Thursday 18 May 2017


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Canada warns it may cancel Super Hornet fighter jet buy over Bombardier probe

Canada ready for NAFTA renegotiation: Freeland
        Alberta PCs, Wildrose to form new entity called United Conservative Party
Former cabinet minister Vic Toews challenges conflict ruling in Federal Court
        Health minister orders opioid review after conflict-of-interest revelations

Andrew Potter was forced to resign from McGill Institute: Ken Whyte
        Liberals release carbon-tax plan, brace for legal battle with Saskatchewan
Legislative backlog prompts move to midnight sittings of Commons
        Trudeau government stacking up Alberta snubs
On trade, Trump bellows but Canada keeps it cool
        Justin Trudeau�s millionaire vacation is not a political double-standard
Next Conservative leader should channel their inner Ambrose
        Cue the eye rolls: this is a piece about cultural appropriation
Bill to make sex-assault training for judges mandatory gets fast-tracked despite concerns
        Forcing Trans Mountain through could make things ugly for Trudeau. Not building it might be worse

Don�t presume Jagmeet Singh can�t win over Quebec�s NDP
        Trudeau�s Senate is a Frankenstein�s monster, and it�s out for revenge on its creator
Stephen Greene and the case of the strange new Senate

Kevin O�Leary would play a role in Maxime Bernier-led Conservative party
        PM Justin Trudeau, Gov. Jay Inslee talk trade, climate change, refugees
Military, police deployed overseas to get tax exemptions, Sajjan says
        Senator apologizes for use of N-word during testimony on transgender rights bill
Auditor general�s complaint leads to cabinet order for release of Finance documents
        U.S. makes good on promise to renegotiate NAFTA, opens 90 days of consultations
�Cultural appropriation� and the healing power of an online backlash
        Liberals want infrastructure cash to reduce impacts of flooding, Sohi says
How the counting of points, not votes, could determine Conservative leadership race
        Pros of random breath testing justifies infringing rights: constitutional expert

CRA records missing in KPMG tax dodge affair
        Liberals to support Magnitsky-style bill targeting Russia for human rights abuse
Former PCO boss eyes border agency watchdog options for Trudeau Liberals
        Canada�s transgender rights bill could become law before the Summer, despite some controversial opponents
Michelle Rempel isn�t ruling out run for Calgary mayor
        Liberals to outline draft plan for national carbon tax Thursday
Moving federal immigration processing centre in central Alberta will cost millions extra
        Opposition parties try to block Trudeau�s pick for languages commissioner
Sajjan to mark Peacekeepers Day at United Nations despite mission indecision
        Editor of CBC�s �The National� reassigned after cultural appropriation flap
Air Canada plane diverted to Orlando after passenger tries to open door
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Being green in B.C.

Ontario autism program will soon include direct funding as option - Allison Jones - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Ontario�s new workplace laws will be �profoundly negative� for an economy already lacking competitiveness - Karl Baldauf, Financial Post
Infrastructure bank could insulate Canada from risky proposals, says Sohi - Jordan Press, The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Jagmeet Singh juggernaut a test for NDP race - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
Indigenous leaders sign opposition to Keystone XL in Calgary - CBC News
        Trudeau�s Senate is a Frankenstein�s monster, and it�s out for revenge on its creator - John Ivison, National Post
Don�t presume Jagmeet Singh can�t win over Quebec�s NDP - Chantal H�bert, Toronto Star
        Ontario Liberals violated spirit of ad rules with hydro bill inserts: A-G - Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun
Canada is a federation of frenemies�and pipeline politics prove it - David Moscrop, Macleans
        AB government says it has �redoubled� efforts to protect communities from flooding - James Wood, Calgary Herald

B.C. Election Results 2017: Green Leader Andrew Weaver takes shots at �reckless� B.C. Liberal environmental record - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
        Transgender community, NDP urge Liberals to change travel regulations - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Conservative leader Patrick Brown would stop �reckless spending� - Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun
        Liberals transparency problems pile up - Editorial, Calgary Sun
Qualcomm sues iPhone makers in escalating patent war with Apple- Mike Freeman - The San Diego Union-Tribune, Toronto Star
        Ford to cut 1,400 salaried jobs in North America, Asia- Associated Press, Toronto Star
Canadian factory sales rise in March on autos, parts gains- The Globe and Mail
        Railway union vows to fight move to install video, voice recorders- CTV News
Bombardier Inc signs $700 million IT deal with IBM in push to cut costs- Brendan Case, Bloomberg News, Financial Post
        Ottawa vows to stop forced bumping due to overbooked flights, but critics question if plan will work- Sophia Harris, CBC News


Gr�ce: le Parlement adopte de nouvelles mesures de rigueurPlus
        Lieberman pressenti pour devenir le futur patron du FBIPlus
Une saga judiciaire pour un piercing tourne en faveur d'un cuisinier de PFKPlus
        Gr�ce: incidents devant le Parlement sur fond du d�bat sur des mesures d'aust�rit�Plus
France: Marine Le Pen candidate aux l�gislativesPlus
        Toujours sans nouvelles de Bernard Larivi�rePlus
Homme menott� recherch� dans les LaurentidesPlus
        Japon : les fian�ailles d'une princesse suscitent le d�batPlus
Exp�dition Under the pole III: et si vivre sous la mer n'�tait plus un r�ve?Plus
        Un d�lit de fuite fait un bless� au centre-ville de Montr�alPlus

Inondations: les citoyens et les entreprises sont encourag�s � d�m�nagerPlus
        Trump nomme au gouvernement un sh�rif noir tr�s controvers�Plus
Sondage en faveur de la CAQ: Jean-Fran�ois Lis�e refuse de se laisser abattrePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Dem senator: Mueller �great choice� to lead Russia probe - Rebecca Savransky, The Hill
        Ryan has full confidence in Trump - Scott Wong, The Hill
Is the Comey Memo the Beginning of the End for Trump? - David Remnick, The New Yorker
        Trump�s cascading controversies rattle Hill Republicans - Elise Viebeck, Washington Post
Comey Never Complained About Trump Till He Was Fired - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
        Senator Thom Tillis Says He Is �Fine� After Collapsing - Daniel Victor, New York Times
Intel Leaks Aim at Donald Trump, But Wound America - James Robbins, USA Today
        Enda Kenny resigns as Irish Fine Gael party chief- Al Jazeera
France�s Macron blends political left and right to concoct administration- Joseph Bamat, France 24
        Sudan�s Bashir asked to Saudi summit with Trump despite ICC charges- BBC News
Gunmen storm state TV station in eastern Afghanistan- France 24
        S Korea president says �high possibility� of conflict with North- Reuters, The Times Of India
Lib Dems make opposition to Brexit manifesto priority- Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

US 'not increasing' role in Syrian civil war: Mattis
        U.S.-led coalition strike sought to stop advance on Tanf base in south Syria: pro-Assad commander
Syrian sides agree to new UN process on constitution
        Coalition strikes pro-regime convoy in Syria near Jordan: US official
Trump administration announces plans to renegotiate NAFTA
        Israel declassifies Six-Day War archives
Saudi Embassy in Vienna warns about Austria's face cover ban
        UN climate talks wrap up under threat of US exodus
UK May's Conservatives' lead over Labour slips to 15 points: Ipsos MORI
        400 contacts being traced in Congo's Ebola outbreak: WHO

French labor reform to be launched "very quickly", Macron told cabinet
        Pope backs efforts on Huntington's but opposes embryo research
Trump willing to try engagement with N.Korea, on conditions: Seoul
        Iran condemns new US missile sanctions
Mexico and US engaged in bitter dispute over sugar
        Turkey will act if Syrian Kurdish militia attacks: Erdogan
EU to back developing nations on climate with $890M package
        With waiver, US lets Iran keep getting benefits of nuke deal
Some MPs question Aoun exclusion from Trump summit
        Get ready for Brexit starting now, EU chief negotiator tells businesses

NKorea missile threat: Who�s within reach?
        Shedding light on fighters forced to work on Hitler�s secret weapon
What happens to the body on hunger strike?
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The link between people and apes
When wolves return to the wild
The habits that reveal personalities

From: Larry Kazdan
To: Letters Editor Cc: Andrew Coyne <>
Subject: Re:  Forcing Trans Mountain through could make things ugly for Trudeau. Not building it might be worse, Andrew Coyne |

A visionary federal government would support Alberta by making major investments in transit, building retrofits, renewable energies, clean technologies, and community employment programs. This plan would not only create many more jobs and stimulate new industries, but would also result in less carbon emissions, and fewer chances of coastal spills, land contamination or deadly explosions. Permanent benefits would far exceed costs, and B.C.'s commercial fishing and tourism would be protected.

Because positive alternatives to propping up declining and polluting industries exist, neither B.C. nor Alberta need suffer. The federal government should initiate a Just Transition program that supports both workers and entrepreneurs in all regions as our economy quickly mobilizes to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Leadership is about setting the conditions for a new economy, not ramming pipelines through provinces that reject them.  

1.  Footnotes:
1.  �Jobs vs. the Environment�: How to Counter This Divisive Big Lie
"Mobilization for World War II provides an even more dramatic illustration of rapid economic transformation that created massive employment while halting production for some purposes and radically expanding it for others.

Such a shared program would end the �jobs versus environment� conflict because environmental protection would produce millions of new jobs and expansion of jobs would protect the environment."

2. William Mitchell is Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE), University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

"A just transition in any threatened region or sector requires government intervention and community partnerships to create the regulatory framework, infrastructure and market incentives for the creation of well-paid, secure, healthy, satisfying environmentally-friendly jobs with particular attention to appropriately meeting the needs of affected workers and their communities.

3. Assessing the risks of Kinder Morgan�s proposed new Trans Mountain pipeline

"An oil spill would put at risk industries that together employ over 200,000 people locally including tourism, film and TV, real estate, high tech, agriculture and coastal industries.
In 15 years of operations, Kinder Morgan has accrued a significant number of spills, largely the result of human error. This includes four along the Trans Mountain route since 2005.

In the case of a major spill, taxpayers would likely be responsible for the burden of costs, as a company�s liability is limited to $1.3 billion and a major spill could easily cost ten times this amount."


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