Sunday 21 May 2017


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Chrystia Freeland: �There will be consequences� for Boeing amid aerospace trade spat

As Jagmeet Singh steps forward, is Canada ready for a non-white federal leader?
        Boeing challenge of Bombardier �lousy customer relations�: ambassador
Jagmeet Singh, the social media star who wants to take over the NDP
        Rona Ambrose bids goodbye to politics: �I had planned this all along�

B.C.�s provincial election result rests in the hands of 1 riding
        Trudeau responds to Kenney�s threat to sue Ottawa with dig at Conservatives
Silver Superman coins prove to be kryptonite to Royal Canadian Mint�s bottom line
        Justin Trudeau wants to legalize cannabis, but as a Canadian I know he has bigger issues to deal with
Trump promised to �Drain the Swamp� but will it drain him?
        Finding a way to trump a congenital liar

Journey through the darkness of cancer
        Trump isn�t the only one who needs a better NAFTA deal
Fentanyl crisis echoes mistakes of HIV/AIDS response

Jogging Justin Trudeau photobombs Vancouver prom students
        Decriminalize pot ahead of legalizing it, Jagmeet Singh urges PM Trudeau
Eyes turn to B.C.�s lieutenant governor in minority government
        Alberta�s right-wing unity plan is absurdly complex. Could it be foiled by simple politics?
The malicious and dishonest media really are, as Trump says, �enemies of the people�
        Rifts between Jean, Kenney emerge as Alberta�s right tries to successfully unite
Transition from Fossil Fuels? Not all that Controversial.
        Post-war convention on refugees buckling under current crises, says Lloyd Axworthy
Here�s how much more you could be paying for fuel when the carbon tax goes into effect
        Wynne is all aboard $21B high speed rail project
Head of MMIW inquiry says she understands frustrations over hearing delays
        Liberals up five points since April, Conservatives down slightly: public opinion poll
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Trudeau says Canada will be �resolute and firm� on trade interests - Ian Bailey, The Globe and Mail
        Wynne spending our cash like a drunken sailor - Andre Marin, Toronto Sun
Jagmeet Singh, the social media star who wants to take over the NDP - Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star
        Jane Philpott says pharmaceutical heroin a potential lifesaver in opioid epidemic - Catharine Tunney, CBC News
Social media begging for a Trudeau-Macron bromance - Mark Bonokowski, Calgary Sun
        Why Google, University of Toronto and Actua bring 1,200 secondary students under one roof- Josh McConnell, Financial Post
Calm amid a political storm: BMO�s big bet on the U.S.- Christina Pellegrini, The Globe and Mail
        Ex-IBM Corp. employee admits to economic espionage charge- CTV News
Canada�s housing boom has 30% chance of going bust, Goldman Sachs says- CBC News


Br�sil : mince r�pit pour le pr�sident Temer, faible mobilisation dans la ruePlus
        D�tenus en gr�ve de la faim: les Palestiniens veulent sensibiliser TrumpPlus
Le BEI enqu�te apr�s une poursuite polici�re de la SQ � RawdonPlus
        Qu�bec solidaire choisit de nouveaux porte-parolesPlus
Trump appelle les dirigeants musulmans � lutter contre l'extr�mismePlus
        Une femme happ�e par un v�hicule � Qu�becPlus
22 mois de prison une femme qui a oubli� une enfant de 2 ans dans son VUSPlus
        La fillette de deux ans retrouv�e saine et sauvePlus
Vingt policiers afghans tu�s dans une attaque des talibans Plus
        Le boulevard Saint-Laurent se refait une beaut� Plus

Le suspect du meurtre de Brossard arr�t� � Niagara FallsPlus
        Une cal�che qui se renverse fait une bless�e dans le Vieux-Qu�becPlus
Le tueur demande un cadeau � l'occasion du 1er anniversaire de la tuerie de La LochePlus
        62% des Fran�ais satisfaits du pr�sident Macron, 55% du premier ministre PhilippePlus
Plus d'�tudiants am�ricains accueillis l'automne prochain par les universit�s canadiennesPlus
        Marches citoyennes pour r�clamer l'�tiquetage obligatoire des OGM


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Trump Knows How Bad the Russia Investigation Could Get - Joy-Ann Reid, The Daily Beast
        Trump gets royal welcome during �tremendous� Saudi Arabia visit - Max Greenwood, The Hill
We�re Watching a Slow-Motion Coup D�Etat - James Downton, The Federalist
        Trump gave a thumbs-up in Saudi Arabia, which the U.S. Embassy says is �rude.� But it�s not really. - Aaron Blake, Washington Post
Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations - Mark Mazzetti, Adam Goldman, Michael S. Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo,
        Trump Wants to Blow Up Obamacare, for Real This Time - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
IS-claimed suicide bombings kill 35 in Iraq- AFP, The Times Of India
        Iran�s Rouhani re-elected president in landslide victory- France 24
US and Saudi Arabia sign arms deals worth almost $110bn- Al Jazeera
        Corbyn restates Labour�s commitment to Trident following shadow cabinet row- Press Association, The Guardian
Norway to boost protection of Arctic seed vault from climate change- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Italy and France to discuss more integrated EU, migration crisis at dinner
        NATO chief in talks with Germany, Turkey over air base spat
Israeli minister expresses concern over US-Saudi arms deal
        Trump calls for international isolation of Iran
Trump says peace between Israelis and Palestinians is possible
        Trump says Hezbollah, Hamas and ISIS represent different kinds of terrorism
Today we begin a new chapter that brings lasting benefits to all of our citizens : US President Trump
        Trump's FBI comments to Russians were aimed at cooperation: McMaster
Iran reformists sweep Tehran council elections: agencies
        China cripples CIA operations, kills informants: report

Poll lead falls, but British PM May to stick with elderly-care cuts
        Netanyahu says will discuss peace efforts with Trump
Pope says will create new group of cardinals next month
        Iran's Zarif urges Trump to discuss avoiding another 9/11 with Saudis
N.Korea tests another missile; Seoul says dashes hopes for peace
        Cuba dismisses Trump criticism as 'ridiculous'
Pacific ministers commit to move ahead with pact without US
        US calls on Iran to halt support for 'destabilizing forces'
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Blog: How Can We Prepare Kids For Jobs That Don't Exist Yet?

From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: The Trudeau Carbon Tax 3

'Pollution isn't free': Catherine McKenna makes her case for pricing carbon
Environment minister releases a technical paper and sharpens her rhetoric
By Aaron Wherry
CBC News
May 18, 2017

Technical paper on carbon

 The reason for McKenna's appearance in the foyer was her department's release of a "technical paper" on the "federal carbon pricing backstop."

 If you are particularly interested in "inter-jurisdictional commercial transportation requirements" and such, you will want to carefully review all 26 pages. If you are interested in estimated financial impacts, there are three charts laying out how a levy might increase the price of various fuels.

 But, in broad terms, McKenna's comments are useful fodder for debate and examination.

 What has generally been described as a "price on carbon" is now described by McKenna as a "price on pollution" or a "price on carbon pollution," presumably because someone in the Liberal government decided the word "pollution" was more evocative.

It's hard to be mad at carbon. Pollution, on the other hand, has a bad name. So, in the course of her short meeting with reporters, McKenna made two dozen references to a price on pollution.

Read on:


First things first: carbon, in particular CO2, is not a pollutant; it is a natural part of our environment including the air we breathe. Trying to tie a carbon tax to pollution is subterfuge and an insult to Canadians.

"Canadians realize that polluting isn't free." That broad statement is also subterfuge and an insult. Pollution involves much more than CO2 emissions. The Trudeau carbon tax is not aimed at industrial polluters � it is aimed squarely at individuals and accuses us of polluting air, land and water for which Trudeau intends to punish us.

"We know that carbon pollution causes droughts, fires and floods across our country and across the world, and that it impacts on our health through issues like asthma, premature mortality and more emergency room visits," she continued, reviewing the consequences of climate change and dirty air.

Now CO2 emissions cause asthma, premature mortality and more emergency room visits? If that were so millions of Canadian would be dead as the air we breathe is 0.04% CO2.

We have watched this government shape shift from global warming to climate change to pollution in its efforts to find an excuse, any excuse, to tax us more. Our climate is changing. It has for millenniums and will continue to do so. Solar flares and other phenomena such as volcanic eruptions have a profound effect on our climate.

Where is the promise that this tax will protect us from the ravages of climate change? It is not there because the Trudeau tax will not make any difference to climate change. None. It is a hoax folks.

"Making polluters pay is a critical part of any climate plan."        

 What climate plan? Does McKenna believe that her government can develop a climate plan for the world? Few nations are on board with reducing pollution and the most significant CO2 emission producers are not on board with the UN driven climate change fraud. Who else is supporting this alleged climate change plan?

The Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997, two decades ago, but did not come into force until 2005 � and no nation has been able to achieve Kyoto protocol targets. It is a farce.

 The Paris agreement, held at great cost in 2015 sets new targets and time frames for carbon emission reductions, but contains no effective penalties for failure to meet targets. It is another farce. There is no international momentum to combat climate change.

 The argument that Canada must do its bit has worn out and is no longer credible.

We are inundated with meaningless platitudes such as: �sustainable energy�; �renewable energy�; �clean energy� but have no plan to create a national power grid to take full advantage of our hydro electrical energy or natural gas capacity. There is no connection between the platitudes and reality. There is no plan, strategy or budget to shift from present energy supply to some other form of energy supply. The carbon tax is a money grab, not part of any coherent plan for future energy supply.

There is considerable doubt that the federal government has constitutional jurisdiction over the environment. If Trudeau is determined to seize jurisdiction he is obligated to assume full responsibility. Any provincial statute inconsistent with federal law is deemed void. Another issue apparently not taken into consideration is that federal law must be consistent. It cannot change from province to province. Equality provisions of the charter prevent that.

The carbon tax, like most socialist plans, is based in idealism and half-vast concepts rather than sound planning. We are being played for fools.

John Feldsted
Political Consultant & Strategist
Winnipeg, Manitoba


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