Tuesday 23 June 2015



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Bill Blair Says Thomas Mulcair Approached Him To Run For NDP

Justin Trudeau: I�ll end ISIS combat mission, restore relations with Iran
        Trudeau �extremely serene� with decision to support anti-terror bill
Marjory LeBreton says Senate has �no place to go but up�
        Army chief orders mandatory briefings on sexual misconduct

Quebec premier sees little economic value for province in Energy East
        Mulcair says Quebec sovereignty would hurt the province�s middle class
Kenney says feds will convert civilian vessel to serve as supply-ship stopgap
        Trudeau explains slide in polls, saying it�s not him � it�s you
Upcoming federal election could be most exciting ever
        MPs now have more power to confront leaders. But do they have the will?
Stephen Harper�s amazing solo election act
        Striking a balance between free speech and fairness in third-party election ads
Justin Trudeau�s drop in polls followed his support for Harper�s anti-terror bill
        Unfinished Meech Lake business still haunts Canada

Justin Trudeau: Policy wonk?
        Standing up for the Senate
Education Facts in Alberta

Ex-Ontario teacher is international director of American �white nationalist� group that influenced Dylann Roof
        Irwin Cotler�s perfect ending
Federal Court seals Quebec gun registry data as legal fight moves to Charter
        Prime minister�s friends set up political action committee to battle the left as federal election looms
Questions mount about oversight of $2B federal infrastructure fund
        Long-time social conservative MPs bid a bittersweet farewell to Ottawa
Winner of Oct. 19 election should confront end-of-life issues: cancer society
        Saving women and children: How has Canada delivere
Cancer society makes first ever public pitch to parties ahead of election
        Coalition of architects urges relocation of Memorial to Victims of Communism

Tony Clark is registered to lobby the same Alberta ministry he now runs
        2015 Travers Fellowship series: Is Canada�s foreign aid focus working?
Critics up in arms over federal government�s new rules for injection sites
        Air India bombers still torment their victims 30 years on
High-profile NDP candidates surface in N.D.G.-Westmount
        Sue Montgomery, former Gazette reporter, seeking NDP nomination
Trudeau�s comments �outrageous and offensive': Uppal
        Chong�s Reform Act passed by Senate despite objections from some Tory senators
Most MPs won�t give details of their Ottawa housing arrangements
        Tims tops most trusted brands among Canadians, survey finds

Federal election 2015: what the parties are promising
        Tory appointee on bridge corporation expensed liquor, zoo trips, tours
Bitcoin political donations not on parties�, Elections Canada�s radars
        Head of federal tribunal charged with sex-related offences
Kenney invokes shariah law in Twitter niqab debate
        Cools says Senate should ask media for help in hunt for source of audit leaks
What�s fair for the St. Lawrence River is fair for the rest of Canada
        A black president speaks about race and no one hears
Purse-holder-in-chief? Political spouses weigh ethics, opti
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Quebec gun registry data handed over to Federal Court - CBC News
        Liberal voting plan requires a leap of faith that would bring change now and repercussions later - Kelly McParland, National Post
Empty chairs and a government enfeebled - Lawrence Martin, The Globe & Mail
        Canadian premiers in an unpopularity contest, survey reveals - Laura Hensley, National Post
Family versus finances: the calculus for MPs when deciding whether to run - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Harper invites Muslim leaders to his home to break the Ramadan fast - The Canadian Press, CTV News
Ontario Liberals exempt police services boards from ombudsman�s oversight - Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
        Standing up for the Senate - Anthony Furey, Toronto Sun
Alberta Premier apologizes for residential schools, joins call for inquiry - Justin Giovannetti, The Globe & Mail
        Minimum wage and the AB NDP drive to uproot conservatism - Don Braid, Calgary Herald

Clement extending federal travel, hospitality rules to Crown corporations - The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        Vancouver mayor says his views have �changed significantly� since he called military absurd and unnecessary in �85 - Douglas Quan, National Post
Tory�s Pride stance simple but welcome - Edward Keenan, Toronto Star
        BlackBerry Q1 results should shed light on shift from handsets to software- David Friend, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
CBC misjudged demand for radio ad sales on music stations, analyst says- Peter Henderson, The Canadian Press , Toronto Star
        Bombardier Inc�s top business-jet customer says it has �all the trust in the world� in the company- Kristine Owram, Financial Post
New round of buyouts coming for Postmedia Network- James Bradshaw, The Globe & Mail

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La voleuse sexy dit avoir �t� influenc�e par un ado de 17 ansPlus
        Les �.-U. ont espionn� trois pr�sidents fran�aisPlus
Congestion monstre sur l'autoroute 720 apr�s un accidentPlus
        Un homme � cheval sur un orignal recherch�Plus
Un enfant br�l� au 2e degr� lors d'une sortie scolairePlus
        Gilbert Rozon annule sa participation � un �v�nement du PLCPlus
Un h�licopt�re de la police diffuse des propos obsc�nesPlus
        Nouveau refus pour Tommy LacassePlus
Fabrication d'un navire: le f�d�ral en discussion avec la DaviePlus
        Plus de 1 000 policiers traquent les meurtriers �vad�sPlus

Facult�s affaiblies et d�lit de fuite: le policier coupablePlus
        Le f�d�ral remet le disque dur du registre des armes d'�paulePlus
Guy Turcotte fait une premi�re apparitionPlus
        Trois Montr�alais condamn�s pour t�l�marketing trompeurPlus
Pakistan: la canicule fait pr�s de 700 mortsPlus
        L'abb� Marcel Brisebois arr�t� pour agression sexuellePlus
Une Qu�b�coise suspect�e de meurtre arr�t�ePlus
        Un oiseau prive 20 000 personnes d'�lectricit�Plus
Baltimore: une fillette meurt de chaleur dans une voiturePlus
        Une vid�o de l'EI montre des �espions� noy�s dans une cagePlus

L'EI d�truit deux anciens mausol�es islamiques � PalmyrePlus
        Un conducteur happe un pi�ton en tentant d'�viter un feu rougePlus


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The Obama Gap - Suzy Khimm, The New Republic
        Republicans Must Kill the Confederate Flag - Ron Christie, The Daily Beast
Five Myths About Jeb Bush - Brian Crowley, Washington Post
        The Art of the Con, by Donald Trump - Kevin Williamson, National Review
Hillary Clinton Is Going to Lose - Bill Curry, Salon
        Syrian army reopens key oil route west of Palmyra- France 24
EU extends sanctions against Russia over Ukraine- Al Jazeera
        Greece spells out terms for debt crisis �breakthrough�- BBC News
Moroccan gay men to serve four months for posing close together for photograph- Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian
        Why Google, IBM, and Intel are backing this hot technology- Jonathan Vanian, Fortune

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'A Great Day for Corporate America': US Senate Passes Fast Track
        Calling for Special Prosecutor, Groups Decry 'Get Out of Jail' Cards for Bush's Torture Team
The Lancet: Fossil Fuels Are Killing Us... Quitting Them Can Save Us
        WHO Says Widely-Used Dow Herbicide 'Possibly Carcinogenic' to Humans
Not 'If' But 'How': New Study Shows Why All Extreme Weather Is Climate Related
        Voices from Iran Urge: Don't Let Nuclear Negotiations Fail
Following Student-Led Campaign, Columbia to Divest from Prisons
        National Movement to Lower Flag of Racial Hatred, 150 Years Overdue
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The Anti-Democracy, Pro-Corporate Contortions of the US Senate
        Cancel All Corinthian Colleges Student Debt

Trade Agreements Should Not Benefit Industry Only
        How Politicians, Media, and the Gun Lobby Enable Racist Terror
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Fight for the Future Statement on the Passage of Fast Track Trade Package in the U.S. Senate
        Human Rights Groups: US: Joint Appeal to Investigate Torture
Sierra Club: New EPA Study Shows Clear Public Health and Economic Benefits of Acting on Climate Change
        ColorOfChange Calls on South Carolina Legislators to Vote Immediately to Remove the Confederate Flag
Friends of the Earth: Agroecology Boosted at Pioneering Meeting
        Reprieve: Brit Marks One Year in Illegal Ethiopian Detention, Under Sentence of Death
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To Joe;
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re;On Target; Unsavory elements taint Ukrainian Regime.

Perhaps this would be a good way to address one of the big media problems; information control; or communication control.

So, say there is a problem that has many facets and some would like to have input from the public, but not share the answers with the public, otherwise they might see a connection between their ideas and the similarity to the�  ideas of others. Too revolutionary eh?

So, try writing a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star, for instance, mentioning anything like, oh, corporate rule, or sensitive government stuff. You can send it in, but it won't be printed to the people, some of which would love to know about the answers.

On 'any thoughts???', at least in my case, I will never know who wrote or what was written, by other people.  Neat trick, eh?

 The info controllers get the answers to problems that the public, tax-payers, citizens, solve, then they don't have to give credit, or let others know where the answers come from, and that others care!

To whom would our answers go to, if not to us? Is it to the peta-flops and such, of the Mega-mega computers, and those who would seek to run things?

 Joe, this is no accusation of any people, just voicing concern, like Vox-Box on CBC radio, 99.1, which does the same thing, it would seem. No feed-back on anything of consequence.

 Just wondering,

Rene Moreau (416-489-8347
On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 12:13 AM, Joe Hueglin <phoenix.rising@bellnet.ca> wrote:


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