Wednesday 17 May 2017

Daily Digest May 17, 2017.

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Liberals to outline draft plan for national carbon tax Thursday

Nearly a third of Conservative leadership ballots already in, party says
        Ethical concerns hurt Quebec Liberals and PQ, boost support for CAQ: poll
Senate changes definition of a �caucus,� ending Liberal, Conservative duopoly
        Ottawa to apologize to those who suffered because of sexuality

Editor of CBC�s �The National� reassigned after cultural appropriation flap
        Ambrose says no, but Alberta conservative prize is tempting
�Don�t be selfish,� O�Leary says Conservative caucus members told him
        Stephen Greene and the case of the strange new Senate
Can mainstream journalism survive identity politics?
        Moving NEB out of Calgary slammed as �dumb,� �insulting,� and �absurd� idea
Rona Ambrose � and what might have been
        Rona Ambrose gave the Conservatives a performance to be proud of
Singh brings some style to a rumpled NDP
        The real wedges in the Conservative leadership race

Canada mustn�t roll over on trade for America�s bully-in-chief
        Returning our voices to us
Pipeline politics puts Trudeau�s Liberals in a pickle

Tax adviser to revenue minister attended KPMG-sponsored Madrid conference, parties
        Air Canada plane diverted to Orlando after passenger tries to open door
Senators discuss removal of infrastructure bank from omnibus budget bill
        Premier Clark warms to electoral reform, a Green Party �deal breaker�
Canada�s training plan for UN troops will be a departure from classic peacekeeping
        Government aims to pass nearly a dozen bills in Senate as summer break looms
�Cultural appropriation� and the healing power of an online backlash
        The Opioid Crises and What Needs to Change
Tory campaigns allege �very high� number of mail-in ballots submitted incorrectly and won�t be counted
        Trudeau to promote Canadian tech, lure foreign investment at Microsoft summit

NDP Leader Horgan rejects Liberal Leader Christy Clark�s collaboration overtures
        Christy Clark will have to remake her cabinet before trying to govern
Trudeau under renewed attack for Bahamas vacation
        Auditor general finds oversight, enforcement problems of foreign worker program
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The rise of the disaffected white working class

Infrastructure projects with too much financial risk may be avoided: minister - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Majority support Ontario�s basic income plan, but many find $17,000 not enough: poll - Jack Hauen, National Post
1 fake bank + 2 project-smothering energy panels = the Liberals� 3 pillars of stagnation - Terence Corcoran, Financial Post
        Canada�s training plan for UN troops will be a departure from classic peacekeeping - Murray Brewster, CBC News
Political stakes set to change for Conservatives under new leader - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Bennett quiet about extension of missing, murdered indigenous women inquiry - Gloria Galloway, The Globe and Mail
PC nomination challenge brings to three the number of party candidacies being contested - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
        Feds launch consultation process related to high drug prices in Canada - Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press, The Globe and Mail
Tory campaigns allege �very high� number of mail-in ballots submitted incorrectly and won�t be counted - Marie-Danielle Smith,
        Province replacing Ontario Municipal Board with less powerful tribunal - The Canadian Press, Toronto Sun

Ford plans job cuts to boost profits- The Associated Press, CBC News
        Canadian traditional grocers see slowing market share loss to Costco, Walmart- Aleksandra Sagan - The Canadian Press,
Canada has a 30% chance of a housing �bust� as the third riskiest market in G10, Goldman warns- Matthew Brockett,
        Fertile ground for Home Depot as gardening season begins- CTV News
Ottawa to keep revenue cap on grain shipments by rail- The Globe and Mail


Vol d'Air Canada: il menace l'�quipage et tente d'ouvrir une portePlus
        Cam�ras dans les locomotives: le syndicat des cheminots fulminePlus
Face aux scandales, Donald Trump d�nonce un traitement injustePlus
        Les corps de 25 mineurs ill�gaux retrouv�s pr�s de WelcomPlus
M�fiez-vous des billets FrankensteinPlus
        Bernard Larivi�re demeure introuvable La myst�rieuse disparition de Bernard Larivi�rePlus
Commission scientifique sur les inondations: le PQ veut mettre l'accent sur la pr�ventionPlus
        �Aujourd'hui, tous les Qu�b�cois se sentent Montr�alais� - Philippe CouillardPlus
Chelsea Manning, la taupe de WikiLeaks, est sortie de prisonPlus
        Alcool au volant: une vid�o montrant une voiture foncer dans des pi�tons diffus�e par la policePlus

Inondations: 350 millions $ pour les sinistr�sPlus
        Emmanuel Macron d�voile son premier gouvernementPlus
R�union militaire de l'OTAN avant le sommet avec TrumpPlus
        Construction: une gr�ve g�n�rale le 24 mai, s'il n'y a pas d'entente


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Democrats� Civil War in Virginia - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast
        Hillary, How Can We �Move On� If You Won�t Go Away? - Adriana Cohen, Boston Herald
What the White House has said about the classified information story � and what it hasn�t - Philip Bump, Washington Post
        Rage-Filled Media Degrading Themselves Over Trump - Tucker Carlson, Fox News
McConnell backs Merrick Garland for FBI director - Max Greenwood, The Hill
        Donald Trump Defends Sharing Intelligence With Russia - Glenn Thrush, New York Times
Ivorian defence minister announces deal with mutinous soldiers � again- France 24
        UK: Labour�s Corbyn launches manifesto �for the many�- Al Jazeera
UK Brexit boost as ECJ rules trade deals do not require extra ratification- Jennifer Rankin and Dan Roberts, The Guardian
        Chechnya accused of �gay genocide� in ICC complaint- BBC News
China quietly releases draft of tough new intelligence law- Reuters, The Times OF India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

US Navy admiral sentenced to 18 months in bribery scandal
        Venezuela deploys troops to stem deadly unrest
US: Immigrant arrests soar under Trump, fewer deported
        Rouhani warns Revolutionary Guards not to meddle in Iran election
More US Republicans back independent probe of Trump-Russia ties
        Putin rushes to Trump's defense, laments US infighting
US to extend Iran sanctions relief
        If Britain limited EU immigration, this would have its price: Merkel
Putin offers to give Congress notes of Trump's meeting
        Japan restarts another reactor

Israeli intel experts alarmed by Trump leak but play down any damage
        EU offers 'fairness' to Britain in Brexit talks
S.Korea's Moon says 'high possibility' of conflict with North as missile crisis builds
        Greeks join nationwide strike over new round of bailout reforms
China installs rocket launchers on disputed S.China Sea island: report
        How culture uniquely shapes human evolution
Oil market �almost balanced� despite rising U.S. supply: IEA
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Public Safety Committee Thwarts Canadian Police Chiefs� Hunger For Lawful Access Powers

Canada And The United States: Trade, Softwood, And Uncertainty � Analysis

The west cares more about Ukrainian selfies than Donbass deaths


From: Ed Lack
Subject: Infrastructure Funding Comments

My First question is Who Is ; Michael Sabia, Caisse De Depot ? What are his Political Views / Direction / Religion ?


Canada's Senate has watched its reputation fall to historic lows.

Expense scandals and ethics scandals have left many Canadians doubting whether the Senate should exist at all.

But now, with the Trudeau government attempting to ram the infrastructure bank through our Parliament with just two hours of review, the Senate has a chance to regain the trust of many Canadians.

How? By blocking the infrastructure bank.  A step in the right direction

The Senate has already taken a step in the right direction. It is being reported that some Senators are planning to take the infrastructure bank out of the omnibus budget bill (which Trudeau once promised to abolish), in order to make sure it can be studied separately, and for a longer time.

It's a great idea.

As of now, the House of Commons has already completed the two-hour long "study"� of the bill, meaning the Senate is the last line of defense for the infrastructure bank to be put through a real review
This is exactly what the Senate was meant to do. It's description as the place for "sober second thought,"� is about the necessity to slow down and review � and potentially block � dangerous legislation.

The infrastructure bank certainly meets that "dangerous"� description.

A globalist giveaway

The infrastructure bank is the ultimate "globalist giveaway."� It puts $35 billion in taxpayer money into an institution that will be dominated by foreign banks. Even worse, Canadian taxpayers will be on the hook for all losses, while the foreign banks will get the profits first. Canadians get all the risk, the foreign banks get all the reward.

The bank also infringes on provincial jurisdiction, concentrating even more power in Ottawa.

The Senate must act

The Liberals received 39.7 percent of the vote in the election. Many polls show more Canadians now oppose of Trudeau than support him. And as we can imagine, almost nobody wants to give more power to massive foreign banks.

This means Trudeau has no real mandate for pushing the infrastructure bank. Such a massive amount of money being taken from taxpayers should be decided in a referendum. The consequences for our country of putting ourselves even more at the mercy of the big banks could be severe and last for decades.

Because of that, it's absolutely absurd that such a massive change was given only 2 hours of study.

The speed at which Trudeau is trying to get it passed shows he has something there that he doesn't want Canadians to see.

That's exactly why it needs to be slowed down, and then stopped.

The Senate has the power to do exactly that, and they should.

Countering Trudeau

As I've written about Trudeau's ongoing contempt for Canadians and his unethical governing style, many have asked "what can be done to stop the damage.?"

Since he has a majority government, the opposition parties are limited in what they can do, since they have no true power in the House of Commons. The Senate however, has the power to stop Trudeau's dangerous policies. Since there are more "independent"� Senators than ever, they can act based on their own conscience's, instead of strict party domination.

Of course, many of those Senators are "independent"� in name only, and still identity with the Liberal Party. But Trudeau has no leverage over them like he does over Liberals in the House. There, he can refuse to sign their nomination papers and their chances of getting re-elected will plummet. In the Senate, they can do whatever they want.

They should use that opportunity to stand up to Trudeau and block the dangerous infrastructure bank. And you can use this opportunity to contact Senators from your province and encourage them to stand up for Canadians and do the right thing.

Despite how corrupt, rigged, and broken our political system is now, the Canadian people still have the power to influence the path of our country.

The elites want us to forget that power � they want us to just go along with whatever they say. But we don't have to listen to them. We can make up our own minds, speak our thoughts, and turn the tide of public opinion.

Contact your Senator and tell them to STOP Trudeau's dangerous infrastructure bank

The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.


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