Thursday 13 August 2015



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Key Conservative campaign players in the loop on Duffy plan in 2013

Harper declines to explain incongruity in Duffy story
        Nigel Wright emails discussed scrutiny of Pamela Wallin�s travel claims
Mike Duffy trial: Nigel Wright accused of being part of �deliberately deceptive scenario�
        Poll puts NDP in lead, says Mulcair viewed as best PM

Trudeau promises billions for First Nations education; Harper sings TFSA praises
        Oil sinks below $42 US a barrel, a 6-year low
The nerd who came from nowhere: Stephen Harper knows you don�t need to like a politician to elect him
        At Issue | Nigel Wright�s Testimony
Hard to make new Ontario pension plan look like anything but an unneeded tax
        It�s not just Wynne�s pension plan that Harper dislikes
Nigel Wright opens the window on a PMO consumed with the Duffy problem
        The loyal soldier: Nigel Wright on the stand
Wright�s testimony doesn�t yet implicate Harper in Duffy scandal
        Mulcair�s makeover of the New Democrats

Politicians are fossil fools
        Liberals think they know what�s best

Conservatives have a 61 per cent chance of winning, but a majority may be out of reach.
        Nigel Wright�s testimony at Duffy trial grinds campaign caravan to halt
Canadian election could delay Obama�s Keystone decision
        Mulcair seen as skilled as Harper on the economy, poll shows
Ontario says economic, environment risks of Energy East project outweigh benefits
        New Brunswick premier places blame on federal government for unemployment rate
Montreal mayor wants federal leaders to weigh in on home mail delivery
        Pro-Tory group seeks to fly Canadian voters in from Israel
Harper takes another swipe at Alberta NDP during Edmonton campaign stop
        Oilsands being left in the ground is just a matter of fact, experts say

Baloney meter: Would banning travel to declared zones help terror fight?
        Mike Duffy trial: Star witness Nigel Wright treated gently
PMO fought to change audit reports to douse Senate criticism, emails show
        24 Things We Learned From Nigel Wright�s Emails In The Mike Duffy Trial
Nigel Wright tried to smooth over Duffy expense scandal, emails show
        Comedian Mark Critch targets MP Paul Calandra in Twitter campaign
Former Senate Clerk, staffer �threatened legal action� regarding �whitewashed� report on Duffy�s housing claims: emails
        Rogue Staffers Threatened To Sue When The PMO Took Control Of The �Independent� Mike Duffy Investigation
Liberals set Adams-less nomination meeting date in Hamilton Mountain
        Ten Quebec ridings to watch in the federal election

John Baird to be volunteer adviser to group helping the developmentally disabled
        Facebook page calls for Morgan Wheeldon�s reinstatement as NDP candidate
Wright told RCMP Duffy �probably� shouldn�t repay expenses, trial hears
        Harper Aide Cites Matthew 6 in Secret Payment to Canada Senator
Cheap oil will last through 2018 at least, Moody�s says
        Conservative leader says Saskatchewan premier shouldn�t worry about formula
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Wright �lived to regret� covering Duffy�s expenses - CTV News
        Royalty review will be transparent but may not involve public hearings: Mowat - Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald
�I was doing a good deed.� Nigel Wright takes the stand - Nicholas K�hler, Macleans
        No mandate to invest pension funds in Ontario infrastructure: Sousa - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
Duffy trial: Wright testifies he often covered PMO expenses personally - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
        Electricity exports cost Ontario taxpayers $200 million in June - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
�A lot of bargaining� underway to avoid Ontario teacher strikes - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        No campaign spending pledges from NDP during byelection, Notley says - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
Cracks may begin to appear in Canadian bank earnings as oil downturn persists- Yadullah Hussain and Barbara Shecter, Financial Post
        Kraft Heinz slashing 2,500 jobs in Canada, U.S.- Candice Choi, The Associated Press, Toronto Star
Cargo shipments on Great Lakes slow as economy sags- Eric Atkins, The Globe & Mail

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L'�tat islamique utiliserait des armes chimiquesPlus
        Mont�r�gie: un homme gravement bless� lors d'une sortie de routePlus
Pas sup�rieurs, mais diff�rents dit Gilles DuceppePlus
        Dalles de Postes Canada: Coderre sort le marteau piqueurPlus
Proc�s Duffy: Nigel Wright voulait faire une bonne actionPlus
        Pierre Karl P�ladeau vers la gratuit� scolaire?Plus
L'UPAC frappe � au moins deux endroits � Montr�alPlus
        Compte bloqu�: la famille endeuill�e va rencontrer la banquePlus
Harper parle d'�conomie et se fait questionner sur DuffyPlus
        Transport p�trolier: le pipeline est plus s�curitairePlus

Trump/Sanders, le duo improbable qui s�duit les �lecteursPlus
        Turquie: �chec des n�gociations pour une coalitionPlus
Meurtres au Ikea: sorti du coma, le tueur admet son crimePlus
        Un Nig�rian obtient le divorce pour des repas mal servisPlus
Le chef d'Al-Qa�da fait all�geance au nouveau leader des talibansPlus
        Fuite de gaz � Sudbury: l'�tat d'urgence est lev�Plus
Une partie de l'affaire Assange class�e en Su�dePlus
        Un jeune homme br�l� sur 90 % de son corps � Montr�alPlus
Une communaut� juive hassidique menac�e de poursuitePlus
        Proc�s de Mike Duffy: Nigel Wright dans l'eau chaudePlus

Sondage Ipsos: les lib�raux gagnent du terrainPlus
        A�n�s en d�tresse en r�sidence: des lacunes humaines en causePlus
Harper promet de faciliter l'acc�s � une premi�re maisonPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Clinton Seeks to Calm Supporters About Email Controversy - Ken Dilanian, Real Clear Politics
        Kasich�s New Hampshire Charm Offensive - Michael Warren, The Weekly Standard
Trump Winning the Polls�And Losing the Nomination - Nate Silver, Five Hundred and Thirty Eight
        Inside the Republican Clown Car - Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone
Clinton�s Crumbling Stone Wall - Ron Fournier, National Journal
        Why �Traditional� Retirement Is a Myth- William Richards, MainStreet
China pushes yuan down further amid fears of currency war- Reuters, CBC News
        Scores killed in Syria ahead of Iranian FM�s visit- Al Jazeera
Greek bailout terms to give eurozone vast powers over policymaking- Ian Traynor and Jon Henley, The Guardian
        Massive blasts hit north China city- BBC News

UN sacks CAR mission head over peacekeeper rape claims- France 24
        US jets launch first anti-IS Syria strikes from Turkey- The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

11-year-old gives birth to girl in Paraguay
        Greek ruling party heading for split as bailout vote looms
US general says ISIS gaining in Afghanistan
        Majority of Germans opposed to third bailout for Greece: poll
US accuses Syria of stepping up barrel bombing
        UN official: Ebola epidemic could be defeated by end of 2015
Kerry voices concern to Russian counterpart on Ukraine, Soleimani
        Turkey PM says coalition talks fail, snap polls likely
Iraq's PM office calls US general's comments on partition 'irresponsible'
        Fidel Castro to US: you owe us millions

Israel proposes 3G mobile network deal to Palestinians
        Ukraine reports heaviest fighting since Minsk truce
Israel PM announces major offshore gas deal
        Swedish prosecutor drops three Assange cases, rape investigation continues
Fears US 'national interest' hurt by partisan Iran row
        Israel arms with iPads in complex battlefield
Expect a stronger U.S.-Indian relationship in the years to come
        U.S. spies say they can tell if Iran cheats on deal
Switzerland lifts sanctions against Iran
        Africa celebrates a year without polio
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From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Former PCs Aim to Oust Conservatives Via Vote Siphoning
Unhappy with Harper, 'Progressive Canadian Party' targets sensitive ridings to help Libs, NDP.

Larry Kazdan
Vancouver, B.C.

Modern Monetary Theory in Canada
MMT in Canada - facebook

From: "Stephanie Mc Dowall"
Subject: Tell NDP- Stop obeying the Israel lobby- petition attached.

Finally some material from Canadian Jews who do not support Stephen Harper’s & all other Canadian political leader’s apparent position regarding the behaviour of the  State of Israel towards the Palestinians and Gaza.    Our political leaders are very afraid of this issue.  Except for Elizabeth May.   None wish to jeopardize the political donations they receive from Canada’s Jewish communities or suffer the wrath of the right wing within these communities either.  All our leaders are also afraid of Canada’s media which is now mostly controlled by a very small number of corporations.  Hence the immoral silent behaviour of most of our political leaders as well as our media least in terms of what the media is willing to report.  S.   

Independent Jewish Voices � Canada
 is a national human rights organization whose mandate is to promote a just resolution to the dispute in Israel
and Palestine through the application of international law and respect for the human rights of all parties.”
 Subject: Please sign the petition to Tell the NDP- Stop obeying the Israel lobby

NDP � Stop Obeying The Israel Lobby � Petiton
Also see:


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