Sunday 28 June 2015



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Key emails in Prime Minister�s Office at risk of deletion, report finds

Mulcair has �no lessons� to give on integrity, Senate speaker says
        Trade Minister Ed Fast calls TPP compensation reports �speculation�
Third-party political ads have don�t go with fair elections: former elections chief
        Unpacking the Politics: the importance of imagery in politics

Trudeau pens memoir, calls on seniors to take action
        Gap between Canada�s middle class, wealthy �starting to run away': report
Workers at GM plant growing anxious with Camaro production set to end
        Tories wave cheques hoping to win votes
Campaign on what directly impacts us
        Mulcair�s green nightmare
Why is journalism so rarely funny?
        It gets better � my story on gay marriage
David Cameron is abusing Magna Carta in abolishing our rights
        Jean Beliveau�s star on Canada�s Walk of Fame in Toronto cracked

Attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait part of global jihadist threat, says Jason Kenney
        HarperPAC Is Dead. What Was that About?
HarperPAC, Engage Canada highlight confusion over 3rd-party ads
        Other third parties should follow HarperPAC�s lead, close up shop, says Kingsley
Olivia Chow not ruling out federal election run
        WestJet plane lands in Saskatoon after threat; 147 passengers and 6 crew aboard
Latest Conservative ad could violate government�s own anti-terror law
        Nine senior federal bureaucrats take on new jobs in government
Canada the �poseur': Bob Rae says we get the politics we deserve
        Proposed Mother Canada monument in Cape Breton provokes war of words over statue

Police watchdog investigating CPS and former chief Rick Hanson
        Mother of jailed teacher in Indonesia chides Stephen Harper
Maternal health funding �the right thing to do� � but what comes next?
        How Liberals court the Jewish vote and who�s going to Pride
Conservatives overrule Speaker, force final vote on controversial labour bill
        Harper�s ex-parliamentary assistant Del Mastro on $5K bail after night in jail
3 battleground districts to watch in the early run-up to a N.L. fall election
        Recent N.L. NDP Surge a Rare Occurance: Pollster
Aaron Driver, Winnipeg ISIS supporter, back in police custody
        Federal minister�s partisan St. John�s event paid for by taxpayers

Liberal party defends Trudeau statements on Iran
        Can Justin Trudeau fix the vote with electoral reform?
Howard Hampton to represent NDP in Kenora riding
        Dhaliwal Says Conservative Government Caught In A Lie About RCMP �Boots On The Ground�
French terror suspect took selfie with beheading victim, sent it to Canadian number: officials
        Candidate Drilldown: Vancouver Island Part II
Final legal-diplomatic hurdles being cleared for Ukraine mission: Kenney
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
After a month on the job, Notley finds biggest challenge is managing expectations - Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald
        Are we witnessing the strange death of Liberal Canada? - Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe & Mail
HarperPAC, Engage Canada highlight confusion over 3rd-party ads - Chris Hall, CBC News
        Without his cabinet stars, Harper is left to sell himself. And that�s not something he�s very good at - Rex Murphy, National Post
Retiring MP Irwin Cotler says his human rights fights will outlive political battles - The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Final legal and diplomatic hurdles being cleared for Ukraine mission, Jason Kenney says - The Canadian Press, Ottawa Citizen
Special ed funding cuts hurting kids across Ontario - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
        Potash Corp. aims to bulk up in face of growing competition- Rachelle Younglai, The Globe & Mail
Shell Canada, Capital Power welcome Alberta�s stronger carbon emissions rules- Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Fixed-date election comes back to bite Stephen Harper - Chantal H�bert, Toronto Star

Del Mastro verdict raises questions about both the ethics and savvy of Harper�s palace guard - Stephen Maher, National Post
        Dean Del Mastro, jailed for �cheating and lying� in 2008 vote, out on bail - The Canadian Press, CBC News
HarperPAC: A cautionary tale about unwanted help - Adam Radwanski, The Globe & Mail
        Shadowy Lobby Groups Want to Influence the Election, Canada�s Political Parties Don�t Care - Justin Ling, Vice
Small number of �bad apples� shouldn�t harm Ukraine�s image, Kenney says - Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press, CTV News
        Conservative leader Patrick Brown to march in Toronto Pride parade - Robert Benzie, Toronto Star
Jagmeet Singh Unintentionally Broke Rules: Ontario Integrity Commissioner - The Canadian Post, Huffington Post
        Senate Speaker Leo Housakos overruled by Conservatives to force vote on anti-union bill - CBC News
Convicted MP Del Mastro in leg irons for jail transport standard procedure: OPP - Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press

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�tats-Unis: David Sweat toujours activement recherch�Plus
        Turquie: r�pression d'un d�fil� de la fiert� gaiePlus
Quatre p�cheurs rescap�s apr�s un naufragePlus
        Le ministre Heurtel en mission en FrancePlus
Un drone f�ministe pour promouvoir le droit � l'avortementPlus
        La Tunisie tente de s�curiser ses sites touristiquesPlus
Attentat en France: le suspect reconna�t l'assassinatPlus
        Gr�ce: un Grexit �presque in�vitable�Plus
Attentat en France: un correspondant au Canada?Plus
        �crasement d'avion: il avait construit lui-m�me son appareilPlus

Un fugitif am�ricain toujours recherch� par 1200 policiersPlus
        Taiwan: plus de 500 bless�s dans une explosionPlus
D�capitation en France: selfie avec la t�te de sa victimePlus
        Huit familles � la rue apr�s un incendiePlus
La Gr�ce au bord du sc�nario catastrophePlus
        Le c�ur des Japonaises bat pour... un gorille!Plus
Des milliers de touristes �vacu�s de Tunisie


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Equality and the Confederate Flag - Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker
        The Court Just Did Republicans a Favor - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
Obamacare Decision Is Victory for All of Us - Laurence Tribe, Boston Globe
        Republicans� Gay Marriage Freakout - Sally Kohn, The Daily Beast
Hillary Clinton�s Missing Emails Likely to Raise New Questions - The Associated Press, CBS News
        Same-Sex Marriage Is a Right, Supreme Court Rules, 5-4 - Adam Liptak, New York Times
Why Hillary Clinton Scares the Right - Brent Budowksy, The Hill
        Roberts Helps Overthrow the Constitution - George Will, Washington Post
Republican Flat Tax Fantasies Return - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
        Trump Bump Worries Republicans - Jonathan Topaz & Daniel Strauss, Politico
Online gambling is proving to be a good bet for savvy investors- Jonathan Ratner, Financial Post
        In China, Rats Are Leaving Sinking Ship- Andrew Critchlow, The Telegraph

Iran nuclear talks resume days before deal deadline- Al Jazeera
        Gulf states share shock of terror attack on mosque in Kuwait- Martin Chulov, The Guardian
Greece debt crisis: MPs back referendum on bailout- BBC News
        Nearly 200 injured amid fire explosion in Taiwan: Media- The Times of India
North Korea�s historic drought expected to cause famine, U.N. says- Kathy Novak, CNN

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Germany says surprise Greek referendum plan shuts door on negotiations
        Palestinian hunger striker 'close to death': lawyer
Key conditions for Iran deal not yet accepted by all: France
        As death toll rises, Britain in shock over Tunisia attack
EU's Mogherini to go to Vienna on Sunday for Iran talks -statement
        Greek minister calls on parties to back referendum
Iran makes red lines clear as nuclear talks get under way
        Turkey will 'never allow' Kurdish state in Syria warns Erdogan
Iran gas exports to Iraq delayed again by security concerns
        Iran says nuclear deal within reach if other side is reasonable

First lions to return to Rwanda after over two decades
        South Korea fears MERS may have spread to new hospital
Romania falls short of bailout reform promises: EU
        China says many in Japan not ready to accept its rise
China says changing position on sea dispute would shame ancestors
        Greek party leader: people should be calm, banks won't shut
Sri Lankan leader dissolves Parliament, calls August polls
        Kerry seeks to seal historic Iran nuclear accord
Greek PM calls referendum to break bailout deadlock
        US Supreme Court extends same-sex marriage nationwide

EU leaders to relocate 40,000 migrants
        Workers uncover Roman burial site, antiquities in Sidon
Vatican signs first treaty with Palestine, Israel angered
        Big hurdles to Iran deal as deadline looms
No longer secret, Swiss banks look to expand after purge
        South Africa: BRICS bank to be operational by year-end
The Palestinians shift in the right way
        The New Silk Road allows Russia and China to bypass the West
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