Wednesday 12 August 2015

CANADIAN DAILY DIGEST Daily Digest August 12, 2015


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PMO fought to change audit reports to douse Senate criticism, emails show

Rogue Staffers Threatened To Sue When The PMO Took Control Of The �Independent� Mike Duffy Investigation
        Poll Tracker: Liberal fortunes improve following 1st leaders� debate
Stephen Harper heading to Cumberland-Colchester for stop at secret location
        Justin Trudeau calls for economic growth �from the heart�

Postal union president says workers will follow Harper around the country
        Wright leads courtroom through the Duffy scenario inside PMO
Tories lead on the economy, NDP on health care, cost of living: poll
        Wright�s testimony doesn�t yet implicate Harper in Duffy scandal
Will Nigel Wright be good to go?
        At Issue | The night before Nigel Wright testifies
Early election call suggests Harper doesn�t think Duffy trial will hurt
        The long ascent of Tom Mulcair
Why does Trudeau play the sovereignty card?
        What Justin Trudeau didn�t say about the Clarity Act

Stephen Harper�s terror travel ban more than a diversion
        Why Mulcair has lost my vote
NDP, McQuaig owe us an explanation

Conservative MP under fire for �politicizing� reservist�s death
        Liberal exec in B.C. steps down over federal candidate�s nomination kerfuffle
NDP wastes little time connecting return of Duffy trial to campaign trail
        NDP rejects well-worn path to victory through Toronto-area battleground
Conservatives stand to suffer most from lack of incumbents
        What to keep in mind as Nigel Wright testifies at the Duffy trial
Tory Senators make $27.8-million worth of funding announcements weeks prior to election call
        Peschisolido gets Liberal nomination amid party turmoil
Election debates fiasco shows commissioner needed, organizer says
        Tories revive �Voter Outreach Centre� name for election calls

NDP divide on energy sector could impact Sask. vote
        May Says Mulcair Is Allowing Harper To Avoid Broadcasters� Debate
Can Tom Mulcair translate NDP support in polls into more seats in the Commons?
        TPP spin cycle hits overdrive
Elections Canada�s Marc Mayrand says rules may need revisiting after the vote
        Stephen Harper takes aim at B.C. NDP to steal votes away from Mulcair on Oct. 19
Federal Campaign Gridlocked: Ipsos
        National three-way tie hides worry for NDP in Ontario, poll suggests
Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau confirm participation in Munk Debates, 2nd French debate
        A Powerful Lobbyist Consulted With The Prime Minister�s Office Over Mike Duffy�s Talking Points

Conservatives never stopped reporter from talking to rallygoers: party spokesman
        Nigel Wright says he had �obligation� to pay Mike Duffy�s expenses
Harper Aide Takes Blame for $90,000 Scandal in Canadian Trial
        Stephen Harper pledges higher RRSP withdrawal limit for 1st time homebuyers
Harper Pledges to Guard Canada From Foreign Home Speculators
        The truth about Mulcair
Is the TPP worth having
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Harper did not know how disputed expenses were to be repaid, Wright tells Duffy trial - David Reevely, National Post
        Nigel Wright e-mails made public at Mike Duffy trial - The Globe & Mail
Nigel Wright to Mike Duffy: Nobody will find your explanation for housing claim �persuasive� - National Post
        Rise up, Ontarians, and kill the Wynne Liberals� hare-brained idea of a pension plan - Jack Mintz, Financial Post
At Duffy trial, Wright recounts how Senate scandal engulfed Harper�s office - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
        Spy complaint hearings begin, civil liberties group presses for more info - Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Kathleen Wynne doubles down on pension plan that will cost TBD and solve (insert) - Robyn Urback, National Post
        Calgary ridings prep for by-election - Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun
Ontario teachers to head back to bargaining table - Louise Brown, Toronto Star
        Ontario plans to phase in new pension plan beginning in 2017 - Jane Taber, The Globe & Mail

Five things to know before Nigel Wright testifies at Mike Duffy trial - The Canadian Press, National Observer
        Wildrose urges NDP to refrain from vote-buying announcements during by-election - Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald
GE to sell health care finance business to Capital One for $9-billion- Neha Dimri, The Globe & Mail
        United Church votes to sell off its fossil fuel assets- CBC News

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President Obama Can�t Hide Disdain for Iran Critics - Max Fisher, Vox
        Trump�s Base: Affluent White Racists? - Paul Krugman, New York Times
A Republican Party In Turmoil - Eugene Robinson, Real Clear Politics
        Trump Will Fade, Dem Troubles Just Beginning - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times
Clinton Looks to Explain Why She Attended Trump�s Wedding - Jesse Byrnes, The Hill
        5 Minutes Early? On Time; On Time? Late; Late? Unacceptable- Brent Beshore , Forbes
China�s currency cut sends commodities plunging: �Another sign of economic weakness�- Peter Koven, Financial Post
        Investors applaud Google�s restructuring- Michael Lewis , Toronto Star
Saudi FM says �Assad not part of the solution� in Syria- Al Jazeera
        MH17: �Russian missile parts� at Ukraine crash site- BBC News

Turkey to press anti-PKK campaign �until no terrorist remains�- France 24
        �Peacekeepers on missions in Africa involved in murder, rape�- The Associated Press, The Times of India
Russia and Nato war games increase risk of real clash, reports says- Julian Borger, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Ukraine and rebels trade blame for violating ceasefire
        Switzerland lifts sanctions against Iran
Sanders overtakes Clinton in New Hampshire: poll
        MPs voice concern over UK Labour leadership race
Iran's FM, Syria's Assad discuss fight against 'terror'
        Afghan intel claims Pakistan implicated in Kabul attacks
NATO, Russia war games fuel risk of war, think tank warns
        Venezuela releasing jailed opposition leader to house arrest
Greek PM confident of loan support as EU states scrutinise bailout
        Erdogan vows no let-up in fight against Kurdish rebels

Israel loser in nuclear deal: Iranian FM
        US intervenes in case against Palestinians over Israel attacks
Saudi Arabia rejects Russian calls to work with Assad
        Army calls for immediate end to Israeli violations
China�s yuan shock boosts dollar, euro amid flight to safety
        After Greece, heterodox policies need to be taken more seriously
Strange alliances shape the Middle East
        What happens if Netanyahu �wins� the Iran vote?
Palestinians patrol villages for fear of arson
        Long taboo, Kurdish culture sees renaissance in Syria

Republicans plot to override Obama veto
        After food, now Russia burns Dutch flowers
MH17 probe finds �possible� Russian missile
        Ambitious Slovenia excites wine world with unique harvests
Iran carpet industry set for revival after deal
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Do animals fight wars?

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From: Peggy Merritt
Subject: re deficits

Hi Joe:  Deficits are not good for countries!!! I always use the comparison with average households. If you ran your budget like some governments do you would be bankrupt.  An glaring example is our province of Ontario which currently has  an almost 300 billion dollar deficit and have badly mismanaged our provinces economy due to the exorbitant financing of the Green Energy Plan.  The costly hydro rates are closing manufacturing plants throughout the province and causing the very high unemployment problem. So whats good about that? 

Peggy Merritt

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau offer little on economy: Walkom, Aug. 4  DD

With each passing day it becomes more obvious who really controls the money and who will profit from government dictates.

The same information applies to Canada.  Our governments obey the money masters and until we wake up there is no hope. Sadly the situation today is really suggesting that we need WWIII to straighten things up.  And I have no doubt it will happen soon.  This is why the US, Canada and israel have been bashing Russia?

Joe--this article also shows who Thomas Mulcair obeys along with all of our politicians



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