Thursday 20 August 2015



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Ray Novak, PM�s top aide, told twice that Wright would cover Duffy�s expenses, court hears

Conservative Scott Armstrong�s hospital election campaigning leads to ban
        NDP could double seat count in B.C.: political expert
53 per cent of Canadians agree marijuana should be legal: poll
        Gilles Guibord, Conservative Candidate, Fired Over Sexist Comments

Tories trailing or tied in several swing ridings, says advocacy group�s poll
        Mood of the electorate worsens as perceptions about the economy deteriorate
81-year-old voter takes �Defeat Harper� message to Winnipeg streets
        Ray Novak turns the unfathomable into reality
The original problem in the Duffy affair
        How much does Quebec love Thomas Mulcair?
Alberta should adopt a revenue-neutral carbon fee
        Would Liberals prop up a Harper minority?
Sympathy for Harper � imagine learning everyone you trusted lied to you
        Tories face high cost of mishandled scandal
Harper desperate to shift focus away from Duffy trial
        Don�t ban political ads � they can promote democratic health
Alberta New Democrats again seek lightning in a bottle

Campaign on leadership turns against Tories
        How the Tories� �war on the media� fills party coffers
Why voters distrust the media party
        Trudeau hypocrisy in scandal responses
Stephen Harper�s housing affordability plan not suited to Vancouver market
        Stephen Harper�s Alice in Wonderland world
Duffy trial testimony has Harper campaign on the defensive
        Mulcair visits Vancouver riding to sing praises of NDP�s child-care plan
Stephen Harper proposes tax credit for parents who adopt children
        NAFTA countries reignite negotiations over TPP auto-parts dispute

The Duffy affair: Where precisely is the beef?
        Conservative heckler identified
Baloney Meter: Mulcair says police numbers on decline under Harper
        Ashley Madison hack includes hundreds of gov�t email addresses
Sondage CROP / La Presse: le NPD domine sans partage
        Mike Duffy trial: 7 things we learned from Nigel Wright�s testimony
Liberals unleash byelection barrage against Brown
        EI recipient numbers rise in June by 4% compared to a year ago
DP�s �Orange Wave� in Quebec now a tsunami: poll
        Stephen Harper says he has confidence in his staff

PMO lawyer disagreed with Harper on Senate residency criteria
        Online politicking will get intense: Regina professor
Harper Backs Chief of Staff Amid Spending Scandal
        Trudeau courts families, commits $190M to expand compassionate care benefit
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The Duffy Trial: This summer�s blockbuster flop - J.J. McCullough, Loonie Politics
        Court challenge slams new Citizenship Act as �anti-Canadian� - Debra Black, Toronto Star
NAFTA countries reignite negotiations over TPP auto-parts dispute - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
        Ontario secondary school teachers� union, province reach tentative deal - The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
Federal government in court to force 5 First Nations to disclose finances - Chris Purdy, The Canadian Press , CTV News
        PM�s former legal adviser, Ben Perrin, a �hero� in human trafficking fight - Robert Sibley, Ottawa Citizen
Liberals unleash byelection barrage against Brown - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Spotlight on Ray Novak, PMO chief who lived above Harper�s garage - Robert Sibley, Ottawa Citizen
The system failed my son - Gloria Galloway, The Globe & Mail
        Harper says of Duffy trial: �I�m not going to cherry-pick facts� - Campbell Clark & The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail

�The PM knows, in broad terms only� doesn�t mean Wright informed Harper about $90,000, Duffy trial hears - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times
        For a few brief, glorious moments, plain truth was spoken at the Mike Duffy trial - Christie Blatchford, National Post
The 8 Trillion Black Swan- Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge
        Energy companies face pressure to sell assets as oil slump hits profits- Carrie Tait, The Globe & Mail
Canadian companies have no incentive to report cyber attacks, like that on Ashley Madison- Sunny Freeman, Toronto Star
        Is Wal-Mart Stores Inc heading in the right direction?- Jonathan Ratner, Financial Post
GM extends Oshawa plant life to 2017 with Equinox production- CBC News

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Pornographie juv�nile: un homme arr�t� � Trois-Rivi�resPlus
        Bas-Saint-Laurent: un homme bless� par un v�hicule en mouvementPlus
Kim Jong-Un met la Cor�e du Nord sur le pied de guerrePlus
        Elle lui lance une bo�te de thon apr�s le vol de sa sacochePlus
SAQ et AMT: le PQ d�nonce des cong�diements partisansPlus
        Piscine publique: un gar�on victime d'un arr�t respiratoirePlus
La b�tonni�re impliqu�e dans un second incident?Plus
        Montr�al: le plan d'action du Bureau du taxi d�voil� Plus
Proc�s Duffy: le chef de cabinet de Harper savaitPlus
        Gilles Duceppe refuse de s'avouer vaincuPlus

France: Jean-Marie Le Pen, mis � la porte du Front nationalPlus
        Trudeau promet de l'aide aux proches aidantsPlus
Un camion en feu dans le tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La FontainePlus
        Sondage favorable: Mulcair ne tient rien pour acquisPlus
Le premier ministre grec annonce sa d�missionPlus
        Marguerite Blais quitterait la vie politiquePlus
Les 7 premiers mois de 2015, les plus chauds dans les annalesPlus
        Harper veut faciliter la vie aux familles qui adoptentPlus
Jimmy Carter soign� pour des tumeurs au cerveauPlus
        Colette Roy Laroche se retire de la politique municipalePlus

Tensions � Saint Louis, un jeune Noir tu� par la policePlus
        Pr�s de la moiti� des votes qu�b�cois pour le NPDPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A Conversation With Donald Trump - Janice Min, Hollywood Reporter
        Team Clinton Can�t Get Its Story Straight - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
How Hillary Let Down #BlackLivesMatter - Barrett Pitner, The Daily Beast
        Jeb�s Slog: The Tortoise and the Hair - Frank Bruni, New York Times
An Interview With Henry Kissinger - Jacob Heilbrunn, The National Interest
        Beheaded Syrian scholar refused to lead Isis to hidden Palmyra antiquities- Kareem Shaheen and Ian Black, The Guardian
Bangkok bomb: Erawan shrine attacker �is part of network�, police say- BBC News
        Germany expects record 800,000 asylum requests in 2015- France 24
Saudi women register to vote in municipal elections- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Iraq could face 'partition' without reform: top Shiite cleric
        France's National Front party expels founder Jean-Marie Le Pen
Israel threatens Syria with response after rocket fire: army
        Merkel urges Brazil to protect Amazon rainforest
IAEA says report Iran to inspect own military site is 'misrepresentation'
        Pakistan scraps Commonwealth meeting amid tension with India
UK to reopen embassy in Tehran this weekend: UK source
        Tsipras resigns, paving way for snap Greek election
Pelosi: House Democrats will sustain Obama veto on Iran deal
        Egypt's Sisi, Putin to discuss closer ties in Moscow talks

Russia considers prison time for foreign food smuggling
        Saudi MERS infections soar ahead of Hajj pilgrimage
Cyanide in waters near China blast site 277 times acceptable level: govt report
        China�s richest traders flee stocks as the masses pile in
Chinese slowdown sends ripples across Asian banks
        Rise of new banks helps Kremlin keep Russia�s economy afloat
The �Putin style� usually doesn�t work in America
        Somalization of Libya
Russia wants Germany, France to pressure Kiev on peace plan
        U.S. scientists grow nearly complete human brain in lab
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The Duffy affair: Where precisely is the beef?
- Aaron Wherry, Macleans
Not a read for everyone - has a dozen links to related info for the deeply interested.


From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: Harper, like Martin, faces the court of the public opinion

The Editor
National Post

Copy to: The Hon. Sinclair Stevens, Leader, PC Party : I am pleased that you are running candidates to stop Harper via vote siphoning. After a decade of Harper's autocratic rule, time for change and renewal has arrived.

Harper, like Martin, faces the court of the public opinion

Re "Oh, Harper, how we misjudge," by Andrew Coyne, "Now Conservatives know how Liberals felt," by John Moore and "Disunite the right," by Jackson Doughart (Aug. 20).

When former Prime Minister Paul Martin faced an election in 2006, the economy was booming and the budget was in surplus. And yet, he went down in defeat because most voters did not buy his contention that, as finance minister, he didn't know that former prime minister Jean Chretien was spending millions of dollars for the sponsorship program. In 2015, Prime Minister Stephen Harper faces the same public skepticism over his contention that he didn't know that his own chief of staff, Nigel Wright, wrote a cheque of $90,000 to repay alleged overspending by his handpicked, now suspended, Senator Mike Duffy. This explains why even a centre-right party is running candidates to stop Harper from winning.

As reported by Vancouver-based The Tyee News, a centre-right political party says it has had enough of Stephen Harper and will run candidates in ridings where Conservative candidates barely won in 2011, in the hope of siphoning off enough votes to allow for a Liberal or NDP win. The Progressive Canadian Party was formed by some former Progressive Conservative party members who were upset at their party's merger with the Canadian Alliance. The leader of the party is Sinclair Stevens, a former PC minister under Brian Mulroney. "Our feeling is that if we have a credible candidate, they may take enough votes so that the Conservatives won't make it," Stevens said.

Like Paul Martin before him, Stephen Harper faces the court of the public opinion where his political future will be decided.



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