Monday 31 August 2015



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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

RCMP investigation into Pamela Wallin�s expenses handed to Crown

Harper sidesteps Conservative law�s definition of recession on eve of GDP data
        Poll Tracker: Margin narrows again in 3-way race
NDP attack ad skates over copyright on Del Mastro footage
        Stephen Harper makes campaign stop at a Tim Hortons

Canada�s economy: The new rustbelt
        Power and Politics � August 31
Race narrows as NDP support dips
        Fear factor now haunts Conservatives
What you should know about the Trudeau poll numbers
        A phoney war over economic stewardship
Recession? Knowing if we�re in one matters
        NDP squeezed between two clearer plans for tackling recession
The King of Mean: Harper�s reign of fear continues
        A debate on women�s rights would be better, but interviews are a good Plan B
Trudeau�s �Real Change� not much of a change

New poll suggests Albertans less optimistic about economy, don�t want taxes raised
        Justice Binnie to start expense arbitration process by meeting 19 Senators mid-September
Laws against transporting booze across borders �ridiculous� Harper says
        Laureen Harper playing more prominent role this election campaign
6 rulings that point to Justice Marshall Rothstein�s thinking
        Marshall Rothstein muses on nine years in Canada�s Supreme Court
Politicians Miss Call as Canada Suspended Between Slump, Growth
        Canada Quarterly Current Account Deficit is Wider than Forecast
CTV�s Question Period Returns On September 6
        New candidates give up cash, family time to seek seat in Parliament

Mulcair unveils policy to fund shelters, end violence against women
        Early writ drop forces media outlets to shake-up their election coverage
Mulcair drums up votes in Saskatchewan while Harper returns to campaign trail
        Saskatchewan politics not as �slam-dunk predictable� with new riding map
How bad are the numbers? Notley government forecasts record $5.9B deficit
        Harper won�t talk recession a day before key economic numbers are released
Twitter Canada data reveals which leader has their message sticking online
        Less than five per cent of Conservative candidates agree to interview requests
Saskatchewan projecting $292M deficit; province blames wildfires, low oil prices
        Economists cut Canada�s growth projection, casting cloud on election pledges
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
RCMP database on missing persons is overdue, over budget - Dean Beeby, CBC News
        Wall along Canadian border worth reviewing: U.S. presidential candidate - Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Calgary-Foothills race gets nasty with warring leaflets warning of �communism,� funding cuts- Clara Ho, Calgary Herald
        Government set to ramp up collections efforts for student loans - Jordan Press, The Globe & Mail
Parents urge Ontario government to deliver all promised daycare reforms - Laurie Monsebraaten, Toronto Star
        Quebec to introduce sex ed pilot project with �no exemptions� - Jocelyn Richer, The Canadian Press, CBC News
Liberals to release sex-ed ad blitz as school year begins - Sean Davidson, CTV News
        Can a company fire employees whose names come up in Ashley Madison�s leaked database?- Peter Kuitenbrouwer, Financial Post
CBC drops local TV affiliates in Oshawa, Peterborough and Kingston- Robin Levinson King, Toronto Star


Un jeune coureur subit un arr�t cardio-respiratoirePlus
        Plusieurs chantiers sans ouvriers � Montr�alPlus
Enceinte � 13 ans, elle accouche � 14 ansPlus
        Une plainte d�pos�e contre le maire CoderrePlus
Trois jeunes adultes squattent une maison � CantleyPlus
        Nouvelle explosion monstre en ChinePlus
Qu�bec ouvre la porte � la fin du monopole de la SAQPlus
        Crise foresti�re: reprise des activit�s sur la C�te-NordPlus
Perte de vitesse pour le NPD selon un nouveau sondagePlus
        �conomie: nouvelle offensive de Stephen Harper Plus

Collision mortelle � Scott: dernier adieu aux victimesPlus
        Affrontement � Kiev: un mort et une centaine de bless�s Plus
Femmes autochtones: Mulcair lance la pierre � HarperPlus
        Proc�s Guy Turcotte: 1650 candidats jur�s appel�sPlus
Attentat de Bangkok: deux nouveaux suspects recherch�sPlus
        Arrestation abusive: le policier Joseph James suspenduPlus
Un policier d�mis de ses fonctions � cause de cette vid�oPlus
        Un d�but de septembre beau et tr�s chaudPlus
Ses 20 dollars trouv�s deviennent 1 million $Plus
        Trois Canadiens morts dans un violent incendie en ArabiePlus

Parents, �coles et syndicats d�noncent le gouvernementPlus
        Le Parti lib�ral attaque le NPD sur sa vision �conomiquePlus
Une r�alisation du Bloc chaque jour pendant une semainePlus
        � l'aube d'un r�el changement, croit Elizabeth MayPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A Summer of Clinton Stumbles - Balz & Rucker, Washington Post
        Bush and Clinton Dynasties Hit Trump Bump - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Trump Is a Nuisance, Not a Nightmare - Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg
        Sanders Within Striking Distance of Clinton in Iowa - Margaret Talev, Bloomberg
One-Term Biden Could Prove Unbeatable - Ruth Marcus, Real Clear Politics
        Buyers Beware: Why the Market�s Rebound Won�t Last- Anthony Mirhaydari, The Fiscal Times
Italian energy giant Eni finds �largest-ever� gas field in Mediterranean- The Associated Press, The Globe & Mail
        News Corp. could face U.K. charges over phone hacking- The Associated Press, CBC News
Migration crisis: Germany, France and Britain demand urgent EU meeting- Frances Perraudin, The Guardian
        Women register to run for election in a first for Saudi Arabia- France 24

Yemen air strike kills 31 in Hajjah province- BBC News
        Malaysia PM says protest organisers are �haram�- Al Jazeera
Iran nuclear deal will �fuel terrorism�: Netanyahu- The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Greece revives privatizations with one difference: more time
        EU shares slide to worst performance since 2011
Tehran: Foreign investors must share benefits
        Egypt�s Zohr gas find rewrites Israel�s happy ending
Rising oil output boosts Saudi economic growth
        Chinese media air stock market confessions
The U.S. demonstrates it will defend allies in Syria
        In opposing new migrants, Europe is forgetting its own past
Attacks on pro-Iran deal Jews offend Obama
        Guardsman killed in violent Ukraine protests

Taliban kept leader�s death secret for military reasons
        Refugee crisis testing Europe�s core ideals, Merkel warns
Huge transfer fees spark concerns in Germany

* Harper's Ukrainian ploy: Canada fails to see complexity in Ukraine-Russia standoff

"According to the Harper government rhetoric, the crisis in Ukraine is a very simple,
black-and-white equation: Russia bad, Ukraine good.
This is, of course, good old political pandering to the sizable diaspora of
Ukrainian-Canadian voters in advance of the federal election."

The "pandering" to support  "the bankrupt Poroshenko regime" includes
sending c.$500 million that could have been better spent here and
Canadian Forces personnel to train militias in Western Ukraine.

Inform yourself about where our taxes and troops are going


* Right wing, anti-decentralization protest in Kyiv kills one policeman, injures dozens more


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