Thursday 11 May 2017

Daily Digest May 11, 2017.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Trump trade czar now in place; president says he wants �massive� NAFTA changes

Electricity prices to soar after four years, says secret Liberal cabinet document
        Donald Trump says back-to-back calls from Canada and Mexico were �an amazing thing�
Federal Liberals to reinforce Trans Mountain pipeline support with B.C.
        Mandatory breath tests for booze won�t violate rights, justice minister says

Anti-abortion flag taken down at Ottawa City Hall
        Harper taking a back seat to Ambrose, successor at Tory leadership convention
Trudeau tabs career security official to head Canada�s spy agency
        Ask Kady anything: Who will end up governing British Columbia?
Agricultural and Agri-Food Research � Collaboration Is Needed to Build Sustainable Growth
        Cultural appropriation: Why can�t we debate it?
After Comey, Trudeau needs to change his tune on Trump
        Infrastructure bank won�t best serve the public
Trudeau�s determination to stick to a script undercuts his message
        B.C.�s political earthquake reverberates in Ontario

It will take weeks for B.C. political landscape to sort itself out
        Trudeau�s B.C. election intervention may come at a price
Yes, I�m a millennial. No, I didn�t grow up with smartphones: Teitel

Infrastructure Bank risks slowing down projects, report warns
        �Some nail-biting to come�: B.C. election creates uncertainty for Trudeau�s pet projects
Off-target airstrikes in Iraq buried behind wall of secrecy
        Pierre Beaudoin, scion of Bombardier founding family, to quit executive role
Canada�s no-ransom policy is flawed, hypocritical: ex-CSIS official
        Assuming a plan behind Comey firing would be giving Trump too much credit
Don Meredith should have quit a long time ago
Take the Conservative litmus test
No more business as usual at Bombardier
        Winnipeg MP calling for indigenous translators in Parliament

Union files Phoenix grievances, wants federal government to �immediately pay all monies owed�
        Free of baggage from Harper�s Conservative era, Scheer seeks to replace him
Feds hope pot-by-numbers effort helps extinguish illegal marijuana trade
        Experts see instability in the legislature after B.C. election
Trudeau is lobbying Washington to save Canada�s biggest trade deal from Trump
        PM spends question period deflecting single query on Aga Khan ethics probe
Don Meredith eligible for pension because he resigned, avoided expulsion
        Air Canada Replacing Aeroplan With Own Loyalty Program
NDP forces Commons debate on infrastructure bank
        Liberals to name ex-Ontario minister Madeleine Meilleur to official languages post

CPPIB joins list of pensions pulling support for Bombardier�s Beaudoin
        Canada can�t strip your citizenship without a trial, court rules
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

CPC leadership frontrunners racing to finish line

Electricity prices to soar after four years, says secret Liberal cabinet document - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Inquiry into missing and murdered will not talk to most families until the fall - Gloria Galloway, The Globe and Mail
Quebec�s top court rules national securities regulator is unconstitutional - CTV News
        B.C.�s political earthquake reverberates in Ontario - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
Federal NDP, Greens buoyed by B.C. election results, Liberals stay diplomatic - Rachel Aiello, The Hill Times
        Will take weeks for B.C. political landscape to sort itself out - Chantal H�bert, Toronto Star
Take the Conservative litmus test - Gerry Nicholls, Edmonton Sun
        B.C.�s wild election is an opportunity for major democratic changes - Duff Conacher, Macleans
Thirty uses for Justin Trudeau�s cardboard cut-outs - Lorrie Goldstein, Ottawa Sun
        After the B.C. election, the Green Party takes root - Anne Kingston, Macleans

Short sellers target Bombardier ahead of earnings- Larry MacDonald, The Globe and Mail
        Toronto mortgage lender Home Capital says its deposits continue to fall- CTV News


France: Macron d�voile ses candidats pour la bataille des l�gislativesPlus
        Zones inondables: Pas question de chasser les citoyens de leur quartier, plaident Trudeau et CouillardPlus
Moscou soutient la reprise du dialogue entre Isra�liens et Palestiniens selon PoutinePlus
        L'enqu�te russe continue malgr� le limogeage du chef du FBIPlus
R�seau �lectrique m�tropolitain : Qu�bec veut simplifier le processus d'expropriationPlus
        Homosexuels en Tch�tch�nie: 5 militants LGBT arr�t�s � MoscouPlus
Fran�ois Hollande pr�voit une passation de pouvoirs �simple, claire et amicale�Plus
        L'arm�e avance dans un quartier rebelle de DamasPlus
�pid�mie de m�ningite au Nigeria: plus de 1000 mortsPlus
        Air Canada larguera son programme de fid�lisation A�roplan en 2020Plus

Trop t�t pour parler d'un d�gel des relations russo-am�ricainesPlus
        Uber doit avoir les m�mes licences que les taxisPlus
La SQ met en garde contre les fraudes li�es � des institutions financi�resPlus
        Forte hausse du dividende de Qu�becorPlus
Une dizaine de personnes �vacu�es � Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuPlus
        Pour la troisi�me ann�e cons�cutive, VIA Rail en pleine croissancePlus
Agression arm�e pr�s du m�tro C�te-VertuPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Where�s Paul Ryan in All the Comey Chaos? In Ohio, Talking Taxes - Alan Rappeport, New York Times
        New York Times editorial: Comey fired because of �investigation that could bring down a president� - Rebecca Savransky, The Hill
Trump Pulls From Nixon�s Playbook - Todd Purdum, Politico
        Senate Dem sees �looming constitutional crisis� - Rebecca Savransky, The Hill News
Trump defends Comey firing, insists Democrats �will be thanking me!� - Abby Phillip, Washington Post
        Comey�s Handling of the Clinton Probe Did Him In - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Restoring Public Confidence in the FBI - Rod Rosenstein, U.S. Department of Justice
        Protests in Jakarta after Christian governor convicted of blasphemy- Kate Lamb, The Guardian
Monitor says air strikes kill 11 people north of Syria�s Raqqa- Reuters, The Times Of India
        Jordanians �won�t support ground intervention in Syria�- Ali Younes, Al Jazeera

Brazil�s ex-President Lula questioned over corruption- BBC News
        National Front�s Marion Mar�chal-Le Pen steps away from politics, for now- Tracy McNicoll, France 24

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Syria's Assad says will not back down from fight: TV
        Pentagon head makes clear US commitment to protecting Turkey
Clashes erupt at Palestinian protest to support hunger strikers
        UN in talks over control of Syria safe zones
Pentagon chief, Turkish PM meet after decision to arm Kurds
        Sinister text messages reveal high-tech front in Ukraine war
Kremlin says feels "cautious optimism" after Trump meeting with Lavrov
        EU approves visa-free travel for Ukrainians
Israeli Parliament advances bill enshrining state�s Jewish status
        Side effects emerge after approval for many U.S. drugs
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sign Of The Times <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GLEANED POSTS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
he Scandal Hidden Behind Russia-gate


From: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: I do not want to be regulated.

The notion that Canadians must be governed is ridiculous. Millions of free world people have not been �governed� since monarchs reigned. The days when you could be put to death by a king or queen at their pleasure are over.

Canadians have rights and freedoms and can choose their democratic representatives in fair, free and regular elections.

So how did we get into the undemocratic mess we are in today? Elitists, politicians, political pundits and political party insiders do not think we are capable of thinking for ourselves. They see their roles as governors and regulators rather than as representatives.

The Prime Minister�s Office has evolved into a form of �royal court�. The inhabitants are trusted friends of the Prime Minister, alleged experts of one kind and another and politically savvy. They are unelected, but have a major influence on how the Prime Minister and his government operate. They have no business usurping the role of our elected Members of Parliament. That is where the Prime Minister should be seeking advice.

Political party officers, strategists and fundraisers all try to influence us into donating money for �the cause�, which is fair enough; we are free to ignore them, but they also have the ear of our Members of Parliament. Party politics and government operations should never cross.

Lobbyists exert an undue influence on our Members of Parliament. Their job is to influence legislation and regulations in favour of their clients. The practice should be outlawed. If a corporation or special interest group wants to make a case for its cause, it should be done at one of the parliamentary committees assigned to various issues. Conversations are recorded, minutes are kept and it is all available on the parliamentary internet site. That is how an open and transparent government works.

Senior civil servants at the Deputy Minister and levels just below have a major influence on government operations. They advise the elected Minister on department operations and priorities. They are also expected to translate direction and orders from the Cabinet and Minister into action. They are not necessarily politically neutral and are not above procrastinating or tossing a wrench in the works by raising a different �urgent� issue to derail orders they dislike. They should be replaced at the end of each election cycle and be required to swear to political neutrality.

Elected representatives, even from the same political party, don�t always play well together. We have differences of opinion on most issues and that is reflected in the representatives we elect. Open, transparent and accountable government run by our elected representatives is a messy, confusing, confrontational and controversial effort. That is the price of democracy.

Majority governments not embroiled in controversy are dangerous. Their representatives have colluded to serve their interests rather than ours. They are regulating us not representing us. It is often said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We can have our freedoms and rights eroded by an ever-growing body of laws and regulations. We need to throw out at least two old laws for every new one proposed. 


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