Monday 1 May 2017


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Government drops most contentious proposals for reforming House of Commons rules
        Pipeline politics: How an NDP victory in B.C. could divide Canada�s left

Liberals outline plan for controversial parliamentary reform
        Harjit Sajjan�s remarks �deviated from the prepared text� during now-infamous speech
Early cannabis sales �unbelievably high� after legalization: feds� US consultant
        Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil drops writ for May 30 election
Kevin O�Leary cites selflessness in ending leadership bid
        Globe investigation of Davie shipyard finds complex web of ownership, financing
Mexico and Canada �in this together� on NAFTA, amid Trump confusion
        True test of Trudeau�s expensive data devotion will be whether he follows the numbers

Disruption in the Canadian News Business
        Patrick Brown slams Ontario budget as a �sham�
U.S. has been on �wrong side� of NAFTA for �many, many� years, Trump tells rally
        Canada and China, a rapidly evolving relationship
What was Kevin O�Leary thinking?
        Criticism only makes Trump more powerful

From Trudeau to Trudeau: Political cartoonist Aislin looks back at 50 years of drawing Canada
        Michael Ignatieff fights his toughest battle over academic freedom
Ex-CRTC commissioner claims victory following Federal Court ruling
        Canadian News Media And �Fake News� Under A Microscope
Alberta Conservatives edge toward merger, but who will lead?
        Common interest will ensure Canada-U.S. trade conflicts get solved
B.C. leader could drag Canada into unwanted battle with U.S. on softwood: expert
        BC NDP win would cause �uncertainty�: TD
Retired widow�s $50K severance stuck in troubled public pay system
        Leaked Trump draft order blames NAFTA for �massive� wealth transfer from U.S.

Here�s a breakdown of who�s actually winning the Conservative Party leadership race
        What leadership race? Wildrose lead unshaken by Kenney, NDP still trailing: Poll
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Don�t let the Trump Show hijack our political agenda - Editorial, Toronto Star
        Manitoba, feds at odds over refugee funding amid influx of asylum seekers - Steve Lambert - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Trump and trade, military procurement, Kevin O�Leary and cupping: The week in Canadian politics - Heather Scoffield - The Canadian Press,       Defence minister Sajjan under fire for Operation Medusa - Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun
B.C. Election 2017: Weaver says he will retire if Greens fail to pick up another seat - Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun
        Liberals bribe us with OUR money - Andre Marin, Toronto Sun
Justin Trudeau�s twist on helping out the media - Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star
        The Ontario Liberals plainly never learn from their mistakes. Will voters? - Editorial, National Post
Google�s CEO made US$200 million last year, and Alphabet keeps throwing money his way- Anders Melin and Mark Bergen,
        Imperial Oil posts first-quarter profit but falls short of forecasts- The Canadian Press, CBC News

Bombardier faces lengthy legal battle with Boeing that may hurt CSeries sales- CTV News
        Trump is hardly the first to milk the cross-border dispute over the dairy trade: Wells- Jennifer Wells, Toronto Star
NAFTA draft order reveals Trump aims to play hardball on trade- Adrian Morrow, The Globe and Mail


Incendie: quatre logements �vacu�s sur Jean-Talon EstPlus
        Floride: du sexe en �change de 25 $ US et d'une portion de... Poulet McCroquettesPlus
Blaney lance une fl�che � l'alliance Bernier-O'LearyPlus
        Inondations: des rivi�res pr�occupantes en MauriciePlus
Lac-Saint-Jean: tous unis pour l'industrie foresti�rePlus
        Le pont Honor�-Mercier sera reconstruitPlus
�lection compl�mentaire dans Gouin: Benjamin B�lair repr�sentera les couleurs de la CAQPlus
        � compter de lundi: le salaire minimum passe � 11,25 $ l'heure au Qu�becPlus
Un projet de loi sur des travaux effectu�s b�n�volement inqui�te les entrepreneursPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trump May Not Be Getting Much Done, But It�s a Good Show - Zeke Miller, Time
        He Can�t Pass or Abandon It. Donald Trump Has Walled Himself In. - Dara Lind, Vox
Trump open to eliminating �archaic� legislative filibuster - Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner
        America�s Most Anti-Reform Institution? The Media - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
Sharpton confronts Omarosa at conference - Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill
        This Isn�t Tax Policy; It�s a Trump-Led Heist - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Democrats argue way back to power is through small towns won by Trump - Paul Kane, Washington Post
        Congressional Republicans confident they can avoid massive loophole in Trump tax plan - Joseph Lawler, Washington Examiner
Marine Le Pen to appoint ex-rival Dupont-Aignan PM if elected French president- France 24
        Anti-Temer strike paralyses major cities in Brazil- Al Jazeera
Rare victory for persecuted journalist highlights Mexico�s press freedom crisis- David Agren, The Guardian
        EU 27 agree Brexit negotiating stance- BBC News
UAE�s battle-hardened military expands into Africa, Mideast- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
        EU tells May: give our citizens their rights or no trade talks- Daniel Boffey, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

France's Le Pen on offensive with vote a week away
        Trump says North Korea's Kim is 'a pretty smart cookie'
S.Korea says US reaffirms it will pay THAAD costs; joint drills wrap up
        May brushes off EU calls to settle Brexit divorce bill first
SpaceX postpones classified US military launch until Monday
        UK PM May braces for difficult Brexit talks after EU adopts tough stance
Turkey threatens further strikes on US-allied Syrian Kurds
        Trump says China pressuring North Korea on missile, nukes
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

From: "John Feldsted" <>
To: "'Joe'" <>
Subject: RE: Daily Digest April 28, 2017.

An overview of Argentina�s economy paints an entirely different picture:

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Toronto Star <>Cc: "" <>
Subject: Re:  Kathleen Wynne�s basic income plan is bread without circuses: Walkom, April 26,2017

The guaranteed income proposal unfortunately absolves government from responsibility for generating jobs, and by entrenching a "reserve army of the unemployed" relieves pressure on the private sector to raise wages. Employers would have little incentive to pay new hires more than the minimum, knowing that the state would pay any top-up. In feudal society, nobles kept the serfs just above subsistence levels and divided the remaining surplus among themselves - a scenario of rising inequality where we are heading.  
Rather than guaranteeing income, the federal government should guarantee opportunities to work. This can be achieved by direct job creation programs as have been successful in countries such as Argentina, India and South Africa, and which could certainly be adapted to Canada. We have children and elderly to care for, youth to educate, houses and buildings to retrofit, rivers and parks to tend, and neighborhoods to beautify. A Job Guarantee program would not only assure that those willing to work could contribute to society while maintaining income and self-confidence, but would also set a livable minimum wage (with benefits) that the private sector would be forced to beat to retain a satisfied workforce.  

1.  You�re Hired! The Democrats are looking for a big idea? Here�s one: a guaranteed job for anyone who wants one.
As Polish economist Michael Kalecki observed, the real issue is that full employment strips business owners and the capital-owning class of power......With full employment, the capitalists lose their leverage to depress workers� wages and must give up more profits.
In defiance of this economic regime, the job guarantee asserts that, if individuals bear a moral duty to work, then society and employers bear a reciprocal moral duty to provide good, dignified work for all.....

2. What is a Job Guarantee?
" .....the Job Guarantee is actually a macroeconomic policy framework designed to ensure full employment and price stability is maintained over the private sector business cycle.

Job Guarantee workers would enjoy stable incomes, and their increased spending would boost confidence throughout the economy and underpin a private-spending recovery.

3. The Job Guarantee: Delivering the benefits that Basic Income only promises
"The BIG proposal is a compassionate but paternalistic policy that does not ultimately deliver the jobs that those at the bottom of the economic ladder want.  The JG proposal by contrast is based on several core considerations

1) it acknowledges what people want and accommodates those needs;
2) it designs a program that delivers greater macroeconomic stability, and
3) it helps redefine the meaning and nature of work, helping transform the economy to a more just and humane system.


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