Friday 19 June 2015



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James Moore, Conservative cabinet minister, leaving federal politics

The EKOS poll: Bloc eats into NDP lead, vote-splits favour Conservatives
        Conservative senators move to gut caucus colleague�s bill to reform politics
Provincial Tories rejected Meredith before Harper took him
        Arbitration for 19 senators caught up in expense scandal

The �Princess� and �Prince of Pot� aren�t done politicking
        Conservatives reject option of adding questions to 2016 census
Tories sitting out byelections to avoid summer ad spending cap
        Stephen Harper�s season of discontent
For the federal NDP, leading the polls this early is a mixed blessing
        James Moore�s departure from federal politics is a big loss of talent and experience
Canadians voters should be more than microtargets
        PM can run, but Senate swamp is gaining on him
Justin Trudeau�s openness plan reveals too much government sausage-making
        Mulcair has set himself up as the Harper of the left

It�s still the economy, Mr. Mulcair
        Parliament, where decorum and diplomacy went to die
C-51 will remake Canada in Harper�s paranoid image

Stephen Harper�s �take me or leave me� approach deliberate
        Justin Trudeau says he won�t �play the politics of fear�
Social mobility is alive and well in Canada
        What do Canadians need from pension reform?
Ontario gives cold shoulder to Runciman�s senate reform plan
        Canadians seek leadership on inequalit
Liberal MP compares pope�s stand on climate change to historic �faith leaders�
        Military sexual misconduct: Is there any hope for real change?
Ontario Liberal contingent cancelled trip to Taiwan
        RCMP report on missing, murdered aboriginal women looks at family violence

Suspect accused in Amanda Lindhout kidnapping appears in court today
        Senate Speaker encourages woman who alleges affair to take part in investigation of Sen. Don Meredith
Senators call on Don Meredith to resign in wake of sex allegations
        PM�s binge drinking among health problems in Macdonald family: exhibit
Inflation and Retail Sales Data Show Canada Weakness Lingers
        From Tattoos to Terror Laws, Ottawa Attack Inflicts Deep Changes
Government spending millions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube ads
        Six new Cyclone helicopters accepted by federal government in Nova Scotia
DND concerned about new Cyclone helicopter�s engines
        Canadian military scaling back at some recruiting centres

Conservatives� doomed legislation will be back during the campaign
        Brazeau trial resumes with defence cross-examination of key witness
Conrad Black on why he�s lost his love for the Conservatives
        Vetting Senate candidates a minefield, say those who have done it
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Senators have repaid nearly $110,000 in questionable expenses - Joanna Smith, Toronto Star
        Transparent transparency - Editorial, Ottawa Citizen
PM can run, but Senate swamp is gaining on him - Tim Harper, Toronto Star
        Justin Trudeau�s openness plan reveals too much government sausage-making - Andrew MacDougall, CBC News
The delusion of peace in Alberta politics - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
        CGI Information Systems awarded $26.9M by arbitrator over cancelled eHealth contract - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
The Tories are spooked by the NDP�s rise, but they�re not panicked - John Ibbitson, The Globe & Mail
        Trudeau�s big idea and the art of compromise - Andrew Stark, CBC News
C-51, controversial anti-terrorism bill, is now law. So, what changes? - Haydn Watters, CBC News
        Parliamentary report warns cellphones, Wi-Fi a serious health issue - Sharon Kirkey, Vancouver Sun

Opposition parties hope they can break Conservative grip on Edmonton seats - Sheila Pratt, Calgary Herald
        Bombardier leaves Paris show without new CSeries deals- Vanessa Lu, Toronto Star
Cenovus in �advanced� talks with Teachers� over land asset sale: sources- John Tilak & Euan Rocha, The Globe & Mail
        Era of Canada�s oilsands megaproject fades as producers shift to bite-sized ventures- Rebecca Penty and Jeremy van Loon, Bloomberg News, Financial Post

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Trafic de coca�ne: 1 M $ d'objets saisis et 17 arrestationsPlus
        Un projet de loi mort-n� interdisant la citoyennet� voil�ePlus
Dylann Roof inculp� des assassinats de 9 personnesPlus
        La gouvernance informatique �tait �floue�, admet CoiteuxPlus
Dylann Roof voisin de cellule du policier qui a tu� un NoirPlus
        L'ex-entra�neur Graham James avoue un autre crimePlus
Agression � C�te-Saint-Luc: un t�moin recherch�Plus
        F�te nationale: la CAQ veut un plus grand choix d'artistesPlus
Le pont Champlain co�tera 4,2 milliards $Plus
        Pas d'indemnit� financi�re pour R�jean HinsePlus

La prison pour l'ex-garde du corps de Raynald DesjardinsPlus
        Tsipras obtient un accord gazier en Russie Plus
Fiducie sans droit de regard: PKP se d�fend de se tra�ner les piedsPlus
        James Moore ne se repr�sentera pas aux �lectionsPlus
Un semi-remorque dans le lac des Deux MontagnesPlus
        Denis Nadeau d�clar� d�linquant � contr�lerPlus
Une roue d�fectueuse � l'origine du d�raillement de Plaster RockPlus
        Bris d'engagement: Bernard Gauthier est acquitt� Plus
Deux jeunes hommes accus�s de vol � MagogPlus
        Le vote strat�gique, nouvelle version Plus

L'UE prolonge les sanctions prises contre la Russie Plus
        Des enfants viol�s et jet�s dans des flammes au Soudan du SudPlus
Record historique pour le parti anti-immigration au DanemarkPlus
        Nouvelle-Z�lande: six ans de prison pour l'arracheur de dentsPlus
D�but des travaux sur le pont Mercier ce vendrediPlus
        Il donne litt�ralement la moiti� de ses biens � son exPlus
Les victimes de la l�gionellose r�clament entre quatre et six M $Plus
        Un �strip-tease� pour d�noncer la cruaut� animalePlus
La CAQ veut �d�politiser� la F�te nationalePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Blow Up the Tax Code and Start Over - Jake Miller, CBS News
        Hillary�s 3rd Term Conundrum - Matt Bai, Yahoo! News
GOP Nightmare: Trump on Debate Stage - Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg
        Facebook the Holy Grail of Political Advertising? - Shane Goldmacher, National Journal
Conservatives Should Be on Board With Jeb - A.J. Delgado, Miami Herald
        California ruling that drivers are employees could change Uber�s model- Peter Henderson, The Canadian Press , Winnipeg Free Press
China�s economy is hitting a wall � and it�s going to affect everyone- Mike Bird, Yahoo Finance
        New Flotilla to Gaza set to sail- Hassan Ghani, Al Jazeera
Greece needs to seize �last opportunity� for deal- BBC News
        Hong Kong vetoes China-backed electoral reform proposal- Reuters, The Times of India

Fistfight breaks out at Yemen peace talks- France 24
        Pope�s climate change encyclical tells rich nations: pay your debt to the poor- Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Ukraine vows to pay Russia despite default threat
        Kremlin: Russian loan not discussed in Tsipras-Putin talks
Ton of ivory crushed in Times Square to highlight poaching
        Human rights group says Cuba has 60 political prisoners
Kremlin: Russian loan not discussed in Tsipras-Putin talks
        Russian lawmakers approve early parliamentary vote in 2016
Afghan leader extends parliament's term, promises election date
        Hungary's leader says Hungary will protect Europe's borders
Palestinian shoots Israeli dead near West Bank settlement
        North Korea says it has 'cure' for MERS, Ebola, Aids

Maronite Patriarch takes on 'international silence' over Iraqi Christians' suffering
        Putin says hopes for deal on Iran's nuclear program soon
US official: Russian bombers threaten commercial air safety
        Top Muslim body condemns China's Ramadan restriction
Putin says Russia is weathering sanctions storm
        Japan says hopes to resume whaling later this year, but hurdles remain
EU to launch operation against Libya migrant smugglers
        Russia preparing response to overseas asset freezes: deputy FM
Germany will negotiate with Athens 'until last minute': Merkel ally
        Military jury sentences US Marine convicted of Iraq murder to time served

Netanyahu denounces UN's Ban over Gaza children remarks
        Danish PM concedes after far-right secures opposition win
Obama: Church killing shows need for reckoning on guns
        U.K. employers, economy turn sights to EU referendum risks
When it comes to abortion, the U.S. is lagging
        NATO exercise aims to send message to Moscow
Russia may toughen counter-sanctions
        Sidon archaeological site alters global views
U.N. chief criticizes Israel over deaths of children in Gaza
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