Monday 24 August 2015



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Sen. Mike Duffy claimed he did not know who paid his expenses: emails

Duffy�s former lawyer recommended calling repayment deal a �contract�
        Markets slide sparks election campaign finger-pointing as Harper touts meeting with Poloz
If We Want to Ask Stephen Harper Questions, We Have to Give His Party $78,000
        Website urges Doug Ford to succeed Harper

Bob Rae: What�s wrong with politics? Plenty.
        Mulcair promises to boost guaranteed income supplement for seniors
Stephen Harper says Tories are best bet amid plunging markets
        Holding Montreal Island seats top priority for Liberals
Trudeau follows the path of McGuinty as he opens door to deficits
        Why Stephen Harper trumpets boutique tax credits
Conservatives sinking in denial during Duffy trial
        Why is #AngryCon so damn mad?
How the government�s census strategy keeps us in the dark
        Ray Novak may soon go the way of Nigel Wright

Harper hysteria a sign of closed liberal minds
        Have the Mounties become Harper�s private police force?
Indispensable rules 3. The doctrine of plausible deniability

Memorial for victims of communism off-base
        Headaches grow for Rachel Notley as oil price shrinks
Feds ponder warrantless police access to Internet subscriber info: chiefs
        Liberals pledge $300M more for veterans, say little about how they�ll pay for it
Toronto stock market plunges in early trading as part of global downturn
        Canada election 2015: Deconstructing the campaign playbook
In the end it was Joly, but it wasn�t pretty
        NDP takes aim at Trudeau�s riding as party rides momentum in Quebec
Law that gives locations of mentally ill offenders questioned after B.C. man threatened
        Orange is the new Jack: ex-Liberal contests Nunavut for the NDP
Women�s issues �invisible� this election, warns group
        How a Chilean vessel fills in for Canadian Navy supply ships
Capping reporters� questions at five during campaigns is Tory policy: Harper
        Fair Elections Act will bring big changes on voting day
2 unconfirmed suicides linked to Ashley Madison hack: Toronto police
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Harper�s office feared Senate scandal would harm Tory brand, Duffy trial hears - Daniel LeBlanc, The Globe & Mail
        Ontario government signs political accord with First Nations Chiefs - Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
Court documents �validate� allegations of PMO involvement in committee business: Rathgeber - Rachel Aiello, The Hill Times
        Feds examine warrantless police access to Internet subscriber info - Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press , CTV News
Federal audit takes aim at money-laundering real estate deals in Vancouver - Sam Cooper, Vancouver Province
        Why the north resents Toronto - Carol Goar, Toronto Star
Re-open criminal investigation and question Harper, says policing expert - Sandy Garossino, National Observer
        B.C. mines minister hoping to soothe Alaskans� concerns after Mount Polley spill - Tamsyn Burgmann, Vancouver Sun
Why university shouldn�t be a free ride for your kids, even if it could be- Ted Rechtshaffen, Financial Post
        Postmedia�s pivotal moment: Cutting $650-million in debt- James Bradshaw, The Globe & Mail

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Decades of Relentless Austerity in Canada Could Defeat the Conservatives

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Canadian Progressive World<<<<<<<
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Proc�s Duffy: un autre proche de Harper nie avoir suPlus
        Sainte-Julie: un v�hicule prend feu sur l'autoroutePlus
Le Barreau vote en faveur de la b�tonni�rePlus
        Qu�bec: deux garde-fous de b�ton s'�crasent au solPlus
Destruction d'un temple � Palmyre: un �crime de guerre�Plus
        N�gociatrice patronale � la CCQ: Hamad refuse d'intervenirPlus
Message texte: un conducteur subit de graves blessuresPlus
        PKP et Duceppe font campagne � RimouskiPlus
Gilles Ouimet va toucher sa prime de d�partPlus
        Migrants: Merkel et Hollande pour une r�ponse �unifi�e�Plus

Accord entre les deux Cor�es pour r�duire les tensionsPlus
        Un enfant autiste retrouv� mort dans une voiture au soleilPlus
L'instabilit� �conomique mondiale interpelle les politiciensPlus
        Thalys: Hollande d�core quatre passagersPlus
Collision mortelle entre cyclistes sur le pont Jacques-CartierPlus
        Le NPD veut bonifier le Suppl�ment du revenu garantiPlus
Le corps d'une jeune femme vol� avant sa cr�mationPlus
        Beauce: un deuxi�me jeune homme a succomb� � ses blessuresPlus
Deux suicides li�s au piratage du site Ashley Madison?Plus
        �crasement sur la C�te-Nord: tous les occupants ont p�riPlus

Justin Trudeau: des promesses aux anciens combattantsPlus
        Campagne �lectorale verte pour les vertsPlus
Des convois militaires russes dans l'Est ukrainien?Plus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Why Trump Won�t Fold - Barbaro, Cohn & Peters, New York Times
        Biden Ponders His Final Chapter - Rupert Cornwell, The Telegraph
GOP Angering More Than Hispanics - Jamelle Bouie, Slate
        The RG3-Trump-Cruz-Obama Nexus - Carl Cannon, World News
The Donald Struts In His Own Pageant - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
        Beirut protesters call for fall of Lebanese government- Al Jazeera
France train shooting: Europe on high alert after attack by armed gunman- Mark Townsend and Kim Willsher, The Guardian
        Trans Pacific deal could threaten Canada�s auto sector- Michael Lewis, Toronto Star
Koreas resume crisis talks, South says North deploying subs- The Times of India
        British foreign secretary re-opens Tehran embassy- France 24

After Brutal Week in Markets, What Next?- Mohamed El-Erian, Bloomberg View
        �Big 6 banks� 3rd quarter earnings expected this week- Meegan Read, CBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

White House says Obama may endorse in 2016 Democratic race
        Turkey's Erdogan calls parliamentary election, to meet PM Davutoglu
Israel has 'right' to settle in West Bank: president
        Russian ruble collapses to 7-month low on weak oil prices
North and South Korea reach agreement to end current tensions
        Palestinian sentenced to death in Gaza for providing info to Israel
UN expects Iran nuke deal monitoring to cost $10.5M a year
        Merkel, Hollande urge 'unified' response to EU refugee crisis
Greece says lacks infrastructure to cope with migrant influx
        Merkel condemns neo-Nazi riots outside refugee shelter

Reid: Iran deal best path to stop country from getting bomb
        Libyan general says forces fighting ISIS lack weapons
Russia's Lavrov says US signals it wants to mend ties
        US stocks plunge at open after Chinese stock rout
Almost 80,000 sign UK petition for Netanyahu arrest
        EU rules out changes to passport-free travel area
UN employees in Gaza strike against cost-cutting measures
        Iran president says nuclear deal fosters better ties
German foreign minister to travel to Iran in October
        China fears wipe quarter of a trillion euros off Europe's blue-chips

Japan says PM will not attend military parade in China
        Britain, Iran reopen embassies in wake of deal
India, Pakistan trade blame as talks called off
        Mideast stocks sink as oil�s low price sparks concern
Stock selloff looks overblown to strategists
        Red-hot business: Investments heat up online news sector
EU warned not to let capital markets union hurt role of banks
        What�s the diet for economic growth?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Cold War  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* In Aug 22 speech, Poroshenko dooms Ukraine to endless war
* Ukraine celebrates Independence Day 2015 amid martial law, economic crisis
* Kyiv's actions threaten resumption of all-out war in eastern Ukraine
* Minsk�2: A rotting corpse
* Deadly cheering for war in Ukraine by Western politicians and newspapers editors
* Undelivered goods: How $1.8 billion in aid to Ukraine was funneled to the outposts of the international finance galaxy

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Re-open criminal investigation and question Harper, says policing expert -

There being a need to assess new evidence an election is irrelevant
A precedent has been set to do so, remember?

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