Tuesday 9 May 2017

Daily Digest May 8, 2017.

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Bureaucrats at eight agencies billing public for Rideau Club memberships

What Maxime Bernier�s Canada would look like
        New poll points to B.C. Liberal majority despite slight NDP edge in support
Liberals� new rescue aircraft could take two days to reach North Pole in disaster operation: documents
        Senators urge Liberals to scrap plan to buy Super Hornets � and go back to F-35s

Trudeau Bestows $26 Billion Infrastructure Bank on Toronto
        Senate wants changes to Liberals� plans for new drug injection sites
Former Manitoba premier Gary Doer to swing axe for Alberta�s softwood lumber industry
        Trudeau Liberals keenly watching outcome of B.C. vote
Why the Conservative Party should remain optimistic
        Lots of hypocrisy to go around in the Harjit Sajjan controversy
How do secular societies strike a balance between religious and other rights?
        Conservative leadership candidates play fast and loose with Charter rights
Solitary confinement: Why is Ontario willing to do what Ottawa won�t?
        Trump finds religion � for political gain, of course
Mayo medicare�s next mission

White House spokesman: No, there�s not going to be a trade war with Canada
        Military tribunal �disconcerted in the extreme� at slow appointments process under Liberals
Senate committee calls for Liberals to kill interim Super Hornet purchase
        Canadians still pro-immigration, but souring on United States: survey
O�Leary exit boosts Bernier, but race still �wide open� as campaigns reach out for down-ballot support
        �We need a surgical tool to cure this particular breach of ethics code,� says McCoy as Senate poised to eject Meredith
Question Period. It is not pretty, but it�s public
        Basic Income Pilot Will Require a Big Rethink by All Ontarians
Poll shows NS Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil polarizing figure for voters
        Clark stands by trade threats to U.S. on eve of B.C. election

Tight British Columbia Election Puts Energy Projects at Risk
        Canada�s bid for UN Security Council seat could mean costly campaign
Trudeau Liberals have only passed 17 government bills since coming into power
        Conservative party politics getting in way of debate on environment: Chong
Mandatory minimum changes one part of planned overhaul of justice system
        Time for an �honest� list of defence costs, says Marc Garneau
PM Trudeau visits flooded community as 1,200 troops deployed to Quebec
        Trudeau congratulates France�s president-elect Macron on decisive win
Harper government looking to reduce tariffs to combat U.S. price gap: �secret� report
        Alberta PC Party elects Len Thom as new association president

Saskatchewan happy with Northern Gateway approval
        Telecom complaints down 17% overall � but misleading contract complaints surge
Peter Goldring�s pocket pen video camera keeps MPs talking
        In this election campaign, the only constant is �change�
The nations that Parliament sees
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Wall criticizes attempt to link carbon policy with provincial transfer payments - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        A trade war with Canada? White House says no despite lumber tariffs - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
What happened to Justin Trudeau�s all-star Cabinet? - John Geddes, Macleans
        NDP promises Toronto social housing cash as mayor slams Liberal government - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Conservatives plot political attack on Sajjan with symbolic confidence motion - Lee Berthiaume, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Why the Conservative Party should remain optimistic - Paul Wells, Macleans
Canada�s reaching the limits of income redistribution - Sean Speer, Toronto Sun
        Ottawa gives $7.48M for sex offender reintegration program - Jackie Hong, Toronto Star
Bills at PM�s country home add up to nearly $500K - Jon Willing, Ottawa Sun
        Chamber of Commerce calls for suspension of cap and trade in Ontario - Trevor Wilhelm, Windsor Star
Extra cellphone charges like data block and activation fees under fire- Sophia Harris, CBC News

TOUTES LES NOUVELLES PUBLIES DEPUIS 24 HEURES http://fr.canoe.ca/infos/aujourdhui/

Venezuela : les opposants � nouveau bloqu�s par les forces de l'ordre � CaracasPlus
        Cor�e du sud : d�but du vote � la pr�sidentiellePlus
Pas de conflit commercial en vue avec le Canada, selon WashingtonPlus
        Rencontre Trump-Macron le 25 mai en marge du sommet de l'OTAN � BruxellesPlus
Inondations: Philippe Couillard au Lac-Saint-JeanPlus
        Hollande � Berlin pour son ultime apparition sur la sc�ne internationalePlus
Somalie: six morts dans un attentat � la voiture pi�g�e � MogadiscioPlus
        Naufrages de migrants en M�diterran�e: au moins 11 morts et plus de 230 disparusPlus
Syrie: des rebelles quittent pour la premi�re fois DamasPlus
        Une adolescente de 16 ans est port�e disparue � Montr�alPlus
France: apr�s sa large victoire, Macron � la recherche d'une majorit�


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Republicans, Trump Are Doing a Pretty Good Job So Far - Andrew Klavan, PJ Media
        Pence set to stump for Republican in Montana�s open House race - David Weigel, Washington Post
Trump�s Triumph: Obamacare Repealed by the House - Newt Gingrich, Fox News
        Trump: GOP senators �will not let the American people down� on healthcare - Rebecca Savransky, The Hill
Clinton Ponders Alternate Universe in Which She Won - James Antle, Washington Examiner
        Price Defends Pre-existing Condition Coverage - Kailani Koenig, NBC News
Trump�s revised travel ban faces legal challenges in courtrooms on both coasts - Ann E. Marimow, Washington Post
        President Trump Is Hazardous to Our Health - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Macron beats Le Pen to win French presidency, toughest tasks to come- Tracy McNicoll, France 24
        Poland: Anti-government rally draws tens of thousands- Al Jazeera

Thousands of migrants rescued in Mediterranean in two days- France 24
        Boko Haram releases 82 Chibok girls- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
North Korea �detains US citizen Kim Hak-song�- BBC News
        Jos� Ramos-Horta calls on Australia to abandon �unsubstantiated� claim in Timor Sea- Naaman Zhou, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<< http://www.dailystar.com

Trump, France's Macron agree to meet May 25 in Brussels: White House
        Next Syria peace talks to start in Geneva on May 16: UN
French president-elect tells Trump he will defend climate deal: Macron spokeswoman
        Poor care contributed to migrant deaths in US jails: report
Russia seeks UN backing for deal on Syria safe zones
        No international force for Syria safe zones: Syrian FM
Mattis: US reviewing Syria safe zones but has many questions
        UK PM reaffirms aim to bring down net immigration to "tens of thousands" per year
Bill to declare Israel a Jewish state back on national agenda
        Israeli ex-soldiers group in spotlight after row

Teen Palestinian girl shot dead by Israeli forces
        May maintains strong election lead in weekend opinion polls
Currency traders losing confidence in dollar
        What�s the outlook for oil and metals?
OPEC�s missing a return ticket for its trip back to 2014
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The Robot Economy: Ready or Not, Here It Comes

From: "Mahmood Elahi"
Subject: Trump's protectionism will also hurt U.S.
To: The Editor The Globe and Mail

With China, Canada, Mexico its biggest partners, Trump�s protectionism will also hurt U.S.

Re: �Defying gravity�s pull,� by Frances Woolley, May 2.

With $578 billion in two-way trade, China is America�s biggest trading partner, closely followed by Canada with $544 billion and Mexico with $524 billion. However, with U.S. exporting only $166 billion worth of goods to China while importing $426 billion worth of goods, it has raked up a massive $347 billion trade deficit with China. With U.S. exporting $266 billion worth of goods to Canada while importing $278 billion, its trade deficits with Canada are a modest $11 billion. With U.S. exporting $230 billion worth of goods to Mexico while importing goods worth of $294 billion, it runs a larger trade deficit of $63 billion with that country.

As such, it is easy to understand why U.S. President Donald Trump railed against China during the campaign as a currency manipulator and stealer of American jobs. Although many labour-intensive jobs have moved to labour-rich China with a billion-plus population, it is also the biggest customer of U.S.-made Boeing jetliners and automobiles. In 2016, GM sold more cars in China than it sold in the U.S. China also holds biggest numbers of U.S. Treasury Bills. This explains why Trump no longer talks about China as a currency manipulator and he has not moved to impose a 34 per cent duty on Chinese goods as he pledged during the campaign.

Importing $266 billion worth of U.S. goods , Canada remains the biggest customer of U.S. products in the world. With Mexico importing $230 billion worth of goods, it is the second biggest customer of Made-in-America products. A trade war with these countries will also hurt America.

When Trump threatened to impose a border tax on Mexican products to pay for the wall across U.S.-Mexico borders, Nobel-Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, in column titled: �The Wall of Ignorance� in the New York Times, wrote on Jan. 30: �As economists quickly pointed out, however, tariffs aren�t paid by the exporter. With some minor qualifications, basically they�re paid for by the buyer � that is a tariff on Mexican goods would be a tax on U.S. consumers. America, not Mexico, would therefore end up paying for the wall.� In a trade war involving U.S., China, Canada and Mexico, there will be no winners.



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