Saturday 15 August 2015



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NDP takes the lead in voter intentions, poll shows

        Trudeau says Harper should fire staffers who knew of Duffy payment scheme
Brad Wall pushes for attention on �unfair� equalization program
        Government efforts to combat radicalization can be �counterproductive,� says Jason Kenney
Senate investigators haven�t talked to woman about complaint against Sen. Don Meredith

Stephen Harper�s kids draw curiosity of young fans
        Stephen Harper faces most serious scandal since taking power: analysis
Liberals unsure if Wynne a boon or a bane for Trudeau in Ontario
        Avoiding Senate audit prime motive in Mike Duffy case
Duffy trial making it hard for many loyal Conservatives to feel proud
        Not just innocent, but wronged � lawyer paints Mike Duffy as a victim
Regional strengths (and weaknesses) key to electoral success in Campaign 2015
        Anti-Justin Trudeau line not the only slogan on voters� lips
With most voters looking ready for change, Mulcair laughing to the ballot box
Ontario report compounds Mulcair�s pipeline problems
        Stephen Harper won week 2 of election campaign
Is now the time to talk marijuana decriminalization?

Don�t tell me I�m oppressed
        Harper recule, Mulcair progresse
Nigel Wright denies secret plan to use Tory fund to cover Mike Duffy�s expenses was �fraud�
        Harper rallies Nunavut faithful behind closed doors
Opposition to Canada Post �super mailboxes� fanned by election
        Trudeau only main leader on campaign trail today, targets former Liberal ridings

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Duffy�s lawyer confronts Wright at trial on ethics of payment - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
        Nigel Wright denies secret plan to use Tory fund to cover Mike Duffy�s expenses was �fraud� - Mark Gollom, CBC News
Corruption Trial in Canada Dishes Political Secrets as Prime Minister�s Former Right-Hand Man Testifies - Justin Ling, Vice
        Decision to pay Mike Duffy�s expenses was mainly an attempt keep him from Senate audit- Andrew Coyne, National Post
Wall disagrees with Harper on equalization - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Alberta justice minister says access to legal help approaching �crisis point� - The Canadian Press, Macleans
Canada Post president gets new, $500K contract - James Bagnall, Ottawa Citizen
        Alberta announces climate panel, but no targets or deadlines for emission reductions - Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald
Not just innocent, but wronged: Lawyer paints Mike Duffy as victim forced to take money - Christie Blatchford, National Post
        How Rogers is getting bang for its buck as Blue Jays go from snooze to sensation- Claire Brownell, Financial Post

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Note to New Dem Strategists: Dig Deeper than Polls
        Byelections reveal Conservative strength in election fortresses.
Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence Compiled
        The Earth's Battery Is Running Low
Former PCs Aim to Oust Conservatives Via Vote Siphoning
        Matthew 6 Has Some Words for Harper's Tories
Covering the 'Great Wall of Harper Campaign'
        How Leadnow Will Push Strategic Voting to Defeat Tories
What Mulcair's Pre-election Autobiography Doesn't Say

        Why Harper's Tories Remain Best Bet to Win

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�Le jeu est encore tr�s ouvert� au Qu�bec, croit LebelPlus
        Promesse �lectorale envers les anciens combattantsPlus
Montr�al: poursuite polici�re sur l'autoroute 13Plus
        La b�tonni�re du Qu�bec �indign�e� par une fuitePlus
Duffy: Trudeau exige de Harper qu'il cong�die certains acteursPlus
        Explosion � Tianjin: �vacuations alors que le bilan s'alourditPlus
L'Allemagne votera mercredi sur le 3e plan d'aidePlus
        Risque d'�ruption volcanique: le Japon en �tat d'alertePlus
Gilles Duceppe a repris le b�ton du p�lerinPlus
        Les pancartes du NPD d�nonc�es par les conservateursPlus
La police arr�te un pigeon transportant de la droguePlus
        Gr�ce: l'Eurogroupe d'accord pour un 3e plan d'aidePlus

Mike Duffy a �t� contraint d'accepter l'offre de remboursementPlus
        T.-N.-O.: 14 millions $ pour am�liorer l'autoroute 5Plus
Sondages �lectoraux: croissance des lib�rauxPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Rumors Fly About Al Gore Run - Cooper Allen, USA Today
        Biden Wades Further Into �16 Bid - Jonathan Martin, New York Times
The Search for the Republican Soul - Molly Ball, The Atlantic
        Hillary Clinton�s Ship Takes On Water - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
Iraq Is Not a Winning Issue for Republicans - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        Ice cream becoming cool again as dairy fat health scare recedes- Bloomberg, Toronto Star
GE expected to win EU approval for $14-billion Alstom deal, sources say- Foo Yun Chee, The Globe & Mail
        US flag raised over reopened Cuba embassy in Havana- BBC News
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe stops short of new apology in war anniversary speech- Justin McCurry, The Guardian
        China sends chemical experts to Tianjin blast site- Al Jazeera
17 killed in Sao Paulo shootings; Police investigating links- The Times of India
        Contamination fears after deadly blast at Chinese port city of Tianjin- France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Libya's government urges Arab airstrikes against ISIS in Sirte
        AT&T helped U.S. NSA in spying on Internet traffic: N.Y. Times
Five anti-whaling activists barred from Denmark's Faroe islands
        Canada's leftist NDP leads election poll
Queen Elizabeth II leads ceremonies in Britain for VJ Day
        Kosovo Serb leader hospitalized due to hunger strike
Hundreds of troops, tanks, aircraft in Polish army parade
        China blast zone evacuated over contamination fear; 104 dead
Russia and Iran foreign ministers to meet on nuclear deal, Syria
        Iran gives UN watchdog information about past nuclear activities

North Korea stages unification rally in DMZ as tensions rise
        Myanmar farmers need help replanting rice after floods: UN
Iranian hardliner says Supreme Leader opposes nuclear deal
        Afghan police arrest five over public beating video
Trump to take break from campaign trail for jury duty in NYC
        Ukraine activists scrap gay pride parade after court ban
Palestinian shot dead after stabbing Israeli officer: medics
        German parliament to vote on Greek package on Weds morning
Critics use mine spill to attack US environmental agency
        Malaysia, China, Australia to 'refine' search efforts for MH370

Migrants from Turkey flooding into Greece; scuffle on boat
        Israel fires 12 flare bombs over south Lebanon
Deadly sodium cyanide confirmed at China blast site as new explosions heard
        N. Korea threatens imminent strikes against South, warns US
Japan marks end of WWII under criticism from China, S. Korea
        Modi says pro-poor, quiet on big business in key annual address
Oil�s price rout is nowhere near done
        In a slow-growth world, tech stocks are trending again
Greece showed that Europe needs sovereign insolvency procedures
        From Russia without love

Iran nuclear deal backers plan worldwide peace marches
        Top secret Clinton emails include drone talk
Controversial Israeli force-feeding law pits doctors against state
        Solar power is having a great year, except on Wall Street
EU ministers bless Greek bailout, wooing IMF on debt
        Eurozone economy slows as France stalls, China risks loom
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Canada Post president gets new, $500K contract
Cabinet approved the deal in July � six months before Chopra�s first five-year contract was due to expire.

Actions directly affecting the daily lives of the public ought not to be taken without consultation,
be it by government directly or Crown Corporations with  delegated powers and responsibilities

The current government has not followed this in the case of the cessation of postal delivery as it
did not in the abolition of the Canadian Wheat Board and will not in signing the 12 state TPP.

Privatization is in all probability the ultimate aim of the current government - not based on the
Canadian concept of "Progress, with care." but rather its adopted neo-conservative ideology.


From: Susan Dixon <>
Subject: WHAT???  Deepak Chopra just got hired again??

Don't let Canada Post end door to door delivery.

WHAT??? Deepak Chopra just got hired again??

Aug 15, 2015 Deepak Chopra just got his contract renewed for $500,000 a year for the next 5 years to run Canada Post. If you agree, please don't personally attack me verbally, I am doing this... Read more


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