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Daily Digest of  August 13, 2015

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The circle around Harper lands in Duffy trial spotlight

        Harper�s office furious with Conservative Senate leaders, Duffy trial hears
Stephen Harper says �subordinates� not responsible for Nigel Wright�s, Mike Duffy�s actions
        Nigel Wright denies secret plan to use Tory fund to cover Mike Duffy�s expenses was �fraud�
The EKOS poll: Parties still struggling to break free of deadlock

A look at the senior PMO people who knew truth about Duffy repayment plan
        Post-debate polls suggest little change in three-way election horse race
Poll Tracker: Ontario behind tightening 3-way national race
        The Closing of the Canadian Mind
Why this is the most important campaign the NDP has ever fought
        Is now the time to talk marijuana decriminalization?
In the Duffy emails, a word from the Prime Minister
        At Issue | Day two of Nigel Wright�s testimony at the Mike Duffy trial
Healing the economy with love? What was Trudeau talking about?
        With election race a stalemate, Conservatives looking for breakout issue
Wright�s testimony reveals diverging motives for Duffy payment
        Revulsion at porkery drove Nigel Wright to make out bank draft for Mike Duffy
No smoking gun

Justin Trudeau�s pie-in-the-sky platform
        Trudeau�s name won�t get him elected
Two new ideas from Elizabeth May
        This is Notley�s summer of discontent
Canadians worried about recession, new poll finds
        Canadians split on which leader can fix the Senate: poll
Majority of Voters Support NDP-Liberal Cooperation to Form Government if Election Results in Minority
        Canadian Museum of History workers stole cash under noses of auditors
Key Conservative campaign players in the loop on Duffy plan in 2013
        NDP chides Nigel Wright for Bible citation at Mike Duffy trial
Canadians want Greens� Elizabeth May at future debates: poll
        Covering the �Great Wall of Harper Campaign�

Stephen Harper�s trip to the North met with mixed reaction
        Hidden camera discovered at OFL headquarters
Conservative pledge to collect data on foreign homebuyers gets mixed reception
        Oilpatch worries about lack of storage facilities
Ex-Ontario premier David Peterson subject of sexual harassment lawsuit
        Indonesian court acquits Canadian teacher jailed in Indonesia
Pierre Karl P�ladeau admits he�s a bit nervous about wedding to Snyder
        Harper declines to explain incongruity in Duffy story
Conservatives lead in latest federal election poll      
        Media frenzy continues around Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy

Franklin Expedition search cost twice as much as Harper government claimed
        Conservatives to release budget numbers just ahead of election
NDP pits former Sask minister against federal finance minister in tough riding
        Campaign Notebook: Trudeau�s Heartfelt Plan to Kick-Start Canada
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$267,309 tax-free: Chief of 90-member B.C. First Nation may be Canada�s highest paid politician - Gordon Hoekstra, National Post
        Pan Am manager sues David Peterson, alleges she was sexually harassed - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Stephen Harper defends chief of staff Ray Novak in Duffy scandal - Joanna Smith, Toronto Star
        In the Duffy emails, a word from the Prime Minister - Aaron Wherry, Macleans
Ontario to help establish expert panel on physician-assisted dying - CTV News
        Nigel Wright redacted Stephen Harper email about Mike Duffy expense controversy, court hears - CBC News
Wildrose and Tories will duke it out for conservative voters in Calgary-Foothills - James Wood, Calgary Herald
        Key Conservative campaign players in the loop on Duffy plan in 2013 - Jennifer Ditchburn and Kristy Kirkup, CBC News
Montreal mayor takes jackhammer to Canada Post community mailbox platform - Pierre Saint-Arnaud, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        New Brunswick premier complains that federal government to blame for unemployment rate - The Canadian Press, Macleans

Touting Ontario�s new pension on Harper�s turf - John Geddes, Macleans
        Harper was kept in loop as PMO tried to manage Senate scandal, Duffy trial told - Alex Boutilier, Toronto Star
PMO, Tory Senators never intended to disclose Duffy payment: Wright - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times
        Kathleen Wynne busting open my daughter�s piggy bank for the collective good - Matt Gurney, National Post
Ontario�s debt drives Wynne�s decisions - Editorial, Toronto Sun
        CMHC raises red flag on Toronto housing market, now sees it as high risk- Gary Marr, Financial Post
Cineplex sales rise on Avengers, Jurassic World, Furious 7- The Canadian Press, CBC News
        Tesla Motors to raise $500 million in stock offering- Chris Woodyard, USA Today, Toronto Star
Despite oil shock, Western Canada still needs workers: Statscan- David Parkinson, The Globe & Mail

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Gilles Duceppe a repris le b�ton du p�lerinPlus
        Les pancartes du NPD d�nonc�es par les conservateursPlus
Explosion majeure dans une usine du TexasPlus
        Farnham: un compteur intelligent prend feuPlus
La police arr�te un pigeon transportant de la droguePlus
        Gr�ce: l'Eurogroupe d'accord pour un 3e plan d'aidePlus
�leSoniq: les grands moyens pour contrer la droguePlus
        Accidents en cha�ne � Montr�al: un homme gravement bless�Plus
Postes Canada: �aucun regret, je suis fier�, dit CoderrePlus
        Mike Duffy a �t� contraint d'accepter l'offre de remboursementPlus

Le drapeau am�ricain flotte � nouveau � Cuba Plus
        Une fillette meurt la t�te coinc�e dans un ascenseurPlus
David Peterson poursuivi pour harc�lement sexuelPlus
        Il regarde du porno en croyant que son casque �tait branch�Plus
CAQ: Legault remercie son directeur des communicationsPlus
        T.-N.-O.: 14 millions $ pour am�liorer l'autoroute 5Plus
Accident � Laval: une passag�re de 84 ans perd la viePlus
        Les fun�railles de Cheryl Bau-Tremblay ont lieu ce vendrediPlus
Sondages �lectoraux: croissance des lib�rauxPlus
        Br�sil: 19 morts et 7 bless�s dans une s�rie de fusilladesPlus

Mulcair veut renforcer l'ind�pendance du DPBPlus
        Une petite touche d'exotisme Plus
Chargement de la neige obligatoire � Montr�alPlus
        MH370: les recherches suspendues lundi � l'�le de la R�unionPlus
Indon�sie: un Canadien condamn� pour abus sexuels est blanchiPlus
        Explosion de mines: Pyongyang d�ment son implicationPlus
Explosions � Tianjin: inqui�tudes sur des rejets toxiques


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Joe Biden Sounding Out Allies About a 2016 Bid - Nicholas & Nelson, Wall Street Journal
        Why Fiorina is Rising in the Polls (& Why it Matters) - Robert Merry, The National Interest
Hillary�s Best Case Scenario Gets Worse - Chris Stirewalt, Fox News
        Democrats Increasingly Worried Over Clinton Campaign Troubles - Niall Stanage and Kevin Cirilli, The Hill
Fed Up Conservatives Will Tire of Trump - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
        Dow �Death Cross� Is Pure Voodoo- Brett Arends, MarketWatch
Kurdish forces fighting Isis report being attacked with chemical weapons- Agence France-Presse, The Guardian
        Turkey faces snap election as coalition talks fail- Al Jazeera
Greece sends extra police to island struck by migrant crisis- France 24
        China explosions: Chemical specialists sent to Tianjin- BBC News
Pakistan announces death penalty for 6 militants behind Peshawar school attack- The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Euro zone agrees to launch bailout for Greece: minister
        Sierra Leone lifts last major Ebola quarantine as cases recede
Cuba ready to discuss 'any issue' with US: minister
        Orthodox activists smash 'blasphemous' sculptures in Moscow
Congo charges 34 with genocide in inter-ethnic fighting
        Euro ministers set to launch Greek bailout, wooing IMF on debt
Cease-fire violations in eastern Ukraine cause concern
        Hawkish parliamentarian named as Israel's UN ambassador
Mediterranean migrant crossings this year near 250,000
        Britain's Labour poised to gamble on socialism in leadership contest

Philippines to open base near disputed sea even without US
        Japan PM expresses 'utmost grief' over war but no fresh apology
Iran nuclear deal backers plan worldwide 'peace' marches
        Pakistan renews talks offer to India on resolving Kashmir
Rhino horns, elephant tusks seized in Vietnam
        Syrian opposition at Russia meet rejects Assad role in ISIS fight
Russia slaps food embargo on more European countries
        Israel inks deal to develop Leviathan gas field
Germans borrow more as Merkel urges low spending
        Solid U.S. retail sales bolster Fed rate hike expectations

Iranian-Americans forge rare bond to support deal
        Earth�s 2015 quota of renewable resources used up, NGO warns
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From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Former PCs Aim to Oust Conservatives Via Vote Siphoning
Unhappy with Harper, 'Progressive Canadian Party' targets sensitive ridings to help Libs, NDP.

Larry Kazdan
Vancouver, B.C.
in Canada - facebook


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