Saturday 27 June 2015



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At least we can agree on this: Confusion reigns over PAC-style ads

HarperPAC Is Dead. What Was that About?
        Olivia Chow not ruling out federal election run
Latest Conservative ad could violate government�s own anti-terror law
        Other third parties should follow HarperPAC�s lead, close up shop, says Kingsley

Nine senior federal bureaucrats take on new jobs in government
        Mother of jailed teacher in Indonesia chides Stephen Harper
Police watchdog investigating CPS and former chief Rick Hanson
        The cheater�s on Harper�s watch
Del Mastro verdict raises questions about both the ethics and savvy of Harper�s palace guard
        Senate is merely home to Stephen Harper�s puppets
Fixed-date election comes back to bite Stephen Harper
        HarperPAC: A cautionary tale about unwanted help
Mexican visa requirement a must
        In the final analysis, the majority always rules
10 years after Canada legalized gay marriage, America finally follows suit

Federal minister�s partisan St. John�s event paid for by taxpayers
        Liberal party defends Trudeau statements on Iran
Alas, poor HarperPAC, we knew it� actually not that well at all
        Marjory LeBreton�s memories: Six remarkable decades of serving the party
Conservative leader Patrick Brown to march in Toronto Pride parade
        Ottawa plans compensation for farmers to blunt impact of trade deal
Conservative officials angered by creation of �HarperPAC�
        NL Liberals lead as NDP surges past Tories into second place
Prime Minister Tom Mulcair? New seat projections, poll show NDP surging across Canada
        Blaney�s office says Canada prepared to stop escaped convicts from crossing border

Alberta and the oil crash, 1 year later
        Mobilicity deal could stick Canadians with expensive cellphone plans, critics fear
Convicted MP Del Mastro in leg irons for jail transport standard procedure: OPP
        Medical marijuana patients, producers waiting on Health Canada OK for extracts
More than a third of Canadians condone torture, says poll
        New Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship to be named after Nova Scotia naval hero William Hall
Military sexual misconduct: Independent centre to focus on victim support
        Haiti�s health gains at risk without ongoing assistance from Canada
Notley extols government�s accomplishments as first session wraps up
        Former Police Chief assigned new officers to NE Calgary in final hour on the job

As campaign looms, Harper attacks rivals on Middle East military mission
        Kathleen Wynne defends her comments in shelved documentary
Maternal health funding �the right thing to do� � but what comes next?
        How Liberals court the Jewish vote and who�s going to Pride
Conservatives overrule Speaker, force final vote on controversial labour bill
        Harper�s ex-parliamentary assistant Del Mastro on $5K bail after
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE POLITICS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Justin Trudeau says major improvement needed after decade of Tory rule - Richard J. Brennan, Toronto Star
        In battle with ISIL, Harper still holds the political high ground - Michael Den Tandt, National Post
Kathleen Wynne says she�ll sign waivers to allow documentary�s release - Jacques Gallant, Toronto Star
        B.C. government to release health-firings report; RCMP close investigation - The Canadian Press, Vancouver Province
Liberals, Conservatives brace for Senate battle on controversial anti-union bill - The Canadian Press, CBC News
        First came truth. Now comes the hard part. - Joseph Boyden, Macleans
ukraines-army/article25116785/, The Globe & Mail
        Canada can pursue TPP trade deal while protecting supply management: Harper - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Stephen Harper says Justin Trudeau wants to be �best friends� with Iran - CBC News
        Former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro passed up chances to avoid disgrace - Stephen Maher, National Post
Alberta NDP pleased with progress made as government wraps up short spring session - Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun
        Debate over Bill C-377 exposes Senate disfunction - Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press, Macleans
Coderre pushes for new hate crimes unit - Kate Sheridan, Montreal Gazette
        TCHC CEO did nothing improper: Report - Don Peat, Toronto Sun

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�crasement d'avion: l'occupant n'a eu aucune chancePlus
        La fronti�re ha�tiano-dominicaine temporairement ferm�ePlus
Bras de fer � saveur syndicale au S�natPlus
        Gr�ce: Tsipras parle de r�f�rendum avant l'EurogroupePlus
Un homme d�guis� en Spiderman arr�t� pour agressionPlus
        La CSQ craint une loi sp�ciale en cas de gr�vePlus
Apte � subir son proc�s pour meurtre � la po�le � frirePlus
        Collision � Drummondville impliquant une motoPlus
Tunisie: 38 morts dans l'attaque d'un h�telPlus
        Syrie: 164 civils tu�s par l'EI en plus de 24 h � Koban�Plus

Le Qu�bec condamne les attentats avec fermet�Plus
        Un des deux fugitifs tu� par les policiersPlus
Sauv�e d'un accident de voiture par sa g�n�reuse poitrinePlus
        NPD: l'onde en voie de s'�tendre sur tout le CanadaPlus
Kowe�t: au moins 27 morts dans un attentat suicide de l'EIPlus
        France: le suspect a d�capit� son employeur Plus
Sept-�les: il violait ses victimes pendant leur sommeilPlus
        �tats-Unis: le mariage homosexuel l�galis� partoutPlus
R�jean L�veill� candidat conservateurPlus
        Incendie mortel pr�s de MatanePlus

Un Sherbrookois agressait sexuellement sa propre fillePlus
        Un jouet sexuel pour cambrioler une banquePlus
Filature mortelle � Longueuil: le policier formellement accus�Plus
        Savoir s'effacerPlus
Triple meurtre de Trois-Rivi�res: le second adolescent plaide coupablePlus
        Hillary Clinton: 15 courriers sont manquantsPlus
Nouveaux maux de t�te pour les automobilistesPlus
        Alaska: neuf morts dans un accident d'avion de tourismePlus


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOONIE WORLD<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
High Court Upholds Nationwide Health Care Law Subsidies - Stephanie Condon, CBS News
        A Bush vs. a Clinton? - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
Mapping the 2016 Electorate: Demographics Don�t Guarantee a Democratic White House - David Wasserman, The Cook Report
        Clinton�s Dodginess Overpowering Her Message - George Will, Washington Post
Poking the Republican Pyramid - Gail Collins, New York Times

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE LEBANON DAILY STAR<<<<<<<<

Obama says Americans have been "blind" to gun violence
        Israeli minister urges French Jews to flee after factory attack
2 escaped prisoners may be headed toward Canada, police say
        UN rights experts urge US moratorium on death penalty
Athens says creditors' proposal cannot be accepted
        UN chief calls US gay marriage ruling 'great step forward' for rights
Kosovo lawmakers reject special court to try ex-guerrillas
        Sri Lanka's president sacks parliament: official
S.African opposition wants top officials tried over massacre
        Guantanamo prisoner on long hunger strike to be sent home

US Supreme Court says same-sex couples have right to marry in all 50 states.
        Greek PM accuses lenders of blackmail
Turkey summons Israeli diplomat after journalists, NGO workers refused entry
        EU: We're ready for negotiations with Britain
'Difficult' for Europe to win back market share in Russia: Putin's advisor
        Vatican signs first treaty with Palestine, Israel angered
Activists set sail for Gaza aboard 'Freedom Flotilla'
        Iran says few gaps in nuclear talks but big ones
UK online pioneer hopes to strike oil with new tech venture
        China slams US human rights record in annual report
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