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Trudeau campaigns in Toronto; vows to scrap Tory citizenship law

Ontario mayor defends controversial tweets relating Harper�s security to Hitler
        Paul Martin blasts NDP for move to �far right�
Mohamed Fahmy,two other Al-Jazeera journalists sentenced to 3 years in prison
        Six key ridings to watch going into the federal election

Kenney �not made aware� of Iraq air strike allegations against Canadian fighter pilots
        Fringe parties fight to spread message, sway swing ridings
Did Trudeau just change the campaign?
        Spend all that money, Mr. Trudeau? Why and on what?
Horserace narrows while Liberals gain on underlying numbers
        Duffy�s a lemon: What are we to do about the economy?
Trudeau goes all-in with stand on deficit financing
        Could Duffygate cost Harper the 905?
Preston Manning, Man of the Future
        Trudeau challenges Canada�s obsession with deficits

NDP�s hidden immigration pledge a concern
        Elephant? What Duffy-shaped elephant?

Harper government ran $5-billion surplus over first quarter: Finance Canada
        One-third of Canadians say they�re �falling behind�, embrace Mulcair 2:1 over Harper, Trudeau
Campaign Notebook: Rivals Ape Harper Tactics on Canada Hustings
        Harper to trumpet economic report in speech to Ahmadiyya Muslim conference
Why Predictions of Another Drop in
        Hoping to see party leaders in your town? Only if they have something to gain
Trudeau makes the rounds of community events in the Toronto area
        Justin Trudeau takes climate change question from event protesters
EKOS poll: Duffy awakening slumbering electorate
        Harper trumpets economic report on surplus but Liberals call claim �phoney�
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Preston Manning, Man of the Future - Margaret Atwood, National Post
Alberta says current oil and gas royalty framework to remain till end of 2016 - Mike De Souza, The Globe & Mail
Kenney �not made aware� of Iraq air strike allegations against Canadian fighter pilots - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
Deputy Ontario PC leader Christine Elliott resigns as MPP - Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
Questions remain about Deloitte audit of Sen. Mike Duffy - Joanna Smith, Toronto Star
NDP dropped the ball on U.S. lawmakers� oilsands visit: Critics - Matt Dykstra, Calgary Sun
Upbeat Scotiabank hikes dividend- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

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Accus� d'avoir hypnotis� des clientesour du sexePlus
        Mohamed Fahmy condamn� � trois ans de prisonPlus
La Nouvelle-Orl�ans se souvient de Katrina, dix ans apr�sPlus
        Dorval: un laboratoire de fabrication de drogues d�mantel�Plus
Crise migratoire: une nouvelle trag�die �vit�e en AutrichePlus
        Un sh�rif-adjoint abattu �de sang-froid� au TexasPlus
La temp�te Erika fait 20 morts sur l'�le de la DominiquePlus
        Trudeau parle d'un Canada uni par-del� les diff�rencesPlus
Des employ�s impay�s et des a�n�s mal nourrisPlus
        Le NPD r�it�re son engagement contre C-51Plus

Plusieurs entraves � la circulation � Montr�al ce week-endPlus
        Internet change la vie d'un p�re syrien dans le besoinPlus
Les CF-18 auraient tu� ou bless� des civils en IrakPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Hillary Clinton Doubters Are Wrong - Jamelle Bouie, Slate
        Denial Won�t Defeat Trump - Eugene Robinson, Real Clear Politics
Clinton Aide Discussed Foundation Work While at State Department - Fox News
        Dem Insiders: Biden Won�t Run - Katie Glueck, Politico
Hillary Clinton�s Sad, Extremist Rhetoric - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
        China�s Economic Data: The Taste of Mystery Meat- Bloomberg View
The Amazon debate: Are cruel bosses better at inspiring troops and building empires?- Peter Kuitenbrouwer, Financial Post
        How censors are keeping Chinese citizens in the dark about �Black Monday�- Brent Bambury, CBC News
Clashes force 5,000 to flee after beheading in CAR- Azad Essa, Al Jazeera
        Vietnam to free 18,200 prisoners in amnesty, but no political activists- Agence France-Presse, The Guardian

Migrant crisis: Four arrests over Austria lorry deaths- BBC News
        Hundreds feared dead after boat sinks off Libyan coast- France 24
Six people killed in Nepal landslides- The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Christian group occupies Philippine highway for second night
        Pakistan will continue to respond to India border attacks: minister
Iran military power not affected by nuclear deal: Rouhani
        Hollande, Merkel, Putin back cease-fire plan for eastern Ukraine: France
Poll lead for Greece's Syriza narrows as Tsipras presses for new mandate
        Obama defends Shell Arctic drilling decision
US Republican says Iran deal makes world 'less safe'
        China�s loss of control over its economy is becoming evident
Clinton erred, but she won�t be taken to court
        Japan requires firms to set goals in hiring female execs
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Harper to trumpet economic report in speech to Ahmadiyya Muslim conference

Here's where most of the "surplus" came from

The government's stake in the automaker was worth more than $3.3 billion Monday, based on a US$36.66 price at the close and an exchange rate of $1.2473. But it's unclear how much the sale will benefit Ottawa's bottom line.
The sell-off comes as the Conservative government searches for ways to live up to its election-year promise to balance its books in 2015-16,


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