Tuesday 18 August 2015



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Former PMO lawyer contradicts Harper and campaign on Duffy scandal

A Secret Internal Memo Shows Stephen Harper Wanted Complete Control Of The Senate
        Stephen Harper supporter hurls profanity at journalists over Duffy questions
Liberal candidate apologizes for offensive tweets posted as teenager
        Election 2015: NDP leads but 70% of voters up for grabs

Federal public servants warned about social media use during election campaign
        NDP asks RCMP if Wright will face charges in light of testimony at Duffy trial
�F*CK HARPER� Sign Leads To $543 Fine For Edmonton Man
        Relax, the Duffy trial will soon be forgotten as serious election issues arise
A Harper minority would have options � all of them terrible
        Alberta ground is shakier for Harper Conservatives
Mike Duffy�s �blackmail� defence redefines chutzpah
        At the Mike Duffy trial, it�s hard to tell who is really the accused
Meandering, centreless 2015 is the Seinfeld campaign
        In an election year, the gun lobby gets what it wants

ETFO�s federal election plan to �Heave Steve�
        The Facts on Canadian health Care Can�t be Trumped

Mulcair promises $9M for disaster preparedness, training programs
        Invest in clean technology, create good jobs: Trudeau
Poll puts Tories, NDP in lead in Sask voter intention
        Performance pay, bonuses for public service executives up 65 per cent under Harper
Liberals� answer to Conservatives� �not ready� ad scores with viewers
        Olivia Chow leads Adam Vaughan in Spadina-Fort York, Forum poll suggests
Liberal candidate ordered to remove campaign signs
        NDP MP, elected in 2011 without any campaigning, now popular in her adopted Quebec riding
Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau rally Liberal faithful in Regent Park
        Federal government error may have shortchanged thousands of low-income seniors

Veterans launch Anyone But Conservatives campaign during Harper stop
        Definition of a lie tossed around during Mike Duffy trial
Nigel Wright denies attempting to tamper with audit
        Harper says he�ll resurrect �life means life� legislation
Suspended federal security adviser gets appreciation letter from government
        Liberals keeping young Calgary candidate despite offensive tweets
NDP, Conservatives and Liberals in virtual tie nationally, poll shows
        Sen. Patrick Brazeau will not receive salary during election after all
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Ont. English Catholic teachers start work-to-rule Aug. 20 if no new contract - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Opposition to Ontario pension plan growing as support for scheme softens, provincewide poll finds - Ashley Csanady, National Post
Wright didn�t tell Harper that party planned to repay Duffy, trial hears - Campbell Clark, The Globe & Mail
        If there�s a scandal in the Duffy affair, why can�t I spot it? (This is more plea than critique) - Colby Cosh, National Post
Ontario municipalities complain about incremental downloading, plead for provincial cash - Richard J. Brennan, Toronto Star
        Brief court appearance for son of former B.C. MLA charged in fentanyl bust - Bill Graveland, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
At this trial, it�s hard to tell who is really the accused � Mike Duffy or the PMO - Christie Blatchford, National Post
        �I don�t think I lied to the prime minister�: Wright tells Duffy trial - CTV News
Forum Research survey puts Ontario PCs and NDP in a statistical tie, with ruling Liberals running third - Patrick Maloney, London Free Press
        PMO didn�t try to �fix� Duffy�s audit, Wright tells court - Chris Cobb, Ottawa Citizen

Mounties finish probe of B.C. Liberals� ethnic outreach strategy - Cassidy Olivier, Vancouver Province
        Wright denies he asked Conservative Senator to contact firm auditing Duffy�s expenses - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times
Federal government error may have shortchanged thousands of low-income seniors - Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald
        Morgan Stanley hikes Tesla stock price target on driverless car potential- CBC News
Two National Energy Board-approved LNG projects hinge on U.S. permits- Shawn McCarthy, The Globe & Mail

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Porno juv�nile: Jared Fogle du Subway plaidera coupablePlus
        Des chiens laiss�s � l'int�rieur de voitures � 38�CPlus
Proc�s de Mike Duffy: les conservateurs s'�nerventPlus
        Une 1re transsexuelle embauch�e � la Maison-BlanchePlus
L'ol�oduc s'invite dans la campagne � Trois-Rivi�resPlus
        Le Bloc demande une enqu�te sur le co�t de l'essencePlus
Longueuil: l'homme arm� et barricad� a �t� ma�tris�Plus
        Mulcair pr�sente sa strat�gie contre les feux de for�tPlus
Un cheval de cal�che meurt d'�puisementPlus
        Environnement: Justin Trudeau se dit inspir� par HulkPlus

Syrie: l'ONU soutient unanimement une strat�gie de paixPlus
        Les camions de pompiers � nouveau tapiss�s d'autocollantsPlus
Nigeria: 150 morts dans une attaque de Boko HaramPlus
        Prison � vie: Harper promet de revenir � la chargePlus
Montr�al-Nord: pas de place pour Fredy dans la muralePlus
        Le Canada se place en 6e position en mati�re de libert�sPlus
Nouvelle explosion � Bangkok, un suspect recherch�Plus
        Nicolas Girard sera cong�di� de l'AMTPlus
Un inconnu tout nu dans leur lit!Plus
        Un motocycliste perd la vie dans le parc de la GatineauPlus

Explosions � Tianjin: la pluie inqui�tePlus
        Aucun survivant dans l'�crasement en Indon�siePlus


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Airbus gets biggest-ever order of 250 jets from Indian airline- The Associated Press, Toronto Star
        Why Amazon employees cry at their desks: Inside its bruising, thrilling workplace- Jodi Kantor, New York Times, Financial Post
As Apple Goes, So Goes the Market?- Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg View
        Can Clinton Win Angry Voters? - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
A Golden Opportunity for Republicans - Marc Thiessen, Washington Post
        Walker Responds to Iowa Heckler: �I Am Not Intimidated by You� - Nora Kelly, National Journal
Sorry, Folks, Trump Is for Real - Mike Barnicle, The Daily Beast
        Tea Party Could Lose Senate for Republicans - Juan Williams, The Hill
Bangkok bomb: Deadly blast rocks Thailand capital- BBC News
        South Sudan president fails to sign proposed peace deal with rebels- France 24

Russia warns of Ukraine offensive amid deadly shelling- Al Jazeera
        Osama bin Laden issued a chilling pre-warning of 9/11 attack �plan�, al-Qaida audio tapes reveal- Adam Withnall, The Times of India
Syria bombs Damascus suburb a day after deadly air strikes on marketplace- Martin Chulov and Kareem Shaheen, The Guardian

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Turkish PM returns mandate to form government to President Erdogan
        US launches biggest allied airborne drills since Cold War ended
PA accuses Hamas of 'Gaza split' talks with Israel
        Democratic US Senator Menendez announces strong stand against Iran deal
US concerned over Israeli treatment of Arab-Americans
        US intelligence agencies refer 305 Clinton emails for review: court filing
Sri Lanka's prime minister defeats ex-president in elections
        Ukraine, Russia trade blame for sharp violence spike
Trump still tops Republican field: poll
        Israeli opposition leader fears new Palestinian uprising

Turkey's pro-Kurdish opposition says would take part in interim govt
        Afghan forces retreat from strategic district in Helmand province
Chinese police arrest 15,000 for Internet crimes
        Lawyers for Boston bomber seek new trial in new location
Palestinian hunger striker gives Israel 24 hrs to resolve case
        Indonesia sinks 34 foreign boats to stop illegal fishing
U.S. rabbis voice support for Iran nuclear deal
        Rome: Libya risks becoming another Somalia
U.N. kicks off 70th anniversary bash
        Japan�s economy contracts in April-June

Why Americans are waiting longer than ever to buy first home
        Russian legal defeats may have a major impact on Putin�s fortunes
U.S. interrogation strategy gets scrutiny in Benghazi case
        New Chinese film lambasted for distorting history
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* Two Russia-Canada aircraft manufacturing projects fall to Western sanctions
* Grim toll of rising Ukrainian shelling in Donbas, eastern Ukraine
* Propaganda, intelligence and Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
* Neo-Nazi rally fizzles and is broken up by protesters in Liverpool UK on Aug15

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