Tuesday 2 June 2015



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Who fired the fatal shot that killed Michael Zehaf-Bibeau? Eyewitness account suggests it wasn�t Vickers

Canada suffers indirect economic blowback from sanctions against Russia: Oliver
        Fred DeLorey, Conservative party director, seeking Peter MacKay�s seat
C-51 could trigger NDP-Liberal coalition, conservative critics warn
        Up For Grabs: Federal Election 2015 a Toss-Up

John Nuttall, Amanda Korody found guilty on terror-related charges
        Stephen Harper defends aboriginal affairs record in wake of residential schools report
RCMP Insp. Tim Shields suspended with pay
        Overly-sweeping reconciliation commission report misses chance to be effective
Why 2015 could be the longest, costliest election campaign ever
        For Jacques Parizeau, there was no Plan B
Alberta�s unlikely carbon-tax consensus
        Mike Duffy must be smiling as trial stretches closer toward federal election
Reform Act has Conservatives fighting Conservatives
        Ontario municipalities get alternative to �first past the post� in next election

The secret deal that undercut MacKay, and the old Tories
        The new political math: Give me more, tax me less

Residential schools amounted to �cultural genocide,� report says
        Microsoft to build new data centres in Toronto and Quebec City
Christy Clark�s principal secretary leaves for private sector
        From self-government to a Pope�s apology: 100+ ways to fix Canada�s relationship with aboriginal peoples
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions to run ads ahead of federal election
        Live anthrax samples shipped to 3 Canadian laboratories by U.S. military, report says
Court should allow Senate audit at Duffy trial in public interest, say media
        MDs getting paid up to $350 per patient for medical marijuana referrals, despite bans
Oil price crunch exposes energy industry inefficiencies
        Business warns against Wynne�s pension plan

Ex-senator Mac Harb�s criminal trial postponed
        Candidates suggest party is favouring big name with delay in nomination vote
Ottawa gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot 31 times, police report to reveal
        Peter MacKay�s retirement to make Conservatives job in N.S. tougher
Sarah Hoffman weight insults show sexism still an issue in politics, expert says
        �Apologies not enough� to atone for residential schools, church leaders say
Truth and Reconciliation Commission urges Canada to confront �cultural genocide� of residential schools
        Atoning for �cultural genocide': Truth and Reconciliation Commission lays out its blueprint
Truth and Reconciliation Commission: By the numbers
        Canadian flags to fly at half-staff for Parizeau
Duffy dispatched by party to help with candidate before 2011 election
Duffy billed for B.C. trip at time his daughter was giving birth
Limos still parking on Parliament despite security concerns raised by shooting
Bureaucrats dismissed, deleted Oct. 22 shooting email alerts as spam: documents
Aboriginals should expect more from all their leaders

All quiet on western front
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Jacques Parizeau: the sovereignty movement�s poet - Paul Wells, Macleans
        C-51 could trigger NDP-Liberal coalition, conservative critics warn - Kady O'Malley, CBC News
Ontario Bill 77, the Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act, is a dangerous overreach - Barbara Kay, National Post
        We�ll get the truth on First Nations, but reconciliation remains elusive - Bob Rae, The Globe & Mail
Truth and Reconciliation Commission urges move from �apology to action� - CBC News
        Our Canadian hypocrisy of medicare without pharmacare - Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star
MPs On Health Committee Seek More Warnings About Cellphones, Wi-Fi, Baby Monitors - Althia Raj, Huffington Post
        The hard man of separatism departs amid the fading of his dream - Matt Gurney, National Post
Mike Duffy must be smiling as trial stretches closer toward federal election - Christie Blatchford, National Post
        Conservative government appoints defence procurement panel - David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen

Harper to kick off Europe trip in Ukraine, before G7 summit in Germany - Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail
        Sandals rips latest Ontario elementary teacher job action - Antonella Artuso, Toronto Sun
Senators have right to keep residency papers secret, lawyers argue in Duffy trial - David Reevely, Ottawa Citizen
        Car recall powers sought for transport minister in proposed law - CBC News
Tories to support NDP motion to ban pay-to-pay fees charged by big banks - The Canadian Press, Macleans
        B.C. calls on private surgery centres to help clear up wait lists - Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun
Whistle blower says destruction of B.C. gov�t emails �repulsed� him - Michael Smyth, Vancouver Province
        Truth and Reconciliation chair urges Canada to adopt UN declaration on Indigenous Peoples - Haydn Watters, CBC News
A voluntary CPP plan wouldn�t solve much, but it could fix this - Mike Moffat, Macleans
        Without real political commitment there can be no reconciliation - John Ivison, National Post

Nenshi promises public consultation on new arena funding proposals - Dave Dormer, Calgary Sun
        Parks Canada spending $40M to shore up crumbling Rideau Canal - Don Butler, Ottawa Citizen
Judge questions whether Toronto battle with Uber should be in courts - Ann Hui, The Globe & Mail
        Ontario municipalities get alternative to �first past the post� in next election - Andrew Coyne, National Post
Ex-mayor Crombie begs John Tory to rethink his Gardiner plan - David Rider, Toronto Star
        Former Montreal mayor Applebaum�s preliminary inquiry under publication ban - Linda Gyulai, Montreal Gazette
BlackBerry settles lawsuit with Ryan Seacrest�s Typo- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Airline stocks no longer a �death trap�: Air Canada leading resurgence, with more room to run- Kristine Owram, Financial Post
TransCanada reaches deals with 3 more B.C. First Nations for pipeline project- The Canadian Press, The Globe & Mail

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Immigration ill�gale: des enfances priv�s d'�ducation Plus
        Parizeau, �la version moderne d'un d�fricheur�Plus
Barbu: un cirque entre traditionnel et contemporainPlus
        Femmes autochtones tu�es: Ottawa examine le rapportPlus
Chatons �gorg�s � Laval: 2000 $ pour toute informationPlus
        Normand Dub� aurait planifi� une �norme panne d'�lectricit� Plus
Hommage � Jacques Parizeau � Qu�becPlus
        Fun�railles d'�tat pour Jacques ParizeauPlus
Naufrage en Chine: course contre la montre Plus
        Une grande perte pour le mouvement souverainistePlus

Belgique: un sixi�me enfant laiss� dans la �bo�te � b�b�s�Plus
        Vers l'adoption d'une r�forme des pouvoirs de la NSAPlus
Une chienne b�illonn�e avec du ruban adh�sifPlus
        Pompier accus� de fraude: une arrestation �abusive�Plus
Hommages � Jacques Parizeau sur la sc�ne f�d�ralePlus
        Le cadavre d'un homme trouv� � Qu�bec Plus
La police �pingle trois pr�sum�s fraudeurs � LavalPlus
        Jean-Marie Le Pen conteste en justice son exclusion du FNPlus
Un �t� aux temp�ratures sous les moyennesPlus
        Plusieurs r�actions au d�c�s de Jacques ParizeauPlus

Legault � Parizeau: �Merci d'avoir si bien servi le Qu�bec�Plus
        Snowden r�compens� en Norv�gePlus
Pauline Marois: �C'est un homme inspirant qui s'�teint�Plus
        Jacques Parizeau, un homme d'exception, dit PKPPlus
Japon: un cerf-volant s'�crase sur une foule, un mortPlus
        Jacques Parizeau est d�c�d� Plus


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Supreme Court Risks Healthcare Chaos - Juan Williams, The Hill
        Sanders and the Dems� Hard Left Turn - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
Newsflash: It�s Going to Be Clinton vs. Bush - Bill Scher, Politico
        Slim Pickings for the Democrats - Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard
Paul Gets Brief Win in Stand Against Surveillance - James Arkin, Real Clear Politics
        Judge awards $15-billion to Quebec smokers in landmark case against tobacco giants- Sidhartha Banerjee, The Globe & Mail
As �intense� bailout talks continue, Greek government faces dissent, debt deadlines- Derek Gatopoulos, The Associated Press, Winnipeg Free Press
        The $775K Watch on Rafael Nadal�s Arm- Tom Perrotta, Wall Street Journal
Islamic State militants �filmed torturing Syrian boy�- Quentin Sommerville, BBC News
        Up to 70 killed in Nigeria fuel tanker crash- Reuters, The Times of India

ISIL �controls half� of Syria�s land area- Al Jazeera
        Mediterranean migrant death rate slows after search-and-rescue boost- Patrick Kingsley, The Guardian
Renzi magic dims as Italy�s ruling party scores narrow win- France 24

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U.S. FBI investigating outgoing FIFA chief Blatter: ABC News
        Obama: Israel's commitment to Palestinian state in doubt
EU parliament takes measures against Russia over blacklist
        Libya blocks UN action on EU migrant plan
Ukraine talks postponed as Kiev blames Russian 'sabotage'
        FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities
Sturgeon warns of new Scots independence vote after 'Brexit'
        Russian firm to sell Iran S-300 missile system once contract agreed
Russia urges US to act in lockstep with Syria to crush ISIS
        Russian missile maker: MH17 shot down by Ukrainian missile

Russia says no reset in relations with US, has pragmatic dialogue: RIA
        Native American student sues school district over right to wear feather
S. Korea reports first MERS deaths to growing public alarm
        Amnesty slams Australia over detention of indigenous children
OPEC seen holding oil output to defend market share
        Sluggish factory growth in Europe, Asia puts stimulus in spotlight
How can we help rebuild a commitment to democracy?
        Why international justice was necessary
Turkey isolated over foreign policy: opposition
        Gaza a powder keg, German foreign minister warns
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* Bearing witness in Donetsk: Ukraine's Euromaidan 'revolution' and the war in Donbas
* Wola Massacre of 1944 and Polish authorities: Another case of political amnesia
* A resident of Donetsk responds to biased USA Today article about her city
* A last interview with Aleksey Mozgovoy: ‘The oligarchs are still our main enemy’
* The hunt for military conscripts in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine

* Mother tongue issues divide Ukraine - poll
* Survey of Ukrainians shows deep distrust of government
* Yatsenyuk's Ukrainian fire sale
* Canada bars Russia from meeting about weapons of mass destruction
* A reckless ‘stand-upper’ on MH-17 (controversy over Australian mainstream news reporting)

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Canada's Leader is stopping in Ukraine on his way to a G7 meeting.

You, unlike most Canadians, have know how on  Ukraine

to which nearing $500 million has been given with no accounting.

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