Tuesday 30 June 2015



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Leo Housakos says �draconian steps� to move along Bill C-377 in the Senate within rules

With Mulcair�s fortunes on the rise, skeletons hauled back out of the closet
        Front-runner Mulcair is now the target of scrutiny
Commons to deny expense claims until NDP MPs pay back disputed funds: Duncan
        Liberal donation numbers way up in 2014

Conservative video spreads ISIS propaganda to make Justin Trudeau look weak
        Was Mulcair ready to run for the Tories?
Alberta�s NDP inherits more than $1B-surplus from last budget under PCs
        New GDP numbers spell gloom for a PM whose only hope of re-election is to deliver on economy
Liberals� idea for gender quota in Cabinet leaves out the principle of merit
        In HarperPAC�s demise, a lesson about democracy
Trudeau�s green shift for votes
        Mellower NDP sets its course, free of the drag of socialism
Harper�s Rule Breaking Rush to Crush Unions
        Trudeau promises we�ll pay more

Rachel Notley forging new role for Alberta on national stage
        Flying a flag for the right reasons
Despite promises, Tory government pulls punches on tamper-proof drugs

Federal public safety minister, RCMP clash over banned rifle
        Mulcair�s secret meetings with the Tories
Gerry Byrne can�t campaign as MP, says Taxpayers Federation
        Canada 150 infrastructure program ready to allocate funding
Hundreds of low-income families shortchanged EI payments
        Mayor John Tory supports decriminalizing marijuana
Three private bills up for final vote on last day before Senate rises
        Suspended senators will have no access to new mediation process: Carignan
Stampeding politicians see new opportunity in Calgary
        Defence minister chows down on polls

Canada Economy Posts Surprise Contraction in April on Energy
        CSIS website goes down again
Justin Trudeau: Carbon �price� plan part of environment platform
        Kenney orders release of military health unit probe
Winnipeg newspaper column critical of First Nations leaders gets criticized
        Uber�s Plouffe: Focusing on Whether Uber Creates Jobs Ignores Everything Else We Create
CPC ad will likely never see court challenge under C-51: experts
        Trudeau says a Liberal government would put a price on carbon pollution
Conservative Exodus Bodes Ill for Harper in Canada Election
        Thomas Mulcair�s NDP leads in national polls as climactic summer begins

Patrick Brazeau�s assault trial adjourned until mid-September
        Government stays mostly mum on where Celebrate Canada funding getting spent
With Canada PM job now in reach, �Angry Tom� reins in temper
Public service unions file charter challenge over sick leave changes
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Islamic State enters Canadian politics - Michael Petrou, Macleans
        Not since Louis St. Laurent has a PM lost this many MPs and led his party into an election. And St. Laurent won - Josh Wingrove and Erik Hertzberg, Bloomberg News, National Post
Tom Mulcair denies Tory adviser talks ended over money - CBC News
        How Patrick Brown�s new Ontario PC ads take a page from Kathleen Wynne - Adrian Morrow, The Globe & Mail
Mulcair Calls On Harper To Defend Supply Management During TPP Negotiation - Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press, Huffington Post
        Canada 150 infrastructure program ready to allocate funding - Bill Curry, The Globe & Mail
Opposition to C-51 Moves Support to the NDP, New Poll Shows - Justin Ling, Vice
        Alberta vaults from one of lowest minimum-wage payers to one of highest - Dean Bennett, The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press
At least Alberta has a strong opposition - Editorial, Edmonton Sun
        Smarter approach to defence spending could save $10 billion: report - Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press, CTV News

Gregor Robertson pushes for Vancouver to become a �living wage� employer - Bethany Lindsay, Vancouver Sun
        Canada-EU free-trade deal not at risk of falling apart: Ottawa- The Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press

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Shawinigan: une jeune fille de 12 ans port�e disparuePlus
        Trois-Rivi�res: l'ado parlait de meurtres, de suicide et de violPlus
La Gr�ce a fait d�faut sur sa dette vis-�-vis du FMIPlus
        Un cycliste happ� � mort par une voiture � Les Coteaux Plus
Denis Coderre recrute un ex-ambassadeur du CanadaPlus
        Chris Christie se lance dans la course � la pr�sidencePlus
Mulcair nie avoir voulu se pr�senter pour les conservateursPlus
        Le ch�que d'Accurso � Duchesneau toujours introuvablePlus
�crasement d'avion en Indon�sie: 116 mortsPlus
        Deux personnes poignard�es � mort en AlbertaPlus

H�pital de Montmagny: l'urgence ferm�e jusqu'� la mi-juilletPlus
        Le silence de Ruby achet� pour 10 millions?Plus
D�molition du bunker des Hells Angels � Trois-Rivi�resPlus
        Un golfeur se tape la honte de sa viePlus
Soudan du Sud: des soldats ont viol� et br�l� des femmesPlus
        Japon: un septuag�naire s'immole par le feu dans un train Plus
Sortie de route fatale � Saint-J�r�mePlus
        La Cour d'appel rejette la demande d'un meurtrierPlus
Pas si facile le test pour devenir CanadienPlus


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In South Carolina, Bush Speaks on Guns, Religion, and the Flag - Amy Sherman, Miami Herald
        The Pollution of Politics - Juan Williams, The Hill
Why Is Ben Carson Rising? - Byron York, Washington Examiner
        The Republican Party�s Future Shock - Thrush & Cheney, Politico
Sanders Is the Perfect Foil for Clinton - S.V. Date, National Journal
        Mobilicity gets approval to disburse funds from Rogers deal to creditors- Christine Dobby, The Globe & Mail
Greek debt woes felt on global markets- The Canadian Press, Toronto Star
        Forget about Greece � China could be a much bigger problem- Gordon Isfeld, Financial Post
For stocks�the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?- Ron Insana, CNBC
        Israel to build fence on border with Jordan- France 24

Greece crisis: No vote would mean euro exit, leaders warn- BBC News
        Iranians guardedly optimistic as deadline of Vienna nuclear talks nears- Ian Black, The Guardian
ISIS loyalists gain ground in Afghanistan- Reuters, The Times of India
        Egypt�s state prosecutor killed in Cairo bomb attack- Al Jazeera

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Russia and Ukraine fail to reach final agreement at gas supply talks
        Ku Klux Klan plans pro-Confederate flag rally in South Carolina
Greece has offered to suspend referendum: report
        At least 20,000 pro-bailout supporters rally in Athens
Iran's new 5-year plan focuses on defence, economy
        Obama says 'I will walk away' from bad Iran deal
Liberia records Ebola death despite being declared virus-free
        Cuba named first country to end mother-to-child HIV transmission
US church to divest over Israeli treatment of Palestinians
        Iran nuclear talks deadline extended to July 7: US

China announces climate target for Paris deal
        Diplomats: Iran meets key obligation on way to nuke deal
Merkel sees no new developments on Greece Tuesday: sources
        Proposed deal would allow Iran to develop nukes: Netanyahu
Greece will not pay IMF debt on Tuesday: finance minister
        Turkish opposition leader warns against intervention in Syria
Denmark tells Germany it will impose border controls
        Israel says Syria's Assad may be left with rump state
Israeli PM lashes out at Palestinian leadership in West Bank
        Israel deports Tunisia ex-president after Gaza flotilla

Greek foreign minister tells China Greece will not leave the euro zone
        Small volcanic eruption closes parts of resort near Tokyo
Greece to re-open bank branches for pensioners
        Putin urges all to fight ISIS, backs Assad
Don�t lose track of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis
        The U.N. shifts on the Western Sahara conflict
Audacious U.S. deceit
        Sputtering start to U.S. training of Syrian rebels
Israel stops flotilla seeking to break Gaza blockade
        Why do more women than men have Alzheimer�s?
A deal could sharpen political tensions in Iran
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Final hurdles being cleared for Canadian military intervention in Ukrainee,
        Canadian defense minister dismisses concerns over training extreme-right paramilitaries

Poroshenko signs law to allow foreign troops in Ukraine
        Azov Battalion accused of neo-Nazi links wants Canada�s help

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