Wednesday 19 August 2015



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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<< Duffy trial awaits witness who implicated PM�s top aide

Peter Goldring Hacked Worker�s Email And Tories Covered It Up, Alleges Ex-Riding Exec
        Tom Mulcair defends praise for Margaret Thatcher�s �winds of liberty and liberalism�
Duffy-Wright-Harper: Does it Matter?
        Senators concerned about pace of Meredith sex-allegations probe, Speaker says

Trudeau, Mulcair Say Harper Hasn�t Been Honest On Wright-Duffy Affair
        Mike Duffy trial: Did Crown�s star witness do defence a favour?
Harper sidesteps questions about Novak�s knowledge, and whether he�ll be fired
        Campaign on leadership turns against Tories
Maybe the early election call wasn�t such a hot idea, Steve
        Let�s follow Britain�s lead: Ban political TV and radio ads
The unruly electorate
        Harper would have the upper hand in a minority House
Justin Trudeau puts Liberals in position to emerge from election with more influence
        Puzzling gap in Justin Trudeau�s plan

The Duffy trial: A trip through the maze of improbabilities
        A bombshell allegation at the irredeemably political Mike Duffy trial
Relax, the Duffy trial will soon be forgotten as serious election issues arise

Peter Penashue mulls federal Conservative run in Labrador after expenses saga
        Harper supporter�s profane rant brings out all of the memes
Conservative candidate opts out of Calgary pride parade after controversy
        Former Conservative MP Randy White may change vote
Oil dips below $41 a barrel, pushing loonie under 76 cents
        Thomas Mulcair Sang Praises For Margaret Thatcher�s Right-Wing Politics In 2001
Harper looks to make inroads in Ontario riding held by NDP
        Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau promises flexible workplace hours
Parties must turn to web to reach growing ranks of digital-only voters
        Poll Tracker: NDP continues to lead subtly shifting national race

Cross-examination of Nigel Wright to continue today at Mike Duffy trial
        Wynne breaks ranks with premiers in campaigning hard for Trudeau
Opponent seeks to topple NDP�s Mulcair from Kinder Morgan tightrope
        Kathleen Wynne pitches better co-operation with Ottawa to AMO
Shopping for Surrey: three-way fights make this B.C. suburb central to campaigns
        Former MP Dean Del Mastro claims he never received services he paid $21,000 for
NDP out in front, but pollster sees lots of room for change
        Liberal candidate says PM�s chief of staff should be fired
Wright says public believing senator repaid expenses not �bad misrepresentation�
        Mike Duffy�s adviser shared secrets with Nigel Wright, defence alleges

May, Trudeau, and Mulcair images improve, Harper negatives rise.
        Wynne wading into federal election campaign, Harper on offensive over pensions
Wright testimony having effect in Conservative Prairie bedrock
        NDP pledge $250M for police recruitment, 2,500 more front-line officers
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ontario failed duty to consult First Nations on Hydro One sale, chief says - Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Toronto Star
        The Duffy trial: A trip through the maze of improbabilities - Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe & Mail
Tribunal rejects Ottawa public servant�s reprisal complaints - Don Butler, Ottawa Citizen
        B.C. First Nations chiefs release compensation for past fiscal year - Wendy Stueck & James Keller, The Globe & Mail
Save the Trans-Pacific trade-offs for after the election - Editorial, The Globe & Mail
        The circle closes in around PMO chief of staff Ray Novak - Aaron Wherry, Macleans
Port Metro Vancouver statistics show bright spots in gloomy economy- Iain Marlow, The Globe & Mail

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543 $ d'amende pour avoir �crit �F**k Harper� sur son autoPlus
        Un accident fait deux bless�s graves � LongueuilPlus
�loge du thatch�risme: Mulcair s'explique bri�vementPlus
        Laval: un gar�on de 4 ans se noie dans la piscine familialePlus
SAQ et AMT: Qu�bec d�gomme deux ex-d�put�s p�quistesPlus
        Mulcair promet 2500 policiers suppl�mentairesPlus
Berlin s'attend � 800 000 demandeurs d'asile en 2015Plus
        Proc�s Duffy: aussi les yeux et les oreilles de Nigel WrightPlus
Journalistes insult�s: Deltell se d�sole de ce comportementPlus
        Sites d'injection supervis�e: Duceppe rabroue OttawaPlus

Le rapport sur la r�sidence Cooke rendu publicPlus
        Face-�-face sur la 138: une femme perd la viePlus
Un chauffeur de bus s'endort au volant!Plus
        D�c�s d'un cycliste � Qu�bec: un policier sera accus�Plus
Justin Trudeau veut faciliter la conciliation travail-famillePlus
        Stephen Harper veut r�duire la paperasserie des PMEPlus
R�seau de voleurs de v�hicules r�cr�atifs d�mantel�Plus
        L'�cart entre Donald Trump et Hillary Clinton se resserrePlus
Surdoses au Fentanyl: trois d�c�s � Qu�bec Plus
        Explosions � Tianjin: le fils d'un ex-chef de la police impliqu�Plus

Russie: un Estonien en prison pour espionnage, l'UE protestePlus
        L'auteur de l'attentat de Bangkok aid� par un r�seau?Plus
Gr�ce: premi�re tranche d'aide d�bloqu�e par la zone euroPlus
        Un alligator captur� � Montr�alPlus
Un pi�ton happ� mortellement � PincourtPlus
        Indon�sie: premiers corps �vacu�s de la junglePlus
Tweets controvers�s: une candidate lib�rale se retirePlus
        Thomas Mulcair, un admirateur du thatch�risme?Plus
Proc�s de Mike Duffy: l'�tau se resserre sur Ray NovakPlus
Le Bloc demande une enqu�te sur le co�t de l'essencePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Clinton Still Heavy Favorite to Win Primary - Nate Silver, Five Hundred and Thirty Eight
        Time For The Millions of Illegals To Be Repatriated - Pat Buchanan, WND
Maybe Clinton Just Isn�t a Good Candidate - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
        Contagious Toxicity of Clinton�s Email Scandal - Ed Morrissey, The Week
Trump Making It Up as He Goes - David Fahrenthold, Washington Post
        Amazon�s White Collar Salary Slaves- Annie Lowrey, New York Magazine
Norwegian fund giant puts premium on ethical investing- CBC News
        Eight signs a global market crash is imminent as central banks lose control- John Ficenec, Financial Post
Wal-Mart stock drops 3% on impact of wage hike- Francine Kopun, Toronto Star
        Salafist Imam Ahmed al-Assir, Lebanon�s most wanted- France 24

Gabon�s president pledges inheritance to country�s youth- The Times of India
        South African minister seeks legal advice over Oscar Pistorius release- David Smith, The Guardian
Turkey PM gives up on forming new government- Al Jazeera
        Bangkok bomb: CCTV video shows man leave backpack- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Wildfires trigger new evacuation orders across U.S. Northwest
        Palestinian Christians scuffle with Israeli police over divisive wall
Israel suspends detention of Palestinian hunger striker
        NATO warns pro-Russia rebels against more Ukraine land grabs
Man charged over Statue of Liberty hoax bomb threat
        UN to let Iran inspect own alleged nuclear work site
UN warns of risk of Israeli-Palestinian escalation
        Russia's Putin would consider meeting Obama at UN
Moscow urges Europe to get Ukraine to comply with truce
        Serbian leader criticizes Hungary for migrant border fence

Greece blocks Canadian goldmine worksite: minister
        German Parliament overwhelmingly approves Greek bailout
Russia sends Estonian security officer to prison for spying
        After election, Sri Lanka PM invites rivals to work together
Pakistan invites separatists for meeting 'to irritate India'
        Americans back federal funds to Planned Parenthood for health services: poll
Markets sell off after China hits oil prices
        China stocks plunge 6 pct on yuan fears
Greece approves first privatization deal under Syriza
        Japan is wrong to overturn its past pacifism
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Never read about this in a MSM Canadian paper, did you?

Revealed: Canadian government spent millions on secret tar sands advocacy
Conservative government used public money on outreach campaign to counter criticism of controversial Alberta tar sands

From: "Stephanie Mc Dowall"
Subject:  Canadian government faces widening corruption scandal as election looms | World news | The Guardian

The PMO's office was too damn smart by half.  They were idiots.  The $90,000 was not tax payer's money.   Initiating a cover-up has created a scandal.  Stupid.   It is a red herring issue. There are other issues in Canada we should be far more concerned about.   The decrease in the value of our loonie, the increase in the cost of our food,  the various economic/financial issues that are causing so many Canadians to have to really struggle financially,  (This now includes our Middle Class and certainly many of our Seniors.)  Consider too the money Harper has not made available to our Health care system. 

I am also ticked off at the manipulation by the Saudis of the price of oil and the fact Canada is now so dependent on oil re our economy.  Stupid of Harper.  The devaluation of oil is solely to cause serious economic problems for Russia.  It is a true conspiracy.    Short sighted.   It isn’t working either.     Global Warming ??    Is this real or being artificially created ??  Lots of material on the internet to say it is.   Are we being manipulated ?    I bet we are.  Our Opposition Parties are all on the same page.   Nothing will change no matter who we put into power.   Nothing.    They are not discussing most of the serious issues negatively impacting Canadians and neither is our media.   S

Falling oil prices: Who are the winners and losers?

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: With a centre-right party splitting Tory votes and Duffy scandal brewing, Harper, like Martin, also faces the court of public opinion

The Editor
The Toronto Star

Copy to: Mr. Tim Harper, Columnist for The Toronto Star.

With a centre-right party splitting Tory votes and Duffy scandal brewing, Harper, like Martin, also faces the court of public opinion

Re : "Nigel Wright opens the window on a PMO consumed with the Duffy problem, by Tim Harper. Aug. 12.

As reported by Vancouver-based The Tyee News (, a centre-right political party says it has had enough of Stephen Harper and will run candidates this election in ridings where a Conservative candidate barely won in 2011, in the hope of splitting enough votes to allow for a Liberal or NDP win.

The Progressive Canadian Party was formed in 2004 by some former Progressive Conservative party members who were upset at their party's merger with the Canadian Alliance in 2003. The leader of the party is Sinclair Stevens, a former PC minister under Brian Mulroney. "Our feeling is that if we have a credible candidate, they may take enough votes so that the Conservatives won't make it," Stevens said. "That may sound like we're supporting the Liberals, but our feeling is -- in this case -- the Liberals are better than Stephen Harper." He added that Harper seems to care more about corporations than Canadians, as evidenced by the prime minister's running a deficit rather than raise Canada's  low corporate tax rate.

Stevens said his party is looking for candidates in 15 Ontario ridings where the Conservatives eked out a win in the 2011. They are located around Toronto and Kitchener.

As for Duffy scandal, like former Prime Minister Paul Martin in the sponsorship scandal, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is also on trial in the court of public opinion.  In 2006, the economy was booming and the budget was in surplus. Yet, Mr. Martin went down in defeat because most voters didn't buy his contention that, as Finance Minister, he didn't know that former prime minister Jean Chretien was spending millions of dollars in the sponsorship program. In 2015, Prime Minister Stephen Harper faces the same public skepticism over his contention that he didn't know that his own chief of staff, Nigel Wright, wrote a cheque of $90,000 to repay alleged overspending by his handpicked, now suspended, Senator Mike Duffy.

Tim Harper is right when he says: "But voters should probably wonder about a bloated office purportedly running the country that was consumed with secret machinations to protect the reputation of a man abusing taxpayer money." This is also about protecting the Conservative brand which prides itself on fiscal probity and honesty.

"Transparency and Accountability" were the words

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