Wednesday 10 June 2015

CANADIAN Daily Digest June 10, 2015


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Sen. Meredith investigated for alleged workplace harassment

PM�s stop at senator�s celebration was during business trip, his office says
        Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu has date with RCMP, wants to challenge findings in Senate
Climate change may come up as Stephen Harper meets with Pope
        No word if Harper will seek Pope�s apology for residential schools

Some senators failed to give evidence to support claims, auditor general says
        Taxpayers subsidized travel for senators� corporate work: auditor general�s report
Britain gets cold shoulder with Canada�s talk of joining NATO force
        Media ethics are no laughing matter
Harper gets exactly what he wants when Russian ships trail his visit to HMCS Fredericton
        Peter Mackay�s Pension and the Senate Expense Scandal
The AG and the Senate: $21 million to catch $1 million? Are we kidding?
        What the Auditor-General found: an imperfect Senate built on contradictions
Trough time is up now or this Senate dies
        Here�s an idea for Senate reform � burn it down

Pros and cons of an expanded Canada Pension Plan
        Return of Gilles Duceppe a desperate move for a party with few options
Kinder, gentler Conservatives

Climate change will push Canadian business onside
        House of Commons audit would be expensive, says AG
Senate approves anti-terror Bill C-51
        Nova Scotia citizenship judge questioned by federal lawyers
Duffy uses Maple Ridge to pay assistant�s cell phone bill, court hears
        Can the Senate be reformed or abolished?
Bus carrying Toronto students on school trip involved in crash in NYC tunnel
        Canada to station troops at NATO command centre in Poland
When Canada took away Captain Paul Watson�s passport on behalf of Japan
        Domestic workers facing labour abuses from diplomat bosses

Former Alberta Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith crossing floor to host Calgary radio show
        �Don�t lie to me�: Ezra Levant confronts Tim Hortons president over #BoycottTims
Evan Solomon�s rise and fall at the CBC
        Tories odd man out as Liberals, NDP support audit of MPs� expenses
Support for federal NDP surges in Atlantic Canada
        Justin Trudeau Calls For Auditor General To Review MPs� Expenses
Reporters cultivating political sources need more wisdom than Solomon
        CBC�s editor-in-chief says Evan Solomon didn�t meet ethics standard
Evan Solomon review led to �decisive� action, CBC president says
        Senators defend travel expenses, use of staff in audit responses

Saskatchewan goes to Alberta to steal some oil business
        NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says he�ll seek mandate for Senate abolition
Mulcair seen as likely winner in leader debates: survey
        Tories Float Idea Of Forcing Women To Unveil To Get Public Services
How Gilles Duceppe�s return to the Bloc changes the game in Quebec
        Russian Warships Approach Canada Frigate With Harper Aboard
Mulcair trending up but still trails Harper and Trudeau on preferred PM measure
        Three reasons why inquiry into extraordinary number of missing, murdered aboriginal women isn�t the answer
Saudi arms deal makes mockery of Harper�s �principled� foreign policy
        Harper leads world stage again with Putin talk

Mike Duffy trial told pre-signed expense claims �such a common practice�
        On the death of Blacks and other things
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says he�ll seek mandate for Senate abolition
        Mulcair seen as likely winner in leader debates: survey
Tories Float Idea Of Forcing Women To Unveil To Get Public Services
        How Gilles Duceppe�s return to the Bloc changes the game in Quebec
Russian Warships Approach Canada Frigate With Harper Aboard
        Mulcair trending up but still trails Harper and Trudeau on preferred PM measure
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Canadian warship carrying Stephen Harper is shadowed by two Russian ships in the Baltic Sea - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, National Post
        NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says he�ll seek mandate for Senate abolition - Chloe Fedio, CBC News
Gilles Duceppe officially returns to lead Bloc Qu�b�cois in federal election - Daniel Leblanc, The Globe & Mail
        It�s not easy being a senator! - Scott Feschuk, Macleans
�Creative� contracts not uncommon for MPs, ministers, says former Duffy aide - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Report of the Auditor General of Canada to the Senate of Canada - Office of the Auditor General of Canada
What the Auditor-General found: an imperfect Senate built on contradictions - Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe & Mail
        Why Harper should hold a referendum on Senate abolition on same day as October election - John Ivison, National Post
Return of Gilles Duceppe a desperate move for a party with few options - Chantal H�bert, Toronto Sun
        Here�s an idea for Senate reform � burn it down - Michael Den Tandt, Ottawa Citizen

Spending $23.6 million on Senate audit was worth it, says Ferguson - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Senate passes sweeping anti-terror bill - Ottawa Citizen
Senators: Auditor has a lot of gall for flagging their abuses - Campbell Clark, CBC News
        Senators fire back at auditor general�s �scurrilous� and �defamatory� report on expense claims - Ian Macleod & Jason Fekete, National Post
BC Health firings debacle demands a full public inquiry - Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun
        CBC host Evan Solomon fired after Star investigation finds he took secret cut of art deals - Kevin Donovan, Toronto Star
Jacques Parizeau remembered as modern Quebec �nation builder� - CBC News
        Harper leads world stage again with Putin talk- Anthony Furey, Toronto Sun
Mike Duffy trial told pre-signed expense claims �such a common practice� - Christie Blatchford, National Post
        Duffy friend paid for office cellphone contract: witness - Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press, CTV News
Fishing trips, ski shows, a hockey game: Auditor finds abuses of tax dollars by some senators - Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen

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Revenu Qu�bec fait des perquisitions dans des garderiesPlus
Manifestation des professionnels de la sant�Plus
Couillard s'oppose � l'abolition du S�natPlus
Qu�bec va s'attaquer aux paradis fiscauxPlus
Agression sexuelle: acquitt� pour doute raisonnable Plus
Un corps est retrouv� au lac Saint-CharlesPlus
Montr�al: 2 bambins laiss�s � eux-m�mes dans les ruesPlus
Contrats publics: des autorisations exig�es pour plus de 1 M $Plus
Il rentrait des clous dans les organes de ses victimesPlus
Gilles Duceppe est le nouveau chef du Bloc qu�b�coisPlus
Les fugitifs courent toujours, la police fouille des maisonsPlus
Trafic de cannabis: 37 arrestations et 38 perquisitionsPlus
Qu�bec veut bannir le voile int�gral du secteur publicPlus
David Heurtel d�fend le BAPE sur TransCanada Plus
Policiers en camouflage: Couillard �choqu�Plus
Un homme arr�t� pour voies de fait graves sur un b�b�Plus
Aussant serait un atout pour le PQ, dit P�ladeauPlus
Un octog�naire heurt� � mort par un taxiPlus
Intervention muscl�e au Texas: le policier d�missionnePlus
Nus devant un mont sacr�: deux touristes Canadiens arr�t�sPlus
Afrique: 26 pays signent un trait� de libre-�change Plus
Mont-Tremblant: le corps trouv� est celui de la disparuePlus
Un r�seau de voleurs de voitures d�mantel� Plus
Irak: une milice yazidie tue 21 personnes pour se vengerPlus
Des pluies intenses causent des inondations en EstriePlus
Une cycliste bless�e dans une collision avec une autoPlus
D�penses des s�nateurs: pas d'engagement clairPlus
Le S�nat adopte C-51Plus


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Senate Map Poses Challenges for GOP - James Arkin, Real Clear Politics
        Republicans Need New Script on Immigration - Juan Williams, The Hill
Will Hillary Channel Her Inner Warren? - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
        Ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Charges - Tracy Conner, NBC News
Liberals Who Love Huckabee - Bob Moser, National Journal
        7 Things Employees Wish They Could Tell Their Bosses- Jeff Haden, LinkedIn
McDonald�s names former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs chief communications officer- The Associated Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Turkey cabinet resigns after polls blow- The Times of India
Can Libyans agree on a plan to give peace a chance?- France 24
        Ireland�s abortion law violates women and girls, says Amnesty International- Karen McVeigh, The Guardian
A year of ISIL: �There is no future for Iraq�- Al Jazeera
        EU referendum: MPs support plan for say on Europe- BBC News

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Ebola spikes again in Guinea, Sierra Leone: WHO
        Next round of Iran nuclear talks 'pretty tough:' US official
Italy gives Putin stage to make case against sanctions
        Greece's Tsipras to meet Merkel, Hollande on EU summit sidelines: Germany
Tibetan protesters disrupt Beijing bid at Lausanne hotel
        US woman jailed on murder charge after taking abortion pill
Constitutional questions grow over Japan PM's military plans
        Remains of almost 600 exhumed at Iraq massacre site: minister
UN raps Ghana's failure to stamp out slavery of virgin girls
        Pope approves new office to investigate bishops on sexual abuse

Iran denies troops deployed in Syria
        European Parliament: EU must do more to counter Russia
Vatican to share tax info with US in new transparency step
        US envoy meets Poroshenko as concerns for Ukraine grow
EU says not satisfied with new Greek reform plan
        Italian PM Renzi welcomes Putin but mentions differences
Turkey opposition chief accuses government of inaction on violence in Kurdish areas
        Poll: Americans and Europeans differ on aid to Ukraine
UN: Sex exploitation by peacekeepers strongly underreported
        Single dose of vaccine may prevent cervical cancer

Underfunded UNRWA to run out of cash by October
        Prepare for an upcoming conflict in OPEC
EU prepares for labeling of Israeli settlement products
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From: Robert Ede
Subject: Since the Value, Worth, Purpose (and failings) of the Upper House are in the News

Why the Senate is not-the-same as the Lower House

-- to free Senators from the fear of NOT being re-elected for making un-popular decisions

Property & Net Worth Qualifications and Disqualifications: Sections 23 & 31
-- to ensure that the best interest of Property-owners (ie taxpayers) was represented (no Income Tax in 1867)

Equal Representation from all 4 Divisions (we say "Regions" now) � Section 22
-- while taxpayers (vs non-payers) have similar perspectives everywhere, there ARE regional variations
-- no matter the population West, Ont, Que & Atlantic/Maritime will be EQUALLY represented

UPPER House, Styled the Senate: see Section 17
-- there is a designed-in hierarchy
-- the Lower House just wants to pretend it doesn't exist - because the Commons is "loser"

-- NB this is NOT written anywhere, but if Senators were able to cast off that petty party stuff and represent their economic Class and economic Region  (...excluding all others ....), none of the current mess would exist.

Note -- To properly understand the Value, Worth, Purpose (and failings) of the Upper House one must examine its predecessor the Legislative Council of the Constitutional Act of 1791

Robert Ede,

Addenda: To abolish the Senate as constituted would be to give no countervailing possibility to an overly zealous for chamge Prime Minister.- JH.


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