Friday 5 May 2017

Daily Digest May 4, 2017.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<

Conrad Black defends Donald Trump at parliamentary committee

U.S. bed frame and cedar companies plead for exemptions to softwood duties
        Lift political gag order on charities, says panel report for Liberals
Canadian passport will have new marker for transgender travellers, justice minister says
        Super Hornets likely cheaper than F-35s, finance officials told minister

Supreme Court will hear case on interprovincial alcohol purchases
        PM Trudeau to attend public fundraiser as Liberals resume high-profile events
Postmedia apologizes to Alberta Sikhs for Harjit Sajjan cartoon
        Jagmeet Singh should learn from O�Leary�s mistakes in Quebec
The Liberal government is selling faux-progressivism. The NDP should unite in calling it out
        Ask Kady Anything: Will Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan lose his job?
Money talks � and the Liberals are listening. Cash-for-access is back
        Sunny ways fading as the Liberals hit the halfway mark in their mandate: H�bert
�Climate-change agnosticism� is a cop-out
        Notwithstanding clause is a bottle labelled �drink me� that cheapens the Charter
Saskatchewan legal mess puts Catholic education in Alberta in question

Prince Philip to retire from public engagements
        Christy Clark to target thermal coal exports regardless of U.S. softwood dispute outcome
Ethics watchdog considers request to revisit probe into Sajjan over detainee abuse inquiry
        Sajjan faces �two burdens�: Military, angered by his boast, also expects his defence policy review to �fall short�
Reporters should be able to protect sources, Trudeau says
        B.C. Liberals under fire for little-known program that gives tax breaks to wealthy foreign companies
In the Don Meredith case, the Senate tries to decide the price of privilege
        The trouble with Maxime Bernier

�Along came the parasites� � an alternative Senate storybook
        Quebec�s Liberals will face renewed scrutiny in the next election
How Kevin O�Leary talked himself out of the Conservative leadership
        Hitting the panic button over Prime Minister�s Question Time
Liberal government to debate Senate amendments to long-delayed citizenship bill
        Troops who lost tax benefit say government failed them
B.C. NDP vows to fight Trans Mountain pipeline, but won�t say how
        NDP Leader Tom Mulcair plans to vote in upcoming French election
PBO says feds� proposed changes would undermine office�s independence
        Deepak Obhrai Gets A Great Laugh From O�Leary�s Support

Military grappling with years of underfunding, Sajjan acknowledges
        Why the Conservative membership total blew away insider projections
Maxime Bernier�s broad regional donor base edges out remaining rivals
        BC Liberals take back claim woman was NDP plant in #IamLinda debacle
2016 census: Canada�s seniors outnumber its children for first time in history
        Sajjan to lower expectations for future military purchases
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Patrick Brown of little renown: Ontario PC leader struggles to get noticed - Mike Crawley, CBC News
        Why the mayor and the premier are barely speaking - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
Liberals open private fundraising events to public scrutiny - Joanna Smith, The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Court settlement with high school teachers will cost Ontario government about $50 million - Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star
Tory, Wynne met in private after mayor�s road toll plan killed: Documents - Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun
        Lessons from Alberta�s disillusioned Tories - Jason Markusoff, Macleans
Canada�s oldest seniors present unique challenges for policy-makers - Mia Rabson, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Tory board members abandon ship after Kenney leadership win - James Wood, Edmonton Journal
B.C. Liberals under fire for little-known program that gives tax breaks to wealthy foreign companies - Joanne Lee-Young, Vancouver Sun
        �We are still with you� a year after the fire, Alberta premier tells Fort McMurray - Lauren Krugel - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

Trudeau�s non-answer answers are not transparency - Mark Bonokoski, Winnipeg Sun
        Sault Ste. Marie byelection set for June 1 - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Canada�s rapidly aging population still yields �demographic dividends�: StatCan- CTV News
        Loblaw posts 19 per cent rise in profit, aided by lower expenses- The Globe and Mail
Torstar to cut 110 jobs after reporting $24.4 million loss on declining newspaper and digital revenues- Sean Craig, National Post
        Skippy peanut butter no longer for sale in Canada; fans stockpiling last jars- Sophia Harris, CBC News



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Is Donald Trump Crazy Like a Fox, or Just Crazy? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
        The Democratic Party�s Problem: Democrats - Noah Rothman, Commentary
Dear Jimmy Kimmel: Shut Up About Politics - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
        Clinton launching PAC to act as �quiet catalyst� - Rebecca Savransky, The Hill
Trump is learning � and sometimes mislearning � the lessons of the presidency - Jenna Johnson, Washington Post
        Senate Dem: I�ll ask Comey why he talked about Clinton probe but not Trump - Paulina Firozi, The Hill
Kabul bomb attack targeting Nato convoy kills eight- BBC News
        Activity resumes at North Korea nuclear test site: Analysts- AFP, The Times Of India
Venezuela protesters block streets after president calls for new constitution- France 24
        Syrian opposition walks out of Astana talks- Al Jazeera
Tony Abbott: Liberals must resist �cultural cowardice� and stand up for Western values- Katharine Murphy, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Jubilant Trump vows to 'finish off' Obamacare
US House passes healthcare bill in major Trump victory
Macron cements bid for French presidency after bitter TV debate
State Department voices concern about deal to reduce Syria violence
EU eyes rules that could move thousands of jobs from London
Syrian rebels reject Russia's proposal for safe zones
Russia, Turkey, Iran ink deal on safe zones in Syria
May takes tough Brexit stance as UK holds local elections
On Serbian airwaves, a battle for heart of Balkans
U.S. warns of sanctions on Venezuela
Roman columns left by coast face uncertain future
What we can learn from China�s industrial strategy
Brexit talks: Bad omen or opening bid?
FBI director defends Clinton email decision that may have handed Trump victory
May: EU seeking to affect result of election
Middle Eastern men slow to embrace gender equality: study
Stark choice: Fiery Le Pen or novice Macron
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