Thursday 4 June 2015



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Two senators asked to resign in wake of auditor general report: sources

Senate leaders caught up in expenses audit, sources say
        Auditor picking nits over contract expenses, will appeal, says Senate Speaker
Canada will never let Russia under Putin back into G7, Harper says
        Possible shift in election dynamics could be unsettling for Harper

Senate Expense Audit: Tory Senators Wish They Knew Auditor Had Fingered Their Own Leader
        Duffy�s cottage had no water, inaccessible in winter, caretaker testifies
Duffy expenses almost $4,500 for two-hour lunch, court hears
        Voter restlessness starting to emerge in the polls as Liberals call for an end to the �Harper Decade�
Liberals swimming against NDP tide in Quebec
        Stephen Harper must invite Pope to apologize for aboriginal abuse

A 1935 letter found in shed reveals suffering and anguish residential schools created
        Children should trump communism for victims memorial in Ottawa
Canada�s $6 million man. Run early, retire young, enjoy life like Peter MacKay
        Peter MacKay played power like a pro
Canada losing competitive edge to attract clinical trials to country
        The one email that encapsulates the entire Mike Duffy criminal trial
It�s not too late to fight back against Tory anti-terror bill

PM Harper announces more funding for Canada�s spy agency
        New head of Bell Media faces backlash on social media over Netflix comment
Getting U.S. Netflix in Canada? That�s stealing, Bell Media�s new president says
        OPEC oil glut is shattering Harper�s superpower dream
Former PM Brian Mulroney says upper chamber �badly in need of reform�
        Thwarting Parliament Hill attack all bravery and luck, not security
New spying powers may be necessary as security risks increase: CSIS watchdog
        Biometric data collection powers in budget bill raise concerns
Baloney Meter: Has spending on National Defence really grown 38 per cent?
        Moncton remembers slain RCMP officers on anniversary

RCAF looks at former presidential helicopters for search and rescue
        More infrastructure cash for cities at heart of NDP�s urban strategy
Federal unions ready to fight budget Bill C-59
        Crown continues to make its case against Sen. Mike Duffy at Ottawa trial
Legault questions motivation behind �black hole� of retroactive gun registry law
Tom Mulcair says Jack Harris would be �key member� of NDP government
Tempest in a Timbit: Enbridge ads yanked from screens in Tim Hortons locations
        Truth and consequences: Making amends for �cultural genocide�
Stephen Harper gets by with a little help from his songs, paper suggests
        Pre-election ad spree makes mockery of campaign spending limits: senator

Canada seeks $3 billion in tariffs on US products, in step toward trade war
        Quebec premier says Indian Act should be an issue in federal election campaign
Aboriginal crisis requires study, consultation � then action
        Children should be at the top of the post-Truth and Reconciliation to-do list
Parizeau�s �rationalist� cause of a separate Quebec was the greatest madness of all
        Truth and Reconciliation recommendations possible, if the political will exists
Greenhouse gases? Not our problem
        Could interest-rate hike cool B.C.�s real estate market?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Stephen Harper must invite Pope to apologize for aboriginal abuse - Tim Harper, Toronto Star
        Voter restlessness starting to emerge in the polls as Liberals call for an end to the �Harper Decade� - John Ivison, National Post
Duffy expenses almost $4,500 for two-hour lunch, court hears - Tim Naumetz, The Hill Times
        Canada�s $6M man: Run early, retire young and enjoy life like Peter MacKay - Kelly McParland, National Post
Liberals swimming against NDP tide in Quebec - Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe & Mail
        Canada grilled by UN climate officials on emission targets - Shawn McCarthy, The Globe & Mail
Mounties killed in Moncton made the ultimate sacrifice, Harper says - The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        St�phane Dion on what set Parizeau apart from other separatists - St�phane Dion, Macleans
Brian Mulroney offers two fixes for �dysfunctional� Senate - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        Children should be at the top of the post-Truth and Reconciliation to-do list - John Ivison, National Post

Truth and Reconciliation recommendations possible, if the political will exists - Chantal H�bert, Toronto Star
        Poilievre aide broke conflict of interest rules: ethics commissioner - Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen
The one email that encapsulates the entire Mike Duffy criminal trial - Christie Blatchford, National Post
        Ontario to get 15 new electoral districts for 2018 election: CP source - Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press, CTV News
�Don�t walk, run� to get help with hydro bills, Ontario ombudsman warns - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        NDP bid to ban pay-to-pay bank fees blocked from House floor - Kady O'Malley, CBC News
Harper needs to get this party kick-started - Jeffrey Simpson, The Globe & Mail
        Information commissioner seeks court order to preserve contested Quebec gun data - Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Parliament Hill security a �priority . . . for many years.� Wait, what? - John Geddes, Macleans
        Andrea Horwath profiting from looming Hydro One sale - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star

Clark government leery of taxing real estate speculation - Michael Smyth, Vancouver Province
        P�ladeau refusing to speak with National Assembly�s legal counsel - Philip Authier, Montreal Gazette
Nenshi: Royalty review won�t deter big investors - Jason Markusoff, Calgary Herald
        Statistics Canada says country�s trade deficit fell to $3 billion in April- The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
OECD paints grim picture for global growth, cuts Canadian forecast- Brian Milner, The Globe & Mail
        SNC denies report it�s up for sale- Frederic Tomesco, Bloomberg, Toronto Star
Plenty of plankton and four other reasons why Canada�s housing market won�t crash- Katia Dmitrieva, Bloomberg News, Financial Post

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Rapport du VG: trois poids lourds du S�nat �corch�sPlus
        Mike Duffy rembours� pour un �v�nement qui n'a pas eu lieuPlus
Les partis politiques municipaux crient faminePlus
        Accus� de tourisme sexuel: un Sherbrookois condamn�Plus
Naufrage en Chine: d�but des travaux de redressementPlus
        Ghana: 90 morts dans l'incendie d'une station-servicePlus
Qu�bec: 200 tombes profan�es dans un cimeti�rePlus
        Du sang coulant sur les murs m�ne � une terrible d�couvertePlus
Triple meurtre de Trois-Rivi�res: il plaidera coupablePlus
        Grand Prix de Montr�al: coup d'�clat des FemenPlus

Les visiteurs avec visa fourniront leurs empreintesPlus
        Controverse li�e � Julie Snyder: Jocelyne Cazin se d�fendPlus
D�lit de fuite: elle est arr�t�e cinq mois apr�s le crimePlus
        Premi�res Nations: un �g�nocide culturel� dit CouillardPlus
Toronto: arrestation en lien avec le gar�on poignard� Plus
        Motion d'appui au jurisconsulte: refus du PQPlus
Fusillade � Moncton: c�r�monie comm�morative Plus
        Lib�r� en f�vrier: un cyberpr�dateur r�cidiviste arr�t�Plus
La r�mun�ration des juges de paix magistrats devant la Cour supr�mePlus
        New York: une transgenre pouss�e sur les rails du m�troPlus

Des milliers de personnes � la place TiananmenPlus
        Rick Perry retente sa chance � la pr�sidentielle am�ricainePlus
La mairie de Rome infiltr�e par la mafiaPlus
        Un homme perd la vie en VTT en Gasp�siePlus
Flamb�e de violences en Ukraine, 24 morts Plus
        Moubarak finalement accus� de complicit� de meurtresPlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Bush Tests the Legal Definition of Candidate - Lichtblau & Corasaniti, New York Times
Hillary Clinton�s Honesty Problem - Niall Stanage, The Hill
        George W. Bush outpolls Barack Obama - Nick Gass, Politico
Republicans� Unwieldy 2016 Field�Cull It - Noah Rothman, Commentary
        Clinton pollster downplays Hillary�s sinking poll numbers - Nick Gass, Politico
Facebook�s Video-Traffic Explosion Is Shaking Up the World- Erin Griffith, Fortune
        Fifa scandal: Sepp Blatter given ovation by staff- BBC News
Airstrikes killed 10,000 IS fighters, says US official- France 24
        UN chief orders review of handling of claims of child abuse by French soldiers- Ben Quinn, The Guardian
Heavy fighting resumes in Ukraine�s east- Al Jazeera
        Divers comb capsized China ship, hopes fade for survivors- Reuters, The Times of India

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Canada PM says Putin should never rejoin the G-7
        Pentagon chief gathers diplomats, brass for Russia strategy talk
Greece asks IMF to delay debt payments to end-June: govt source
        White House 'concerned' about surge in east Ukraine fighting
Netanyahu denounces 'miserable' Orange move to cut Israel ties
        Israeli court sets deadline on Canadian-Jordanian detainee
Merkel says EU may need to consider treaty change to keep UK in: BBC
        NATO chief slams Russia amid upsurge in Ukraine conflict
EU fears Ukraine violence 'spiral,' warns on sanctions
        Ukraine's Poroshenko warns of threat of 'full-scale invasion' from Russia

Too early to say Russia crisis over: central bank
        Israel military cautiously upbeat on Iran nuclear deal
Iran says 'important progress' made in nuclear talks
        Americans scour for assets as Iran opens up
America�s juggling act in Asia is proving tricky
        U.N. says Libya risks becoming failed state
Heavy fighting erupts in Ukraine

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* Ukraine court strips Canadian critic of property
* Valentina Lisitsa to perform in Donetsk in June
* 'Ukraine was a totally oligarchic state': Interview with a member of the Parliament of Novorossiya
* Russian investigators reveal identity of key witness in MH17 crash

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Canada will never let Russia under Putin back into G7, Harper says

Canada would very, very strongly oppose Putin ever sitting around that table again. It would require consensus to bring Russia back and that consensus will just not happen."

"Whether it takes five months or 50 years, this country and the Western world � the free world � will never recognize the occupation of Crimea or any other Ukrainian soil by Russia � never," Harper said.

"This is kind of typical Russian foreign policy to just say black is white even though everyone knows the contrary," Harper told The Associated Press.

"As long as that's the view that they are going to take, that they're just going to treat us like we are all stupid, there really is no point in having a dialogue with them."

Canada, hard to imagine we  ever won a Peace Prize, and were known as peace makers, isn't it.


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