Tuesday 9 June 2015



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CBC cuts ties with Evan Solomon, host of Power and Politics, The House

CBC host Evan Solomon fired after Star investigation finds he took secret cut of art deals
        Senators expensed golf trips, hockey games and second homes, auditor finds
Senate can�t be trusted to police itself, auditor says
        MPs should learn from scathing audit of senators� expenses, Ferguson says

Brad Wall repeats call for Senate abolition
        Senators invoke Duffy trial as they push back against auditor general�s report
Gilles Duceppe set to return to federal politics
        Trough time is up now or this Senate dies
Why Harper should hold a referendum on Senate abolition on same day as October election
        Here�s an idea for Senate reform � burn it down
Return of Gilles Duceppe a desperate move for a party with few options
        Would abolishing the Senate be impossible? Maybe not
Why the return of coalition talk is bleak news for Trudeau
        Harper�s G7 carbon campaigning

It�s time to take down the spoils system
        Did Canada really commit �cultural genocide�?
Poilievre popularity problem bad sign for party

Liberal Senate damage grows
        Missed opportunities: Jail and prison are a chance to improve health
Government employees paid well above private sector
        Senator wants investigation into flood of damning audit report leaks
Edmonton mayor apologizes for �premature� gun registry comments
        Laborers� Union Endorsing Seamus O�Regan
Dollar figures but no details expected in long-awaited Senate spending audit
        Majority of Canadians agree CPP contributions should rise, poll says
Harper to visit Canadian frigate in Baltic Sea, Polish counterpart says
        The G7 and its 85�year carbon pledge

Renewed push for Canadian free-trade zone to be revealed by Ottawa, provinces on Tuesday
        Newcomer throwing hat in ring for Tories
$57M heading to Senate despite NDP dissent
        Kenney urged to stop military from cutting recruitment targets for women
Aboriginal activist claims vindication in $20,000 ruling against feds
        Federal, provincial ministers meet to discuss interprovincial trade barriers
Provinces increase pressure on federal government for pharmacare
        Quebec Liberals win two byelections, including riding they have held since 1966
Quebec to give police, courts new tools to fight extremism
        Theresa Oswald spent $67,000 in bid to become leader of Manitoba NDP

Edmonton police officer killed in shooting, another officer wounded
        Pension contributions of $54K denied worker, 77, because he�s too old
Former Manitoba senator Rod Zimmer blames cancer for travel expense woes
        Senate will not immediately implement AG recommendations
Auditor names 30 senators, with nine names recommended to be sent to RCMP
        Justice minister calls gun registry link to Edmonton police shooting �absurd�
Suspect in Edmonton police shooting was focus of hate crime investigation
        Blacks camera stores across Canada closing Aug.
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Report of the Auditor General of Canada to the Senate of Canada - Office of the Auditor General of Canada
        Harper�s visit to Canadian frigate leaked by Polish Prime Minister - Steven Chase, The Globe & Mail
Quebec Liberals win two byelections, including riding they have held since 1966 - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Elizabeth May Urges Senate To Delay Bill C-51 Vote - Ryan Maloney, Huffington Post
Mike Duffy trial: Ex-aide never told to falsify travel claims or contracts, court hears - Mark Gollom, CBC News
        Mike Duffy pre-signed blank expense claims, trial hears - Christie Blatchford, Ottawa Citizen
MPs spare themselves the spending scrutiny given senators - Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        New sexual harassment code of conduct proposed for complaints between MPs - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Despite turmoil, Senate still has work to do � and a tight deadline - Ian Macleod, Ottawa Citizen
        If you stand for democracy, stand with Laurie Hawn - Aaron Wherry, Macleans

Plans to decentralize Alberta Health Services scrapped by NDP government - James Wood, Calgary Herald
        Expect usual bleeding-heart opposition to �Dave Wynn� bill - Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun
G7 s promised �decarbonization� is a long way off � but it�s not just symbolic - Terry Milewski, CBC News
        Ottawa and Ontario to name former Toyota executive as auto czar - Greg Keenan, The Globe & Mail
Tory undermines police chief with carding stance - Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun
        Denis Coderre vs. Ottawa on supervised-injection sites - Emmett Macfarlane, Macleans
Municipal leaders release platform to help voters in 2015 federal election - Rob Drinkwater, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        How Canada�s oilsands are paving the way for driverless trucks � and the threat of big layoffs- Geoffrey Morgan, Financial Post
How much will Canadians pay to stream music?- Nick Patch, The Canadian Press, Toronto Star

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Dernier adieu � Jacques Parizeau Plus
        Insalubrit�: hausse des amendes aux propri�taires fautifsPlus
Un �trip � trois� vire au meurtre � Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuPlus
        Le �pilote des vedettes� pourrait avoir fait d'autres victimesPlus
Accus�e d'avoir menti dans le but de soutirer de l'argentPlus
        New York: les deux fugitifs seraient cern�s par la policePlus
Les crimes haineux en baisse au CanadaPlus
        Grand Montr�al: un vaste r�seau de trafiquants d�mantel�sPlus
Pornographie juv�nile: un homme arr�t� � GatineauPlus
        Entente militaire entre le Canada et la PolognePlus

Un policier tu� par balle � Edmonton Plus
        Protection de la vie priv�e: la coop�ration pr�n�ePlus
Le p�re du b�b� secou� accus� d'homicide involontairePlus
        Gilles Duceppe � la t�te du Bloc qu�b�coisPlus
Fun�railles de Parizeau: les policiers en camouflagePlus
        Un corps est retrouv� dans la rivi�re des Ha! Ha!Plus
Jocelyne Cazin montre les m�dias du doigt Plus
        Laboratoire clandestin d�mantel�: un Gatinois arr�t� Plus
Incendie pr�s de Kiev: les civils �vacu�s, une base militaire menac�ePlus
        Plus de 100 000 migrants arriv�s en Europe en 2015 Plus

Syrie: les rebelles capturent une base cl� du r�gimePlus
        Incendie dans une ferme: plus de 250 b�tes p�rissentPlus
�lections partielles: doubl� lib�ralPlus
        Mort d'un jeune pompier: des coll�gues sous le chocPlus
Apr�s Qu�bec, Ottawa adopte un code de conduite sur le harc�lement sexuel Plus
        Gilles Duceppe participera � la prochaine campagne �lectoralePlus
Le G7 menace la Russie et s'accorde sur le climatPlus
        N�gociations avec Qu�bec: les infirmi�res en col�rePlus
L'Ukraine affirme affronter 42 000 hommes et 550 charsPlus


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Clinton�s Huge Lead? Maybe It Never Existed - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        Court Win Could Boomerang on Republicans - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg
Top Dogs and Underdogs - Charlie Cook, National Journal
        Campaign �Reform� Feeds Voter Cynicism - George Will, Washington Post
Ending the Republican Drama About Immigration - Andy Puzder, Wall Street Journal
        The Humble Life Of One of the World�s Richest- Ben Marlow, The Telegraph
Greece: It�s Time for Default & Debt Restructuring- Nathan Lewis, Forbes
        China trade shrinks again in May in latest sign of economic weakness- The Associated Press, Winnipeg Free Press
Syrian air strike kills 49 in northwest: Monitor- Reuters, The Times of India
        G7 leaders agree to phase out fossil fuel use by end of century- Kate Connolly, The Guardian

Erdogan urges political parties to show responsibility- Al Jazeera
        Pena Nieto�s majority hangs in balance after Mexico vote marred by protests- France 24
G7 summit: Merkel says time is running out for Greece deal- BBC News

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US finds peeling back the Iran sanctions onion no easy task
        Israeli PM says Arab leaders also weary of Iran nuclear deal
Divided EU lawmakers postpone vote on US trade deal
        Women, ethnic, religious minorities change face of Turkish parliament
UN nuclear agency backs report despite Russian protest over Crimea
        Amnesty calls on Ireland to relax strict abortion laws
British MPs to vote on EU referendum bill
        EU looking into labeling of Israeli settlement products
Israel frees Palestinian speaker after year behind bars
        Israel concerned about US arms to Gulf states to deter Iran

Russia rejects US accusations of nuclear treaty breach
        Iran to take legal action if U.S. stops new Mahan Air planes: ISNA
Mediterranean migrant crossings to Europe top 100,000 in 2015: UN
        Bangladesh urged to end child marriage epidemic: HRW
Israeli defense minister sees no peace with Palestinians in his lifetime
        CIA chief in 'secret' Israel talks on Iran: report
Philippines, Japan to hold fresh naval drills
        Cuba Inc. open to foreign capitalists, but within limits
Israel says Beijing to prohibit Chinese builders in settlements
        Russia refuses to sign IAEA report
Shipping container transports Americans to parts unknown
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"The situation in Ukraine and Russia is not black or white but has an infinite shade of gray.  
It is a complex situation that defies simplistic solutions that is favored by Prime Minster Harper."

From: "Peter Skelton"
Subject: Re: Daily Digest June 8, 2015

Hello Joe
FYI-former Canadian diplomat, J. Bissett, will be speaking against Canadian participation in the Ukraine conflict on June 22 in Hamilton, in a church opp. City Hall.
Peter Skelton
Subject: Re: Daily Digest June 8, 2015


Canada, hard to imagine we  ever won a Peace Prize, and were known as peace makers, isn't it.

Crimea was Russian for centuries before Khrushchev redrew the boundaries and give it to Ukraine in 1954.  Consider as well that in a course of just over 100 years, Russia was invaded 3 times and fought for her very existence with invaders from Western Europe in which tens of millions of lives were lost.   Some of the bloodiest battles in WWII were fought in the Crimea and what is today Ukraine. 

How would Washington react if the government of Mexico was replaced by a pro-Chinese government?   Would Washington sit ideally by if Mexico City wanted to join a military alliance with China and would allow the Chinese to establish military bases on Mexican soil & close to the American border?   Would Washington turn a blind eye if Mexican rebels in the border states wanted to separate so they could continue their cultural and economic relationship with the US?   Yet in Putin’s eyes this is what has happened to Ukraine and Kyiv’s desire to join NATO (from Ukraine’s northern boundary it is less than 600km of flat Russian Steppes to Moscow).   Should Russia forget centuries of history and tens of millions that died defending the Motherland to comfortable that NATO would be less than 600km from its capital?   

The situation in Ukraine and Russia is not black or white but has an infinite shade of gray.   It is a complex situation that defies simplistic solutions that is favored by Prime Minster Harper. 

Richard Konopada

Subject: F.Y.I..: CRG:  Canada's Harper Government Provides Military Training to Neo-Nazi Ukraine National Guard

...  This story contradicts earlier reports and government statements.  ...

... Some members of Ukraine's most effective fighting units [Azov batallion] have openly acknowledged they are Nazi sympathizers or have expressed anti-Semitic or extreme right wing views. (Ottawa Citizen, April 18, 2015, emphasis added)  ...
...  They wear Nazi insignia on their uniforms.  ...
...  Unknown to both Americans and Canadians, the West is channeling financial support, weapons and training to a Neo-Nazi entity. Both Washington and Ottawa have sent in military instructors.  ...

[ Oh well, goes to show who folks are led by in (what used to be) the land of the free and home of the brave ?  Not very free, and not all that brave.     And lap dog Canada yaps along in unison with its Big Daddy. ]

Canada's Harper Government Provides Military Training to Neo-Nazi Ukraine National Guard

 By Prof Michel Chossudovsky


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