Monday 8 June 2015



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Senate leaders Housakos, Cowan repay Senate expenses, deny wrongdoing

Commons spending watchdog reactivates court case over disputed NDP spending
        Partisan activities, travel part of a senator�s job: Auditor general
An interview with Harper�s polarizing point man on taxes and benefits
        Duffy signed blank expense forms without checking for errors, trial told

MPs new sexual harassment policy still keeps bad behaviour in the dark
        Prime Minister Stephen Harper agrees to G7 �decarbonization� by 2100
NDP�s Pat Martin wants MPs to defund the Senate
        Poilievre popularity problem bad sign for party
Red Chamber should be red-faced
        Inaction on Senate reform suggests Harper government�s sole purpose is to get reelected
Canadian Senate�s watershed moment
        Canada�s pipeline debate needs reality check
As Harper falters, Trudeau running third in all the wrong places
        Harper�s assassins might have been too effective on Trudeau

Mike Duffy�s defences range from the plausible to the laughable
        Harper�s visit to Ukraine �pointless gesture�
It�s time for decisive action on internal trade

Tories must recruit new star candidates to succeed outgoing Cabinet ministers: insiders
        Breakdown of sums that 30 senators are alleged to owe
Local battlegrounds will be key in �toss up� federal election, pollster says
        Lobbyists seeking entry, MPs tired of bickering lead to surge in all-party groups
Double standard: MPs spare themselves same spending scrutiny given senators
        Senate audit to boost NDP message of �real change versus more of the same,� says pollster Lyle
Canada to Rely on Technology as G-7 Vows Deep Emissions Cuts
        Harper wanted Russia out of the old G8 even before Ukraine crisis struck
Stephen Harper renews attack on Russia�s Vladimir Putin over Ukraine
        Military trying to cut recruitment targets for women despite expert�s report

G7 puts Canada on the spot, calls for low emissions in energy sector
        Ottawa briefed on several oil sands environmental issues last year
Harper takes part in shortened climate talks on day two of G7 leaders� summit
        Pascale D�ry Conservative candidate in Drummond
Municipal leaders release platform to help voters in 2015 federal election
        You�ve got mail � but it�s late, as federal IT plan misses deadline
Huge tobacco fines could set stage for more aggressive anti-smoking efforts
        Mulcair demands PM ask Pope to apologize for church�s role in residential schools
Mulcair vows to consult premiers on abolishment of �archaic� Senate if elected
        Public confidence in Senate has eroded, Speaker says

Harper pushes Canada-EU trade pact at opening day of G7 leaders� summit
        Queen�s Park officers off to P.E.I. for firearms training
MPs� sexual harassment code of conduct outlined in House report
        Federal parties in dead heat in poll that shows 57% of Canadians would support a coalition government
Canada surpasses 100 airstrikes, 1,000 sorties in mission against ISIS
        Harper urged to ask Pope for apology on residential schools
Federal Liberals would seek infrastructure financing from private pension funds
        AG would hamper senators doing community service: deputy Senate Speaker
The real costs of informal caregiving in Canada
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Mulcair pledges an infrastructure project in every pot - Kelly McParland, National Post
        Partisan activities, travel part of a senator�s job, auditor-general says - The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
Aide collected EI while running Duffy�s office, trial told - David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
        Senate audit to boost NDP message of �real change versus more of the same,� says pollster Lyle - Abbas Rana, The Hill Times
Ontario NDP MPP�s husband suing political rivals, fellow NDP members and media - Patrick Maloney, London Free Press
        Harper faces tough talk on climate change and security threats at G7 - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Ottawa briefed on several oil sands environmental issues last year - Simon Doyle, The Globe & Mail
        Mike Duffy�s defences range from the plausible to the laughable - David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
Canadian Senate�s watershed moment - Tim Harper, Toronto Star
        Ontario teachers gearing up for fall job action - Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star

Mulcair vows to consult premiers on abolishing �archaic� Senate if elected - Michelle Zilio, CTV News
        Tale of two women, two closed embassies, two very different stories - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Harper uses G7 summit to push for Canada-EU free trade agreement - The Associated Press, CBC News
        Residential schools report priorities - Editorial, Toronto Sun
If not carding, then what? - Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun
        Toronto Mayor John Tory vows to end controversial carding tactic �once and for all� - Victor Ferreira, National Post
Poll Shows Liberals Make Big Comeback in 2015 - Janet Hook, Wall Street Journal
        Open & Shut: Rainhard Brewery- Toronto Star
The little station that could: How these employees saved Victoria�s CHEK News after buying it for $2- Claire Brownell, Financial Post

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Un policier atteint par balle � EdmontonPlus
        �lections partielles: doubl� lib�ralPlus
Mort d'un jeune pompier: des coll�gues sous le chocPlus
        Les proches du couple accus� de terrorisme t�moignentPlus
Une ex-juge de la paix accus�e d'entrave � la justicePlus
        Apr�s Qu�bec, Ottawa adopte un code de conduite sur le harc�lement sexuel Plus
Raif Badawi: le NPD demande plus action de la part d'OttawaPlus
        Colombie: 700 000 litres de p�trole d�vers�sPlus
Sherbrooke: fausse alerte au coup de feu pr�s d'une �colePlus
        Accident ferroviaire: la Ville d'Ottawa nie avoir �t� n�gligentePlus

Gilles Duceppe participera � la prochaine campagne �lectoralePlus
        D�c�s d'un b�b� secou�: le p�re pourrait �tre accus�Plus
Un policier suspendu apr�s une action muscl�e Plus
        Le G7 menace la Russie et s'accorde sur le climatPlus
N�gociations avec Qu�bec: les infirmi�res en col�rePlus
        Les s�nateurs Cowan et Housakos remboursent Plus
Un ex-policier accus� de meurtre en Caroline du SudPlus
        Coup de filet dans les milieux jihadistes en BelgiquePlus
L'Isle-Verte: les restes des victimes seront inhum�sPlus
        Clinton: les deux fugitifs se trouvent-ils au Canada? Plus

La Turquie entre dans l'instabilit� Plus
        L'Ukraine affirme affronter 42 000 hommes et 550 charsPlus
Sylvain Juneau �lu maire de St-Augustin-de-DesmauresPlus
        Pascale D�ry candidate dans DrummondPlus
Un homme poignard� sur un site de festivit�s de la F1Plus


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In 2008, Clinton couldn�t buy Iowans� love. So she bought them snow shovels. - David A. Fahrenthold, Washington Post
        Running Against Hillary - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Joe Biden Lays His Son to Rest - Mike Barnicle, The Daily Beast
        Jeb Struggling With Last Name Legacy - Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post
American Pharoah�s next big win: Stud fees- CNN Money
        Deutsche Bank names Cryan CEO after co-chief executives resign- Thomas Atkins, The Globe & Mail
If you may be the victim of a data breach, here�s how to limit the damage and protect yourself- Brandon Bailey And Joseph Pisani, The Associated Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Saudi supreme court upholds jail, lashes for blogger, says wife- France 24
Barack Obama says G7 to stand up to Russian aggression in Ukraine- Reuters, The Times of India
        Turkey ruling AKP �loses majority� in surprise result- BBC News
Mediterranean migrant crisis: number of arrivals in Italy in 2015 passes 50,000- Rosie Scammell, The Guardian
        Egypt�s Sisi apologises for police brutality- Al Jazeera

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Italy slams anti-immigrant north as crisis deepens
        G7 officials see window of opportunity for Syria deal: sources
Obama urges greater effort to halt foreign fighters entering Syria
        Israel isn't on UN list of parties that kill or injure kids
Obama: Putin trying to recreate glories of Soviet empire
        Time to take 'bold political decisions': G7 to warring Libyan sides
Obama: US lacks 'complete strategy' for training Iraqis
        UN atomic watchdog wants more cooperation from Iran
Climate change, terror on agenda for 2nd day of G7 meeting
        Israel says China demands no workers in settlements

Kremlin sees nothing new in G7 tough line on Russia
        Ukraine military blames rebel bomb for patrol boat explosion
G7 leaders to stand firm on security threats, Ukraine
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* Ukraine crisis to dominate summit meeting in Germany of G7 ('G1-plus-6')
* Obama's �G-1-plus-6"
* Ukraine: what remains of Minsk?
* Cold War II to McCarthyism II
* Russia pivots East, or does it?
* Vladimir Putin's feature interview with Italian newspaper, June 6, 2015

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Canada, hard to imagine we  ever won a Peace Prize, and were known as peace makers, isn't it.

Canada's current role in my mind is being one of the "plus 6" in the G7 with the same role in NATO.

There was a point in time when positive actions were taken to cool down causes of conflict.

Rather the addressing the directions of the author expressed in the post received myself for
now you may judge the accuracy of the criticizing view with that of the article following.

Should there be other views expressed
the matter merits a special post.
Subject: Re: Daily Digest June 4, 2015

What's the "Peace Prize" got to do with this issue? This isn't mediating a dispute, this is confronting blatant aggression on a large scale.
Russia invaded and seized the Crimea and then annexed it. Harper is doing what Canadian Governments have historically done -
stand up to Nazis, the Soviets, etc. As for the Nobel Prize, who cares? Remember the Norwegian Committee
gave it to Barack Obama for winning an Election BEFORE he had taken Office and when he hadn't done anything yet.

Despite the fact that there are an estimated 1.2 million Ukrainian-Canadian voters who wish to see Canada take a lead role in this conflict,
I think the remaining 34 million Canadians might feel a little uneasy supporting an oligarch propped up by private neo-Nazi militias.


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