Sunday 7 June 2015



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Public confidence in Senate has eroded, Speaker says

Mulcair vows to consult premiers on abolishment of �archaic� Senate if elected
        Federal NDP Leader Mulcair�s optimism grows for federal success based on Alberta�s historic vote
Harper pushes Canada-EU trade pact at opening day of G7 leaders� summit
        Mulcair demands PM ask Pope to apologize for church�s role in residential schools

Toronto Mayor John Tory wants police to end controversial carding of citizens
        Foreign Affairs assisting two Canadians barred from leaving Malaysia
Harper faces tough talk on climate change and security threats at G7
        Senate must change and fast
Why the Senate still matters
        Norway offers few lessons for Alberta
Residential schools� raw emotion
        Alberta NDP government remains tight lipped on new tax powers for Calgary and other cities
Time to ban smoking
        Playing for love, not money

Harper kicks off pre-election trip to Europe with harsh words for Vladimir Putin
        Ottawa shooting: Stroller mom who alerted RCMP to Zehaf-Bibeau threat speaks out
Retired Sen. Rod Zimmer�s allleged questionable expenses total $176K: audit
        Tom Mulcair promises Canada�s cities an extra cent from the existing gas tax
Nenshi slams MP Crockatt over infrastructure comments
        Senate is responsible for its expense rules: Harper says
Chaos in the Senate as Auditor General report flags improper expenses
        Justin Trudeau promises plan for cities, Joe Oliver asks how it will be funded
Justin Trudeau proposes closer co-operation with cities, new sources of funding
        Kathleen Wynne�s controversies are a weight on Trudeau�s Liberals

Hundreds line up to attend public visitation for former Quebec premier Parizeau
        Spy-watchdog chair Pierre Blais�s credentials questioned by Mulcair
Why conservatives, libertarians and gun lobbyists oppose Bill C-51
        Lawyer Rocco Galati says Bill C-51 creates a modern-day Gestapo in Canada
Lavish Canada House reopening in London cost taxpayers more than $200K
        Tom Mulcair, Justin Trudeau meet with Premier Rachel Notley
Canada should help Ukraine by encouraging constitutional reform: Russian ambassador
        Five things about Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the G7 summit in Germany

Harper seeks to distance himself from Senate as audit report looms
        Senate speaker sends 9 senators� cases to RCMP
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Stephen Harper vows to keep Ukraine on G7 agenda during visit to Kyiv, as fighting intensifies in Donetsk region- Mathew Fisher, National Post
        Alberta NDP government remains tight lipped on new tax powers for Calgary and other cities - Rick Bell, Calgary Sun
How to care for your retiring MP - Scott Feschuk, Macleans
        Addressing aboriginal education gap benefits all Canadians - Barrie McKenna, The Globe & Mail
Hundred line up to attend the public visitation for former Quebec premier Parizeau - Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Premier Kathleen Wynne sets out the battle plan for Ontario Liberals - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
Mulcair makes big infrastructure promise to Edmonton crowd - Catherine Griwkowsky, Edmonton Sun
        Kathleen Wynne calls federal response to TRC study �disappointing� - The Canadian Press, CBC News
Soldiers calling military to request service pins told to hang up - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Let�s focus on the positive � easily more than half of Canada�s Senate isn�t under investigation - Andrew Coyne, National Post

This Canadian company took a wood product once considered junk and turned it into a $2.3-billion business- Peter Koven, Financial Post
        Profits are becoming the key to effective, charitable social change- Paul Klein, The Globe & Mail
Four Canadians to receive $100,000 to drop out of school, pursue their dreams- Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Ontario teachers hope to disrupt Liberals� annual meeting - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
The world is passing Harper by on carbon tax issue - Eric Reguly, The Globe & Mail
        BC Premier treads carefully around real estate issues - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
The 21 senators named, but not recommended for RCMP referral, in Senate audit - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Federal finance minister gives campaign-style speech at municipal leaders convention - Dave Lazzarino, Edmonton Sun
New Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown will run in Barrie in 2018 - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
        Canada is Skipping Its Turn to Protect Iceland, and It�s Become Russian Propaganda - Justin Ling, Vice

Auditor general calls for �transformative change� in Senate - Chloe Fedio, CBC News
        PQ fires new volley in quarrel with assembly legal counsel Claude Bisson - Philip Authier, Montreal Gazette
PM unaware Senate Speaker was accused of misspending - Ottawa Citizen
        Harper has become positively sphinxlike staying silent on Truth and Reconciliation - Stephen Maher, National Post
Colin Kenny an influential, controversial Senate figure - Ian Macleod, Ottawa Citizen

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Projets de loi pour combattre la radicalisation et les crimes d'honneurPlus
        Il se fait violemment projeter � travers la vitre d'un restaurantPlus
Couillard essaie de �faire peur au monde�, selon LegaultPlus
        Jacques Parizeau expos� en chapelle ardente � Qu�becPlus
Turquie: Erdogan perd sa majorit� absoluePlus
        Sommet du G7: Harper veut discuter de l'aide en UkrainePlus
Une m�re accus�e d'avoir tu� et cach� son fils de 8 moisPlus
        Un orignal abattu � Qu�becPlus
�.-U.: une �cole primaire d�cide de s'armer pour se prot�gerPlus
        New York: Minnie Mouse et Hello Kitty arr�t�esPlus

G7: Ukraine et Gr�ce au centre des discussionsPlus
        Chine: c�r�monie d'hommage aux plus de 430 mortsPlus
Prix: le meilleur scoop de l'ann�e � notre Bureau d'enqu�tePlus
        Sexisme: une journaliste s'en prend � un groupe d'hommesPlus
Deux policiers s'improvisent v�t�rinairesPlus
        Jacques Parizeau, une �grande source d'inspiration�Plus
Un masturbateur puni pour ses agissements exhibitionnistesPlus
        Fantino en Italie pour parler �conomie et d�fensePlus
4000 personnes manifestent contre le G7 en Bavi�rePlus
        �.-U.: la vigilance d'un chauffeur d'autobus sauve un enfantPlus

Le Canada augmente son aide � l'UkrainePlus
        Pauvret�: 20 ans de la marche �du pain et des roses�Plus
Le pape Fran�ois pr�che la paix � Sarajevo


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Boys of Pointe du Hoc - Ronald Reagan, Real Clear Politics
        Clinton�s Grand Strategy to Beat the GOP - Brian Beutler, The New Republic
Hastert Joins Ranks of Fallen Moralists - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
        Christie: Hillary wants to encourage more �voter fraud� - Ben Kamisar, The Hill
Democrats fret over recent Hillary Clinton polling - Katie Glueck, Politico
        Disney World is muzzling actors who play Mickey, Goofy, says union- Mike Schneider, The Associated Press, Toronto Star
Europe�s Last Act?- Joseph Stiglitz, Project Syndicate
        Fierce fighting rages near airbase in Iraq�s Anbar- Al Jazeera
Erdogan�s absolute power at stake in Turkey�s general election- France 24
        President Vladimir Putin tells West not to fear Russia- BBC News

UK minister comes out as gay after 29-year secret affair- The Times of India
        Protesters and police clash as G7 leaders prepare to discuss corruption and trade- Jessica Elgot, The Guardian
Hillary Clinton the Inauthentic - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
        Lone Star Stumble - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Are Social Issues Hurting Republicans? - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal
        Black Chicago Pastor: Dems �Failing� Us - Justin Glawe, The Daily Beast
The 2016 campaign�s new straight shooter: John Kasich - Amber Phillips, Washington Post

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

US Treasury chief defends Iran nuclear deal
        Japan says open to G7 carbon emissions target
Obama presses UK's Cameron on defence spending
        Israeli premier criticizes world's 'silence' on Gaza rockets
Obama: U.S. looks forward to Britain staying in the EU
        White House backs Israel over airstrike on Gaza
Obama and Merkel agree Greece must reform, White House says
        Britain to expand Iraq training mission to counter ISIS: Cameron
Netanyahu ally urges world to accept Israel's hold on Golan
        G7 leaders urge tough line on Russia at start of summit

Merkel, Obama: Russia sanctions apply until Minsk deal implemented
        More than 50 lawmakers from UK PM Cameron's party ready to join EU exit campaign
Iran hopes to begin Russia oil-for-goods exports this week: Fars
        Greece and Ukraine crises drown out G7 summit agenda
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June 06, 2015

No trust in Iran nuclear talks: top negotiator
        Russia begins naval exercises with Egypt
Vets, visitors return to Normandy to mark D-Day anniversary
        Don't be afraid of Russia, Putin tells West
UK anti-EU party leader calls for Eurosceptic rivals to come together
        Norway pulls huge sovereign fund out of coal
Bitter campaigning exposes Turkey�s cultural divide
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From: "Glen Harewood
Subject: Are the  Harper CONS  hung-up  on the idea of "utility?" They alone know what is good (or right) for Canadians?

Are the "Cons" hung-up on their idea of utility?
Do they alone know what is right and/or good for Canadian voters?
I the Fair Elections Act fair for all Canadians?
Is building more jails and legislating punishment good for Canadians?
Is  the CONS' claim to "saving" taxpayers money valid, good, right
when they spend millions of dollars contesting court decisions
with which they do not agree?  Or  falsely spending  millions of
dollars of taxpayers' money on their advertising their own
slanted/twisted ideas?

And to whom does it bring "happiness."

Have the CONS' polities over the past nine years been more
productive of pleasure and happiness, or more preventative of
pain and unhappiness for Canadians, OR vice

Are Canadians more happy or less happy than they were
nine years ago when Harper won a majority of seats with
less than 40% of the popular vote?


Depends who you're talking to.

Jeremy Bentham and Utilitarianism (1748 1832) Is �right� equal to �good?�

"A moral theory according to which an action is right if and only if it conforms to the principle of utility.

 Bentham formulated the principle of utility as part of such a theory in �Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation� in 1789.

 An action conforms to the principle of utility if and only if its performance will be more productive of pleasure or happiness, or more preventive of pain or unhappiness, than any alternative.

Instead of 'pleasure' and 'happiness' the word 'welfare' is also apt: the value of the consequences of an action is determined solely by the welfare of individuals.

A characteristic feature of Bentham's theory is the idea that the rightness of an action entirely depends on the value of its consequences. This is why the theory is also described as consequentialist. Bentham's theory differs from certain other varieties of utilitarianism (or consequentialism) by its distinctive assumption that the standard of value is pleasure and the absence of pain; by being an act-utilitarian; and by its maximising assumption that an action is not right unless it tends towards the optimal outcome.

The view that utilitarianism is unable to accommodate any values except the crass, gross or materialistic ones is mistaken.

Since the 1960s, many writers have used consequentialism instead of utilitarianism for the view that the rightness of an action entirely depends on the value of its consequences. Many writers now restrict the word utilitarianism to denote certain kinds of consequentialism, especially Bentham's and Mill's. Currently there is terminological diversity, and the varieties of utilitarianism mentioned elsewhere are varieties of consequentialism."

Source: The Penguin Dictionary of Philosophy
ed. Thomas Mautner
ISBN 0-14-051250-0



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