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�This is fun�: PMO staffer watching Duffy media appearances

Poll Tracker: Quebec currently Conservatives� only hope for seat gains
        Harper digs in with denial of PMO involvement in Duffy scandal
Canada�s recession mild, and recovery will be, too, Bloomberg report says
        NDP star explains why he thinks he can beat Joe Oliver

Under fire over Duffy, Harper clings to Conservative campaign message
        Nigel Wright, Donald Bayne spar over the meaning of �sweet�
Trudeau campaigns in Ontario suburbs, armed with promise of tax relief
        Duffy trial cuts to heart of the PMO
Harper�s legacy
        PMO coverup is real Duffy scandal
Tables have now turned on Harper with Duffy scandal
        Struggling Harper needs supporters to suspend disbelief in Wright/Duffy debacle
If you�re for electoral reform, can you be against Elizabeth May?
        Why everyone�s making a mad dash for the middle � of the country and political spectrum
Travel ban to terrorist hotbeds virtually unenforceable

LeBreton hustled away from journalists at Conservative campaign event in Ottawa
        Stephen Harper pledges expansion of military reserves
Paul Martin slams federal government over Kapyong Barracks
        The secret side of Stephen Harper: The staid prime minister�s quick wit is lauded by friends and foes alike
Ottawa studies Saudi power shift as arms deal hangs in the balance
        Feds again put off gun-marking regulations aimed at helping police trace weapons
Search engine bias could sway elections, new research suggests
        Candidates� social media history adds new dimension to vetting
Vast majority of Canadians trust Supreme Court, including most Tories
        Harper�s former right hand man remains on hot seat at Duffy trial

Trudeau tries to keep Senate expense scandal in the public eye
        Comparing Duffy affair to Liberal sponsorship scandal �absurd': Harper
Mulcair says voters should fire Harper over Duffy/Wright scandal Oct. 19
        Is Mark Adler really the first MP born of Holocaust survivors?
Mark Adler Notes He Is �Son Of Holocaust Survivor� On Tory Campaign Sign
        Where the leaders are for Aug. 17
Calgary-Foothills NDP candidate Bob Hawkesworth launches by-election with help from Rachel Notley
        2024 Olympic Games: What has to happen for Toronto to bid
NCC had �no choice� but to approve victims of communism site, Mills email asserts
        Mulcair pledges to spend $30M promoting Canada to US tourists

EI for self-employed costs $40M to administer, pays only $21M in benefits
        Thomas Mulcair Is A Ruthless Dictator Like Harper, Says Green MP Who Left The NDP
Harper could stay for another election if Conservatives win minority, say Conservative insiders
        Would the NDP�s minimum wage plan really help 100,000 workers?
Cape Breton veterans want voters to think �anybody but Harper�
        Expect Harper to ride out �routine� campaign style through Duffy trial
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Feds delay gun-marking regulations aimed at helping police trace weapons - Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press , CTV News
        Ottawa studies Saudi power shift as arms deal hangs in the balance - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
Notley says she�ll keep �open mind� on provincial funding for new NHL rink - James Wood, Calgary Herald
        Critics say Ontario should pay air ambulance bill after hospital cuts - Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Quebec Premier Couillard open to legalizing UberX-style modes of transportation - The Canadian Press, Montreal Gazette
        Right to Die - Editorial, Toronto Sun
Albertans need a municipal property tax cap - Paige Macpherson, Calgary Sun
        The fleet-footed Steve Hudson: How Element Financial�s CEO built the $5B firm on his return to Bay Street- Drew Hasselback, Financial

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Earth�s most poisonous plants

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The National Observer <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Why is Joe Oliver seeking economic advice from a scandal-plagued corporate honcho?
        Your lie-detector guide to the latest PMO spin
In Stephen Harper's dystopian Canada, Big Brother is the PM
        Reporter's ejection from Harper rally fits pattern of hostility to media
Canadians paying parties to run attack ads against each other
        Duffy Trial: Why the verdict doesn't matter

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Mike Duffy a-t-il �t� forc� de participer au stratag�me du PCC?Plus
        Postes Canada: des citoyens s'inspirent de Denis CoderrePlus
Des rats dans leurs tuyauxPlus
        B�tonni�re suspendue: pas d'enqu�te publique, dit Qu�becPlus
Alerte � la bombe lors du mariage P�ladeau-SnyderPlus
        Canicule: gare aux coups de chaleurPlus
Raids du r�gime syrien: le bilan monte � 96 mortsPlus
        Canicule: les cal�ches somm�es de prendre une pausePlus
Chantiers � Montr�al: l'�tat des travaux en lignePlus
        Tourisme: le NPD veut r�parer le �g�chis� des conservateursPlus

D�couverte macabre pour les proches d'un disparuPlus
        �tats-Unis: Donald Trump tir� au sort pour �tre jur�Plus
Justin Trudeau courtise la classe moyenne en OntarioPlus
        Stephen Harper se pose en champion de la s�curit�Plus
Un homme attaqu� � l'arme blanche � BrossardPlus
        Espagne: quatre d�c�s dans des f�tes taurinesPlus
L'�gypte durcit sa l�gislation antiterroristePlus
        �crasement en Indon�sie: 620 000 dollars dans l'avionPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Etsy taps secret Irish tax haven while touting transparency- Alex Barinka & Jesse Drucker, Bloomberg, Toronto Star
        Greece crisis: Euro finance ministers approve �26B as part of bailout- The Associated Press, CBC News
Inside Amazon: Big Ideas, Bruising Workplace- Kantor & Streitfeld, New York Times
        African trade partners feel the bite of China�s yuan devaluation- Geoffrey York, The Globe & Mail
If He Runs, Will Biden Be the Anti-Clinton? - Dan Balz, Washington Post
        Report: Number of Emails Flagged for Classified Info Jumps to 60 - John Solomon, Washington Times
Hillary Clinton�s Got This - Ross Douthat, New York Times
        The Donald Overshadows Hillary Clinton at Iowa State Fair - John McCormick, Bloomberg
Email Flap, Sanders Surge, Raise Doubts Abt Hillary�s Ability to Win - Rachael Bade, Politico
        Hundreds of casualties in air raids on Syrian market- Al Jazeera

Mass protests in Brazil demand Rousseff�s impeachment- France 24
        Ecuador hits back at UK criticism over Julian Assange- The Guardian
China Tianjin explosions: Premier Li Keqiang visits scene- BBC News
        Missing Indonesian plane with 54 found crashed in Papua- The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

10 Boko Haram suspects 'to face trial in Chad over twin attacks'
        UN approves statement aimed at restoring peace to Syria
UN says expects states to respect privacy after AT&T spying report
        Putin slams 'external control' over Ukraine on Crimea visit
Use Iran deal to prevent nuclear weapons free-for-all, treaty body says
        Hundreds of US rabbis voice support for Iran nuclear deal
Turkey's nationalists reject coalition, set stage for more turmoil
        Trump reports for jury duty in New York
Ten killed in spike in east Ukraine violence
        Turkey's embattled lira falls to new low against dollar

Putin's Crimea visit aims to stir up Ukraine conflict: Poroshenko
        Israel offers to exile Palestinian hunger-striker, is rebuffed
Libya risks becoming 'another Somalia' Rome warns
        S. Korea, US begin military drill despite N. Korea threats
China orders nationwide safety check after Tianjin blasts
        Philippines can't afford full military modernization: officials
Egypt opens border with Gaza for first time in 2 months
        UN aid chief 'horrified' by attacks on civilians in Syria
Iran still closed to US influence after nuclear deal: Khamenei
        US to increase military drone flights: report

Japan nuclear power firm says no special precautions over volcano
        13 in Bangladesh to face charges for killing teenager
Obama can do Iran nuclear deal even if Congress disapproves
        Iran hands nuclear activity data to IAEA
As the Dalai Lama turns 80, Tibet�s future is highly uncertain
        Cuba�s top diplomat for U.S. sees long road to normal ties
China economy woes extend beyond currency
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Cold War  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* Russia steps up demand for U.S. to drop European missile shield
* Ukraine's border seperation wall is stalled by bureaucracy, no funds
* MH17: Questions a real report would answer; if it doesn't, it's a coverup
* Ukraine’s Odessa court bans gay pride march
* Ukraine fails to secure debt write-off at U.S. talks
* Residents of Donetsk describe Ukrainian shelling of their homes

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Should GMO food products be labelled?

Fields of gold ... or plains of ruin?

Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops


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