Wednesday 17 June 2015


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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<< sexual misconduct due to ‘biological wiring,’ Gen. Tom Lawson says

Elections Canada warns voters about new ID requirements for 2015 election        Trudeau’s ‘real change’ includes cabinet gender parity, bilingual judgesTom Mulcair vows to cut tax for small businesses        Canadian Mint staff expensed stay at luxury Mexican resort

Joe Oliver orders changes to high flying Canadian Mint executives’ travelHarper says his government encouraged RCMP to destroy disputed long-gun dataMike Duffy trial: Senator expensed $154K in ineligible claims, court hears        The return of Justin Trudeau, slayer of cynicismMulcair is now a fiscal conservative and Trudeau, the rip-it-up reformer?        Can any government be trusted to pass electoral reform without rigging the process in its own favour?Momentum swings to NDP        Can Quebecers and the rest of Canada come together on Senate reform?BBQ season perfect time to challenge Conservative talking points        Payback time: How union attack ads could tilt the table in OctoberBono takes foreign aid message to fellow sanctimonious self-promoters in Ottawa        Enough with underlings at Mike Duffy’s trial, let’s hear from those in powerWhy my sons will never be public servants…

Civil society coalition takes aim at Harper government for stifling dissent        Trudeau would end first-past-the-post electoral system, make every vote countTrudeau Vows Electoral Overhaul as Canada Campaign Heats Up        Trudeau Aims To Put PMO, Ministers’ Offices Under Access To Information ActJustin Trudeau wants to make voting easier, but mandatory        Halifax MP Megan Leslie racked up over $7,000 in expenses for caucus meetingCanada says environmentalist Paul Watson can reapply for passport        1st question period for new Alberta government: Notley promises no sales taxAlberta throne speech optimism not shared by business owners        $24.5M Public Works estimate for new office search a step too far, says SenateSearch for Franklin Expedition ships cost taxpayers more than $1 million        Tory MP Paul Calandra Is Apparently Quite Sensitive About His HairJet that crashed short of Halifax runway was mechanically sound: report        Ontario moves to curb arbitrary carding practicesAnglican Church of Canada apologizes for keeping priest’s sexual abuse quiet        Forensic accountant expected on stand as Mike Duffy trial rolls onStandardized carry-on campaign confuses airline passengers        Many Canadians would struggle if mortgage payments grew slightly: pollTwo years after promising tougher drunk driving laws, Tories introduce a plan        The ‘Mulcair Moment’ gains momentum as NDP leader virtually ties Harper on who would make best PMCSIS warned this cabinet minister could be a threat. Ontario disagreed        Ontario premier says CSIS concerns about cabinet minister are baselessLiberal senator urges probe of leaks to media of AG report days before release        Despite the scandal, Duffy’s old friends still show up for support
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Liberals, Conservatives lead pack in 2-horse race for ‘likes’: Facebook - Jesse Tahirali and Phil Hahn, CTV News
        Contradictions run wild in Trudeau openness plan - Kelly McParland, National Post
Liberal senator wants to probe why PM’s office and others leaked confidential spending audit early - The Canadian Press, National Post
        Kathleen Wynne says CSIS concerns about Michael Chan baseless - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
Democratic reform, corporate tax bump revealed in Alberta throne speech - Michelle Bellefontaine, CBC News
        Can Quebecers and the rest of Canada come together on Senate reform? - Chantal Hébert, Toronto Star
NDP throne speech brings spending, taxes, and a strange PC flame-out - Don Braid, Calgary Herald
        OLG bets on horse racing to help Liberals rebrand - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
Thomas Mulcair gives few clues to Canada’s foreign policy under an NDP government - Mathew Fisher, National Post
        Bono ‘excited about Canada’ but wants more help for world’s poor - Lee Berthiaume, Ottawa Citizen

Ontario, Ottawa at odds over funding for Scarborough subway - Bill Curry & Oliver Moore, The Globe & Mail
        Sleep Country looks to raise $250M in IPO- Bloomberg, Toronto Star
Wynne defends slow progress in Ring of Fire; no ‘shovels in the ground’ yet- The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Apple Inc probe intensifies as Canada’s Competition Bureau seeks data from wireless carriers- Christina Pellegrini, Financial Post
Drillers cut outlook again over prices, potential NDP policy changes- Jeff Lewis, The Globe & Mail

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Reasons Jeb Will Be the Next President - Jason Russell, Washington Examiner
        5 Reason Bush Won’t Win the Nomination - Aaron Goldstein, American Spectator
Meet the New, Old Hillary - Rebecca Traister, The New Republic
        Trump to Declare $9 Billion in Assets, Hold Rally at Trump Tower - Robert Costa and Matea Gold, Washington Post
Jeb Bush Offers Some Surprises - Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg
        Hollywood Executive Left Films For Philanthropy- Alexandra Wolfe, Wall Street Journal
Pope Francis warns of destruction of world’s ecosystem in leaked encyclical- Stephanie Kirchgaessner and John Hooper, The Guardian
        China says South China Sea island building to finish soon- The Times of India
Time running out to stop Greece leaving euro: Hollande- BBC News
        Syrian Kurdish units take key ISIL-held town- Al Jazeera
Iraq’s Sadr says Saudis, US, increasing sectarianism in the region- France 24

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Canada opposition Liberals seek to halt pre-election slide        Kerry voices US concern over India-Pakistan tensionsPutin says Russia would be forced to aim armed forces at any aggressors        Russian pro-opposition journalist held in rebel UkrainePalestinian govt mulls resigning over Gaza        Iran nuclear deadline not a 'sacred date': negotiatorNATO chief slams 'dangerous' Russian nuclear 'sabre rattling'        Iran's Rouhani challenged by motion against ministerPope to warn global warming is killing the planet        Juncker rebukes Greek govt for mis-stating EU proposalsIsrael eases restrictions on Palestinians for Ramadan        US not keeping silent on Iran sanctions violations: envoy to UNTrans fat is not safe and must be removed from food: US        Morocco kiss trial resumes as debate on gay law ragesLamenting no progress, Merkel says it's up to Greece now        Israel freezes funds for Arab theater that staged prison playUS denies Israeli report on Obama inviting Netanyahu to meet        Strong momentum for Cyprus peace: UN envoyBritain's Cameron tries to tame rebel lawmakers with concessions on EU vote        Assad, UN envoy agree to keep pressing for Syria peaceItaly warns EU solidarity at risk over migrant crisis        Russia to get 40 new intercontinental missiles this yearAfghan, Taliban delegates attend Oslo talks on ending conflicts        Israel ministry video lashes out at foreign journalistsCalls for calm in Hong Kong as 10 held over 'radical plot'        Top diplomats' report builds case for change at the UNChina says South China Sea island building to finish soon        Obama invites Netanyahu for post-Iran deal talks: reportRussia cuts interest rate further in bid to stir economy        The U.S. is facing a drone disconnect Israel blocks visit of U.N. human rights envoy        Netanyahu: boycott recalls Nazi GermanyWith marriage out of favor, Iran turns to matchmaking        Russia warns U.S. off arms placement
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To: National Media<>
Subject: F.Y.I.: "U.S. House Admits Nazi Role in Ukraine" will the HarperGovernment?

Dear Editor,

Will the Harper Government that has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine, is training troops for Ukraine and agreeing to Ukrainian Canadians assisting them be pressed to admit as has the American House of Representatives that the primary forces fighting against Russian- speaking Ukrainians are what they are, neo-Nazi nationalists?

Appealing to the Ukrainian vote is important to Harper and his party, yes.

But Canadians in general ought to be made aware of just who their tax dollars are benefiting - to no advantage to Canada and without their knowledge

Yours truly

Joe Hueglin
Member 29th Parliament
5838 Mouland Avenue
Niagar Falls, Ontario
Tel. 905-356-3901

U.S. House Admits Nazi Role in Ukraine

Exclusive: The U.S. House of Representatives has admitted an ugly truth that the U.S. mainstream media has tried to hide from the American people – that the post-coup regime in Ukraine has relied heavily on Nazi storm troopers to carry out its bloody war against ethnic Russians, reports Robert Parry.


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