'free' economy from sanctions
Negotiator: Iran agrees to 'managed access' to nuclear sites
        Greece will not make June IMF repayment: interior minister
Ethiopians vote in 1st election without former strongman
        US cop acquitted in shooting death of unarmed black couple

At least 10 Afghan police officers killed in Taliban assault
        Putin signs Russian law to shut 'undesirable' organizations
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10 Tools Needed By Globalists To Finally Get Their One World Government
        How Is This SC Mom Legally Selling Strain of Medical Marijuana?
Think Homelessness Can�t be Eradicated? These Communities Did It
        Only Audit the Military Has Passed in 20 Years Was Exposed As Fraudulent
Why The $5.7 Billion Dollar Fine On Big Banks Is Actually A Joke
        Google Patents Creepy New Toys That Spy on Your Kids,
Control Smart Devices in Your Home

        A Worldwide Fiat Currency Collapse Seems Imminent

A key source clues me in on TPP code of silence
        It Is Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off

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Austerity or Infraspending?

Re:  A little interest will cost a lot, Todd MacKay,  05/16/2015

According to the Canadian Tax Federation,  Manitoba must rein in public spending or bond vigilantes will punish the province. Unfortunately, cutting government expenditures at a time of high unemployment reduces private incomes, diminishes tax receipts, increases joblessness, adds to welfare expenses, and thereby pushes governments further into debt. We learned this during the Great Depression, and more recently by austerity programs overseas which have devastated European economies.

There is another option.  After the great financial crisis of 2008, the federal government had no problem creating a $200 billion Extraordinary Financing Framework to bail our commercial lenders without ever having to raise income taxes.  So if the government can lend to big car companies and banks, why can it not also lend to provinces and municipalities on reasonable terms? In fact, well-known constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati is currently suing the Bank of Canada on the grounds that it fails to make low-interest loans to provincial governments though mandated to do so.

Provinces and municipalities should support this lawsuit and make the banking system work for Main Street and not just Bay Street.  The government must renew infrastructure not only to kick-start the economy and put people to work, but also to leave a legacy of public goods for future generations.

Larry Kazdan,
Vancouver, B.C.


1.  Rocco Galati challenges role of Bank of Canada in latest case

The lawyer best known for stopping the Supreme Court appointment of Judge Marc Nadon has turned his sights on the Bank of Canada. Rocco Galati has taken on a case for a group called the Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform, or COMER, which wants the central bank to return to the practice of lending [�]
2. Improving Access to Financing and Strengthening Canada's ...

To soften the impact of the crisis, the first phase of Canada�s Economic Action Plan included measures to provide up to $200 billion to support lending to Canadian households and businesses through the Extraordinary Financing Framework.


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