Tuesday 16 May 2017

Daily Digest May 16, 2017.

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Sen. Greene says he was �ambushed� by Conservative Senate leader Larry Smith, kicked out of Conservative Senate caucus over tonight�s dinner with PM

B.C. can�t hold Alberta�s economy �hostage� by blocking pipeline, Notley says
        Auditor general questions Canada�s plan to phase out fossil fuel subsidies
B.C. voters don�t want a Liberal government, feeling buyers� remorse: new poll
        Liberals briefing select allies on long-awaited defence policy update

Recruit, Attract, Grow: Canadians Want an Ambitious Plan
        Aga Khan island that hosted Trudeau owned by company with offshore ties, records show
Interim Conservative leader Ambrose begins farewell to political life
        Singh brings some style to a rumpled NDP
The real wedges in the Conservative leadership race
        Canada mustn�t roll over on trade for America�s bully-in-chief
Returning our voices to us
        Pipeline politics puts Trudeau�s Liberals in a pickle
B.C. election turns up volume of pipeline battles
        The noble work of the Aga Khan should not be tarnished by this Canadian political scandal

Have the Liberals decided refugees make for bad politics?
        If we can�t agree on cultural appropriation, can we at least agree to disagree?
�Cultural appropriation� and the healing power of an online backlash

New passenger bill of rights spells out passenger compensation rules
        Cabinet to have final word on infrastructure bank projects: Morneau
Trudeau violated conflict guidelines amid KPMG probe, watchdog group says
        Auditor general finds oversight, enforcement problems of foreign worker program
Aga Khan to open Ottawa pluralism centre, as Trudeau chopper controversy swirls
        Chrystia Freeland�s foreign policy speech to launch peacekeeping push
I ran a charity for years. Joe Oliver is wrong about the damage his government did
        Ask not for whom the bridge tolls (it tolls for thee, P.E.I.)
Conservative leadership candidate Lisa Raitt could beat Trudeau � but probably not Bernier
        Conservative leadership race divides along new poles

The Opioid Crises and What Needs to Change
        Cultural appropriation prize fund was the unkindest cut of all
Canada can help save Venezuela�s democracy
        Trump is playing with fire, America is getting burned
Waiting For Results on Overseas Tax Evasion
        A Green Balance of Power in BC
B.C. on the cusp of a better kind of �different�
        Mental health and politicians, an old stigma in a new era
BC Liberals planning to introduce reworked, Green Party-influenced budget
        Philpott concerned that doctor with Big Pharma ties voted on opioid standards

Federal government warned about perils of tightening tax amnesty program
        Liberals hold lead at midpoint of Nova Scotia election campaign
Jagmeet Singh steps down as Ontario NDP deputy leader during federal bid
        Ontario MPP Jagmeet Singh launches bid for federal NDP leadership
Rona Ambrose to Leave Politics for Washington Think Tank
        Trudeau-appointed panel recommends scrapping NEB
Ontario NDP to vote against bill that paves the way for 25% hydro rate cut
        Softwood lumber aid package likely to go to cabinet Tuesday
Families fear missing and murdered women inquiry in trouble
        Nova Scotia NDP platform unapologetically embraces deficit spending

US allies taken aback by intel sharing revelation
        Israel was source for some of information shared with the Russians
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Where is the courage of our MPs?

Rona Ambrose addresses state of Conservative Party as she bids farewell to political life - Stephanie Levitz - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        I think someone needs to ask Patrick Brown if he REALLY wants the job of running this disaster - Kelly McParland, National Post
Highlights from auditor general Michael Ferguson�s spring 2017 report - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Patriotism is a disastrous way to make trade policy - Maura Forrest, Macleans
NDP leadership hopeful Brian Graff takes party to court after they block his candidacy - Maura Forrest, National Post
        Liberals should tread carefully on restricting income tax amnesty, say experts - The Canadian Press, Macleans
The elephant in the classroom amid school closings - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
        Liberals nominate Madeleine Meilleur as official languages commissioner - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Brown blames nomination problems on �energized� Tories - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        B.C. Election 2017: South Asians helped hand eight ridings to the NDP - Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun

Former Progressive Conservatives look to lead Alberta Liberals - Emma Graney, Calgary Herald
        How much per gram? Provinces, feds to start debating price tag on legal pot - Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Dismantle National Energy Board and replace it with two new agencies for regulation, growth, panel recommends- The Canadian Press
        Ontario businesses warn against major labour law changes- CTV News
Google unveils improved Android software for car infotainment systems- Mark Gurman, Mark Bergen - Bloomberg, Toronto Star
        CRTC imposes new roadblocks to closures of local TV stations- The Globe and Mail
Bell launches streaming TV app for $15 a month; but there�s a catch- Solomon Israel, CBC News

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L'interdiction des ordinateurs en vol �probablement� �tenduePlus
        Cor�e du Nord: Washington et P�kin pr�parent � l'ONU une r�solution de sanctionsPlus
Cyberattaque: quasi-retour � la normale aux urgences en AngleterrePlus
        Moscou Trump accus� d'avoir r�v�l� aux Russes des informations classifi�esPlus
�Spinners� en classe: nos profs se prononcentPlus
        La myst�rieuse disparition de Bernard Larivi�rePlus
Rona Ambrose annonce son d�partPlus
        Damas qualifie les accusations sur un �cr�matorium� de �totalement infond�es�Plus
Macron et Philippe en qu�te d'un gouvernement rassembleurPlus
        Trump a r�v�l� des informations classifi�es au chef de la diplomatie russe Plus


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Rosenstein�s Compelling Case Against Comey - Kenneth Starr, Wall Street Journal
        Dems: Trump must explain allegations he discussed classified info - Jordain Carney, The Hill
The Priming of Mr. Donald Trump - Paul Krugman, New York Times
        �Fake but accurate�: Another reason to worry about decision-making at the White House - Philip Bump, Washington Post
Dem rep calls for Trump�s impeachment - Rebecca Savransky, The Hill
        Trump Plays Outsider Card; Insiders Go Bananas - Frank Miele, Daily Inter Lake
The White House isn�t denying that Trump gave Russia classified information � not really - Aaron Blake, Washington Post
        Macron and Merkel signal new move to strengthen eurozone- Philip Oltermann, The Guardian
Iran election: Hardliner Qalibaf withdraws candidacy- BBC News
        North Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke- The Associated Press, The Times Of India
Emmanuel Macron names Edouard Philippe prime minister- Al Jazeera
        US accuses Syrian regime of using �crematorium� to cover up mass killings- France 24

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U.S. ambassador to U.N. vows to 'call out' countries backing North Korea
        Canada bans bumping passengers from commercial flights
Trump talk with Russians 'wholly appropriate,' adviser says
        Syrian government denies U.S. accusation of crematorium at prison
US allies seen cooperating despite alleged Trump secrets leak
        Ukraine blocks popular Russian social networks
Two-state solution must be basis for any Trump peace effort: Palestinian envoy
        Cyberattack: The technical jargon explained
Government scientist from D.C. wins Miss USA pageant title
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From: Larry Kazdan
To: letters@macleans.ca Cc: pwells@thestar.ca
Subject: Re:  Amarjeet Sohi defends the Liberals� infrastructure bank, Paul Wells, May 11, 2017


According to Minister Amarjeet Sohi, our government cannot afford extensive "trade and transportation infrastructure" and so must use expensive private funding which the public will repay through higher fees, charges and tolls.

However, after the financial crisis of 2008 when the credit system froze, the government bailed out big financial institutions with a $200 billion package through an Extraordinary Financing Framework.

If the government wants to benefit the public by keeping costs low, then perhaps Minister Sohi might figure out how extraordinary amounts could be loaned so quickly and at giveaway rates when it happened to benefit our financial elites.   

1. Improving Access to Financing and Strengthening Canada's ...
"To soften the impact of the crisis, the first phase of Canada�s Economic Action Plan included measures to provide up to $200 billion to support lending to Canadian households and businesses through the Extraordinary Financing Framework."

2. How the Bank of Canada Creates Money for the Federal Government: Operational and Legal Aspects
  Library of Parliament  http://www.lop.parl.gc.ca/.../ResearchP.../2015-51-e.html...

"By recording new and equal amounts on the asset and liability sides of its balance sheet, the Bank of Canada creates money through a few keystrokes. The federal government can spend the newly created bank deposits in the Canadian economy if it wishes."
".....there is no external limit to the total amount of money that the Bank of Canada may create for the federal government."
"The Bank of Canada's money creation for the Government of Canada is an internal government process. This means that external factors, such as financial markets dysfunction, cannot cause the federal government to run out of money."

3.  Is Monetary Financing Inflationary? A Case Study of the Canadian Economy, 1935 75
As shown in figure 1, between 20 25% of Canadian public debt was financed
and held by the central bank and government from the end of World War II up to the early
1980s but inflation was below 5% right up until the early 1970s..............
....in the period 1945 70....Federal government capital expenditure funded highways, airports, bridges,
schools, hospitals, and other physical infrastructure.
During the period 1960 75, the federal government also introduced virtually all of the major
policy innovations that make up Canada�s system of social programs: Canada-wide Medicare,
universal pensions, the modern unemployment insurance system, and cost-sharing with the
provinces for higher education and welfare.


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